Monday, August 29, 2016

Guild Wars 2: My First 30 Minutes

So while I'm busy rendering videos and figuring out what to schedule to be released on Youtube. I decided to go through my PC games. Mainly to see which ones I can actually play and which ones I can't. There's a lot I downloaded off Steam that are clearly in the NOPE category. I'll talk more on that later.

Anyway. Among the games I tried out. Guild Wars 2 was sitting on my PC for who knows how long. I remember I downloaded it when it turned free. Cause apparrently they're releasing an expansion that you have to pay for. Genius. I remember I deleted a lot of the files to make some space on my Hard Drive. Yeah this is one of those games...Actually when I think about it. I downloaded this at first when I was still with Comcast. Remember that Comcast has a data limit? Yeah that's why I didn't bother to play this. 300GB a month and these huge ass downloads for games is murder.

I figured why not. I can see whether or not I can actually play this game. So I downloaded just enough to play.

Character Creation

Well this game already does a good thing in the selection of races there's a beast class. So this game doesn't discriminate. It's not that I only play beast classes. It's that if you're gonna have a these beast classes be NPCs or whatever. Why not make them a playable race. Especially if they're combat capable. I have this problem with Final Fantasy 14, WoW, etc.

I know the supposed reason is that they can't be playable is something like, "Well they're evil so fuck them." But that doesn't mean you can't have some that suddenly decide, "You know what. I'm sick of being evil. I'm gonna be a good guy." Anyway. I'm glad this game doesn't just make the only races your generic elves, humans, Something not human but it might as well be called human cause it looks walks, and talks like a human. That's done way too much.

Needless to say I picked a Charr. I would've picked Asura but I thought Charr would be much better to play. The character creation is rather in-depth but in a different way. Where Champions Online lets you create your hero in a variety of ways. This game asks you questions to determine your story. So I tried to answer based on how I would answer in real life and tried to base it off my own events.

So now cause I picked a Ranger Class I apparently get a pet to fight alongside me. These all seem cool but Imma go with the Drake. It looks reliable and can probably tank a lot of abuse.


So after I finished with character creation. I sit through a nice intro telling me the history of the race I picked. Then I get down to the gameplay.  My dude is ready to die for his people... Well I don't approve of dying. But let's save the day. First issue I have is these controls. I'm using the keyboard/mouse setup. Not sure if there's a controller setup for this game.

So uh...I'm clicking and am I attacking at all? I clicked on the enemy multiple times and I wasn't attacking. There were also tons of other players around. So its one of those type of games. I don't mind MMORPG games. I do wish that for what's supposed to be like the tutorial they leave you offline. So other players won't get in the way. I swear I felt like I wasn't really doing anything. I think I attacked maybe 2 or 3 times. Other times other players killed the enemy or my pet did.

After we save the day from some ghost. It's time to head back home and help out our people. Well I did 1 quest and that was about it. I helped a lady with her farm. Killing spiders and worms. I tried to keep a conversation going. But she wasn't interested. Well I had to do other things so this is where I saved my game and quit.

I don't mind the game. I mean so far there's no problems. I was playing it to see if the game worked. It does. I'm not exactly sure if I'll play it. I don't wanna ask others about the game cause likely I'll hear a bunch of negative crap. Also the game itself is free. But if you want the good stuff you gotta cough up some cash. So very likely if I was looking for someone to play with. I'll have to pay for the expansion. And I don't want to.

Duel Masters PS2 - So that's why I didn't Play This Game

Well this takes me back. To the good and bad times of high school where Yu-Gi-Oh dominated the world. Other card games were there but it was all Yu-Gi-Oh.  Anyway Duel Masters. I remember a review referring to this game as the more Edgier Yu-Gi-Oh with monsters that look like they came directly from hell as opposed to the other's rather childish look.

Well they're not totally wrong. I mean at least back then. Now Yu-Gi-Oh looks like it's adapted a rather edgier look with its monsters. Anyway. If you look at this game you'll probably say WTF was that guy smoking. This game's graphics, story, and heck everything fell rather lack luster. Like this game definitely should be better. It comes out in the middle of the PS2's life and it looks like this. Well Atari wasn't really that focused on appearances, story, and music. The gameplay is actually pretty good. Which they generally focus on when it comes to games.


