Thursday, December 1, 2016

Skylander Hunting -

Well there's not much I'm really looking for. I pretty much just want to have enough sensei's to cover opening each elemental realm as well as covering each battle class. Problem is that Activision gave the short end of the stick in terms of selection. At least for me.

So Here's what I'm hunting for.

Imaginite Crystals





Dr. Krankcase

Air Strike ( Air Brawler)
Chain Reaction (Earth Swashbuckler)

Mysticat (Magic Sorcerer)
Blastertron (Light Knight)

Level Packs

Gryphon Park Observatory 
Elven Forest

Gryphon Park covers Air Strike and Earth Crystal.
I don't know what Elven Forest comes with. But probably something I already have.

The rest is an issue.

Wouldn't be difficult if I didn't live in the state of Georgia. I don't know why. Georgia just seems to suck in terms of getting specific products. I noticed on Twitter, Facebook, ebay, etc. That people have these already. For whatever reason. Kinda unfair if you ask me. It's worse cause if you look on Amazon, Ebay wherever you shop online. You see people price gouging these Skylanders to death. The other thing is that my stores suck at stocking anything. Especially if I buy online.

If I'm not buying via Amazon/Ebay.  Then I go through hell. A recent example was Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I checked Toys R Us. Oh hey it's on sale. But I have to pick it up in store....wouldn't be a problem if travel time wasn't going to be 2+ hours. I used to have TRU near me. But it shut down saying they're relocating. Target was the same deal. However Target literally said because of where I live. It's not available for me. And my Target shut down.

Wal-Mart LOL! Yeah good luck.

Gamestop. Well my Gamestop is shady. I don't hate them I just hate the ones close to me. Basically the employees are pretty much selfish liars to a good extent. Sometimes you would ask them if they have a certain game or product in. And they'll pretend to type it in the computer only to say they don't. But there website says they do. They refuse to show you the screen. Instead they want you to place a pre-order before they're actually nice to you. But this is just mine I don't know about the others. Cause there's one on the military base and I know for a fact that you can't pull BS and still have a store on base cause you'll get shut down.

Another thing and this still rubs me the wrong way despite me trying to forget this. A Gamestop employee refused to sell me Bravely Default. Simply because I told her that I didn't care that something was censored compared to the Japanese version. I could've raised a fuss. But I didn't feel like it. The other guy that's supposed to be working went on break to get lunch so she was alone for a time. I decided to leave.  I don't know if that lady is still working there or not. Usually employees at Gamestop don't stay for very long.

Anyway off that tangent. Getting these Skylanders is a pain. I'm pretty much restricted to getting lucky and buying online.