Thursday, August 10, 2017

Skylanders Imaginators Commentary - Enchanted Elven Forest

Well I managed to acquire Enchanted Elven Forest through Ebay. I didn't bother with finding the whole package. I mean the level pack as a whole is $30+ bucks which I don't have. Thankfully the level itself which honestly should've just been purchasable DLC I found for 10 bucks.  

Anyway the level itself starts off somewhat boring. But slowly gets more fun. So one of Stealth Elf's ppl basically went senile or went manic...which I shouldn't make fun of cause it seemed like an emotional disorder. Anyway she basically set fire to Stealth Elf's home. So gotta take care of the mutant plants and douse the forest. 

There's a lot of vine grinding which I find cool. Shame it has the camera issues the others have where you can't see where the trinkets you gotta collect on the grind challenge till the last second. There's also not a whole lot to explore. But at least the stage ends with a boss. Even if it's an easy boss it's at least a boss unlike the other extra stage "Griffon Park Observatory".  

Now I just need to get the other 2 which thankfully they're tied to Skylanders this time. But I think I still need to buy the level packs anyway. Cause I think Activision might pull a crap business decision where the extra parts locked are behind something else.

But all that I need/want is:

Dark Imaginite Crystal - Still can't find ANYWHERE! It honestly doesn't exist in the state of Georgia. I search and found it on ebay for absurd prices which I might have to buy anyway. Then there's was one at a Gamestop but I can't get it because it's in-store pickup only in another state.'s like I'm destined never to buy this.

Wildstorm/Cursed Tiki Temple - 30+ bucks....ugh...

Ro-Bow Level pack - Another 30+ Bucks.....