Okay so in the style of a Newgrounds Flash Animation (No offense to Newgrounds users).  Some random lady initiated a ritual stating that by doing this she can take over all 5 realms without even having to duel. Well I guess she never read her children's card game handbook cause whatever the hell you're doing that involves a children's card game. You have to play a card game or it doesn't work. Needless to say her ritual backfires and makes all 5 realms (Fire, water, earth, light, & darkness) go haywire. Knight (or is it Night) is told by these ancients that he needs to gather 5 duelist to win the 5 colors tournament and hopefully they'll be good guys and put the realms back in order.

So later 5 stereotyped kids are sitting together and Knight shows up to tell them that they'll be invited to a special tournament. But first they must train and other stuff.

When I say Stereotyped kids. I mean some serious stereotypes are pushed here. You have the kid with an over-active imagination that's way too perky for no reason. You have black guy that's pretty much as far as a stereotype black dude can go in an E rated game. You got the lonely guy that's picked on. A girl that's way too nice for her own good. And you have the goth kid. These 5 are the characters you play as. Each having there own stories but it all plays the same.

Anyway once I get started I selected the kid with the over-active imagination. From what I remember fire type cards play pretty well especially when you're just starting out. Not to mention they have probably the most badass looking creatures. So this kid starts out by daydreaming that he's winning a tournament in complete anime style. That is until his mom snaps him out of it and has him finish his chores. He's then told that he was invited to a tournament and you have to meet Knight at the park.

I get to the park and Knight just like the anime is completely useless and only tells you what you need to do before disappearing. He says that I need to duel a bunch of people to get my skills and my reputation up before I go to the next mission. I duel about 3 guys whooping them all easily and well nothing...cause I'm supposed to go to a different place and duel a particular person. I stopped here for now for a good reason. Not cause the game's boring. (it is kinda) I'll explain later.


Okay I don't really have issues with graphics. I mean people these days focus on the lame stuff like 60fps, 1080p. etc. Well these graphics are all over the place. Remember Chaotic, that card game that died after like 2 years? Remember how the anime at first looked like a flash movie. Then finally turned anime giving certain characters makeovers.  Well Duel Masters on the PS2 is the former half of Chaotic and maybe worse.

Like I said the opening looks like a Newgrounds flash animation. But then the graphics get well...spotty. The 3D sprites are rather ugly. And this is coming from me of all people. I should give it some leeway. I mean its a PS2 game. But to give you guys a frame of reference as to how bad the 3D graphics look. Look at Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories' 3D graphics. That game has some 3D graphics when you press the button to load up monster attack animations for some of them. Well that's how this game is.

It doesn't help that the creature on the card looks completely badass. But when you show it on the game. You'll likely go..."Oh... :( "  The reasons I bring this up. First off the GBA version of the game despite its obvious limited graphics actually look pretty good. It's no Golden Sun. But it does a good job. 2nd the anime itself. I remember as a kid when I watched the anime whenever I could I always couldn't wait for the monsters to show up and attack. Here I get really disappointed.

Whenever you attack the game plays the animation for the monster attacking and it's rather lengthy. Not only that but imagining the monsters when I see them on the card and then to see there 3D animation play it severely brings down the badass factor. I summoned some Triceratops like monster that looks really awesome on the card....when it attacks...It turns out it's an anthro-Triceratops riding a child's scooter. You know the ones that used to be advertised as they'll be far cooler than a bicycle or skateboard and even have a spark maker to make yourself look "cool" in front of all your friends.

Okay this looks badass lets summon it!

Oh...(This is one of the better looking ones. There's ones that look way worse than there card comparisons)

Probably the silliest thing about the graphics is the character animations when they lose the match. It's like they tried to copy Yu-Gi-Oh or some other card game where the duelist in real life would more or less pretend to get hurt by the monster's attack. But instead it looks like they either didn't want to commit to it all the way. Or that they got knocked senseless in a schoolyard fight.

This is a major letdown for me. I'm rather optimistic cause I would like to see this game get updated or at least have the 3D sprites redone by a random fan.


Okay...what music?  This game takes on the Japanese style of making use of music. It's either very quiet to try and give a sense of the environment or there's none at all to help with the mood. I don't mind this but the music selection sucks! I mean even YuGiOh gave me something good to listen to while playing. The most you'll get is hub world and menu screen music. Then during battle you can hear some music and its generally related to who you're fighting. But its low and nonexistent. Then when you attack the game plays a bit of a guitar riff that doesn't even last long enough considering how long the attack animations are.

Yeah bring in your own OST and play it over this game. Even with the cutscenes cause they're all more or less short and unnecessary.


