Monday, December 19, 2016

Ballistic NG - It's Ballistic that this is a Wipeout Clone.

Try it for yourself:

This game is unfinished as of when I recorded this. It's playable, it's free.  Found it while searching other random games.

So by the Title. Yes this is a clone of Wipeout. I know I shouldn't call it a clone cause when people say it's a clone of another game they usually mean it in a bad way. Well I don't mean it in a bad way. But I will be surprised if they guy doesn't get a Cease and Desist or sued for this. Cause this is pretty much exactly like Wipeout.

So by that description there's not much to say about the game. Main differences is that you can create your own vehicle and tracks which right now a featured one is the Vic Viper. I wonder how long till the Blue Falcon is made.

From what I played this controls pretty well. I had to adjust for a second to learn the controls. I feel maybe the game can run somewhat too fast but you adjust to it eventually. Like I said this is a clone of Wipeout it even has the same modes as the PS3 version has. The weapons are somewhat different.  Maybe one or 2 are different. There's also a boost function which I believe that was a F-Zero thing. I still have yet to blow up. I actually tried to a couple of times to see if I could but nothing. I get close but no kaboom. Except on that one type of race where you constantly gain speed and you have to survive.

I guess what's interesting is how well done it is at this point. Controller support, a bunch of tracks. Oh forgot to mention. CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS!  I haven't tried online play but that's something to see. We'll see how this game comes along.

Try it for yourself: