Monday, November 28, 2016

Digimon Story: Cyberslueth - The Digimon Game People Asked For

Well this game has plenty of ups and downs. Personally Digimon just never seemed to cut it as an RPG for one reason or another. Namco/Ban-Dai seems to screw up digimon in one way or another. Well this time they get a pass.


Hey this is just like Pokemon

To sum up the story. Take Sword Art Online or Dot.Hack, add in some Megaman Battle Network, Add in some Pokemon, Then put Digimon all over it.

So first off the opening is long. You get no real action for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Basically you're a user using the game's version of Skype/Discord chatting it up with your buddies. Then you get a random invitation from some mystery program to explore an area of the net that pretty much is a "Only bad people go here" zone.

Well only 2 of your friends go to this area with you...or well you show up late. Your female friend Nokia is a total coward. And Your male friend who's name escapes me right now. Is this wannabe cool guy that knows a trick or two. Put it this way. Your 2 friends are the same as your friends in various Pokemon games. Particulary Black/White and X/Y.  In other words they suck and pretty much force you into helping them.

So as soon as you reach Kowloon your friends go missing and you search to find them. Only to encounter this mysterious boy that's supposedly the ghost of the net. He talks for quite a long time eventually telling you about Digimon and how you and your friends were made into Hackers the minute you arrived in the area. Simply because some program was installed on your device that you can't delete.

So after this guy finishes talking. He offers you a Digimon in the style of the opening to a Pokemon game. You choose one only to see it attacked by another digimon. He tells you not to worry about it but you run after that digimon anyway. You decided to help your digimon out in this battle and your so called friend who's been talking for quite awhile decides to help you...Just this Once. He busts out ****ing Machinedramon of all things just to show off. You didn't even need that to defeat this Digimon. He tells you to grow stronger and puts you through a tutorial of sorts. Then leaves.

So after all that you find your friends are being attacked by some weird creature that isn't a digimon. Agumon and Gabumon show up to help Nokia who's in trouble but they suck. You decide to step in and help to. While your wannabe cool friend tries to hack the exit to get the heck out of here. Well guess what. This is a planned battle and you can't win cause you do 0 Damage.

Okay...I think I partied a little too hard last night. 

Battle ends and everyone escapes but you get grazed by this creature upon your escape so you didn't successfully log out. Now you wake up and well you look like you went to a frat house party and got a special hazing. Cause you're nothing but data. Or really you're a blue polygon that got rejected from the Fighting Polygon Team. You get rescued by some scantily clad female and after tons more talking you go on your first actual quest.

Hello, scantily clad but somehow trustworthy female.  Although this taken out of she offering me sex? 
Mystery Food X in Coffee Form

Fast-forward a bit. You find that your real body is in a coma and sealed up in the Special Ward of a local hospital. So now you're on a quest not only to get your body back but to figure out exactly WTF is going on and how to solve it.



Okay this is a double edged sword for me. But this gameplay is far better than the previous Digimon Games. Trust me.

The Good

So the game is very linear. While that can be a bad thing. It helps in this game as it's pretty easy to figure out what to do. The people you need to talk to are clearly marked. The path you should take isn't a huge maze.

The Battle system is simple. It pretty much does a rock paper scissors deal. But unlike older digimon games selecting attacks and Digivolving isn't a convoluted process.

Digivolving is insanely easy. You just reach a specific level and a few other requirements that are pretty easy to achieve. As a plus you can have more than 3 party members. You have your main 3. Then your reserves.

I got him really quick

The Bad

However I don't really like the main hub world you start at. That place is kind of a maze. There's too many things laid about that you don't even explore. Really it just shows off tons of Namco-Bandai Cameos like Tekken. But looking to find certain places can get tedious cause the hub world layout is a pain.

Then it can be too easy to digivolve. Why is this a bad thing. Cause of how easy it is to grind you actually have a team size limit. You can increase this size as you play the game. But if you're heavily grinding levels and digivolving right away you'll quickly fill up that team size.

Yeah this ain't creepy. Good thing there's pre-generated answers. 

Digiline - This thing can be compared to twitter or skype. It beeps off every now and again with messages from either your friends or your digimon. Your friends ask you random crap generally related to the story. While your digimon ask about personal things based on there nature. Your answers are based on the game so it's not asking for sensitive information. But it is sorta unsettling and yet cute at the same time that they ask you things about your life or your family.

Voice Acting

I don't mind the Japanese voice acting. My problem with it or just Japanese voice acting in general is that reading the text I'm obviously faster than what's spoken. But Japanese language tends to speak a lot and they have frequent pauses in there dialogue before its finished. So sometimes I cut them off prematurely or I wait too long cause I think they have more to say.

Also they talk A LOT! Yes it's an RPG game talking is required. But I honestly would like some option to auto-play the dialogue at least when it's spoken.

Music and Sound Effects

Well....I like the battle music. However...the BGM is hardly used. There's a ton of totally silent areas throughout the game. It's kinda of a Japanese thing to use silence to set the mood. However where the silence is in the game is unneeded. I got worried that my game was broken.

Also the theme for Kowloon and a few other sound effects bothers me. It starts out fine. But then you start hearing random sound effects that make you wonder if it's one of your devices in real life or the game. Every time I'm in Kowloon (which you will frequent often), I end up looking towards my consoles or PC thinking that they either turned themselves on or are having issues.


Okay...Leomon looks so damn good here this could probably turn you gay. LOL

So for a Vita/VitaTV/PS4 game. This looks good. I'm playing at 720p cause that's what it got forced to despite HDMI cable (I can go up to 1440). Scary good compared to the past graphics of digimon games. Even comparing it to that of Digimon All-Star Rumble. This looks better than that game. One of the rare occasions I see 3D models actually look great.

Variety of Digimon

There's a big enough variety. I don't expect them to add in EVERY SINGLE Digimon. That's just murder. There's at least 240 different Digimon. The game hits most of the popular ones or the somewhat well known ones. However the game does forget that certain series digimon exist. I won't mention Xros wars cause this did come out around the time it started. But I don't see much of Frontier getting represented.


This is an enjoyable game. I wish I could properly record it. But I don't have an HD Recorder to do so. Maybe in the future.