Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Shadowverse - Better than That Other Game

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So after discovering Shadowverse and playing it off and on for about a good 2 weeks time frame. (I played for over a month but only really played on specific days, Rest was just daily logins). I come to like this game. It's easy to see why this game isn't popular but I like it over the other unnamed TCG.


Shadowverse actually has a story to go along with it. While it's not a compelling story and it's not finished. It's still a story. This bright light in the sky far off shows up called the Morning Star. Legends say it brings hope, disaster, freedom, blah, blah, blah. You can tell where that legend is going if you played enough games.  The Morning Star is basically the apocalypse. I like to call it Blazblue since it's pretty much in the same category of screwing over the main characters.

Anyway the prologue starts with these 2 elves just practicing there archery. As cliche as it is. I'm rather surprised these elves aren't a bunch of stuck up prick (like your typical online TCG community).  That's usually a trope with elves is that because you're not an elf. They're better than you. But not here. The 2 elves are named Losaria and Arisa. Arisa gets kidnapped by these shadow creatures. Losaria chases after them and our Tutorial begins. After you rescue Arisa, Losaria gets kidnapped now.

I'm gonna fast-forward for the sake of time and boredom. After the tutorial you get to play as 7 different characters. Each with there own playstyle and there own story of despair. I say story of despair but what I really should call it is Persona 4 bait. Everyone has there own despair bit and the shadow creatures will either transform into one of the characters or fight you as they are. You learn about each characters backstory as you play through.

Arisa: Is on a journey to save Losaria from Blazblue. (What happens is ironic in terms of Blazblue more than you know). She has depressing thoughts that she may not be able to save them.

Erika: Is a knight who wants to protect the princess from Urias the vampire that just suddenly woke up.  She has tons of thoughts of what if she fails her mission.

Isabelle: Is basically what happens when you don't watch Full Metal Alchemist. As she researches to find a way to bring her fiance' back to life who was killed by a dragon.

Rowen: A dragon knight who's been cursed by a dragon and the one that killed Isabelle's fiance'.  I actually like this guy...well when he turns into a dragon. Wish that was an avatar. Needless to say he has nightmares about how he turns into a dragon and kills those close to him.

Luna: Is a very creepy loli that through the magic of Necromancy brought her parents to live as dead ppl. If you played many of the Tales of Series games you should know how this goes. Luna has issues accepting that her parents are dead and her idea of playing is that she kills you. Somebody "Bright Slap" this girl.

Urias: Is a vampire. And an actual vampire I don't cringe at. He seeks a worthy opponent. Yet he pretty much gets the Castlevania treatment in that he's a vampire and thus must die cause he doesn't belong in this world.

Eris: Eris lost her memories. But really she split in half and her evil self is causing havoc. All for the sake of delivering the world to happiness. Honestly you could solve her story in 1 or 2 chapters but it gets dragged out.

Story is Unfinished

Like I said the story isn't finished. Once you reach chapter 8 of that character's story. You fight one more battle and then that character gets sucked into Blazblue...I mean the Morning Star after meeting God. One character actually does fight her. But it still ends the same.

Nexus: I am god. Come to the light.
*Character (except 2 of them)*: Oh god no. I don't wanna!
Nexus: Too bad you're going anyway.
Character: NOOOOOOOO.....

To Be Continued...

Yeah this will probably be what kills the joy of the game for me. Free To Play games have a horrible habit of "NOT FINISHING THERE STORIES!" For most people they don't really care cause they're having fun with all the other added content. For me that can potentially kill the game. You start a story then suddenly decide not to finish it and focus more on adding extra crap on to your game that could wait. But no, gotta milk your customers of all they're worth.

I hate this. I honestly wonder why bother writing a story in the first place if you're not gonna finish it. It's not like DLC and surprise sequels. Where they just pop up out of nowhere to fill in plot holes that never needed to be filled and leave you with more questions. It's like playing a multi-disc game but you don't have the last disc. Imagine playing Final Fantasy 7 and you just finished Disc 2. Your party members are heading to the final battle and for whatever reason the game just stops there. Cause a 3rd Disc didn't exist. I bet FF7 would not be anywhere as famous as it is now if that was the case.

The fact that free to play games do this a lot cause they want money annoys the hell out of me. How about finish the story and still do your event quest? But that idea never crosses people's minds. Instead tack on tons more bells and whistles that pretty much push the storyline into obscurity. You could be better off not having a story.

Free To Play Games That Never Finished There Story

  • -Digimon Heroes
  • -Final Fantasy Record Keeper
  • -SoulCalibur Lost Swords
  • -
Okay I'm done ranting here. I should move on.

Music and Sounds

Well while I know there's always gonna be that weaboo over my shoulder that'll say Japanese voices are better and the English voices suck cause I say so. The voice acting here is really good.

I am bothered here and there by a few lines that aren't exactly read correctly but it's not horribad. In fact I'm rather impressed that every card and the characters have a ton of lines.

The music is good but nothing to write home about. I generally enjoy the final track. Where you're dueling on the morning star.


The gameplay when compared to other TCGs out there. This is pretty balanced. I know that as I write this a new booster set has come into play. But it hasn't hit the US version as of yet so I don't care. There's as always a bunch of people that decide to make meta decks to say "THIS IS THE BEST DECK!" But it's not really. I have yet to come across a truly broken card that couldn't be countered. In fact it's more about how you play rather than the cards themselves.

It probably changes if you're playing the Japanese version and at high rank but like I said that's not what I'm considering. I'm considering the gameplay I went through.
When the AI decides to be ruthless. 


Like I said there's different playstyles depending on the character you choose. Up to 7 different ones.

  • ForestCraft: Pretty much about playing as many cards as humanly possible. Cheap cost then whip out the big guys who benefit from the weaker ones.
  • SwordCraft: Not too different from ForestCraft but is more about working as a team. Or your own army. There is no one man army. At least not yet.
  • RuneCraft: On paper this is broken. In actual practice not so much. Basically the more spells you play the better certain cards will be. It's also rather confusing and convuluted if  you decide to play a specific way.
  • ShadowCraft: Benefits from your cards dying. One of the few times outside of speedruns where purposely killing yourself is beneficial. Abusing Necromancy to pull out annoying effects.
  • DragonCraft: Slow Starter. Once it reaches 7 Play Point orbs it gains what's called Overflow which essentially is a game changer adding effects that make what was once docile weak monsters into piss your pants scary monsters.
  • BloodCraft: About living your life on the edge. You benefit once you reach half HP. Giving  your monsters various effects that give the very definition of vengeance.
  • HavenCraft: Remember those cards in Yugioh that take forever to come out and once they do the hero is in a screwed position?  Yeah think of that for this. You have to wait for your powerful stuff to come out. But once it does. It's like the storm just made landfall.
  • Neutral: Anyone can play this. Basically in a lot of cases cards you go to when you got nothing else. 

No Real Need To Spend Actual Money

What probably is the best out of all of this is that instead of frantically opening booster packs to get multiple copies of a particular card. You only really need one or 2 of that card. Cause you can use what's called Vials to make a duplicate of that card. If you have enough vials you can dupe that card. This is a definite plus here.

Aside from that I get enough coins or as it's called Rupies. To buy myself another booster pack. So I never found myself feeling like I need to put in actual cash to win.

The AI ranges from fair to absolutely ruthless. I found myself coming against cards and plays that pretty much ended me with no chance of winning. Although after some editing and coming back I managed to get my own victory.

Take-Two mode is interesting. Where you make a deck of about 30 cards taking 2 random cards then immediately go into a match. An actual bit of luck going into this cause the cards you picked from could be good or bad.

Online Play

Well just like any online TCG or any online game in general. The community is a random crap shoot of absolute shit or friendly.

The official facebook page seems to be full of stuck up kids that love to tear you down regardless of your achievements. Considering how very little of this game I've played (Believe me it's very little despite what the stats say). Myself ranking up is apparently not worth celebrating cause I'm not an A rank. Apparently celebrating a rank up is reserved only for the elite. Although from the many post I read Rank doesn't mean shit whatsoever. Yet I look at the leaderboards and see the scores.
So Why Should I Not Be Happy that I ranked up?

While I may not be on the leaderboard. I guess rank doesn't mean shit. *sarcasm*

Hmmm....Maybe it's that Facebook group that's full of the bad players.

At least when you play online there's stupid chat box so people won't be typing to you tons of hate mail. However there are set quotes and you'll occasionally get the idiot troll that likes to spam these quotes in rapid succession just to piss you off. I wish there was a mute button in times like these.

Matchmaking is pretty decent. I do spend a bit of time getting a match. But I can at least get one and with different people.


So there's a simple background mode. And there's the full background. Honestly if you're playing the steam version like me. I don't see a need to make the background simple.

I love the card designs and the effort that went into the artwork. While the cards when they evolve don't really look too different. It's nice too look at. Very memorable. This is likely what keeps me in the game for the most part. Like Puzzle and Dragons, the Artwork is unique and great.

The artwork on these cards are just godly.


Aside from the Story Being Incomplete. And The online community (at least what I explored) being garbage. This is a great game. I prefer over that other one. This game could easily be more popular if it was more well known. I'm not one to jump into the competitive scene. I just play for fun. Hopefully this game will do more to keep me entertained in the future and not be some one time only thing.

Being Free-To-Play and being rather generous in making me feel that I don't need to pay real money to get cards is a major + in my book. And a step in the right direction. I hope the story gets continued/finished soon.