Friday, October 7, 2016

The Short Trip Back To Kanto - Pokemon Leaf Green

So this would be my 2nd time I played this game. The first time was over 8 years ago and I got it then to avoid utter boredom. Now I came back to this for the sake of just replaying it just cause. And possibly the reason for showing it on youtube as well was a reason sitting in the back of my mind. Honestly at this point I feel I should just try and record everything I do in games and upload it.

Anyway. Returning to this game. Did my thoughts change? Well...hmmm...

My original thoughts were me being excited that I could return back to when I originally started back in Gameboy days on Red. Then I could even legitlly transfer Kanto Pokemon to the later games. (although at this point in time that's virtually useless cause of how Game-Freak and Nintendo are dealing with the transfer of Pokemon now).  Well I started out having as much fun as I could in a Pokemon game but slowly getting disappointed by one thing or another as I went through the game. The changes bugged me.

Well now I'm not bothered by the changes that much. But I am bothered by the difficulty spike you get towards the end of the game. And having to deal with not getting my usual Red Team together was troublesome as well.

Original Red Team

  • Venasaur
  • Fearow/Aerodactyl
  • Dugtrio/Arcanine
  • Nidoking/Moltres
  • Nidoqueen/Articuno
  • Vaporeon/Zapdos

Leaf Green Team

  • Venasaur
  • Fearow/Ninetails
  • Jolteon/Persian
  • Hypno/Primape
  • Lapras/Marowak
  • Dragonite/Kabutops

My team from both games differ so much cause of the added rules and gimmicks that came over time. On the original Gameboy you didn't have to worry about things like EVs, IVs, Abilities, and the like (at least not casually). Now you do. Also have to deal with the locations of Pokemon changing.

The Difficulty Spike

Back on the Gameboy. I could generally get away with just feeding everything to my Venasaur and catching high leveled Pokemon to fill in the back. I grew out of that and started making an actual team. There was also the Missingno (Missing Number) glitch. Free to abuse such a glitch. And moves had power behind them as well.  The game's difficulty did spike up during the Elite 4 but you weren't hurting as badly as you do now when you lose a fight. I would also skip as many annoying trainer battles as I could.

FR and LG's difficulty spikes up around the point you get your 5 or 6th badge IMO. Either due to the old reliable moves not being reliable anymore. Or due to just not having certain moves available. Then the level spike was different I found myself having to grind out levels for the entire team a lot more than usual. And then watch the EVs and natures as best as I could. There were a lot Pokemon I would've preferred to use but due to either them not being in the game's version or the Pokemon's nature being one that pretty much negates what makes that Pokemon good. I couldn't just simply get away with working with it. I would have to just say well at least I caught it and I'll just use this guy instead.

The difficulty spike truly rises when you reach the Elite 4. Not only are trainers immediately willing to bust out healing items. But they smart enough most of the time not to spam stupid moves. Thankfully Pay Day and grabbing tons of cash helped out with getting items.

Another thing I forgot about when planning my route is:

Can no longer use the back entrance on Seafoam Islands.

This was my general shortcut to get to Articuno faster. I would still have to solve the boulder pushing puzzle but I didn't have to do too much traveling.

Snatched up by Bill to go to the Sevii Islands.

Completely forgot about this section of the game. I could say no but then I would have to wait awhile before I could go there and catch Moltres. To make it worse I can't switch out my Pokemon until after I finish the event there. So whatever team I had going out the door of the Cinnabar Gym, I was stuck with.

Compared to my first time this time around I used Bulbapedia to know what I'm facing ahead of time. I know a lot of people will say Serebii is better but I honestly can't stand that site's layout. My main issue was to deal with my Pokemon's Natures. My Venasaur ended up on a Nature that heavily limits his moveset. Then there was certain TMs I can't get till post game. And then there's the factor of Dark and Steel Type moves. Since you literally can't get a Dark Type Pokemon till post game. That made Persian's usefulness as a speedy attacker get minimized. So many other moves as well.

I did find the slot machine with the best odds so that helped out a lot. While it's not a win all the time deal. It does give me better odds to where I can reliably grind coins to buy every prize.

Favorite Battle Theme

If any Pokemon battle theme I favor out of lets say ALL OF THEM! It has to be the Pokemon Champion Battle Theme. I still enjoy it to this day. Wish there was an updated version of it now though.

Thoughts Changed

Well now that I actually play the Pokemon game better than years ago. It's a bit better. I'm having a hard time not dismissing this game cause of all the good changes the future games made. Like infinite use of TMs. No requirement of HM moves to finish the game. Easier to to EV train pokemon (Still tedious though).

Probably one the most annoying things about Fire Red and Leaf Green however is the trading. You can't trade to the R/S/E versions of the game until post game where you're hunting for some sort of gem so they can complete a machine that'll allow you to contact the outside world. I also still find the Sevii Islands annoying but more so the fact of how certain puzzles have clues that are written in braille.  This is probably the stupidest thing Game Freak could have done. Cause how can any language speaker who isn't blind read braille? And then that blind person can't read the braille on the game cause they can't see in the first place. I guess if you make braille writing you'll know what it says. But really this was purchase strategy guide bait. Same with the Unown puzzles. Some letters are easy to make out. Others are impossible.

I also hate the fact that Mewtwo is further locked away in the game. You used to just beat the game and Mewtwo was your last challenge. Now you have to do all the other sidequest stuff to prove your worth to get to him.

The difficulty spike is something to adjust to as well. Where as the future games on the DS onwards had ways to easily grind out levels these were made to be time consuming.

So the playthrough itself. I think its roughly around 26 parts. I haven't finished rendering them all yet. I was going to do something with it. But decided. Nah. Let this just be an Unedited type of run. The only bits I cut out was the off screen grinding or when a catching a Pokemon got ridiculous.
ame> This is what I beat the Elite 4 + Gary/Blue/Champion with: