Saturday, August 12, 2017

New Patch Changes - Marvel Future Fight

So First off the most important thing. New Characters and Uniforms.


Absorbing Man

Stats are based without ISO-8, Cards, Alliance, and Gear Bonuses

His looks are "Holy crap you could carve meat on that" Not even hulk's muscles are that well-defined. If you're looking for a Physical Defender. Absorbing Man is the way to go. Adding 45% Physical Defense as a leader. And having a 50% chance to be immune and reflect Physical damage.  He can definitely be the replacement for Ulik who has a similar skill to nullify all physical damage for a set time. 

Problem is. You can't get his Biometrics normally. Like most characters you'll have to spend your Selector Biometrics to acquire him and rank him up.


(pls excuse the window Bluestacks Screenshot sucks) Stats are based without ISO-8, Cards, Alliance, and Gear Bonuses
Another Great Combat Leader that I find can rival that of Warwolf, Rhino, Lizard, etc. Titania gives +45% physical attack to all combat types as a leader. However she is obviously a glass cannon. She can buff her own attack and stun anyone in her way. This game does have A LOT of combat type characters so this could be your answer to doing tons of damage.

But like Absorbing Man getting her Biometrics you're gonna have to use your selector Bios.

Spiderman 2099

Because we're going Spiderman crazy these days
As if Homecoming Spiderman Uniform wasn't broken enough. We have pretty much the equivalent of that plus more. He even possesses a debuff skill that can work on EVEN WORLD BOSSES?! WHAT?! With the right skill rotation and cooldown bonuses you can possibly prevent your opponent (or well there team) from playing the game at all as I rate him up there with Dr. Strange and Homecoming Spiderman Uniform who basically have skills that prevent you from playing the game.


Spider-Gwen - No Mask

I guess Spider-Gwen doesn't play Dress-Up
Well just as boring as Gwenpoole's alt uniform the looks isn't much. Just mask removed. The uniform does give her moves needed buffs to make more more Spiderman like. Adding Web effect to Spin n' Pin and Increasing the range of her other skills. Making the Web Warrior ability more useful.

Kid Kaiju - Monsters Unleashed (MFF Variant)

Now he's more even more geeky lookin. 
Kid Kaiju's look just make him look even more obnoxious. Instead of his electric pal walking about attacking he's got a demon buddy doing it for him with better attacks. Only one of his skill changed. The rest is pretty much the same.

 Yondu - Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Crazy Mohawk got crazier
A character missing his Vol.2 debut finally got it. With changes as well. He now has a skill that can ignore targeting. Meaning he won't get that annoying stop in his tracks cause the person he's fighting jumped really high or flew off screen. He even took Star Lord's Lasers and turned them into Disco Lasers. Can even summon Rocket Raccoon.

Thanos - Secret Wars: INFINITY

Of all the...Why Him?!

The unexpected to get a Uniform. Thanos reigns again with this uniform. As if his normal skills weren't enough. He now comes packed with more stunning and his own version of a Shinku Hadouken (Mega Optic Blast, Kamehamehah, Final Flash, whatever you wanna call it) that gets stronger over time and can fire on forever. I don't have this character as I haven't really focused on World Bosses. They take A-LOT to farm up.

Minor Updates:

Black Widow, Daredevil, and Captain America got minor adjustments to there skills What they are I don't know.

System Changes

Oh joy this is a double edged sword. Let me review these one by one and try to rate them. 

Daily Challenges Changed - Meh...

Work Harder Now
Daily Challenges have changed. The usual monotony was just Story, Special missions, timeline battles, 1 Villian siege stage, & Daily Missions. 

Now it has changed from what you can see in the screenshot here. The task are supposed to change daily. Now there's things like Gear Upgrade, Dimension rifts, etc. However upon completing a certain number of challenges each week the rewards are progressively better than the usual. It's a nice change of pace. Even if I have to adjust my routine.

Shadowlands - WHY?!

Just when I felt like I was getting the hang of things.

To accomodate the addition of so many characters. Shadowlands added 5 more stages to complete. To make things harder or change up the same old. Challenges on each stage have changed. With the inclusion of "WAVE BATTLE" where you fight bosses in waves. Wish they reset the first time rewards.

Villian Siege Minor Change - Meh

Villian Siege now includes the newer characters into the roster of daily bonuses. 

Gear System Changes - OH GOD

Now I have to workout my stats for EVERY CHARACTER

The major change in this game. The gear system has changed. Instead of having multiple options you can customize to your liking. They are all now set in stone as to what bonuses they give on level up. The only option you can change is on the 4th gear and only 1 option can be changed. 

So where do your stat changes show up? Now your stat changes are heavily dependent on your ISO-8 Setup, Custom Gear, Cards, and Enchanted URUs. This makes most if not all character build guides obsolete and useless to refer to. While most guides will tell you, "Oh just do this to your gear and give them an Attack ISO set." That will no longer cut it as you most likely will be building a glass cannon. 

What that meant for me is that my idea of building characters I don't use up to 4-star rating is now next to useless. As my 4 star characters in Conquest mode can barely get the job done. I now have to give everyone an ISO-8 set and everything else.

What's good is that you no longer have to be Level 50 in order to equip a full ISO-8 set. However leveling up your gear to equip URUs is another story. 

Has This Changed The Meta?

Hard to say. I honestly noticed a slight change in Timeline battles. Seeing a lot less of Sharon Rogers and more of Spiderman Homecoming Uniform. Also seeing a lot more Dr. Strange. I imagine many are rushing to optimize there characters again if they pay attention to the game and it's changes. 

I did notice dealing with World Bosses and certain other things with certain characters is either easier or harder due to the change in gears.

Other Changes

To make the game more accommodating to the player. There's now an option to play the game at an even lower resolution than before. And boy does it look like crap at that low detail. But at least it doesn't consume much power.

More In-Game advertisements
The game now throws out tons more offers to you some of which aren't even buyable at the shop. Very annoying to deal with.