Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Mellow and Dull July Start - Update July 2nd, 2017

Jumping straight to business.


You know I'm starting to hate kids. At least this one I always keep seeing. He's always going on and on about how I don't make any real money. And apparently I need things like my own house and a car to have status. There's one thing I like but also loathe from kids is that they have absolutely no tact. Seriously it's nice that they can say things that can generally be taken seriously (assuming they're wise and honest) but they really can't read a situation and say the right thing at the absolutely wrong time.

My mom and sister have been fighting. But it's weird. No not weird it's frustrating on my mind that they fight like there about kill each other in there sleep then the next day, it's as if nothing happens. It's apparently a woman thing from what I've been told by many. Either way it's stressful to put up with. I don't have many choices I can make since I'm pretty much outvoted by the other 2. Doesn't help that I'm a male living with 2 females. It's life I suppose. I really shouldn't say that but it's what I put up with.

I'm trying to save up for driving lessons. Considering my own situation. Asking friends and family to learn driving is generally not an option. My family is pretty much not home for the most part and friends are too busy to offer help. So after looking things up. I'll need A LOT of money to afford driving lessons. Man that's a rather lucrative business. The prices are not cheap. It's like buying 1 of every current gen console available out right now. So yeah...this'll be a long way to afford such a thing even just 2 hours is costly.


Atlus retracts there copyright strike.
After managing to contact them and talking it over. Atlus retracted there copyright strike against me. It turned out to be a mistake on there part. They don't know what went wrong. Part of me thinks it was a false copyright takedown. Since the address that issued it was  Well if you remove the Atlus@ part and go to the domain You get a website that seems to have been made in 2016. It talks about copyright and has a bunch of links on the side. One to a pdf. But it doesn't make sense. So it's very likely that it's fake.

I talked to customer service in there e-mails and got the strike retracted. About 2 weeks later there PR service contacted me about the same thing. If you're having issues with Atlus best to contact Atlus's legit emails. The ones listed on there website. Not the e-mail noted in Youtube Copyright Strike notice.

On a side note I looked back at the other copyright strike I received. The one on my Ragnarok Odyssey ACE video. Yeah that was a fake copyright takedown. Digging about the e-mail that issued the takedown used a company's name that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO Ragnarok Odyssey ACE. They made a Ragnarok game but not the franchise that's well known. So definitely some BS going on there. I managed to get that strike removed too. So take that you no lifers.

Sister Got a PS4

Well not too relevant in news. But I figured it's something to mention. I posted 2 or 3 videos of PS4 related gameplay. Just demos really. I found I could record PS4 gameplay using screen capture software. First was that I stream the PS4 to my PC. Then use my screen capture software to well capture the footage. Rest is pray that the connection doesn't drop. Cause it's a wireless connection.

If opportunity came about I would like to look into twitch streaming PS4 games. But that might not be possible. I would have to move the PS4 out of my sister's room. Try to make a wired connection for streaming. Then move the PS4 back to my sister's room. It's all a hassle. One where I would be better off getting a PS4 myself...if I ever had the money which I don't.

Side note there's not really much on the PS4 at least on the PSN store. It must all be buried. Or the amount of games I'm interested in amounts to very little on these current gen consoles.

Sharon Rogers BS 

Addressing the comments I got from a Marvel Future Fight video about me supposedly dissing Sharon Rogers. I don't care for the character. I think she's a waste of time, for me. I raised her rating up to 6 star mastery. Pouring my time and resources into that character and she still can't do what everyone's saying she can. And when that came up the comments are:

"No you aren't using her right."
"You need to do this."
"You need to learn the meta."

I feel the gauntlet has been thrown down on this. So I did some research. Guess what. The people that claim Sharon Rogers is OP, top-tier, or god. The only reason for that is cause they dropped tons of time and/or cash on her. The whales made her good or a better way to put it. THEY PAID TO WIN! I did the research. I found a guide after digging for awhile. Turns out I am doing the proper combo. Everything I have on her is set. But what isn't mentioned by Sharon Rogers worshippers is that she is only great if you can fulfill a long list of requirements first.  I know this cause my Rocket Raccoon, a character that's been rated bottom tier in the game. Is killing 70% of the Sharon Rogers I meet in the games PvP without breaking a sweat. Why? cause I put the same amount of effort into that character as some of these so-called other Sharon Rogers users did.

Know what all this tells me. That the tier list is complete nonsense. The so-called meta to the game doesn't even matter. Every character is capable of doing these amazing feats you see some random guy on Youtube do as long as you put in the work. I've only been playing the game for 6 months and I'm further than most players on the game. The game's been out for over 2 years and yet there's still some long time veterans that haven't even finished the main story mode. I'm on the 2nd extra story mode. But enough of that. Point of a game is to have fun. Not learn a meta to a game. This game doesn't even have live worldwide tournaments. It's not League of Legends. You can leave all that ESports crap at the door if you're gonna talk to me about meta (AND ON A MOBILE GAME OF ALL THINGS).

Persona 4 Golden - Are You Guys That Gullible?

So YEARS AGO I made a joke video on Person 4: Golden's Valentine's day event. Making it appear as a game over. Now for whatever reason...people are thinking it's real. Huh?

The game's been out for years. I'm pretty sure most of the world has seen this event. Why would anyone think it's an actual game over is beyond me. But to those that fooled themselves. No it doesn't happen. You pass out for the day recovering from an upset stomach then the game proceeds on as normal.

Twitch Streaming

I tried streaming on Twitch. Don't think it's very successful. I look at it and think that it's a waste of time. I know I could just play one of those popular games. But it's a huge money sink with money I DON'T HAVE. And a lot of them are games I just don't like.  I remember reading an article saying I should fake it. No thank you. Faking it will just lead to trouble.



Man I keep seeing this game get updates and I want it more. I liked the demo I played. And would just feel great to play something different. But of course no money to play and I'm stuck with other games.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix

You know my excitement for this pretty much is next to 0 now. KH1 Final Mix just annoys me. New abilities I didn't need and I had to have a lapse of sanity to pick Final Mix Proud as that feels like Critical Mode.  I'm don't mind hard games but really just feels like I'm playing a game of how much of a dick can the developers be. I just feel like speeding through this getting to work on Chain of Memories and never coming back to this game.

Other games

Not much else to mention. I want to try and get back on track with uploading. It's more that I haven't been motivated as much to play games like I used to. Life getting in the way and all that. I should cutoff mobile games. possibly save more time for other games. It's not like I don't have games to play.

That's it. not much else to say. So later then.