Monday, May 8, 2017

World Bosses - Marvel Future Fight

Finally managed to take down 5 of the 7 World Bosses. Without resorting to the supposed OP characters. Just sort of a brief analysis of what myself and anyone is up against in this game.

What's Great

You can randomly get a ton of great prizes. High Ranking ISO-8's, Dark Matter, Custom Gears, etc. For winning.

What Sucks

You can only defeat each World boss 5 times a day. So you don't spam the world bosses and instantly unlock them. Can't have that. The prizes also range from crap to great. Worst is that you cannot reuse the same characters to fight the boss again.

Of course the main reward is that you gain the biometrics of the defeated world boss. You'll need around 20 of them. And they level differently from the other normal characters.

World Bosses Themselves

Proxima Midnight

I call her pew pew lady. She's got GeminiMan's Gemini Lasers. And pretty much spams them. By Gemini Laser I mean they bounce on the walls a couple of times trying to hit you. She's actually the easiest of the 7 (Arguable). Worst she does is is cover the screen with lasers leaving no safe spot. She only has 3 phases though and doesn't change her game plan much.

Black Dwarf

Haven't beaten him yet

The guy you'll be using so much profanity about. Cause he's built like a tank.  And built with the idea of killing you in just a few smacks. Doesn't help that he adds tons of bleed damage. Even worse his high physical defense. I hate trying to maneuver around this guy since I always get hit for some reason. Worst is that he packs that stupid full screen kill you regardless attack. You can avoid it if he's not in the center of the arena trying to pull it off. Or if you manage to unleash so much damage that you stop him granting you sometime to heavily damage him.

I want this guy but I still can't beat him. His attacks are far too wide to avoid. And being able to knock you out in only a few hits hurts.

Corvus Glaive

Recording the video tomorrow.

Seems simple at first....then you see what he's sporting. Abusing the infinity gems power allowing him to revive granting him 3 lives. He also has bleed damage and burn damage. Then can even paralyze you leaving  you open to his assault. The worst aspect of this guy is his insane dodge rate. If you're not packing Ignore Dodge expect to see the word "DODGE" In bold letters for a lot of your attacks. He also summons minions which fall easily but annoy you while he winds up for his big attacks.


Dumb name. She has the power to mind control people and she brainwashed Black Bolt of all people. While her attacks aren't that great. It's really him that'll annoy you to death and then end up placing you under Fear Status. So you lose control for a few seconds while she whittle away at your HP. She even packs the famous FU screen kill move that you have to stop. Great.

Ebony Maw

Troll. That's what this guy is. A troll. Telegraphed attacks. But his main thing is running away while hopefully you get trapped so he can smack you. It gets even worse when he's low in HP as he'll summon the Nova Corps to make you lose track of where he is.


The big man himself. Your typical Action game boss as well. He packs moves that just plain hurt and honestly its like playing Devil May Cry or a similar game. At low HP he'll start doing attacks I swear I can do nothing about in terms of avoiding. So yeah your pissed typical action game boss.

Thanos Infinity

Haven't beaten him yet.

Thanos again just tankier and not willing to put up with your crap. Even my Groot couldn't stand up to the guy. That's how hard he hits. -_- And his HP is through the roof. It's unfair tbh. But this is a mobile game thus mobile game logic.

Looking at this now. I'll be forever behind on this game. As they already released Super World Bosses. A higher difficulty for World Bosses. With more BS added to lesson the fun.

Why Not Use Broken/OP Characters?

I know all about them. I just don't care about them. They are not characters I like. I feel like using/playing with those characters will just ruin the game for me. Not cause they're "Too OP PLS Nerf", but because I feel like I won't be having fun playing the game. It's more satisfying to me to do it with characters I like rather than play tiers. If the character I like happens to be OP, Top tier, or whatever then that's a bonus. I have the same feeling for fighting games and well pretty much every game.

Besides in mobile games there's always a point where they'll invent new things that make the previous OP strategies useless.