Sunday, December 4, 2016

Brave Exvius and Macros Part 2

So after I posted my video about how Macros are not allowed to be used in this game. A person said I should spread the word. So I spreaded it the best way I know how. Which was also a stupid at the same time.

I posted this on Reddit.

The comments received of course were pretty much in the negative towards me. Stating that they have proof from customer support that it is allowed in certain aspects. In other words a loophole.

After a few post a moderator decided to delete my post saying that it's the same as many other posts before it and I should read those posts instead making a new topic. While I sense that I basically got the "Not favorable post so I will delete it cause I got the power" type of treatment. I moved on from it. Saying I'm not gonna be the guy that goes on everyone else's word and tries something illegal. Cause knowing my luck I'll be the guy to get banned and everyone else will say. "Sucks to be you."

So to ease my concerns after my topic was deleted. I personally contacted customer support about this issue on Macros. Asking them to clarify the whole thing. A few days later (or the day I'm typing this out.) I got a reply.

"To clarify your concern, we do not tolerate the use of Macros in the game. We are doing our best to lesson or remove the usage of macros in order to maintain the balance in the game. 

Not to worry, we are also monitoring this and our server 24/7. Rest assured that this feedback will be heard also by the proper department for the improvement of the game."

Dated December 1st, 2016 at 00:23

So again to clarify the use of macros on this game is illegal and will get you banned. I'm not gonna bother posting this on Reddit as from the experience of the first post it's obviously full of trolls that don't want there lazy methods taken from them. (It's not about the fact that my post on there was deleted it's about the earlier responses I will not quote but they were nothing short of being trolls).

While this does make my life in this game harder. I don't mind cause I'm not looking to beast mode the game anyway. I need to treat it as a mobile game. While the rewards for playing it daily is great. It's not worth pouring my life into. Especially when the popularity for me putting videos of this game up are dismal.