Sunday, January 8, 2017

Shadowverse - Card Pack "Rise of Bahamut" Set

So it's been a minute since I started playing this game. I really buckled down and started doing Ranked Matches to my surprise. Reached D0 Rank which to that idiot Facebook group means shit. But to me in the small amount of time I played means a lot.

Rise of Bahamut set is released. I guess it was out in Japan for awhile like EVERYTHING else is first before it goes everywhere else. I took a look at the new cards I got and went WTF is with these cards. This set brought a whole new meta to the table. And honestly I feel this was too fast for a new card game. And with that new meta a plethora of lewd, sexy card designs with it. I swear I saw Nine the Phantom from Blazblue drawn as if it was fanart.

So to what's this new meta in this game that might just progressively ruin the card game like many others that try to add new **** to there game to keep it fresh. Shadowverse adds what's called Enhance.

Enhance basically if a card has that kind of effect whenever you play that card if you have the required amount of play points/mana to use the Enhance effect it automatically activates.  So you don't get a say so as to whether or not you want to activate this effect. It just happens. But the effects are somewhat worth it depending on the card or what you're trying to do. Just know this changes the game a lot cause you can only have a max of 10 play points and often times these Enhance effects eat up 6 or more points. So unless you're some god of the game that can manipulate card cost at will. This pretty much takes everything the tutorial taught me and tosses it out a 7 story building window, then drops a bigger how to play manual in front of me saying, "I'm the new teach of this class. This is what you will learn from now on."

I hate this with a lot of games since it slowly but surely breaks away from the core game. Yugioh did this heavily. Introducing Synchros, then XYZ, then Pendelum or whatever the hell it's called. Hearthstone did this in the worst way by basically saying...yeah those cards are old so you can't use them in this mode of play. However you can use them here. I'm rather worried about this whole Enhance BS since now you'll have a difficult time bringing things out that you want. And deck management is gonna be hell.

To give an idea of what I saw in the set of cards released. And what I drew.

ForestCraft is still ForestCraft and sacrifices a lot of fairies to Link to win.
SwordCraft got a lot more complicated to play.
RuneCraft is even more complicated
ShadowCraft is feasible and lives up to it's playstyle better.
DragonCraft is slowly creepin to be the best of them all.
BloodCraft is actually feasible to play now without being suicidal
HavenCraft is showing its true colors in how evil it is.

Sadly there's no update to the story. So that's a big disappointment. I guess we're gonna leave these 7 heroes in this void of paradise as the world comes to an end.

So will I continue this game? I don't know. Like I said I play off audience somewhat (although that's about to change). We'll see.