Well the game more or less makes up for it here. First off there's a difficulty setting. Something other card games need. Then you have 2 different modes you can play. Standard or Extreme mode. Standard plays like your typical card game. You each take turns.  Extreme mode goes past that and turns it into there own version of Final Fantasy's ATB system. Instead of effects lasting for 1 turn or so they last for a certain period of time. And your monsters have a cooldown as to when they can attack.

Deckbuilding isn't too hard. The menu is organized well enough to navigate it easily. The game auto-saves after almost everything as well. Which can be a good or bad thing. Overall the gameplay is good. But I wish there was an option to turn off the animations. I really only want to see them once when I do it for the first time and maybe a 2nd time if the attack is significant enough.

To Play this or not to play this?

Seriously I don't know if I should. No one's said anything about continuing this game. I'm reluctant to cause I don't want to waste my time and no one watches this game. I'm 50/50 in terms of whether I like it or not.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Rocket Knight (Reboot is that what I should call it?)

 This is when I hate the naming of games. You either remake a game or reboot or remaster a game. But you title it the same thing as one of the older ones. Then you have to make up your own name for it to try and differentiate it from the original. It's not so bad on places like Youtube. You can see the pictures and know what's what there. But if you run a google search you have a really hard time finding what you want.

I had this problem with the Wipeout series. Actually that's on a whole different scale. You have the original Wipeout which is a Futuristic Racing game on the PSX (basically to rival F-Zero and does a good job of that).  Then sometime later you have a game show called Wipeout that eventually made its own game. -_- You have no idea how long it took me to search up the racing one as every search turned up that outdated Ninja Warrior Knockoff. Yeah....-_-

Have this problem with Strider and Devil May Cry as well. Strider makes a reboot but you're searching for either the PSX, Sega Genesis, or NES one (there is one on the NES and Sega Genesis). I'm now getting the latest one.

Solutions to this can be as simple as refining your search. But sometimes that gets really annoying and difficult.

Luckily Rocket Knight isn't too bad in this category although if I talk about this game to certain people they'll think I'm talking about the classic Sega Genesis one. When I run searches about this game I tend to get both games to turn up. I guess cause this game is still forgotten.

Getting this Game to Run Properly

Yeah this is annoying. Once more my videocard being sub par rears it ugly head and even affects this game. I tried to run it at the highest settings 1440 x 900, 60Hz.  Nope I get lag. I can tell this cause the demo I played on the PS3 and Xbox 360 the music doesn't sync up to the first cutscene. Yeah that's bad. So lets lower it.

  • 1280 x 800....nope It's slightly better but not good enough. Still laggy
  • 1024 x 768 Okay better...but still lagging behind. Let's try and remove draw shadows. Slightly better but still in the same boat.
  • 720 x 480 Now it works. But to be on the safe side. Might as well remove full screen.

I hate this problem. But at the very least the game is playable. Before I couldn't really play it. I could but according to my screen recorder I'm bouncing between 30 and 18 frames.  That's not good. It made attacking and dodging a random crap shoot. Sometimes I would land the hit. Other times I would get hit. Or I just totally whiff my attacks. Yeah not fun.  Thankfully at 720 x 480 I can run this and record at a full 60fps.  Not that I care for FPS but when its a matter of whether or not I'm going to have a hard time. Then the choice is obvious.

Gameplay Level by Level Explanation

So this is the first time for me I'm playing Rocket Knight.  I knew about the game as a kid cause it was one of the games featured on the back of my Sega Genesis box. Unfortunately I never got the game. At the time My mom and dad (mainly my dad) bought whatever games they decided. No it's not a bad thing. It's not like they were "Soccer Moms" as some call it and I can only play games that they approve of. It was more my dad buying a game for me for a reason. Most of the time it was to beat me at the game cause he knew he could.

Controls are simple although on the PC version the controls or well the tutorial shows me keyboard controls and I'm playing on a controller. I wouldn't really bring this up except when you boot up the game it tells you to use a controller for a better experience. So I had to spend a few minutes getting acquainted with the controls. The other issue is the pad I'm using doesn't really have the best D-Pad. It works just fine. Just the shape of it makes me mistake directions at times. I'll hold Diagonal Down Right but I only rocket boost to the right. So controls I blame more my controller than the game itself.

Difficulty isn't too bad. I was gonna say this is an unfair game cause the first boss I faced I died multiple times cause my attacks didn't connect properly. I guess I should talk about this in stages.
There's not too many stages actually. I mean these stages are kinda above average in length. But there's still not too many stages. This is one of those games you can definitely beat in one sitting. But I guess to give you a sense of the difficulty. There are lives in this game and there are continues. So take that as you will.

