Saturday, November 26, 2016

Macro Discussion - Good or Bad?

Well first off the reason I brought this up. The ever popular mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Final Fantasy: Record Keeper have been known to have some seriously tedious grinding. Record Keeper you have not only EXP but also those annoying but needed and useful Record Materias. Brave Exvius has the Godlike Trust Master rewards and Esper Grinding.

The Problem????

So here's the deal. Macro's. It's a thing for games where you program a controller or console or game to do the work for you by either simplifying it. Or just plain auto the work for you. The most common being Auto(Turbo, Rapid)-Fire controllers. But there are some far more elaborate macros that will literally input a set list of commands for you at the touch of a button.

Now in terms of Fighting games. This is illegal no questions about it. At least at tournaments. Despite the fact that some major controller and arcade stick making companies add in an Auto-Fire function that can be used to there products. But we're talking about in the comfort of your own home (or on your phone, tablet, whatever).  Since you're behind closed doors, who cares that you're using Auto-Fire besides Revolver Ocelot (MGS Joke). Even more so can it even be legitimately proven?

I'm more 50/50 on the subject of Macro key usage. I have a macro PS2 controller. It doesn't work as intended but it's still a macro. Basically I could input a command to a button and make use of it. But it still has its downsides.

  1. For one only simple very basic commands will work effectively and even then there's a chance it can fail. I'm talking about your basic fireball, high jump, and the like. 
  2. Two, I can and probably any given human can input the commands much faster than the controller. At least for my controller.

So I don't use it. I only really use it for doing some sort of auto grind. To try and speed up the process or just so I don't have to give it much attention and do something else. As for mobile games I can't really use it. I've tried but found out that program just didn't work for me. I would have to jump through a lot of hoops to make it work. So this generally rules out fighting games for me. It doesn't respond well to the modern day fighters either regardless of using a controller converter.

Now in terms of the game(s) in question Final Fantasy: Record Keeper but more focusing on Brave Exvius. This is where the use of macros falls into a huge grey area.

Macro's Needed/Unneeded Use

In Brave Exvius if you want the good stuff. Then you're going to want to farm those Trust Master Rewards. A Trust Master Reward or TMR is a prize for using a character so much that you essentially get a gift for it. Here's the problem, you don't get this easily. After every battle there's a small chance that your party used in battle may receive 0.1% towards your TMR.  You need to reach 100% to actually get the TMR.

There are other methods of gaining TMR percentage but very costly. The other method is to either:

  • Fuse 2 of the same character. This will transfer that character's current TMR% and give you +5%. 
  • Fuse these monsters called Trust Moogles to gain from 10%-20% TMR. 
The first one is obviously costly. As the good trust master rewards are dropped from the rare characters. So you'll likely be forking over some cash to fulfill the first method.
The 2nd one is just as hard. They're generally given at events but you have to truly earn it as they're locked behind either a very steep grind session or a ridiculously hard boss fight. Which to essentially win you'll likely need those TMRs to pull off a victory without paying money.

So the reason I brought this up. The guys that basically dedicate there lives to this game have came up with a strategy to gaining TMR's somewhat easier. Since you can only have 5 characters in a party (not counting your friend's character). Have 5 of the same character in your party and grind the very first stage over and over again. Then you'd only need to raise each character's TMR up to 20% (cause you get a bonus 5% for each of the same character fused plus whatever TMR they currently had).  

Well that kinda saves some effort needed but it's still tedious. You're looking at days if not months of endless boring grinding based on the luck of RNG. And honestly I hate RNG like this. It's really tedious to sit around and tap the same parts of your phone/tablet screen. 

The Huge Grey Area

Now for the gray area. The gray area is this. Macros. Some people heck a lot of people have either found 3rd Party apps or built in programs to basically do the tedious grinding on its own. Very smart to be honest. I'm not telling you where to find such programs you can do a google search for it and find tons of results.

The problem is. Is this fair? It's not a fighting game or an FPS where using such things is clearly giving an unfair advantage to where it's downright cheating. You're not cheating the company out of money by falsely generating in-game currency which really is what these companies look out for. You're more or less just playing the game...sorta.  I guess it could be unfair by the games PvP standards that you have these rare and powerful items to reach the top ranks. But can it be proven?

Well here's the stance of Brave Exvius. From the company Gungho who developed the game. They basically say, no third party apps are allowed and ppl caught will be banned without notice.  

But at the same time. There are tons of people contacting them and receive responses from the officials saying, "We'll let you know." At the same time the community is split on the issue. As of this day I'm writting this. I looked it up and found no definitive answer outside of the random announcement issued a few days ago. Some took it seriously. Others took it worth a grain of salt. Some even said there's loop holes in this statement saying it's perfectly okay cause of "this, this, and this." 

So how exactly can it be proven that you used a 3rd Party app or program? Are they tracking what programs you use? If they are is it with our consent? Or is it like Rage Quitters, lag switches, etc. where it's up to individual to determine based on the very small amount of circumstantial evidence that he or she has?

What's the verdict? 

Maybe Under certain conditions
I don't know