Monday, July 31, 2017

Cocky Super Vegito - DBZ Dokkan Battle (Global)

I guess this is where in terms of mobile games you finally start to get some leeway into beating these ridiculous Event Quest. I was able to beat the Goku Black quest thanks to the silly fact that SSJ4's are COMPLETELY BROKEN!  Thanks to that I was able to awaken my Goku Black so now he fills the requirement to complete this quest.

Well it's not really a requirement it's more of a do you want to have a bad time? In order to inflict significant damage on Super Vegito (and possibly Vegito) you need the link skill called "Fierce Battle" which at first just seems like any old skill. But this "disables" Vegito and Super Vegito from doing insane damage and lets you actually hurt them.

Well in my roster I only have 4 characters (soon to be 6) with Fierce Battle.

  • Blazing Clash Paikuhan (STR) - Yeah this isn't an option to take to this fight cause Super Vegito is AGL type.
  • Burning to the Last Super Saiyan Goku (Angel) (Super Kaioken) (PHY)
  • Dark Menace Goku Black (PHY)
  • Ultimate Power Surge Ultimate Gohan (INT)
Well sorting through my team. Best to take what I can rely on. Goku Black and Angel Super Kaioken Goku (that's a mouthful). One it's Physical typing so I can deal with INT Vegito phase easily. 


Leader: Dark Menace Goku Black 
Shadow Dragon's Master Syn Shenron
Inception of Evil SS Goten Possessed (GT)
Intimidating Body Exchange Ginyu (Goku)
Wrath-Bred Evil Buu (Pure-Evil)
Burning to the Last Super Saiyan Goku (Angel) (Super Kaioken)

Syn Shenron can lower def by 20% and raise attack by 60%. Doesn't matter since he's not Dokkan Awakened to have Fierce battle link yet. -_- His super also lower's enemy defense.

Possessed Goten adds +3 Ki to PHY type so paired with Syn should ensure Super attack.

Buu lowers attack by 10%. So helps me survive when I'm not going ham with Fierce Battle

Ginyu Goku changes TEQ Ki to Rainbow Ki so I don't have a huge hassle in giving character's Ki.

Super Kaioken Goku has ATK +100% and Ki +3. But he has "Fierce Battle" so he's gonna be a damage dealer. Problem is his super cost me 7% of my HP.

Goku Black is broken especially on Global. Giving Extreme types Ki+3 and Attack +3000 for Ki Sphere obtained.

Friend Leader

I need a friend Leader who also had the "Fierce Battle" Link. Thankfully there's a lot of ppl that are currently using Vegito Blue and have Dokkan Awakened him. 

Vegito Blue (PHY)

So obviously my choices in friend leader is Vegito Blue who doesn't entirely benefit my team cause of Super Typing. But it works since Super Kaioken Goku is Super Type. And I'm only looking for Fierce Battle Link anyway. However this has me heavily relying on the Friend Vegito Blue for damage. Which thankfully he's no slouch in that department with the counter ability and some friends have built him with Crits.

Goku Black

The obviously better Friend Leader. No counter attack but the buffs are just plain better and easier to work with on my team. Especially with Max Super Attack. 

???? I don't know others that would have the Fierce Battle Link I need.

Phase 1 - Goku (STR) and Vegeta (INT)

Well Goku is obviously a problem. Being a Strength type against my Physical type. But not too big a threat.  

Phase 2 - Vegito (INT)

Vegito is rather cake walk thanks to typing again. 

Phase 3 - Super Vegito (AGL)

Where things can get unfun. I have to rely in my Fierce Battle Link which only 3 characters have. The others are on defense and basically tickle Super Vegito. In otherwords, it's pretty much his Fight with Super Buu.  And Super Vegito is willing to abuse his sword. I have to keep my HP up at this point since he can pretty much end me in one go when my main damage dealers aren't up. 


You know this is one of those things I hate about most games. Where you need a certain something before you can take said quest on and beat it. This is different from typical game logic like, "Oh you're not strong enough" or "You lack this thing you can easily obtain. Go back and get it first."  The general requirement for this quest (Which is multiple characters that have the Fierce Battle Link) is not easily obtained. 

To get Fierce Battle Link you need to Dokkan Awaken certain Specific characters. So you need to do other events first before you do this one. You could go in without that link but, good luck doing this without Dragon Stones then. To make things worse depending on the character you're trying to awaken. Expect to repeat this same quest 5 times minimum. That's a lot of farming...and honestly if my viewers didn't enjoy this and if I didn't have some interest in this game. I would say screw it. It's insanely time consuming and I consider the progress vs time to be minimal. You Dokkan Awaken a character but you're still not done. You need to max that Super attack. But you're still not done, you need to max that character's potential. Still not done. Need a good team. So much to do and a lot of things aren't easily done in this game unless you throw money at it. 

Done ranting back to the grind.