Stage Explanation

Stage 1-1

So we start off with Sparkster tending to his farm. Bored to death then the Fire Nation its the Wolf Kingdom. The wolves look more like dogs to me. I guess what makes them wolves is that they aren't wearing any shirts. Anyway once Sparkster see's this he rushes inside his house dons his armor and takes off to save the day. With his wife and kid cheering him on. So stage one is the tutorial for the most part. This button jumps, this button does a rocket boost, etc.

I am noticing that he has a fireball attack but its so weak. Where as slashing with my sword I kill most if not all of these guys in 1 hit. The fireball takes multiple shots. Yeah won't be using that. At the end my score is tallied based on how many objects I picked up and how much time I took. Then it tells me how many continues I have.

So the cutscene ends and this guy named Axel Gear shows up pissed at Sparkster for some reason. Then takes off. Sparkster gives chase.

Stage 1-2

Now I'm being taught about the flying stages. Now the weak fireball is useful. Even has a charge shot. You're typical side scrolling shooter here. I run into Axel and a boss fight starts up. He clearly has better weapons than I do. Shooting a straight beam. Dashing like crazy, and even can create damaging smoke clouds.

So I beat him and runs off. Well no time to give chase gotta save the day.

Stage 1-3

This actually got a bit long. And now there's ninja wolves. They'll hang on the walls throwing shuriken at you. When you get close or right under them they jump down. And this game has contact damage. These guys are annoying. Another new enemy type is wolves throwing dynamite at you. At this point the game tells you that you can knock the dynamite back by hitting it. Wait a minute I can knock by dynamite which by logic standards should explode. But I can't knock back a ninja star?!

Anyway it's a good thing the game told me this for an obvious reason.

Stage 1-4

Boss time. Wait Axel you're not gonna fight this thing with me? Hey get back here!

So this giant thing Shoots Buzzsaws, punches, fires rockets, and throws dynamite at me. So I figure I guess I gotta knock the dynamite back. Easier said than done. The dynamite when knocked back don't exactly just fly where you want it to. There's a science to this. What I haven't figured out. Not only that but the weak point is the head.  I had a hard time knocking the Dynamite back to his face especially since if I attempted at the wrong time I could get punched in the face. Or I'll whiff and have the dynamite blow up in my face.

After a bit of struggling the boss is defeated. Well check this thing to make sure its dead. Nope is there a phase 2? got up and completely exploded having the face plate land on top of me. Then Axel shows up and takes all the credit. The bastard. So once that was over the game tells me I unlocked hard mode for the next level. Wait what? I thought if you played in hard mode (I'm playing normal BTW) you stay in hard mode. It asks me if I want to switch difficulty.'m just starting this game I'm not suicidal.

Stage 2-1

So things get a bit more intense. I mean we are marching into our enemies kingdom now. Another new Enemy type. I can kill it but its best if I just lure it into a pit. The amount of fire power being shot is rather intense though.

Stage 2-2

So another Air Stage. I'm taking down airships along with more wolves and a lot more bombs. Kinda difficult to line up shots to take out as many as possible. But this stage ends.

Stage 2-3

So another gimmick introduced or at least only for this stage and the next.  Sparkster's Jet-Pack is frozen due to frigid temperatures. Now I can only charge the Jet-Pack either by standing near a warm fire or picking one of these items to refills my tank. Either way I have to use it sparingly cause it's very easy to run out.

Stage 2-4

So what's his name Ulfgar??? I think that's his name. Anyway the wolf king. Who looks more like a wolf than the others. This guy has way too many ways you can damage him. However I can't just run up and slash him. I have to make him hurt his self. Funny how the gimmick to unlock hard mode was to make him fall through the floor.

So the boss fight ends and the Wolf King surrenders with the white flag. So game's over?  Nope. The pigs of Devoltindos have other plans. They axed the Wolf King kicking him off screen. Before Sparkster or myself have anything to say about it. Sparkster is given a clunk to the head as well. Now all the evil bad guys are laughing. The people of Zephyrus are like WTF then they have guns pointed at them as well. Before we leave to the next stage Sparkster is thrown out the window into a seemingly bottomless pit.

Stage 3-1

Well thankfully this pit isn't bottomless. But man fell a long way down. Seems we're in the Pig's base. Everything's all scientific. The wolves are no more as enemies and now are replaced with pigs. And man are these pigs far more annoying. Most of them I have to work to actually defeat. This level is quite long too. I had a moment of stupidity thinking I was supposed to somehow head over to a switch but instead I hurt myself and found out it's a completely different switch. Kinda hard to see. Especially since I can't full screen this game.

Stage 3-2

Well not a flight mission. And I'm kinda digging the music here. Definitely sounds final level-ish or close to it. But oh god this mission impossible mess. Hitting switches that are timed to get from one point to another. Avoiding electric wires. All while blowing up the base. That's when things got really bad. I blew up the generator and now everything's blowing up. Time to run like hell. So now my platforming has to be quick and precise or I die.  It's way worse in hard mode where I literally can't afford a single mistake. What I had to do is easier said than done. After a bunch of screw ups I finally make it.

Stage 3-3

Well showdown with Axel Gear. This guy is a total asshole this time around. Pissed me off so many times. He's always airborne and dashes away from you when you get close. The hard mode achievement is get him to get hit by his own bomb. You have to be ready and expecting it or it won't work. But what's really frustrating is his desperation bit where now he's using a gun. Really man...truly dishonorable knight you are. That gun killed me so many times.  Once he's finally defeated time to get out of there cause the explosion I was running away was patiently waiting for this fight to finish.

Stage 4-1

So a flight stage. And it just doesn't stop. The supposed enemies that camoflague themselves then attack you. A guide said "Oh they're easy to deal with." Yeah that's a load of crap. There's so much crap on screen shooting at me its hard to pay attention to everything. The stage ends by shooting down an airship which I honestly thought was going to shoot back. But it didn't.

Stage 4-2

Alright back at home and man these pigs work fast. Machinery everywhere in place of the castle. Annoying pig enemies as well. Not fun to deal with. More platforming that relies on me being quick and precise. There's one part of the stage I just hated cause for one I didn't know where to go. I thought I would keep going right. But then the stage turns me around. First time I didn't notice this path. 2nd time this path is somewhat tedious to make. If your boost is too short you're gonna fall. So make it to the end to Fight General Swinehart and he's got a giant robot. That punches Sparkster in the face.

Stage 4-3 - Final

So the last boss fight. Okay what I needed to do first was obvious. But the 2nd part not so much. I then discovered oh after I kill the robot I gotta make the General crash into the electrified hands or face. Easier said than done. Half the time this guy would just fall safely right in-front of the electrified parts. Other times he would fly just out of my reach even after boosting. I got frustrated how this guy wasn't cooperating. Since it wasn't a matter of being difficult it was a matter of getting this boss to get damaged properly.

He finally goes down and gets taken out Smash Bros style. Star K.O. finish.


This game's winner is Sparkster!

The people cheer on the hero as he flies back home. End credits roll. After the end credits he lands back at home another fine job for the hero. Now to tend to the wife and son. That's it for the game.


Back at the title screen. If I want to unlock anything. I have to play in hard mode. I did and god was I frustrated. More enemies to kill and boss attack patterns are much faster. I was frustrated. But managed it.

I unlock playing as Axel Gear which is nothing but skin/costume mod. It doesn't change up the story or gameplay. And I unlock Golden Sparkster mode. Which might as well be very hard mode. Enemies are far more aggressive but the worst part is my HP is cut in half. So these guys are doing more damage and I only have 4 hearts of health instead of 8.  Yeah....maybe another time I'll do this. Not right now.


Okay so gameplay. It's insanely short. You can finish this in about 1-3 hours. I guess your replay value is Axel Gear costume and Gold Sparkster. Maybe this game's a bit too short. But definitely has difficulty behind it along with continues like a classic Genesis or SNES platforming game. I guess if you're one of those guys that want the highest score possible or the fastest time this is a good game to do so on.

But I know a lot of people will frown or ignore this completely. These days I find a lot of people whether on Youtube, Twitch, whatever. They hate having lives and they hate continues. Saying that its unfair to have it in the game and that its a harsh punishment to game over cause you ran out of lives and then have to start all over.  But that's how games were back in the good old days. So I guess its true that times have changed and using old fashioned game design methods will only piss players off. I'd complain that gamers today just want there hands held or for someone to do the work for them. But that would be another 5 - 7 paragraphs of text by itself.

Anyway Gamplay is good but short-lived. 4 Stages. 2 different modes of difficulty. Not much else there. I guess it could be extended. Like giving the game an actual Axel Gear mode. A couple more stages.


Graphics are great. Everything stands out for me. Even stuff going on in the background of some stages. Although I question if the wolves are just actually dogs. But enemy and character designs are great. Everything moves smoothly. I can't complain here about anything but my graphics card. I thought that since this is an old game I should be able to run it at the max specs. But no. I can't blame the game for that. I blame me.

Music and Sound

Music fits each stage. Sound effects aren't annoying except during stage 3-2 when I'm escaping the explosion. It's a bit too much going on in the background. No voice acting needed just funny sound effects and you can automatically tell what's going on. Not all games need voice acting or words to tell a story. You can do it just with a couple of sound bytes and animation.


A short enjoyable game. I think it's 15 bucks to download on either 360, PS3, or Steam. I got it when it was on sale. Worth my purchase. I kinda wanna play the older Genesis/SNES versions to see how they are. Anyway hope you guys enjoy the playthrough whenever it goes up.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Console Crossplay for Fighting Games - The Issues with it.

This is my detailed response to Maximillian's video of suggesting console cross-play for fighting games. You can view his video here (

I don't really agree or push for this to happen for fighting games. I mean if it happens then more power to yah. But there's a lot of hurdles you have to jump over before it can happen. Here's 5 reasons or issues that came up when I gave it some thought. They may appear minor to you. Or you just may not care. I have a ton more issues that I can mention however these 5 were the main ones that popped into my head.

1. I hope you have enough for the rest of the class

If this happens then the other gamers that don't play fighting games will want this as well. First-Person Shooters, Action Platformers, RPGs, Racing games, etc.  Everyone will want this and this will end up being the major focus for a time.

This can be a good thing. But we'll be losing out on something in the long run.  What that is will be different for each game but guaranteed we'll lose something in exchange for this. Like removing a certain mode to play. Or less focus on characters or the game itself.

2. Oh this is where the cool kids play.

Guess what there's gonna be a cheaper version and a more expensive version of the same game.  "Well I'll just get the cheaper version." That's great but the inevitable will happen where you come across someone will frown upon you playing the cheaper version. First off if you're only comparing  PS4 to XboxOne. Then the PS4 will be the cheaper option. PS4's online is cheaper. So which version would you get? Both or the superior one if you have that kind of money to throw away. Or the version for the console you have. Or just the cheaper option. Let's skip the business aspect for a moment and get down to the social aspect.

You're going to play online and you'll come across someone that has a different version than you. Either you or the other person may end up blaming that you're playing different versions as to why you lost. Or really this will encourage the snobbish attitude. "Yeah if you're cool then you'll get this version." It sucks especially when followers of popular people will go out there way to play the same version as they do.

We already have a division of ISPs. Some of us have no choice but to use the crappy ISP cause its the only one available.

2.5 "Oh this is where the cool kids play" (Business)

In terms of business (assuming you can actually make the companies agree to this). One company will lose out on money compared to the other. They already compete to try and get console exclusive games.  But that's exactly what will be eliminated to a great degree. Well now I don't have to worry about which console to get cause now I can play people on any console. For me I'll just get the cheaper version.  With this you very likely just eliminated the reason to buy a specific console.  This will hurt the company in the long run.

3. Console Exclusive Characters Gone

While I don't care for "Guest" characters. It's still a thing. Since this is apparently a major selling point for fighting games. This will likely be removed. You could argue that they can just remove the option of playing as that character when you cross-play. But there's 2 problems with this.
Leads to division anyway cause that person will want to use that character.

  • Well I might as well stick to this version and only playing these people.

  • Why bother with making console exclusives since we're not going to allow them in cross-play? It's the lazy option but it's likely the option chosen by the developer. Why bother including them? They can't be played online which likely in turn will ban them from tournaments. Let's just not make them at all and put time and energy somewhere else.

So this goes back to my previous point. It'll affect business. Since companies do make money by doing console exlusive stuff. Now they can just say screw it and save money.

4. Console Specs

Yeah PS4, XboxOne, PC, and WiiU are not the same at all. I guess we can alienate the WiiU cause the majority vote on it is WiiU sucks so who cares. But now we have the other 3 platforms. If you google the specs you can see that they are vastly different in comparison. On one side of the issue we're faced with well the game won't look or play as great as it could be cause we have to make sure they're equal.

The other side of the matter is the developer deciding to make a game for whatever console.  Using an example from old times. I didn't Final Fantasy VII on the Nintendo 64. Why is that? Cause the N64 is less powerful than the PSX. No doubt this issue will turn up for games at one point or another.

At worst we'll have the issue that came up with Mortal Kombat back in the older days even now. If you compare the versions of each game you'll notice some major differences.

Even Bayonetta had this issue between consoles.

At best we'll have a game that plays exactly the same across all consoles but have to sit with the knowledge of knowing that this game can be better but can't due to console limitations.

5. Actually Making this Happen

This isn't an issue with the game developers. This is an issue with the companies behind each console. They're already busting there asses trying to get console exclusives in the first place. But now you want to allow them to share online networks between each other? I'm not saying I'm against it. I'm saying that you have to convince them to give in to this idea. Which in terms of money. This can be a problem.

If this does happen then there will be a major change in gaming as we know it. The positive outlook is that it happens and we don't have to pay as much to play online. This is also a negative. Some people may be satisfied with online play being free or cheap. Others will just say the hell with it and play something else. The same can be said of the game's quality and amount community you're playing with.

I don't really see this happening anytime soon. Maybe in 10-20 years when I don't care for games cause I'll probably be too old for them and more worried about taking my health. But not right now. Really it would be better to just make one console and all games will only be for that console. But for that to happen someone would have to do a hostile take over of all the major companies or these companies somehow agree with a partnership between each other.  That doesn't stop someone else from making there own console creating competition again. If all these issues and whatever I haven't mentioned get solved then maybe I'll be down for it. But otherwise no.

Really should just stick to making the games Console Exclusive for now. Then you don't have to worry about which version is better. You just have to worry about affording the console to play it on.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Youtube Channel Update - August 2016

So it's an ever slowly amount of changes happening to the channel.  It's a lot of work and I'm doing as much as possible to get it all done.

Video Release Schedule

I mentioned before that since no one really utilizes my unlisted videos feature. I decided to make them all private and scheduled.  So here's what the video release schedule looks like.

Weekdays Monday - Friday: (Eastern Standard Time)

  • 9AM
  • 12PM
  • 9PM
  • 12AM (still working on this)
Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)
  • 9AM
  • 12PM
  • 9PM
  • 12AM (still working on this)
I haven't found better release times as there isn't really a change in view count or watch time between videos. Right now the views seem to be more based on the game's popularity which sadly is impossible to keep up with. 

Commentary Videos

I am doing commentary but only on certain games. I don't want to waste effort doing commentary on every single game especially when there's very few if any that will watch or respond. At the same time there will also be Non-Commentary Versions of these games so don't worry about that. The commentary videos will be rendered to 720p (if applicable). Saving my sanity of waiting forever for 1 single video to render. 


New PS3 Pad Needed

Yeah so this is getting my unwanted attention. Like you may have noticed in a few videos I've noted that my PS3 pads pretty much such and are trying to get me killed. I really don't wanna cave and pay $50 for a brand new one. Controllers should never cost that much IMO. I need one with SIXAXIS capability for the sake of various PS3 games.
  • LittleBig Planet
  • Ratchet & Clank
  • Lair
  • Etc.
If the games were playable without it. (Most are to a degree) I wouldn't be complaining. So hunting down a functioning PS3 SIXAXIS pad is difficult right now. I've tried isolating the issue but it just seems to be controllers, or the latest PS3 update, the PS3 itself, or some random interference (which how the hell is this possible) of bluetooth signals. 

Will You Play This Game?

I was asked this by someone not that long ago.  The thing is first off. I don't play M Rated games. So Call of Duty, MKX, etc. is off the table. 

Another thing is whether or not I'm actually interested in the game to where I'll play it for more than a day. I really don't wanna play games that I'll just play for a single day and then never again. These games tend to fall around those that are heavily dependent on multiplayer. It's not that I hate multiplayer. It's finding people to play with and making sure that they'll be available to play for a time. I rate games like MineCraft, Terraria, G-Mod, MOBAs, and most MMO's in this category.  I may have someone at first to play with for a time. But one of these things happen:
  1. The game gets boring and that person leaves. (this happens more than you might think)
  2. I get bored of the game. (This happens especially if the community is heavily toxic like League of Legends. I like LoL, but dealing with the community and huge skill gap is a pain.)
  3. I get left behind. (this happens cause I'm busy playing another game and everyone else speeds through the game. I left an MMO for a week and then discover that my friends already beat the game and don't wanna play it anymore cause its boring. Leaving me to fend for myself)
  4. The skill gap is far too vast. (This happens especially if the game's been out for a long time. Even if you have friends with you. They're not gonna stay for long. After all you're lower level than they are. Eventually they're gonna say **** you and keep going. It's like eating with friends at a restaurant. You're still finishing your plate and you got 1 guy already calling for the check. Maybe even get a separate check. The others are talking with there boyfriends/girlfriends ignoring you. And you got one that didn't even bother to show up.)
It's not that I can't deal with this stuff. But I rather not jump into a game that's heavily dependent on having others to play with. To make it even worse. These games usually are heavy time-eaters. They're designed so that in order to make actual progress. You either have to pay a lot of money or spend more than 8 hours a day playing it. That isn't to say that other games also have this same issue but those games have a good single player that I don't need to worry about friends or looking for people to play with.

