Friday, August 19, 2016

Console Crossplay for Fighting Games - The Issues with it.

This is my detailed response to Maximillian's video of suggesting console cross-play for fighting games. You can view his video here (

I don't really agree or push for this to happen for fighting games. I mean if it happens then more power to yah. But there's a lot of hurdles you have to jump over before it can happen. Here's 5 reasons or issues that came up when I gave it some thought. They may appear minor to you. Or you just may not care. I have a ton more issues that I can mention however these 5 were the main ones that popped into my head.

1. I hope you have enough for the rest of the class

If this happens then the other gamers that don't play fighting games will want this as well. First-Person Shooters, Action Platformers, RPGs, Racing games, etc.  Everyone will want this and this will end up being the major focus for a time.

This can be a good thing. But we'll be losing out on something in the long run.  What that is will be different for each game but guaranteed we'll lose something in exchange for this. Like removing a certain mode to play. Or less focus on characters or the game itself.

2. Oh this is where the cool kids play.

Guess what there's gonna be a cheaper version and a more expensive version of the same game.  "Well I'll just get the cheaper version." That's great but the inevitable will happen where you come across someone will frown upon you playing the cheaper version. First off if you're only comparing  PS4 to XboxOne. Then the PS4 will be the cheaper option. PS4's online is cheaper. So which version would you get? Both or the superior one if you have that kind of money to throw away. Or the version for the console you have. Or just the cheaper option. Let's skip the business aspect for a moment and get down to the social aspect.

You're going to play online and you'll come across someone that has a different version than you. Either you or the other person may end up blaming that you're playing different versions as to why you lost. Or really this will encourage the snobbish attitude. "Yeah if you're cool then you'll get this version." It sucks especially when followers of popular people will go out there way to play the same version as they do.

We already have a division of ISPs. Some of us have no choice but to use the crappy ISP cause its the only one available.

2.5 "Oh this is where the cool kids play" (Business)

In terms of business (assuming you can actually make the companies agree to this). One company will lose out on money compared to the other. They already compete to try and get console exclusive games.  But that's exactly what will be eliminated to a great degree. Well now I don't have to worry about which console to get cause now I can play people on any console. For me I'll just get the cheaper version.  With this you very likely just eliminated the reason to buy a specific console.  This will hurt the company in the long run.

3. Console Exclusive Characters Gone

While I don't care for "Guest" characters. It's still a thing. Since this is apparently a major selling point for fighting games. This will likely be removed. You could argue that they can just remove the option of playing as that character when you cross-play. But there's 2 problems with this.
Leads to division anyway cause that person will want to use that character.

  • Well I might as well stick to this version and only playing these people.

  • Why bother with making console exclusives since we're not going to allow them in cross-play? It's the lazy option but it's likely the option chosen by the developer. Why bother including them? They can't be played online which likely in turn will ban them from tournaments. Let's just not make them at all and put time and energy somewhere else.

So this goes back to my previous point. It'll affect business. Since companies do make money by doing console exlusive stuff. Now they can just say screw it and save money.

4. Console Specs

Yeah PS4, XboxOne, PC, and WiiU are not the same at all. I guess we can alienate the WiiU cause the majority vote on it is WiiU sucks so who cares. But now we have the other 3 platforms. If you google the specs you can see that they are vastly different in comparison. On one side of the issue we're faced with well the game won't look or play as great as it could be cause we have to make sure they're equal.

The other side of the matter is the developer deciding to make a game for whatever console.  Using an example from old times. I didn't Final Fantasy VII on the Nintendo 64. Why is that? Cause the N64 is less powerful than the PSX. No doubt this issue will turn up for games at one point or another.

At worst we'll have the issue that came up with Mortal Kombat back in the older days even now. If you compare the versions of each game you'll notice some major differences.

Even Bayonetta had this issue between consoles.

At best we'll have a game that plays exactly the same across all consoles but have to sit with the knowledge of knowing that this game can be better but can't due to console limitations.

5. Actually Making this Happen

This isn't an issue with the game developers. This is an issue with the companies behind each console. They're already busting there asses trying to get console exclusives in the first place. But now you want to allow them to share online networks between each other? I'm not saying I'm against it. I'm saying that you have to convince them to give in to this idea. Which in terms of money. This can be a problem.

If this does happen then there will be a major change in gaming as we know it. The positive outlook is that it happens and we don't have to pay as much to play online. This is also a negative. Some people may be satisfied with online play being free or cheap. Others will just say the hell with it and play something else. The same can be said of the game's quality and amount community you're playing with.

I don't really see this happening anytime soon. Maybe in 10-20 years when I don't care for games cause I'll probably be too old for them and more worried about taking my health. But not right now. Really it would be better to just make one console and all games will only be for that console. But for that to happen someone would have to do a hostile take over of all the major companies or these companies somehow agree with a partnership between each other.  That doesn't stop someone else from making there own console creating competition again. If all these issues and whatever I haven't mentioned get solved then maybe I'll be down for it. But otherwise no.

Really should just stick to making the games Console Exclusive for now. Then you don't have to worry about which version is better. You just have to worry about affording the console to play it on.