Saturday, January 14, 2017

Goals For 2017

Goals #1 -  New Videocard

I've talked about it plenty of times (assuming ppl listened). But I do need a new videocard. Problem is that I never really have the money for it. Besides that problem I have to deal with what kind I actually need. At first I was going based off the minimum requirements that Killer Instinct 3 needs to be playable. (If you saw that video then you know I could barely play the game at 30 frames per second.  So I looked up that card...way too expensive.

Then I keep seeing this one advertised by Raptr. The AMD Gaming Evolved app that you can get if you're using AMD cards.  It keeps advertising this coupon for a SAPPHIRE R9 270 Graphics Card. I think this has been here for years but apparently it's a good card? I don't know. I know it's going for a decent price in various placees. It's still the price of a console but not a next gen console price.

My last issue with this is whether or not I'll have the right card. I'm not entirely too sure on PC space. I'm pretty sure it should fit with no problems. But would it connect with my motherboard or whatever. This I don't know and there's no real way for me to find out with ease. And every guide I read on videocards has confusing information going on with it. So you see my conumdrum here.

Goal #2 DS/3DS Capture Card

I know I know you guys have been secretly yelling at me about this for the longest time about any video I do with my DS/3DS. I know the quality is bad. There's not much I can do about it. People are more or less spoiled by the capture card schitck that it feels like other methods of recording aren't allowed.
The thing is I don't have $300 - $500 to throw away like that. It is up there as a goal but I wonder if I should even bother. My general issue with handheld games is that they're on a small screen. I don't play games on the go even when I have a smartphone. I always play at home.

Goal #3  Wii-U

Unless this Nintendo Switch which to my knowledge has no price tag can play Wii-U games I want a Wii-U. Pokken still interest me along with a few other games.

Goal #4 PS4

Sadly World of Final Fantasy, KH whatever, and FF7 Remake is coming to this.