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Megaman X: Command Mission Chapter 3

We start Chapter 3 with Spider complaining about work. