Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Atlus Can't Be Trusted - Copyright Strike

Of all the companies didn't expect these guys to come out with a copyright strike.

Yep they manually gave me one. OVER A POKEMON VIDEO!

You know like everyone else I decided to jump in on the memes of Persona 5. Making a 30 second video about it. Basically Excadrill doing a Z-Move on a Pokemon. I used the Persona 5 Cut-In, with everyone's favorite sound clip from P5's Protagonist. ("Ravage Them")  Threw in a bit of P5 music. And done.

This is pretty much what it looked like.

I guess Atlus wasn't having that. As they came in and put a copyright strike on the video. Not stating what part of the content is infringing. Just that it's manually detected. So someone from Atlus's Copyright Police came across the video and decided to report it.

This goes completely against what they stated as Copyright and what not to upload. Which BTW EVERYBODY AND THERE DOG HAS VIOLATED AT THIS POINT!


Remember that post on there own website? I'm sure you do if you're a Persona 5 fan. That was when Atlus came out and said hey you can post Persona 5 content but don't post "this" "this" and "this". You know that post. The one that everyone complained about.

Screenshots of there post.

They were basically trying to avoid true spoilers but rather failed to do so. For one the Japanese version of the game was out for ages at this point. And people just spoiled the game anyway didn't care for the warnings given.

I actually expressed how much I appreciated a company going out of there way to say, "Don't post our content." Since we need more companies to do that instead of just a random Content ID Claim/Copyright Strike appears. But this recent action tells me this was all just a farce. I honestly thought I could trust Atlus. They're generally cool with the use of there content. It's usually Sega, BANDAI-NAMCO, Square-Enix, etc. that you have issues on copyright with. Atlus is usually cool with it. I guess they hate memes...or they hate my single meme.

As you can see. The tools to make your own P5 Meme are all over the net. 

Want to make your own P5 Meme. Go here. 

It's all in the video description