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Megaman X: Command Mission Chapter 4

 Chapter 4 Starts off not with complaints but this time with scouting a possible member to help out or little resistance group. Since we only have 5 members 3 actually useful, 1 barks orders, and the other types on the computure. We need someone to help with more stuff on our little base. Professor Gaudile. Which I have to say for probably the first time in a long while we have an anthro-reploid that isn't a maverick. Last I remember that happening was X6.

Anyway our issue is that the beloved Professor wants nothing to do with the Resistance or the Rebellion Army. Well the Rebellion Army obviously isn't going to sit on there butts and let a genius like Gaudile be neutral. Guess we better at least just head over to his place and ask. Couldn't hurt right? Well we are sneaking into a heavily guarded lab though.

Before You Head Out

If you feel like doing so. This is the perfect time to grind some levels and Zenny. More importantly Zenny. You now have access to the Sky Room and Deployment Center. So if you feel like it give those a good look. It's worth your time.

Deployment Center

So basically the deployment center you send out friendly enemies to go scouting for items and other things. After some time has passed they should report back with goodies. Most of the stuff is extra content like artwork and music. But then there's far more important key items.
When selecting units just keep in mind what you're going for when sending them out. They're categorized into the 3 types.

  • Search Types Detect items in each area.
  • Combat types defeat enemies for Zenny.
  • While Intel types search for disks. 

Each area you send units to are generally 1 type of specialty in these areas meaning it's best to send units of that category to that area.  In the grand scheme of things I find it doesn't really matter only it really determines success rate of each deployment.  You'll also notice each deployable unit has stats. I don't exactly give much attention to these I generally focus on leveling up each unit to 10.

So you start of with 3 units 1 of each category. If there's any areas worth exploring. It's these areas. You can find more units as you progress the game. Looking around various areas you'll find broken down enemies. Examine them and X will say that maybe Nana can fix it and we can make use of it. We're making Nana a slave aren't we but at least we're not as bad as Silver Horn....Anyway they'll get warped to Nana and ready for use. Some broken down units however require a bit more work needing a certain key item first. Just note where they are and come back for em later.
  • Lagrano Ruins - For the Lagrano Key
  • Tianna Camp - For the Tianna Key
  • Gimialla Mine - For the Gimailla Key
  • Melda Ore Plant - For the Melda Key
These areas have something important you can't access till you find a specific key item. You probably came across these areas in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3.  Anyway you can keep deploying units to any area till it's complete. I recommend maxing out a unit's level then leaving it alone. For the sake of completion rewards.

It doesn't take too long for a deployment. Just deploy the units then just idle next to Nana for a bit. You can probably play another game or so while this is going on. Then check back redeploy.

The Sky Room

Here is your Trophy Room. As you complete various objectives in the game you can spruce the place up. By objectives it's basically rewards for winning battles, progressing the story, making X amount of Zenny. Etc.  You can take the time to rewatch cutscenes, recap the story, view various files of areas on the game, listen to music, artwork, etc.  Probably the most notable is viewing the figures you bought and changing the color of X's scarf on his back. Just a nice place to chill.

The Lagrano Black Market

If you chose to do Deployment missions. Hopefully you acquired the Lagrano Key. Which if so hopefully you have tons of Zenny on hand. So travel to the shopping district of Central Tower and talk to the Teleport Shop (Don't worry it doesn't charge money).  And lets teleport to Lagrano Ruins.

If you remember back in Chapter 1 you came across a locked door you couldn't open without a key. Well that's where we're headed.  Down on the 4th Floor. Head to the locked door and bingo you're in. Walk the lonely staircase and pick up the Deerball Unit on the way up.  After ascending the staircase you'll find 3 Reploids standing around. 2 of them are shops.

VERY EXPENSIVE SHOPS Mind you. But have some of the best stuff you could ask for in the game.

Item Shop

Ultra Fire 600
Ultra Blizzard 600
Ultra Thunder 600
Boost Power 200
Boost Armor 200
Boost Shield 200
Boost Speed 200
Hacking 100
Backup 5000

Force Metal Shop

Assassin Mind 700
Eagle Eye 280
Light as a Feather 800
Neutralizer -10 900
Neutralizer -20 2700
Neutralizer -30 8100

Weapon Shop

Turbo Buster 100000
Soul Saber 10000
Interceptor 32000
Vengeful Needles 70000
Kitty Gloves 50000
Auto Bullets 75000
Get Zenny + 7000
Get EXP + 7000
Get FME + 7000
Energy Field 4000
Super Absorber 6000
Vitality Missiles 10000

Note the Weapons Shop. Buying from here pretty much will set you for everything you need throughout the entire game. Focus more on Turbo Buster, Interceptor, and Kitty Gloves. Turbo Buster will pretty much double in Power when X's WE reaches 100% during battle.  The Interceptor for Massimo is capable of delaying an enemies turn. The Kitty Gloves for Cinnamon will randomly lower an enemies stats and hits 5 times!

Anyway once you're done splurging or planning out your bank account. You unforntunately gotta go back to where you entered this level to warp back. Other areas you only need to find a save point.
Feeling Lucky????

Now....if you're feeling lucky..actually if you feel strong enough. I would say well equipped and at least have your levels in the 20s. You can fight an extremely tough Secret Boss. All it requires is that you have the Tianna Key. I'm not gonna cover in this post but much later. As that fight is on a whole different level than the rest of this game. But if you wanna fight it so bad. Here's my video of it from ages past.  Just take them out one at a time starting with the main boss and make every hit count.

Start the Actual Chapter

And we were doing so well with Chapter Titles.

Gaudile Laboratory

Enemies Old
Big Monkey
Preon Spark
Preon Pods
Wild Rescue Dog

Enemies New
Preon Gunner:
Looks more like a tank.

These guys have multi-hit attacks that hit one or the entire party. But what sucks is that they utilize Riot which inflicts Berserk to the party and also use Electromagnetic Field to inflict Bind status. But at this point they're not too much to worry about. It's really who they're partner'd with.

Preon Elites:

While you won't see too much of these guys. The problem arises when they issue commands. Any weak enemy and any berserked party member will obey said commands and attack the specified target. When it's along and low on LE they'll run away.

Annoying to hear them constantly jump up and down.

 No not the things from Rayman. But pretty much just as annoying. They don't do much but randomly will use SOS till there's a full team of 4 of them on the field. They're easy to take out however.


These annoying things have an incredibly high dodge rate and almost always go first. Usually they'll attack or use there special move "Parasite" to max out an enemy's Power, Armor, Shield, and Speed stats at the cost of there lives.

Radar Killer:
Kinda cool.

 Pretty much the Sub-Boss from Megaman X2 It's pretty much a damage soaker. Attacking with a focused Maser on 1 party member. Or all 3 party members.

Killer Mantis:

 A unique one and considering your current party members annoying to deal with. When it's hit with a Shot based attack, it'll go into a guard stance to block any more incoming shot based attacks. If you use another while it's guarding it'll counter attack with Death Scythe which hits all party members for a lot of damage. To add further to this annoyance it'll attempt to use Riot which can cause Berserk status.

Side note: There's plenty of other enemies you can encounter here in the game in a special spot. But I'll save that for later.

The Laboratory

So as you enter this place doesn't really look like much but it's pretty damn big. In fact you'll revisit this place a lot if you have intention of grinding or game completion. First room you enter. The Rebellion Army is already here with there Preons. EVENT BATTLE GO!  As you trounce those enemies Massimo thought he sensed someone nearby. But ignores it. Our heroine theif speaks pretty much like a thief. We'll get more on her later.

Progressing onwards. We have a gimmick for the area. A hill with sensors on it. If you step on these sensors you're immediately thrown into a battle. So the only way to avoid battle is to dash over it. At the end of the area next to a save point. More Preons....Now for an event. A somewhat lengthy set of events. Dr. Psyche likes to talk...A LOT! But also...Marino and Cinnamon chat to.  The Rebellion army knows about Professor Gaudile's experiment on Force Metal and wants it for themselves. Well the professor was smart enough to hide it. But Dr.Psyche isn't taking this lying down.

Moving on East Deck Residentail Division 102. There's a Broken Big Monkey you can use for deployment but more importantly this is one of the few areas you can get a ZennyDropper to show up and grind some cash.

After more traveling you make it pretty much right outside the room with Gaudile and Psyche. After more threats and arguing between the 2. Psyche rudely messes with the professor's computer sorting and deleting his porn. Searching for the reploid that happens to have Gaudile's Experiment. This is why you should password protect your PC. Marino finds out the jackpot that everyone's after is Cinnamon and kidnaps her. Hmmmm....But not before Dr.Psyche sees this all happening on camera. X finally busts in but the evil Doctor escapes to chase after Marino and Cinnamon.

After even more arguing we finally get what's going on from the Professor. Apparently he built a Force Metal Generator inside Cinnamon and if the Rebellion army gets there hands on it who knows what'll happen. We can't let the Rebellion Army get there mits on it can we? So we chase them down only to find out that for at least 5 minutes. Marino and Cinnamon were ONE ROOM OVER! Seriously?! Sigh....

Traveling more a long the way we get more Cutscenes. Marino gets her butt kicked by Preons. While Dr. Psyche laughs. Then we get to see Cinnamon's power.  Back to the main game we get to a huge area with tons of prizes and enemies. The Eternal Forest.

Eternal Forest

Okay like Professor Gaudile tells you there's a ton of stuff here and it's sorta like a maze. He urges you to take the shortest past which is left path.  How the Eternal Forest works is like this. Each fork in the road goes left and right. Going to the Left leads to weaker enemies and eventually an exit. Going to the Right leads to stronger enemies. None of these battles can be escaped from so be careful of your choice.  Depending on the path taken once you reach the exit you'll recieve rewards.

If you want a really good prize. Take the following path.

Right, Left, Left, Left.

At the end of this path you'll find the Weapon "Joker" for Spider. Arguably his best weapon in the game. You'll need it.  It grants random effects when attacking. Normally I would say that's a bad thing since you have no control over what happens. But in this case it helps as you can get really lucky with normal attacks.
Note: When you come back here later you can repeat the Eternal Forest. As many times as you like by simply taking the door on the right.

So next Room over after collecting your spoils..Is Marino. You find her unconcious but healed up. She insists on joining you to beat the crap out of Dr. Psyche. Massimo is love struck by this. So you know what that means. NEW PARTY MEMBER!

New Character: Marino

Marino is built like a thief. Speedy. Her weapons can be weird however. From multi-hit close range weapons to long range throwing weapons. It might be safer to compare her to a ninja than a thief. She's speedy and that's about it. But what makes people like her, well reason 1 is her Action Trigger.

Action Trigger: Emotional Reel

When started a slot machine will appear. Lining up symbols will determine what attack she uses. She adds another icon at LVL 20 and LVL 30. The more WE she has when used the slower the reels will spin. I'm still bad at slot machines though.
3 Lines or Any 3 symbols - Marino Stamp 130% power
3 Boots - Hyper Dive 200% Power
3 Treasure Chests - I'll Take That! - Damage and 100% success rate of stealing an item.
3 Hearts - Your Life, Please! 3-Hit Shot Attack that heals LE based on damage.
Scattered Flower - 250% Damage with high chance of infincting DoA (Instant Death)
3 Marinos - Mirage Dive 250% Damage to all enemies.
Obviously almost everyone uses Marino for "I'll Take That" Stealing everything they can since the Item Capture Subweapon isn't reliable.

Hyper Mode: Quicksilver (Last 5 Turns Default)

Stat Changes:
LE +50%
Power +20%
Speed +200%
75% damage from Water.

The 75% water damage sure is random...Anyway the speed bonus she gets practically makes her untouchable. There isn't really any enemy that can match Marino's speed while in Quicksilver allowing you to do whatever you want while this is active. This is Reason #2 while a lot of people favor Marino.
Marino could be your replacement for Zero if you feel like but she does fall into obscurity like Massimo once he joins and it's late game/post game.

Continue onwards and you'll find Dr. Psyche and Cinnamon. After some words get exchanged Dr.Psyche battles you.

Boss Fight Dr. Psyche

Actually rather easy as long as you can keep control of the battle. Squidhead here will summon 3 Needles to assist him. No problem for X, Spider, and Marino to take out. As long as Marino uses her Hawkeye Sub-Weapon she's always guaranteed a hit. Each time you take out the Needles Psyche will just produce more. If you can't take out the needles before they get a turn they'll start inflicting status effects and other debuffs to annoy you. While Dr.Psyche gets a cheap shot in.  Eventually you'll wittle down the Squid's LE to nothing and he'll just fall over dead????

Or at least you thought. He pulls an X Sigma floating head trick and floats to his new body.

Boss Fight Part 2: Mad Nautilus

Mad Nautilus is very tanky and is flying making combat characters kinda useless. The real problem here is that you can't inflict much damage cause he has such high defense. He'll also counter attack for pretty notable damage. He's basically preparing an attack the entire time. So you'll need to guard and keep your LE up for awhile.  Mad Cocktail is dangerous since it inflicts random status effects on your party if they aren't defending. You have to wait for his Attack Mad Ecstasy. Once it uses that heal up and go all out as it's weak point is now exposed. He should go down rather quick.

Once the battle is over. Professor Gaudile worries about his precious Cinnamon. The gang asks if Professor Gaudile will join. But he refuses. But then Cinnamon insists that she wants to help out with the fighting. Due to that Professor Gaudile reluctantly joins. Afterwards Cinnamon begs Marino to join up. Marino agrees and it's time to go home. But now we have 2 more things added to our list. a New Party member and a new function.

New Character: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is essentially your white mage of the party. But she can easily be forgotten that she exists. However she is more of a White Mage done right. She has rather Low LE and starts at LVL 1. But her defense stats are through the roof. Even more so she can easily equip most Force Metals in the game with little to no worry about Erosion.

What makes a lot of people use her is the Kitty Gloves bought from the Lagrano Ruins Black Market and the fact that she supports a lot of hits during Final Strike. Her exclusive subweapons even provide more WE gain for her allies. While the Kitty Gloves randomly lower and enemy's stats per hit. She can build her friends WE and heal with her Action Trigger.

Action Trigger: Angelic Aid

Cinnamon heals the party for a set percentage of HP. The Percentage is based on how many hearts you can generate. By spinning the stick on the controller you'll generate hearts. Each heart being 10% LE restored. The # of hearts she can generate depends on how many battles Cinnamon has been in since joining the party.

Her Hyper Mode Changes her into a White Mage Tank.

Hyper Mode: Iron Maiden (4 Turns by Default)

Stat Changes:
LE +50%
Power +25%
+25% WE Gain for all party members when Iron Maiden have two turns onwards from Hyper Mode activations (Cinnamon included):
+7 WE (to X Fire and Black Zero)
+8 WE (to Ultime Armor)
+9 WE (to Absolute Zero and Glint Armor)
+6 WE (to 6 characters without Hyper Mode and Iron Maiden, Quicksilver, Trickstar, and Stealth Mode).

While giving the other party members extra support via more WE. Cinnamon also gains the ability to randomly block incoming attacks. Making her a rather worthwhile tank to keep around.

Cinnamon overall is useful like Massimo if you are willing to put the time and effort in for her. She sticks around mainly as a White Mage with the ability to debuff. Whether you use her or not is up to you. But it is nice to have someone serve as a substitue Sub Tank for healing.

Force Metal Generator (FMG)

Now that I explained Cinnamon. Along with that. We have the Force Metal Generator at our Disposal. At the cost of a few items and Force Metal Energy you can now create your own force metal. Most of which can't even be bought at a shop. You need to have the required items unequipped, the right amount of Force Metal Energy, and Cinnamon's level must be high enough to make it.
You now gain force metal energy after battle along with Zenny and EXP. Final Strikes generate tons of Force Metal Energy.

You'll notice on the FMG list that a lot of the recipes are marked with ????. You must fulfill certain requirements before you can see said recipe. Some are easy to pull off others are hard.

Anyway that's it for Chapter 4. It's gonna take a bit for Chapter 5 to show up as I am grinding.

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