Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Ideal Video Upload/Release Schedule WIP

Writing out an uploading/release video schedule for the channel.

Roughly 3 - 5 Videos a Day.  Complaints about too many videos better really make a solid argument with proof to back it up. I'm tired of this complaint especially from those that don't even watch the videos in the first place.  (You know who you are.)

All Non-Commentary Videos are uploaded in the quality they were recorded in. So if it was recorded in 720p then it will be in 720p. (If I can help it. Sometimes the converter likes to cut corners making the video something like 706 x 1240. Which forces Youtube to downscale it to there next resolution under it.)  If the video was recorded in 1080p. Then it is uploaded in 1080p.  I will not force upscaling like how some people do with either emulators or there video editing software.  Stretching the game further than its original quality actually makes it look uglier IMO.

Commentary Videos will be scaled down to 720p (unless the quality was originally lower than that). This saves a lot of stress on me when it comes to editing and rendering. Having to leave the PC on all night to render commentary videos is a pain and makes me lose sleep.

All Based on Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Weekdays - Monday - Friday  

Features: The Long Games/Games that can have more than just a few videos.

  • 9AM
  • 12PM Noon
  • 9PM

Weekends - Saturday, Sunday

Features: Different games. Preferably the Shorter ones.  One-offs, One Time playthroughs, Unedited runs (We'll see).

  • 9AM
  • 12PM Noon
  • 9PM

Possible Considerations

  • 12AM Midnight

Other Things Worth Mentioning

No More Unlisted Videos

There will be no more Unlisted Videos. I left the videos unlisted so that anyone that wants to watch/binge watch videos and doesn't want to wait for the next one to be released they can view through the playlist. However there were very few, if any taking advantage of this feature and thus felt like a waste of time.

Alt Channel

When things have settled down and I have things in working order. The other channel will feature generally non-gaming things. Or miscellaneous videos. Still working on this so no ETA as of yet.

Requesting Games

Outside of M rated titles. I will consider doing playthroughs of games. At the same time please understand that If I don't have the money/game/console. Then I can't play it. It's not simple to just drop $70 online or at my local game store and immediately play whatever game. Also if I have no interest in it I'm sorry. 

List of What's To Come and Distant Future Releases:

Lists what will come up either sooner or later. Based on release dates, how I feel, and how much time it takes to play.