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The Update for December 2017 - Too Much Happened, Too Little To Show

Oh boy where do I begin. It seems I've been a general worrier for the past couple of months. Generally to the point that I'm driven to tears. Strange enough it's not exactly from the holiday season I hate so much. A lot has a happened and slowed me down to a crawl. I've been forcing myself to get up and record videos. Well enough of the intro let's break it down.

California Fires

Seeing this stuff has me in tears.
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Now I don't live in California. I live on the other side of the US. But I've been deeply concerned about everyone over there. I've seen generally tweets from people I follow with some rather disturbing pictures or news about how bad the fires are over there. There was one post that said it looks like a volcano erupted. And looking at the photo you'd think that too. So many people evacuated and there doesn't seem to be and end to these fires in sight.

It's also weird that I felt like it's been going on for far longer and it was under reported until now. Even some sites I check haven't really updated on it. It hurts cause I see this and know there's nothing I can do to help. All I can do is pray. What else I find strange is people I follow on whatever site post about it and I can't help but feel concerned for there safety. They don't even know I exist. I believe Maximillian posted that he was without power for a day. I honestly have to wonder do a lot of these people have a plan to be ready to evacuate?

My concerns go out to everyone living over there in California. I can only hope for the best.


I would say it's mounting and I have been able to manage it a bit better than previous years. Especially without medication. Just that I haven't had the motivation to get out of bed or get to recording games. I've been feeling like I'm stuck. Only a few times during a week have I actually got off my ass and actually recorded something. Even fewer times have I made the effort to upload it all. There's still games I haven't finished.

I have to say it doesn't help that there's all these so called Depression help groups that immediately throw out there hand saying that they'll help. My experiences through those are not good ones and I rather stay far far away from those groups. For me it's like they want to control my life rather than help me through it. Speaking of. There was a twitter account I was following that was meant to help raise awareness for those with Depression. But lately the messages posted were not helpful or raising awareness. More like cutting to the bone and making others feel bad. I had to unfollow it. I'm not going to list the Twitter Account name cause I'm not here to tell people what to follow and what not to follow. Internet Drama is what we don't need.

I guess it's a victory that I haven't killed myself yet. I'm more concerned of the friends around me though. I'm not going into detail about it. Just that it concerns me.  I've tried to setup a Youtube playlist of videos I find encouraging.

I haven't found much to add to it yet. I'm still looking from time to time.

Patreon - Doesn't Concern Me Much

So Patreon released a change that's supposed to help the creators out in getting more money. Problem is it makes problems for the Patrons. Basically all Patreon did was have Patrons pay the fees so that the creators don't suffer a cut of the profit.

Before the change creators took about 40% of the profit. While Paypal and Patreon each take there cuts. Well now it says that Creations will take 95% of the profit. That's cause Patrons will be basically paying added fees. So now everyone is in an uproar cause that means more money that people have to pay. It's like a Cable bill where the upfront price is listed and you think that's what you're paying. But your actual bill says you're paying for everything else. Oh the rental of our boxes, the channels you watch, the setup fees, security, etc.

You can see the problem there. I no longer have a Patreon. I closed mine years ago. When I found that Patreon takes a cut and Paypal takes a cut and the guy who sent me $1 I can't collect cause of Patreon's guidelines. That guy's $1 after fees amounted to 0.37 cents. Yeah that pissed me off. So screw that.

There's other ways of giving to your favorite creators. Paypal and kofi are 2 big ones that I know of. I rather people donate through there than Patreon.

The Accidental Stream

So about 2 weeks ago from the day I'm typing this.  I accidentally streamed. Someone asked:
"How do you accidentally stream something?"

Well that's very easy. I have a bunch of programs for the sake of recording and/or doing live streams. The program at the time I was using was PlayClaw 5. Which has a built in streaming function. However it's stupid and it's meant for people who have that multi-monitor setup. I setup a hotkey a long time ago to stream. Just to try it out. Sadly it's the only program that will let me stream PC games properly without screwing up.  OBS still gives me issues and XSplit wants money. It's like I wasn't meant to stream unless I become some rich guy who's abandoned all his morals.

