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Megaman X Command Mission Chapter 2

So X wakes up bedridden. One of the nurses...doctors...whatever says he was in bad shape when they found him. Honestly I never thought X would take damage jumping from a high place. It wasn't a bottomless pit. Anyway afterwards. Chapter 2 starts.

Still an issue with these chapter names. 

Welcome to Giga City. Or I should properly call it Central Tower. Get used to this place. As this is pretty much your mainline to shop at, warp to other locations, and find other certain goodies. You'll find right now this map is still linear. You're pretty much forced to keep moving forward as every other place to explore is blocked off for one reason or another. Guess I'll take the time explain the enemies you'll come across.

Old Enemies (I won't review these guys since I did in the previous post.)

  • Wild Patrol Dog
  • Preon Chaser
  • Preon Bitmaster & Bit

New Enemies: 

Preon Spark
I'm getting Gundam Vibes. And not the Gundams themselves but the Badguys MS.
Another of the Preon series. While not packing more of a punch than the previous fodder. They are a bit more aggressive.

Sinedropper & Zennydropper(RARE)

Well these are weak. However you shouldn't leave them be. Sinedroppers eventually will drop the bomb they're carrying inflicting status effects. Generally Virus Status which works like your typical RPG poison status.

The ZennyDroppers are extremely rare. For every turn they take they'll either double the amount of Zenny you can get after defeating them or run away. Each turn that goes by increases the chance of them escaping. They also pack a high evasion rate. So hitting them can be a problem. It's worth defeating them however just for the money.

Wild Rescue Dog
It's not cute if it's kicking dirt at me and shooting me.

An upgrade to the Patrol Dog. These have a chance of inflicting blind status to your party members. Not only that but also recover an allies' LE by 25%. They're still weak however.


The famous Mettaur. They pretty much act like normal mettuars of any Megaman Game. Blocking your attacks then annoying popping up to attack you. Only difference here is you can tell when they decide to go into a blocking animation. If they do you can use a Combat type character and break there guard.


Dangerous as they look. Always paired with an ally as well. At first they're generally normal. But if you kill there allies they get angry and use Break Shield to lower there defenses but greatly raise there attack power. Reminds me a lot of Breath of Fire III.

Main Story Again

So as you travel and make it outside. X finds that he's on the news. He's a dangerous reploid wanted by the Rebellion Army. X tries to update Colonel Redips on the situation but is unable to tell him everything. This will be a recurring theme throughout the game. Once again the path you can take is pretty much linear so you can't get lost. Eventually you'll reach a cutscene. Some idiot decided to report you then gets PWNED. Not by you but someone else. Spider shows up and does his "Nothing Personal" Routine then it's time to fight.

Sub Boss: Spider

So the battle starts and Spider does a move called Counter Card. With his obvious "Come At Me Bro" pose you shouldn't attack but instead defend for a turn. Depending on how lucky you are he'll attack with one of his many card based attacks. The worst being Straight Flush which hits multiple times and always a critical hit and Four Penalty which lowers your stats.

You can attack him when he doesn't have Counter Card up. But if you're tired of this just throw out a Hyper Mode and end him. The battle ends with no victor. And Spider runs off saying he'll be back.

Pressing onwards you eventually meet a Reploid who's in a hover chair. I kind wanna say he's handicapped considering what's about to happen. This is Aile (No not the Aile from Megaman ZX) who you will know for about 30 seconds before he gives you what you need to put a stop to the Rebellion Army's hostile takeover and rescue a guy by the name of Chief R. X tries to reason and we all know X can take down a few measly Preons but, Aile boots X out the room and decides heroic sacrifices are much better. You're left with no choice but to continue onward.

As you climb the tower you'll come across a reploid begging for X's help. Since it's on the way you don't really have much of an option but to help out. He'll tell you his friends are trapped by a bunch of Preons. So another event battle take them out and watch another cutscene. We now get to see the villain of this chapter. Meet Wild Jango. My favorite Maverick of this game. Honestly his design is just plain awesome for a BobCat.  Anyway Jango like any Saturday Morning Cartoon villain gets angry that his minions can't handle the hero. Spider shows up all cool like saying he'll go beat up X in exchange for a "Blank Check". LOL

Well now that you rescued some reploids you can do some more shopping if you wish. I would advise buying the Fire Buster if you wish. You don't really need it but it will give you an advantage in boss fight coming up. Make any changes you need to Force Metal or Equipment and move on. Well look who it is. Spider's back again for another fight but nope no battle this time. He takes X out with relative ease. Before Spider decides to finish the job he goes to pick up Aile's ID which is the only thing left of Mr. Heroic Sacrifice. X stops him giving a dramatic speech of how Spider sucks and that he's not worthy to touch it. Spider gets all emotional and decides to change his mind about killing X. Instead he tells Jango through the camera screw you and beats up the incoming Preons.

Now that you're back in control you come across another event battle with a Preon Spark. Blow it up and proceed through the door. Now meet Chief R. After introductions are out of the way. Jango interrupts holding a beaten up Spider and says he's gonna blow up the place. Now you're in a hurry to stop the bomb. Just dash your way to victory. Don't worry about any battles as time doesn't flow while in combat. Just keep dashing. Eventually you'll make it to the command room and shut off the bomb.

Now that bomb is shut off. Chief R contacts you saying Jango's getting away via the Heliport. Save and prepare properly as you're about to come to a boss fight. Once you're ready head up to the top of the tower and step outside to the Heliport. You now come face to face with Wild Jango, "YOU MEDDLING MAVERICK HUNTER!" X gets slapped in the face and Jango finds out how you managed to even make it this far. Aile's ID. He's then interrupted by Spider who hobbles to your aid. It's time for a boss fight and a new party member.

New Party Member: Spider

Good Card Eh!?

Shot Type Party Member
Weapon: Cards

Spider is arguably the best party member you'll have in the game. And guess what he follows the RPG trope of what happens to great party members on your team early. What makes him great is well pretty much everything he has. His weapons carry various effects depending on what you equipped. From attacking all enemies, multi-hits, EXP Bonus, Zenny Bonus, etc.

Action Trigger: Fortune Hand
Meh Hand...
What can allow you to kill most enemies you have no business fighting. Or screw you over. It's not as bad as Final Fantasy Slots. But it's still great. You play a game of Video Poker and depending on your hand will determine what happens. While it's RNG it's very similar to that of a Pokemon's Pokeballs catch rate. While I haven't exactly figured out the formula. Take into account WE, Hyper Mode, LE, Enemy Level, Your Level, Equipment, etc.

Of the many hands you can get Here's the list:

  • Fumble - Weak attack with low hit ratio. (100% Power)
  • Pair - 2-hit S-type attack. (100% Power)
  • Two Pair - 2-hit S-type attack, last hit has 50% chance to be a critical hit. (100% Power)
  • Tri Card - 3 cards hit, inflicts Fire, Water and Thunder Damage.
  • Four Penalty - No Damage, lowers all of the target's stats (Power, Armor, Shield and Speed) by 25%.
  • Death House - Strong attack. High chance of inflicting DOA. (125% Power)
  • Flush - 1-hit all enemies, chance to inflict Blind status on enemy. (100% Power)
  • Straight -5 hit attack, Power has small reduction, with low hit ratio.
  • NOTE: The game notes that the last hit is guaranteed to be a critical hit; however, this is not actually the case and is an oversight.
  • Straight Flush - 3 hit attack to all enemies, last hit sure to be critical hit.
  • RSF (Royal Straight Flush) - Powerful attack that deals 300% damage to all foes, inflicts DOA guaranteed, ignores shield and defense.
(DOA = Dead or Alive in other words instant death)

Hyper Mode: Trickstar

Check it out see through.

Stat Changes: 
Power +100%, 
Speed -25%.

If that wasn't good enough. Spider has one of the best Hyper Modes in the game. Yeah you look at the stats and think, "What are you smoking Brad_Ry?" It really is one of the best Hyper Modes in the game. Cause guess what, Spider can't take damage while in his Hyper Mode. 

Note: Don't bother giving Spider any stat up items due to what happens later in the game. You'll regret it. 

Anyway on with the boss fight.

Chapter Boss: Wild Jango

I love this Maverick and his design. 

If you haven't figured out by his first attack, the weapons, items laid about, or by a simple Analysis. Wild Jango is an electric type Boss. He can inflict virus or bind status. He pretty much focuses on 1 target at a time. If you packed Fire Type abilities you can take him out easily. So yeah X-Fire can make quick work of him. Try to steal from him with Spider's Item Capture Subweapon while doing damage. He's not too hard as long as you pay attention to your HP. 

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