Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mighty No.9 Demo - So Uh What was Wrong With this Game?

Mighty No.9 Demo - So Uh What was Wrong With this Game?
Console: Xbox 360 Version
Price Tag: $20.00 USD

Okay I wanna get this out the way right now. This should eliminate about 70% of readers of this post. I did not put money into the Kickstarter. I didn't have money to put into the Kickstarter. So I will likely never understand the pain you guys feel about this game.  This was one of my rather anticipated games that I wanted to play.  So I might come off biased. I might be blind. But I'm just letting you know right now. How I view games is far different from the majority of how others view games.

So wow this game has a demo. The PC version doesn't have a demo...why? I don't think the PS3 version has a demo either... So like most downloadable titles this demo version is actually the full game but you need to pay to unlock the full game. 1 Gig isn't that bad in size. I expected way bigger and much longer download times.

So the first thing I take a look at is the options. Got your Gamma, V-Sync whihc I never know what that's for. Bloom which if I remember right makes everything shiny, sometimes too shiny.  Audio options rather unique that there's a Retro BGM option to play 8-Bit themes instead.  Nice touch. Other options Voice languages. Got english, french, and japanese.  You can even set how many lives you have. Oh boy. That takes me back to the days I played TMNT: Turtles in Time on the SNES. I would turn the live setting up so I could actually beat the game. One cause my cousin was a dick back then and would purposely waste continues to get me killed quicker.  2 Cause that game is hard, I'm blind as a...mole (lol) and I'm a glutton for punishment.  I think I see where this game might be going.


So the gameplay. Hmmmm...not bad. Actually this opening gives me reminders of "Megaman: Powered Up!".  I can already point out a few issues but these are minor. Ok so this guy can't climb up walls instead he can hang on ledges.  The shooting and dash through enemies thing is something to adjust to as well.  I actually have Azure Striker Gunvolt vibes here. Since in that game you want to setup the highest combo/chain possible so you can get the best score.  The way some enemies are group already show this to me. Did Beck just data drain an enemy?

Where's An Instruction Manual When I Need One?

So what irks me here is that the controls outside the tutorial are placed in the "Tips" section of the game. This is after you beat the first stage. It wouldn't even come to mind to even bother checking this till later on. For one I would think the tips would be something that the game already told you and you can look up again in case you forget. Another thing is that if you pick the challenge modes. The game doesn't tell you jack squat when you press (back button) to see the tips. It tells you that this is a challenge mode. Nothing else.

Here's why it bothers me. Reason 1. I'm running through challenge mode up until #6 (or #7) pretty much to adjust to controls. What I'm not told. Is that using the dash function there's different kinds of dashes. So I'm sitting here stuck at this one point dying constantly cause every time I dash I hit the instant death trap instead of sliding completely under it. I noticed a few times in between my stream of deaths that I almost passed under it completely. So there's something I'm obviously missing but what?

I eventually looked up a video and saw a person do that perfectly. I tried asking questions but got stupid answer of "practice". Would be nice to know what you're pushing so I know what to practice. So again I'm on my own. The most I figured out was that it's doable. After about 10 more deaths I figured out that I'm supposed to hold Down on the D-Pad while Dashing so I can pass under.


Don't know whether to be pissed off that the game could kindly tell me before trying this or that the game lists these kinds of "extra actions" as it calls it under the tips menu. This is why it would be nice to have an instruction manual instead of some random tutorial that only tells you the basics.

I would get over this except for the fact that the game doesn't really tell you how to switch forms. I'm apparently able to switch between 2 different forms quickly. The other 6 I have to perform manually or pause the game and change it via options. I know that my B button here allows me to switch one form. But what about the 2nd preset one? Oh no that's maped under R3.  Would love to have an instruction manual right now. Not some tips menu to tell me things that should be placed in an instruction manual. This isn't the only game that does this level of BS. There's many others so Mighty No.9 isn't a special case.

Level design so far consists of things I haven't seen in awhile in platformers. Or really things that went out of style. This isn't a bad thing. After all I think some of the stuff in action platformer games today is literally hand holding/babying me. I've only did 4 stages so far. (3 Bosses beaten).  Jumping Cars carefully or die if you land on the street. Ascending a tower and making use of the air current to help you keep afloat. Abuse of Conveyor belts with boxes.  I haven't seen this kind of stuff in awhile.

Bosses are generally a decision of when to risk or when to keep away. Often times I find myself having to take risk if I hope to even get some damage in. I find it rather funny the bosses have quotes for when you die. That hasn't been around since Megaman ZX Advent last I remember it. The bosses themselves might be pretty easy. It's really the risk taking part however. I have difficulty choosing when to attack and when to run. I am glad however these bosses are easier than they were in Mighty Gunvolt. Mighty Gunvolt you had 0 time to react and half the time it was luck on whether or not you dodged. The other half you just say **** it and take damage, hoping they die first.


Lol. That opening. That makes me laugh. It's generally what I expect from a saturday morning cartoon.  I can see the chat might be a slight issue if I want the full story cause you can clearly speed through the stages to the point that the dialogue will have to cut off and shift to another conversation. Although I still think they would be better off doing 2D Animation for the cutscenes.


I really don't care for the graphics. I mean someone will have to sit me down and point out what's wrong with it in excruciating detail to the point that I'll fall asleep on them. I will say this. I think this game would do better with 2D sprites. I compare it to the onscreen 3D sprites to the character portraits. This game would do better in 2D sprites.


Okay so I don't have the complaint as others do about the music. My complaint is. I can barely hear it. It reminds me of the issue Megaman X: Collection had with its music where the volume was way too low for no good reason.  I think that problem exists here too. It's not as bad but its there.

Voice acting. You should know by now I don't care about that. The lines are pretty good for a laugh and so cliche' I love it.


So does this game demo do its job of convincing me to get it? Well...yeah. I mean I'm not ultra excited for it like I was a few years ago. But hey it convinced me. And it didn't really give me a reason to say no.

Right now I have the uploads or well releases scheduled at 12PM Eastern. Wish it wouldn't take so long to convert. The commentary version will come soon enough. Just have to render it all.