Anyway instead of hitting the record hotkey. I hit the live stream hotkey. PlayClaw 5 Doesn't tell you that you're streaming. At least it doesn't really let you know. The only way I found out I was streaming was that someone on Twitter buzzed me about it. I had no idea.

The problem with this is that you guys could've seen something that I didn't want to be seen or worse. I'm trying to find ways around it so I don't repeat that mistake. Cause I still want to stream. But on my time. If I was smart I'd just stream everyday but I just don't feel up for it.

Soulcalibur 6?

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So Soulcalibur 6 was announced. Yay. I honestly hope it can fill my expectations cause 4 and 5 wasn't all cracked up to be and the atrocity that was Soulcalibur: Lost Swords still weighs heavily on my mind.

All I've been hearing was the talk of guest characters. I honestly don't care for the guest characters. For me they fall into 1 of 2 categories. They either suck or they're one hit wonders. They're pretty much there to sell the game. I would rather the game sells on it's own merits and not require some famous guy to push sales. However in 2017 I'm proven wrong at every turn. Fighting games like Under Night In-Birth are pretty much unknown while Tekken 7 is gaining tons of hype Simply by having Akuma, Geese Howard, and now coming soon Noctis from FF15.

But I should be happy right? Another Soulcalibur game is coming. other problem I have with Guest Characters is that they are one hit wonders. You'll never see them again after they make an appearance in the game. I see this happen and go why bother having them in the first place? And many people's answer will be, "Money, hype, you just hate good things, blah blah blah." Well now that character isn't back in the next game and you got good with them. What now huh? WHAT NOW?!

What should happen is they either make a new character with the guest characters moves. Or have CaC's (Create-A-Character) the ability to use that character's style. But that's only in an ideal-world.

Now I don't mind the meter thing in SC5. But it was bothersome. First they took away Weapon Grabs. Which when I explained everyone thought it was parries. I guess it's a parry but the game's proper term called it weapon grabs. This was removed in SC5. And Weapon Repel was tied to meter use and specific moves. This was good cause you wouldn't have matches of constant Weapon Repels which was a thing in early Soulcalibur games. But at the same time I think Meter is pretty stupid. In the early SC games your moves effects changed based on how they hit and how precise you were. Now it's tied to EX meter use. There were some moves that changed based on hits but not as much. I guess you could say I'm arguing easy casual play vs skilled play.

If you want to look back at SC4. was just a failed experiment. I never had a match where I could actually pull off one of those critical finishers and I the armor breaking along with skills thing wasn't that fun.

Now Lost Swords.  Ugh...DON'T EVER LET NAMCO-BANDAI DO THAT AGAIN! This had the same problem as mobile games in general but in one of the worst ways possible. If you didn't know. The last 3 characters they released was Maxi, Seong Mina, and Cassandra were released but to acquire them you couldn't get them through normal means. You had to buy them. And the starting asking price was $30 a character (So $90).  This was so you bought one of the special armor/weapons pack (The GACHA part of the game) for that price and they'll give the character along with it.   The price on these characters did go down but only after they announced that they're shutting down the game. DO NOT LET NAMCO-BANDAI PULL THIS STUNT AGAIN!

Persona 4 Golden

Okay seriously I still get comments on this. No on reads the description or other comments on this. NANAKO DOESN'T KILL YOU! IT'S NOT A GAME OVER! I poked fun at the game for this event making it look like it's a game over. And that clip where it says "Mash the Buttons"? That's from a game called Dust: An Elysian Tale.

What's planned for the rest of the year

I'm so tired these days and occupied with things I just wanna focus on getting Sly 2 finished. Hopefully I can finish Sly 3 before the year is finished as well.

As for commentary I think I may be done with that for good. I've got complaints about my commentary and my later stuff just doesn't get much views. I don't know what I'll do about it but I will change things for next year.

I think that's it in terms of what to talk about. I'll see you guys next year if I survive the rest of this year.

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