The last issue is money. I'm already past the age bracket where I can have tons of disposable income. I'm in bracket where it's time to decide what to do with your money and make it count. You know the one where you have other worries to take care of such as your health, family, etc. So seeing $500 consoles with $150 games isn't favorable to me. But contrary to popular belief. The gaming industry doesn't give a shit about the older age bracket. They already got your money (or your parents money) they're not really expecting much else from you. Why bother when you have a younger audience to hook. 

Anyway. Money is an issue. Games cost pretty much $100. Proabably paying $50 or more for the game itself. Then you got to pay for all the Downloadable Content. And don't have the issue of not owning the console. Now you're problem's even worse. I said this to myself once. "By the time I get a PS3, the PS4 will be out." Now I wasn't completely wrong. I got my PS3 a few months before PS4 was released.  But still this is what I'm dealing with. To make it worse I still have ton of games I haven't even opened yet. 

So those comments about "You should get the latest console." Either find a way to clone myself or figure out a way to stay up 24 hours without needing sleep (like that one episode of American Dad)


Well the short and sweet of this is. I don't have PokemonGo. I can't download it. I'm actually rather glad I can't download it. I'm already stretched thin as it is with my current games. I don't need this highly addictive game crowding the rest of my life. 

Current Games

Odin Sphere: Liefthrasir

I actually already finished this. Got the good ending. I'm just rendering the commentary parts. I will do the extra stuff. But I'm not going to do commentary on that since the audience is so small.  I guess that's to be expected for the games I like. Since they're not insanely popular games. Only so few will actually give a damn about these games. And even worse most people's interest for a game is roughly about 3 days.


Mighty No. 9

This is finished as well. But I will do the Ray DLC. I mean its only $5. I appreciate how so many people we're like. Don't bother. It's worse than the main game. There's still a lot of "It's not Megaman" thoughts going around. But guess what this game is not only getting a lot of attention. I honestly don't mind playing this game.  

Non-Commentary -
Commentary -

JumpJet Rex

Well this won't take me too long to finish. I'm not sure if I'll play "Rage Quit Rex" I mean the audience reception for this game is small. I only got it cause I knew I'd have fun with it. 

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Yeah this is taking longer than I thought. I generally want to record everything I can for this game. There's not much else to say on this.

Pokemon Leaf Green

I haven't forgot about this game. Don't worry.

Final Fantasy Explorers

I just recorded a lot of content of this game. Now to actually upload it. 

The main problem with me playing games is that there's so many. I want to play them all. But then what happens. One game gets to a boring part or I'm at a grinding session. Then I leave that game for something else. That's how it is. I'm trying to avoid that but really it's rather impossible considering how the world is with games. Since I'm not one of those popular guys on youtube. Still have to fight off the mentality of your viewers will only watch this game if it isn't a week old. 

Coming Soon 

(Games in Bold and Red are definite and very soon)

Ratchet & Clank - Going Commando
Ratchet & Clank - Up Your Arsenal
Ratchet Deadlocked
Ratchet & Clank - Into the Nexus
Ratchet & Clank Future - Tools of Destruction
Ratchet & Clank Future - Quest for Booty
Ratchet & Clank All 4 One
Ratchet & Clank Future - A Crack In Time (MAYBE I ALREADY WENT THROUGH THIS GAME)
Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)  Not too sure if I will.
Skylanders: SuperChargers - Land Racing Pack
Skylanders: Imaginators
Mighty No.9 Ray DLC
Final Fantasy II (PSX)
Final Fantasy V (PSX)
Battleborn (PC)
The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Suikoden II
Killer Instinct 3 (PC)
A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX
Rocket Knight (Reboot) 
Strike Suit Zero
Sonic & The Black Knight
Sonic CD 
Sonic Adventure 2 Dreamcast (As soon as I can get a copy)