Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hello Neighbor Pre Alpha - Meh

Wish I could go through the window... :<

This is a Pre-Alpha so take what I say worth a grain of salt. Since it's obvious the game isn't complete.

So I saw this game on many channels and thought to myself why not. After all there's this small yet annoying cry for indie games (no offense). I feel like I wasted a good hour and a half on this. Not to mention that this game just adds on to my rather horrible week. Yeah if you're expecting a "This game is great. Support it!" type of review you might wanna leave now.


So having to jump through hoops to even get my hands on the Pre-Alpha. On there site (Tiny Build) I basically had to sign up to get a Pre-Alpha download. The other option is to pay $30 ($29.99) to get the "Early Access Alpha".  Yeah don't have that kind of money to throw away. Anyway  I had to wait a good hour before I was sent an e-mail to download this Pre-Alpha. Not much of a complaint but I hate having to refresh my e-mail inbox.


Thankfully after downloading I didn't have to install it or anything. Just open the app. And it's not found as a virus by my virus scanner so that's a good thing. Well first I boot things up and had the thought that the game had controller support. It does but it's not finished. I could only run and jump. So instead I had to force myself to go to my most dreaded way of playing games. Keyboard + Mouse. I hate this style of control. Force me on one or the other not both. I'M LOOKING AT YOU LEAGUE OF LEGENDS!!!  Then I noticed that my crosshair is off center. So picking up items stressful.


I should talk about what this game is about. "Hello Neighbor is a Stealth Horror Game about sneaking into your neighbor's house. Play against an advanced AI
that learns from your every move."

-quote directly from the Hello Neighbor site (http://www.helloneighborgame.com/)

Okay I hate to break it to you. And I might be a bit biased about this. But Horror game. This is not. What the hell is scary about this game? Well according to other playthroughs and apparently an ever growing Game Theory (I hate these). Your nameless neighbor apparently is hiding something in his house. That maybe he possibly killed his wife. Is some sort of alien. Or any other ridiculous TV Show/Movie mysterious neighbor cliche you can think of.

In versions of this game I don't have and trailers. There's various scenes to supposedly support this. Like one where he captures you and buries you alive leaving you only a pipe to leads to fresh air. Or where he's chasing you down through a very elaborate basement that probably leads to that mansion in Resident Evil. Also what apprantly supports this is that your neighbor goes to great lengths to keep you out.

To be honest he's just a paranoid, anti-social, kleptomanic to me. He has items in various places that make no sense. He's locking up his house to the point of boarding up his windows and using bear traps of all things. The guy even breaks into his own house to keep his doors locked. Patrols constantly. Yeah this guy has problems. And its my goal to break into this guy's house and find out what he's hiding? If this was my situation in real life um....no. I would just keep to myself unless he stole something from me or I heard a scream. Even then I would call the cops.


Anyway you first go into his house and no one's around. At least until you get close to this door that has a bright light coming from it. The moment you do you're neighbor strangles you and you wake up in your bed the next day. If you go back into his house. Not only is your neighbor chasing you down like he wants to kill you. But you find that door you looked at is locked tight. He's boarded it up, locked it with a passcode, deadbolted it.

So now your job is to figure out how to open this door. Not like Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent who only had to solve puzzles to open a door. You have to search for tools and clues to open this door. All while making sure you don't get caught by this guy. Let's talk about that.

Like I said this guy goes to great lengths to keep you out. Depending on how you enter his house he'll start setting up security measures to stop you. Bear Traps, security alarms, etc.

Well like any normal thief I would go through the window....except...I can't. No matter how I tried I couldn't get in through the window. I got really pissed about this cause this is how I wanted to get in. Why would I be an idiot and go through the front door? Well the game is forcing me through the front door which every time I do. I'm caught. -_-  Well I have to say his AI is better than MGS guards. He'll react to sounds. Even knows his house well enough to catch you. I guess what's supposed to be scary is that annoyingly loud music that plays when he spots you.

Probably what I hate the most is the Bear Traps. Once you're caught in one. You're stuck. Doesn't matter where. You're stuck. So you might as well just wait for him to strangle you. Although there were times I was caught in one and our favorite neighbor just left me there to rot. There was even one where he threw one at me in my own house. I got caught in it and couldn't move. Then he just kept throwing more bear traps at me along with tomatoes.  -_-  Needless to say I had to quit the game to get out of this situation.

What turned me off was how I couldn't go through any of the windows to sneak into this guy's house. There's no crouch command either. Not even a sneak command. So I move I'm making noise as loud as possible. I was forced to go through the front door....even worse when he locked the door I had to figure out a way to get him to come out of that door. Needless to say none of this worked. Just pissed him off.

Honestly looking at this game. It would be better as some sort of multiplayer. Where you and a friend play one being the neighbor and the other being the guy trying to break in. I took note of the AI patterns. If I wasn't hindered by stupid things like a messed up crosshair. Or unable to enter through a window. I would breeze past this guy.

So Apparently Our Neighbor can easily Spam 623+M (Rocket Raccoon's Bear Trap)

Random Thought

I got to the point that I was just frustrated and didn't want to play anymore. It did give me a reminder of a news article I came across not too long ago. 2 Would be thieves broke into a house only to be easily taken down by a 6'2 hairy man. The house the failed thieves broke into was a notorious sex offender. He captured the 2 and for 5 days they were his sex slaves. Until a neighbor heard a scream and called the cops. The cops got there and noted that the thieves were broken.

Yeah I rather not be breaking into anyone's house regardless of who it is. Who knows that's what this guy would probably do to me.


So my thoughts on this game? Forgettable. I know I played the Pre-Alpha. But from that and adding along the playthroughs I've seen. I'm not interested in this game. Another thing that bothers me about this game is that it's already getting theories made up about it. Just like Five Nights At Freddy's did. And they're all ridiculous. It's something about that where I'm just bothered by it. I feel like I would play this game once then quit never to play it or even think about it again. Maybe if it was multiplayer where you or your friend try to play hide n seek with each other or the AI. I would like it a lot more. But right now. This game feels like a waste of my time.