Wednesday, September 28, 2016

FFRK Odin Ultimate + (The 5 Dooms)


Didn't have time to snap a pic of my stats. My phone doesn't like to cooperate with my recorder.

Sigh...The biggest downside of this event aside from the fact that I can't try my luck with lucky draws. (no money/mythril).

Is that they don't give you that many motes to make full use of this new 6* ability on all your party members. Really only about 1-3 characters can hopefully be able to use it. And you can't get anymore motes after that. -_-

Odin Ultimate +

There are reasons I hate Ultimate, Ultimate +, etc. These quest are reliant on either BS luck or having the right equipment/abilities. Really both. It also falls on your RW to save your ass. -_-

This battle for example is relying on Odin U+ to cooperate with you and not kill your party in 3 turns. Also if you don't kill him by the time he counts to 10 he just kills you anyway. Only Jump skills and invincibility SBs can get around it. (Reraise doesn't count unless you don't care on losing 3 medals). The rest of the time like I said hope he cooperates and doesn't spam attack all party member moves 9 times. Retaliate - Draw Fire is only there to take some heat off....hopefully.

I really hate events like these. -_-