Thursday, December 1, 2016

Youtube's Glitchin Again and Other Things - Update Dec 2016

So it's the last month of the year. Winter is like 2 days away (From when I type this out). I'm getting over the flu. Trying to upload a lot of crap too. So let's get started.

Youtube Being Funky Again

So it's a rumor that's been goin around. That Youtube secretly changed how things work again. Which once again pissed off a plethora of Youtubers across the globe. Apparently Youtube automatically unsubbed people from certain channels and messing around with the recommended videos.  I think it's a glitch in the system again. Youtube did say some time ago that they're getting rid of users that are generally inactive. Along with the silly Youtube Hero thing.

The big Youtubers are concerned or pissed (take your pick) that this is not only cutting there paycheck but also worried that youtube is going to change to where viral videos are the way to go.

I kinda like how AfroSenjuXL addressed this compared to others. Basically he said that you just gotta deal with it. Only reason I like that one is cause as of right now there's no definitive proof that Youtube has changed how things work. Just more rumor based on a few circumstances. I do believe that Youtube unsubbed people from channels. Cause I was unsubbed from various channels. But I watch those channels pretty often and channels I haven't watched in ages and are pretty much inactive to dead. I'm still subscribed to. For example I was unsubbed from TeamFourStar and Maximillian. So I believe it's a glitch in something that they were trying to implement. Cause even the comment system is rather messed up.

On a lot of videos I can post a comment but I can't edit it afterwards forcing me to either post another comment or delete the old one and replace it. The unsub thing is somewhat getting my attention. Cause that is my paycheck but at the same time I'm not completely worried about it cause the bulk of my views and comments come from people that aren't even subscribed to me in the first place.

The Youtube Trend - What I Should Follow???

Oh boy this is one I've been trying to ignore. Cause I know people mean well with what they say. But it is a bit annoying to read and think about.

Sub4Sub - 

Okay seriously this is stupid. I realize people are desperate for subscribers. But this isn't the way to go about it. Doing Sub4Sub is rather useless if that subscriber isn't watching in the first place. I've recently had someone comment saying that if I subbed to him/her that they would sub back to me with all of there channels. ....What....I'm not that desperate.

Sign up here/Pay Money for subs - 

I can't believe this is still happening. You should know this doesn't work and Youtube/Google watches for this. Just don't.

Play *insert game here* for more subs 

-'s the issue with this. First off I have to be able to afford the game. 2nd I need to actually have some interest in the game. 3rd I need to get the game in a timely fashion. Preferably early before the game is even out.

This is rather impossible to keep up with. New consoles, new games, and people's interest in said games. I barely have 2 weeks (being generous) to get that game and immediately produce content for it. What I want to focus on is the "my interest" part.

Now I see a lot of games get mad popular for whatever reason. But the majority of those games I look at them and go...meh.

Undertale: I like the music. But I don't like the gameplay. While I think the game trolling you is funny. When I see bosses like Flowey, Sans, etc pull that kind of BS and even crash the game (which would ruin my recordings considering the software I use). I'm rather removed from it interest wise and for the sake of my health I don't wanna sit around and rage at a game. Also the game has been done to death everybody has likely seen EVERYTHING there is to see with the game.

Five Nights At Freddy's: I bought the first one. I don't like horror games. Not cause of jump scares or crap like that. But the fact that it's not scary to me. Like I've seen with many playthroughs after the first couple of times of getting jump scared the player gets tired of it and just wants to get it over with. Heck often times to me it's funny cause of how cheesy it is.

Minecraft, GMod: Games like these only so much can be done solo. Which at that point I need a reliable group of friends to play with. I'm still at that point in my life where I generally hate the online community. Being introverted and whatever. I don't wanna subject myself to online randoms especially after my past experiences that haunt me.

MMO's: There are MMO's I want to play. But first is dealing with the amount of dedication required to play these games. It's not just play for an hour or so and be done. It requires a ton of time.

Indie games: Again I need some actual interest in the game. Indie games feel risky in terms of enjoyment for me. Especially since it's easy to know the developer. I had an interest in an Indie graphic adventure game but due to how the developer of the game acted on twitter not to mention the many bad rumors and facts spreading around about him. I said nope. The other end of the spectrum is that I need to have an interest in the game and hope that game has some sort of support behind it. I played through JumpJet Rex but pretty much everyone was done with the game at the time I played it.  I didn't have much interest in Hello Neighbor due to the alpha's controls and the gameplay didn't win me over.

Well those are a few examples. I've already gone over M Rated games and my stance on those. So I won't repeat that.

What Seems to Work.

Judging from what I see on my channel. The things that work seem to be the following:

  • -Sonic
  • -Anime-Based Games
  • -Silly crap

I generally just play what I feel like. Not whatever the trend is. That said there's a ton of games I haven't even opened yet. I really need to play those instead of shooting for new games.

Youtube Videos Right Now

Okay let's get off the channel bit and focus on what's being played right now.

Skylanders Imaginators 

I already recently made a post of the skylanders I'm searching for. Getting them will be a problem. But otherwise I'm done with the game as you may have recently seen.

Blazblue Central Fiction

I would love to post online matches. But getting online matches is the thing. I don't really want to play the lobbies. I feel those people like to fool around. I've tried to get ranked matches and people are playing. But not with me. Despite 2 and 3 bar connections which is pretty good by Blazblue Standards. I can't seem to get a ranked match.
As for the single player content. There would've been more this week as I'm typing this if I didn't come down with the flu. To make it worse I had about 5 hours of content recorded only to find out I instead recorded a blank source.

Ratchet & Clank

I still plan to finish the Ratchet & Clank games I have. Which leaves A Crack In Time, Into the Nexus, and All 4 One. They probably won't be all uploaded by the end of the year but it's still gonna happen.

Pokemon Sun/Moon

Assuming I can actually afford the game. I'll debate on playing it. I've already got complaints about the demo videos saying the quality sucks and what not. So I doubt it would be worth my time to record.


Yeah like I mentioned I caught the flu and I'm still getting over it. Aside from that. The depression medication. I either want to change or just quit altogether. My issue is that one my doctor doesn't give a shit and is the type to just write prescriptions and you're out the door. The other thing is my insurance will run out end of this year.

I haven't found a good replacement for it that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. While some plans I saw are affordable on paper. I may as well not have insurance cause it doesn't cover much at all.

I still need to go for my eye exam and get a new pair of glasses too. I put it off cause I know how expensive it is and how much of a hard time places give me for just an eye exam.


I guess it's okay. I mean I don't celebrate holidays cause of how much crazy BS happens with my family. So I try to stay out of it. It's pretty much every holiday especially around this time something stupid goes on. Not to mention dealing with family members that want what they think is best and try to control your life is not my thing. And believe me, my outside family is a bunch of control freaks. But that's life. I've been planning on moving out for awhile. Just haven't decided where.

As for politics. I try not to pay attention to it. Cause for the most part all I see is fences being put up between people that were once friends. I understand how people feel but playing the blame game isn't going to do anything to make the situation better.

I think that's about it in terms of an update. Excuse me while I lay back down in bed.