Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Marvel: Future Fight - Lunar New Year Event

Well seems Lunar New Year is a thing. I never knew about it. But you know what that means for mobile games. SPECIALS EVERYWHERE!

This game has a Lunar New Year Event of giving out bonus EXP and Gold. as well as an event quest that doesn't make much sense in terms of prizes.

So a long with the Age of Ultron Uniforms costing 1 gold. There's an event quest going on where you fight in the streets of New York while trying to dodge incoming traffic.

These drivers don't care you're trying to save the world they gotta get to work and will run you down. Who cares if you're the Hulk. In this world. Car > Hulk.

While the vehicles don't do much damage they can potentially stun you. Which may lead to trouble when the bosses come out. But it's easy. You'll collect New Year tokens and can spend them on prizes. Best to save those token for the Rank Up tickets.