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Megaman X Command Mission - Chapter 1

Yeah so I have a sore throat so doing commentary for Sly 3 is rather tough. I've pretty much been out of commission since the start of the new year. I'm trying my hardest to get something done. (Lets also add to it that Youtube is making another unlikable set of changes.)

Anyway let's redo Megaman X Command Mission. I can't say it's gonna be like the original playthrough uploaded to Youtube. But it's there. I generally want to run this playthrough showing generally the cutscenes, new enemy encounters, and boss fights.

So the story starts off with that opening movie showing all the characters you'll be meeting. This game is rather short. If you actually put your mind to it and had the time. You can finish this the same day you started.

Chapter 1: Infiltrate Giga City!

This isn't really a chapter title more like a mission objective.

Lagrano Ruins

Once you start the game your party is X, Zero, and Shadow...was. After complaining about the mission given X is separated from the group. Lucky you. Instead of hoping over debris you guys go your separate ways exploring. I should explain X in battle before I go any further.

Character: Megaman X

His Best Armor IMO. 

Obviously the main character of the game. (His name's on the cover.) X is a Shot type character. This means he has an easier time dealing with lightweight enemies particularly ones that fly. His accuracy is also much better than combat types. His stats are more or less all-rounded. Being the main character and all.

The weapons he can get will fit any battle that comes his way so long as you're properly prepared. From a variety of elemental weapons, high accuracy, or just sheer power. My preferred weapon of choice is the Turbo Buster. It's attack power doubles when X's WE is at 100%. Along with this the weight on the weapon isn't so bad so he isn't slowed down by carrying it.

His greatest assets is that he has 6 turns of Hyper Mode. More than any other character in the game. His other is his special Force Metal, X Heart. Automatically revives him with low HP but it's a free revive.

Action Trigger: Charge Shot

Consumes WE to attack all enemies. No complaints about this. Depending on how you want to play it. You can fire one off X's very first turn since you only need 50% to activate it. The Charge Shot also carries the effects of whatever buster you have equipped.

Hyper Mode - X Fire

Stat Changes: 

  • LE +50%, 
  • Power +50%, 
  • Speed +25%, 
  • WE Gain +25% (+6 units per turn), 
  • 50% damage from Combat/Shot attacks
His subweapon attacks change to Power Charge and Shell Buster. His main attack also changes to combat while his subweapon is shot. He also carries innate fire elemental attacks a major downside in certain cases. 

Action Trigger: Charged Collider

Charge energy based on remaining WE for a powerful attack against 1 enemy. Perfect for bosses. 

While the downside is fire attacks. The upside is Final Strikes with this are pretty powerful and gain a ton of hits. 

Hyper Mode 2 - Ultimate Armor (I'll save this for when I actually pick it up in the game.)

Back to the game

Your battles in the ruins are pretty simple. Take note that leveling up restores your LE (Your HP) back to maximum. Most of the battles will drop you an annoying tutorial prompt. The first one mentioning your sub-weapons mapped to the Circle and Square buttons. Right now they're just micro-missiles they don't do much damage but it's something. You'll usually see this when you're up against a single "Wild Patrol Dog".  The 2nd Tutorial usually pops up when you're up against Bat Bones. Tell you about your Action Trigger. Normally I wait till I hit 100% with the WE gauge but Bat Bones can be taken out with a 50% charge.


Wild Patrol Dog 

Awww isn't it cute?...KILL IT!

Nothing really notable about it. The worst it can is lower your Shield Stats making you more vulnerable to shot damage. These guys sometime run away at low HP but otherwise they'll die quickly.

Bat Bone

Bats...nuff said
The famous bats of Megaman. For now they're not too big a threat despite yourself being outnumbered. You can take them all out with a Charge Shot Action Trigger. What's great about these guys is that there's a rare chance they'll drop the item "Gain Hyper" used to restore your hyper mode charge. If you feel like  it take the time to farm these guys since you carry 9 of each item. 

I should note that if you kill one of the group the others will get mad and retaliate. So just use a charge shot and kill em all. 

Back To Walkthrough

I haven't talked about the map cause it's fairly linear as to where to go. Any items you see on the way break them with a dash. Eventually you'll come across a room with a computer terminal. Touch the terminal and Zero will contact you. He tells you that the Ruins security system is based on one side unlocking the other. So you just unlocked the side Zero and Shadow are on. Zero does the same for you and tells you to explore a room he just unlocked. In this room you'll find the pods of reploids that were modified empty. After a conversation Zero notes he found the same on his side. Leave the room and continue going upstairs in ruins. 

You'll find more of the same but when you try to activate the terminal it won't work for the time being. Instead checkout the other rooms examining the more old pods of reploids. You'll find you hit the jackpot...sorta...Zero and Shadow worry that something bad is gonna happen. Go back to the terminal and Zero will tell you that this one has to be activated at the same time. He'll tell you that he'll send 3 beeps and to activate on the 3rd beep.  Well uh...Zero can't count. Cause if you activate it on the 3rd beep he'll bitch at you for being too slow. Activate it after you hear the 2nd beep instead. Now the door further up has been unlocked but it seems you activated security. Now you face off against a sub-boss.

Sub-Boss: Preon Chaser

Remind of some other common robot design I just can't stop seeing.

It's not that big of a threat but you may get another tutorial. Talking about healing during battle. Open the menu and select sub tank to heal. But the Preon Chaser isn't really a big deal. It has a stun gun that may inflict bind status on you. It's that easy.

After the battle you'll notice it dropped the items X Heart and LE+100.  Now you get a tutorial about equipping Force Metal. 

Force Metal

There's not much to it. When you equip a force metal you only need to worry about the erosion and how much each character can take. If you go over the character's limit then you face some issues. Such as stats lowering or beginning battle with status effects. Kind of like Megaman Battle Network's Navi Customizer.

Anyway after you had your fun with the Force Metal. Continue upwards and you'll eventually reunite with Zero....but not Shadow???? Anyway your reuniting will have to wait as you have a boss fight. "Who the heck is this?"

Chapter Boss: Hippopressor

Reject from Megaman X series LOL

Hippopressor's attack pattern is simple. It'll start by loading a Shark Missile. You should take the time to destroy the missile first as when it fires it does roughly 500 points of damage (or Half your LE from what I'm told).  The giant Hippo himself isn't too big a threat. His head will break after about 12 Combat type attacks done to it. Which then reveals a more powerful plasma cannon. It's still not much of a threat. 

A tutorial prompt will pop up about using Hyper Mode. Using Hyper Mode will boost your stats and give you a better action trigger most of the time. My strategy for Hyper Mode is wait till I'm at 100% WE then Hyper Up use the Action Trigger. On the next turn Cooldown and repeat. 

You'll notice that when the boss fight ends you're noted on your stats and how you finished the battle. Depending on how well you did will determine the EXP bonus you get. Always go for the flashiest finish you got. 

Now that "THAT'S" over. I guess I should explain Zero and the 2 other enemies you can encounter now for the next 2 minutes or so you'll have Zero on the team.

Character: Zero

Can't find a picture of him from XCM. So X6 will have to do. Not like he's had a makeover anyway.

Combat Type
Weapons Swords/Sabers

The red reploid I have a love/hate relationship with. Where as Zero was more or less broken in 70% of the 2D Games he's been in. Here not so much. In fact he doesn't really get broken till End/Post game. Being a combat type out of all the character's he's actually balanced. While he will have issues with flying enemies it's not as bad as some of the other characters. Another asset is since he's a combat type. He has a chance of countering enemy attacks. 

His main asset is that he has multi-hitting weapons. Stack that on with his Special Sub Weapon "Heat Haze". Heat Haze gives Zero a shadow that mimics his moves for a turn essentially doubling the number of hits. (Pretty much Marvel Vs Capcom Zero's Sougenmu except it's not an instant win.) 

His downside will show late/post game when it's a choice between giving him weapons that allow him to stay alive or go all in with attack. Top offender being the Red Lotus Saber which drops his defenses to 0 in exchange for having an incredible attack power. 

Action Trigger: Command Arts

Allows Zero to execute a series of attacks depending on how many commands are successfully entered in the allotted time frame. More WE = more time to enter commands. And for whatever reason we gotta give this damage scaling like it's a fighting game so 

1=100% 2=90% 3=70% 4=60% 5=50% 6=40% 7=30% And continues at 30% for every following hit.

I suck at executing these. So don't expect to see much from me. You start off with 3 different commands you can enter. Each have there own effectiveness. A lot of ppl stick to the standard Zero Slash combos. You'll gain more commands as you keep using his action trigger.

  • Zero Slash
  • Zero Breakthrough
  • Zero Dragon Slash
  • Zero Wave Slash (Unlocked after 500 Successful Commands)
  • Zero Skull Crush (Unlocked after 999 Successful Commands)

Hyper Mode: Black Zero

I guess to give more homage to this armor. It's back in all it's glory. 
Stat Changes:
  • Power +100%,
  • Speed +50%, 
  • WE Gain +25% (+6 units per turn), 
  • 75% Damage from Fire
The damage cut from Fire attacks is honestly a random tidbit. Thing his at default his Hyper Mode only lasts 3 turns. But this still makes Zero a monster in battle and not one to be ignored. 

Hyper Mode 2: Absolute Zero (Again Explain Later once I actually get it).

2 new enemies before this chapter ends

Preon Chaser: 

You already dealt with him before.

Preon Bitmaster

Now I'm getting Virtua-On vibes with the whole VOX series VRs. 

These guys don't do much except summon annoying bits. It doesn't do much else except boost it's allies speed by 25% once there are 2 bits on the field. The bits will do the main attacking. But after the 4th turn or so if it's still alive Bitmaster will run away. 

Back to the game.

I would advise before progressing that you you de-equip Zero of his sub-weapons and any force metal he may have. As Zero is about to be the victim of an RPG cliche. 

Now that you're at the top. Watch the cutscene. Or watch as Domon Kassau and Master Asia have a long chat with each other. You find that our 2 heroes are caught in a trap. Yep I said 2. Shadow defected. Man that was quick. What is this MGS3? Anyway Zero tries to be cool but is sorely denied and sent flying into the abyss. X is left all alone with 5 evil dudes laughing at him. X makes a heroic speech and escapes by jumping into the abyss. One of them about to give chase but Epsilon stops her saying he'll be back.  

End of Chapter. 

The game prompts you to save and once you do you go into Chapter 2. 

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