Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Skylanders Imaginators #22

So first off. WOLFGANG HAS A TWIN?!

When you start the stage you're outside and you notice some rats are getting kicked out by the bouncer. The rats want you to help them get in. So you ring the doorbell. The bouncer hates doorbells and attacks you. -_-  The rats aren't your enemy this time and help out. Although they quickly get themselves killed. But drop EXP all the same so who cares. 

After you defeat the bouncer. Our old friend Trigger Happy shows up telling you that he'll let you inside once you get him down from the balloons. So get up to the turret gun and shoot the balloons. Don't forget to shoot the sign that has Sal (Wolfgang's Twin Brother) on it. Shoot the ends of the sign to make it fall over. This leads to a treasure chest.

Now once inside meet Sal. Wolfgang's twin. It's basically Wolfgang wearing clothes, has a fancy hair do, no spikes on his back, has way too much bling, and carries a mic instead of a guitar. After you fangirls are done swooning over him. Time to enlist his aid. 

Next This level is long. Well not long but incredibly tedious when trying to get everything. First off you're gonna have to revisit this stage later cause there's one area you can't even access without a certain key item.

2nd There's only really one minigame here. The rest of the minigames are just the boring Card Game and shooting minigame. The minigame that takes forever is a copycat of any given tank game but made for kids. 

Basically your goal is defeat the high score which is about 10k points. So you just go around shooting everything. Kill the tanks, destroy the walls, destroy the enemy bases. Repeat. If you die you respawn with no real penalty. You lose when the CPU manages to destroy your base. Which takes them quite some time. Heck I had to let them destroy it to stop cause I could've went on forever. 

Every level you progress the enemy tanks gain more HP. That's the only difficulty in this minigame. 

After that annoying bit. Sal wants you to play your classic carnival shooter. Shoot the targets. Don't forget the one hidden on the left for a secret area. I don't really need to explain everything here.

Once done there Ascend to find the yourself in some ppl's nightmare. Other's dream. It's an area full of plushies. Most of these mountain of dolls can be attacked to reveal some enemies. Anyway your key to getting out of here is playing another card game. Afterwards after doing some exploring picking up the collectables. Get ready to fight. Now you must fight to play the apparently popular videogame.  Well it's an easy fight. And it's a Sensei area so start abusing your Sensei's to destroy EVERYTHING!

Do the Sensei shrine if you wish. After that switch to your Imaginator if you wish cause now you're gonna play this "AWESOME" video game. (sarcasm).  It's a kids game. You're some marshmallow and you need to basically hit every object you can for points. Well if you want the achievement/trophy. Otherwise who cares just move to the right classic 2D side scrolling style and find Kaos?!

Boss Fight: Doomlander Smasher Class

Kaos thinks that this fight will be your doom cause you're fighting on a 2D plane. Yet he's obviously picked the wrong Doomlander for this. The boss is slow and in fact you can trick his AI. If you're using a mid/long range skylander just run to the other side and shoot. When the boss gets close hop over him and go to the other side and shoot. It might be slightly more difficult for close range types but this Doomlander is so slow you shouldn't have too much trouble.

The 2nd phase Kaos gives him a new move which isn't really different from his old one. The strategy remains the same.

Phase 3 Kaos now summons Fire Spellpunks to attack you. His logic is that it should be hard to dodge fireballs in 2D. Well he's half right. But most of the time those spell punks have terrible aim or I killed him without knowing.

Well once that fight is over. Kaos Rage Quits and its time to move on to your prize. To unlock the vault you need to grind the rail and jump to break the locks. Once that's done the stage ends.

The brain is an ungrateful prick and leaves. Sal tries to cheer you up saying you'll get him. -_- Gee thanks. And now it's cutscene time.

With the Brain free. He and Kaos unleash a massive brainwashing wave to make everyone but your Skylanders and Spyro mindless zombies.  Well time to solve this problem before proceeding to defeat Kaos.