Thursday, February 2, 2017

Die for Valhalla - Preview Copy #1


Kickstarter: @monstercouch

So here's the deal behind this game. I was approached to play this game for there kickstarter awhile ago. They didn't want videos released until today when there campaign started. I planned to do more videos on it but man how my time was ate up by so much other stuff. I might do more later.

Anyway this game...There logo should put DIE in big red letters not the Valhalla part. It's obviously aiming for unforgiving difficulty. You die and experience harsh punishment for dying.

So the premise of the game is that demons are rebels are taking over the world and thus Odin the wise god who knows everything and how to handle things sends his Valkyrie to take care of the problem. Don't worry Odin knows best right?....Right???? Right????....

Okay I don't know about many other people but I know for myself in the previous games I've played that had Odin in it. Aside from Final Fantasy games. Odin is not only a bad ruler/god to the point that he's a dick. But he really sucks at his job. Like really sucks. Valkyrie Profile 2, Odin Sphere, Marvel's Thor, the list goes on.

So anyway you're a Valkyrie sent down from the heavens to take care of the problem...But well...Valkyries suck in this world. This ain't no Valkyrie Profile. As one of Odin's agents you have powers but well your powers suck and you can die....easily. So you have another power. You can possess fallen warriors and have them fight for you. In fact you need these guys to fight for you cause when I say your powers suck they really suck.

So the difficulty thing. Let's talk about this. This game wants you to suffer. It eases you in with the first 2 or 3 stages. Then they start to kill you. You don't have much to manage but in reality it's a lot to think about before moving on. The warrior you decide to possess gains levels as they defeat enemies but if they die it's back to lvl 1 they go. You'll come across a lot of graves of fallen warriors and you sit there and think to yourself.

  • Should I keep going? 
  • Should I put this warrior back to rest?
  • How much longer is this level?
  • What enemies lie ahead?
  • Can I make it?

Yeah the questions build on and on. And one mistake will cost you dearly. It's a bit like real life actually.

Well should you make a mistake and die. Your warrior dies so you have another chance. Time to quickly flee to the next grave and resurrect that guy to fight for you. And you better do it fast cause the enemy is now eyeing you.

How many glory points do you get for killing a Valkyrie? I don't know but should your Valkyrie die you get the NES/Atari/Classic Arcade game treatment. You get kicked back quite a distance with a completely new Valkyrie. Odin doesn't care for that one that died. He's got plenty more Valkyries to send in  your place. He must be sending the brand new Valkyrie cause these suck just as bad as the one you started with.

When I say you get kicked back quite a distance. Did you ever play games like "I Wanna Be the Guy", "Classic Megaman", "Ninja Gaiden", etc? Remember how those games punished you when you die by kicking you back such a far distance in the stage that you're frustrated not only from dying but how much you have to repeat a stage to reach the end or the next checkpoint?  Yeah I'm talking about that.  "Die for Valhalla" does this to you. Doesn't help that the enemies are incredibly annoying and difficult to deal with. You have these little guys that keep rushing into you. Some dudes casting magic spells. Archers. You're busy trying to survive for the most part. And the game doesn't let you move forward until everything on screen is dead. Yeah...

In fact this game is so difficult, the guys here at monstercouch actually made a challenge to those who got there demo to beat it. Those that could beat the demo get free download codes. They're that confident that you will not easily beat this game.

I couldn't do it. But if you like dying constantly from unfair odds and being punished heavily for dying as well as frustration. Then Die for Valhalla may be your type of game.

Check out there kickstarter and twitter.