Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We're Sorry You're Not Advertiser Friendly - Youtube Screws Up Again

So Youtube decided to implement an update without letting anyone know it's coming. Actually this is a common trend.

While marking videos not advertiser friendly was already in effect. This was done by Youtube users. But rather than let well-minded people search through Youtube and mark such things. The company decides to make another robot do the work for them.

This is what looks to be the works of another search algorithm gone horribly wrong and never fixed. As this bot will mark anything and everything that seems to fall in line with what they feel is not advertiser friendly. If your video is titled a certain way. Your video preview image is subject to this as well. Or heck your video in general.

How can I confirm this isn't the work of some random troll? Simple. I have videos I haven't even released to public yet marked "Not Advertiser Friendly" Yes I HAVE PRIVATE VIDEOS THAT ARE NOT ADVERTISER FRIENDLY!

Check it out:

MONSTER HUNTER STORIES! 3 of those videos aren't even public yet.  

Under Night In-Birth EXE Late.  I guess cause the word Birth is in the title. Or maybe cause of the girls. Wait Final Fantasy 2?!!!! 

And what makes Tales of Xillia not advertiser friendly? Oh Milla's outfit? (BTW Only the Milla side videos got marked. Jude's is perfectly intact)  SOULCALIBUR?! Oh I guess the girls again. 

 A number of things. First I guess "Kicks my butt" isn't acceptable. 2nd I guess cause Tidus isn't wearing a shirt. Uhhhh What's wrong with Hiimdaisy comics? I guess they don't like the word Kill.  Or the word Homo or Gay.

"So why don't you just dispute them Brad_Ry?" That answer is quite simple.

See Youtube doesn't want to be bothered with anyone that's small time. So they set up a countermeasure to the obvious disputes that were gonna happen when someone finds this. See your video has to have at least 1000 views in a 7 day period in order for them actually review it.  Well I guess none of my videos will ever be reviewed cause I can barely get 30!

See I'm not even worth noticing unless I can make Youtube money.

Ryuji is obviously Not Advertiser Friendly Better Correct him
This is Advertiser friendly right?

If you're a Youtube content creator and want to check if any of your videos have met a similar fate do this.

  1. Go to "Creator Studio"
  2. "Video Manager"
  3. Click where it says "Newest"
  4. Click "Limited or No Ads"