Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Youtube Channel Update - August 2016

So it's an ever slowly amount of changes happening to the channel.  It's a lot of work and I'm doing as much as possible to get it all done.

Video Release Schedule

I mentioned before that since no one really utilizes my unlisted videos feature. I decided to make them all private and scheduled.  So here's what the video release schedule looks like.

Weekdays Monday - Friday: (Eastern Standard Time)

  • 9AM
  • 12PM
  • 9PM
  • 12AM (still working on this)
Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)
  • 9AM
  • 12PM
  • 9PM
  • 12AM (still working on this)
I haven't found better release times as there isn't really a change in view count or watch time between videos. Right now the views seem to be more based on the game's popularity which sadly is impossible to keep up with. 

Commentary Videos

I am doing commentary but only on certain games. I don't want to waste effort doing commentary on every single game especially when there's very few if any that will watch or respond. At the same time there will also be Non-Commentary Versions of these games so don't worry about that. The commentary videos will be rendered to 720p (if applicable). Saving my sanity of waiting forever for 1 single video to render. 


New PS3 Pad Needed

Yeah so this is getting my unwanted attention. Like you may have noticed in a few videos I've noted that my PS3 pads pretty much such and are trying to get me killed. I really don't wanna cave and pay $50 for a brand new one. Controllers should never cost that much IMO. I need one with SIXAXIS capability for the sake of various PS3 games.
  • LittleBig Planet
  • Ratchet & Clank
  • Lair
  • Etc.
If the games were playable without it. (Most are to a degree) I wouldn't be complaining. So hunting down a functioning PS3 SIXAXIS pad is difficult right now. I've tried isolating the issue but it just seems to be controllers, or the latest PS3 update, the PS3 itself, or some random interference (which how the hell is this possible) of bluetooth signals. 

Will You Play This Game?

I was asked this by someone not that long ago.  The thing is first off. I don't play M Rated games. So Call of Duty, MKX, etc. is off the table. 

Another thing is whether or not I'm actually interested in the game to where I'll play it for more than a day. I really don't wanna play games that I'll just play for a single day and then never again. These games tend to fall around those that are heavily dependent on multiplayer. It's not that I hate multiplayer. It's finding people to play with and making sure that they'll be available to play for a time. I rate games like MineCraft, Terraria, G-Mod, MOBAs, and most MMO's in this category.  I may have someone at first to play with for a time. But one of these things happen:
  1. The game gets boring and that person leaves. (this happens more than you might think)
  2. I get bored of the game. (This happens especially if the community is heavily toxic like League of Legends. I like LoL, but dealing with the community and huge skill gap is a pain.)
  3. I get left behind. (this happens cause I'm busy playing another game and everyone else speeds through the game. I left an MMO for a week and then discover that my friends already beat the game and don't wanna play it anymore cause its boring. Leaving me to fend for myself)
  4. The skill gap is far too vast. (This happens especially if the game's been out for a long time. Even if you have friends with you. They're not gonna stay for long. After all you're lower level than they are. Eventually they're gonna say **** you and keep going. It's like eating with friends at a restaurant. You're still finishing your plate and you got 1 guy already calling for the check. Maybe even get a separate check. The others are talking with there boyfriends/girlfriends ignoring you. And you got one that didn't even bother to show up.)
It's not that I can't deal with this stuff. But I rather not jump into a game that's heavily dependent on having others to play with. To make it even worse. These games usually are heavy time-eaters. They're designed so that in order to make actual progress. You either have to pay a lot of money or spend more than 8 hours a day playing it. That isn't to say that other games also have this same issue but those games have a good single player that I don't need to worry about friends or looking for people to play with.

The last issue is money. I'm already past the age bracket where I can have tons of disposable income. I'm in bracket where it's time to decide what to do with your money and make it count. You know the one where you have other worries to take care of such as your health, family, etc. So seeing $500 consoles with $150 games isn't favorable to me. But contrary to popular belief. The gaming industry doesn't give a shit about the older age bracket. They already got your money (or your parents money) they're not really expecting much else from you. Why bother when you have a younger audience to hook. 

Anyway. Money is an issue. Games cost pretty much $100. Proabably paying $50 or more for the game itself. Then you got to pay for all the Downloadable Content. And don't have the issue of not owning the console. Now you're problem's even worse. I said this to myself once. "By the time I get a PS3, the PS4 will be out." Now I wasn't completely wrong. I got my PS3 a few months before PS4 was released.  But still this is what I'm dealing with. To make it worse I still have ton of games I haven't even opened yet. 

So those comments about "You should get the latest console." Either find a way to clone myself or figure out a way to stay up 24 hours without needing sleep (like that one episode of American Dad)


Well the short and sweet of this is. I don't have PokemonGo. I can't download it. I'm actually rather glad I can't download it. I'm already stretched thin as it is with my current games. I don't need this highly addictive game crowding the rest of my life. 

Current Games

Odin Sphere: Liefthrasir

I actually already finished this. Got the good ending. I'm just rendering the commentary parts. I will do the extra stuff. But I'm not going to do commentary on that since the audience is so small.  I guess that's to be expected for the games I like. Since they're not insanely popular games. Only so few will actually give a damn about these games. And even worse most people's interest for a game is roughly about 3 days.


Mighty No. 9

This is finished as well. But I will do the Ray DLC. I mean its only $5. I appreciate how so many people we're like. Don't bother. It's worse than the main game. There's still a lot of "It's not Megaman" thoughts going around. But guess what this game is not only getting a lot of attention. I honestly don't mind playing this game.  

Non-Commentary - https://goo.gl/JP1hJx
Commentary - https://goo.gl/j94og9

JumpJet Rex

Well this won't take me too long to finish. I'm not sure if I'll play "Rage Quit Rex" I mean the audience reception for this game is small. I only got it cause I knew I'd have fun with it. 

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Yeah this is taking longer than I thought. I generally want to record everything I can for this game. There's not much else to say on this.

Pokemon Leaf Green

I haven't forgot about this game. Don't worry.

Final Fantasy Explorers

I just recorded a lot of content of this game. Now to actually upload it. 

The main problem with me playing games is that there's so many. I want to play them all. But then what happens. One game gets to a boring part or I'm at a grinding session. Then I leave that game for something else. That's how it is. I'm trying to avoid that but really it's rather impossible considering how the world is with games. Since I'm not one of those popular guys on youtube. Still have to fight off the mentality of your viewers will only watch this game if it isn't a week old. 

Coming Soon 

(Games in Bold and Red are definite and very soon)

Ratchet & Clank - Going Commando
Ratchet & Clank - Up Your Arsenal
Ratchet Deadlocked
Ratchet & Clank - Into the Nexus
Ratchet & Clank Future - Tools of Destruction
Ratchet & Clank Future - Quest for Booty
Ratchet & Clank All 4 One
Ratchet & Clank Future - A Crack In Time (MAYBE I ALREADY WENT THROUGH THIS GAME)
Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)  Not too sure if I will.
Skylanders: SuperChargers - Land Racing Pack
Skylanders: Imaginators
Mighty No.9 Ray DLC
Final Fantasy II (PSX)
Final Fantasy V (PSX)
Battleborn (PC)
The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Suikoden II
Killer Instinct 3 (PC)
A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX
Rocket Knight (Reboot) 
Strike Suit Zero
Sonic & The Black Knight
Sonic CD 
Sonic Adventure 2 Dreamcast (As soon as I can get a copy)