Monday, June 19, 2017

A Retraction Or An Update - Something Is Wrong With Atlus

After contacting customer service with Atlus. I got a response from them. I emailed all the appropriate addresses including the one where the strike came from in the first place. The response came from

And Not

Atlus took the blame and said they don't know why it happened in the first place. They were discussing what to do about it. I asked if I should submit a counter notification and he said yes. So in about a day the Copyright Strike was rescended. Now the video is back up.

On the other hand. I got to thinking. This is another one of those fake copyright takedown attempts. It doesn't make sense for the address to come from  I checked It's just a website that was made in 2016. It has information on what a copyright is and that's it.

This makes me think of a comment I received long ago about how people would make up a fake website and issue copyright takedowns using that site. Probably even designed a bot to search keywords and take down any video related to those keywords. Since not just myself but many other people at the same time got a strike for it. And it was manual too. Manual strikes take a long time to do.

So I looked up one of my older strikes. The Ragnarok Odyssey Ace one.  I found someone else had a strike on video from the same guy in his facebook. The screenshot he took had very similar words used. His was a Ragnarok online video. Then I noticed that we both used 3, silver, and a few other words in our video titles. Way too coincidental.

I bet the same thing happened with Persona 5. Or it could be a conspiracy against not popular Youtubers to try and get rid of them while making it look legit. We don't know. What I do know is. That the Persona 5 copyright strike was a mistake and I got it fixed...for me. If you had a similar issue you might want to try and contact Atlus customer service. But go through there site. Not the e-mail Youtube gives.