Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jet Vac vs Super Kaos - Skylanders Imaginators

Song: Bergentr├╝ckung - Undertale (Wanted to use one of those many covers/remixes but they're way too short to be used).

Jet-Vac went on and on about his lunch the entire game. And Kaos ate it.  Time to channel that Rocket Raccoon Voice. (Same Voice Actor)

Difficult...Cause it's an imaginator, not a sensei. Just a normal skylander. (that I have 3 of).... Pretty much focus on making Super Kaos kill himself. Super Kaos takes damage from his doomlanders and apparently they don't know the meaning of Friendly Fire. But Jet-Vac can die in like 2-3 hits. Glad I had one that wasn't maxed out although never got to abuse the level damage gimmick. (When you level up any normal enemy around you dies and bosses take extreme damage.)