Monday, August 29, 2016

Guild Wars 2: My First 30 Minutes

So while I'm busy rendering videos and figuring out what to schedule to be released on Youtube. I decided to go through my PC games. Mainly to see which ones I can actually play and which ones I can't. There's a lot I downloaded off Steam that are clearly in the NOPE category. I'll talk more on that later.

Anyway. Among the games I tried out. Guild Wars 2 was sitting on my PC for who knows how long. I remember I downloaded it when it turned free. Cause apparrently they're releasing an expansion that you have to pay for. Genius. I remember I deleted a lot of the files to make some space on my Hard Drive. Yeah this is one of those games...Actually when I think about it. I downloaded this at first when I was still with Comcast. Remember that Comcast has a data limit? Yeah that's why I didn't bother to play this. 300GB a month and these huge ass downloads for games is murder.

I figured why not. I can see whether or not I can actually play this game. So I downloaded just enough to play.

Character Creation

Well this game already does a good thing in the selection of races there's a beast class. So this game doesn't discriminate. It's not that I only play beast classes. It's that if you're gonna have a these beast classes be NPCs or whatever. Why not make them a playable race. Especially if they're combat capable. I have this problem with Final Fantasy 14, WoW, etc.

I know the supposed reason is that they can't be playable is something like, "Well they're evil so fuck them." But that doesn't mean you can't have some that suddenly decide, "You know what. I'm sick of being evil. I'm gonna be a good guy." Anyway. I'm glad this game doesn't just make the only races your generic elves, humans, Something not human but it might as well be called human cause it looks walks, and talks like a human. That's done way too much.

Needless to say I picked a Charr. I would've picked Asura but I thought Charr would be much better to play. The character creation is rather in-depth but in a different way. Where Champions Online lets you create your hero in a variety of ways. This game asks you questions to determine your story. So I tried to answer based on how I would answer in real life and tried to base it off my own events.

So now cause I picked a Ranger Class I apparently get a pet to fight alongside me. These all seem cool but Imma go with the Drake. It looks reliable and can probably tank a lot of abuse.


So after I finished with character creation. I sit through a nice intro telling me the history of the race I picked. Then I get down to the gameplay.  My dude is ready to die for his people... Well I don't approve of dying. But let's save the day. First issue I have is these controls. I'm using the keyboard/mouse setup. Not sure if there's a controller setup for this game.

So uh...I'm clicking and am I attacking at all? I clicked on the enemy multiple times and I wasn't attacking. There were also tons of other players around. So its one of those type of games. I don't mind MMORPG games. I do wish that for what's supposed to be like the tutorial they leave you offline. So other players won't get in the way. I swear I felt like I wasn't really doing anything. I think I attacked maybe 2 or 3 times. Other times other players killed the enemy or my pet did.

After we save the day from some ghost. It's time to head back home and help out our people. Well I did 1 quest and that was about it. I helped a lady with her farm. Killing spiders and worms. I tried to keep a conversation going. But she wasn't interested. Well I had to do other things so this is where I saved my game and quit.

I don't mind the game. I mean so far there's no problems. I was playing it to see if the game worked. It does. I'm not exactly sure if I'll play it. I don't wanna ask others about the game cause likely I'll hear a bunch of negative crap. Also the game itself is free. But if you want the good stuff you gotta cough up some cash. So very likely if I was looking for someone to play with. I'll have to pay for the expansion. And I don't want to.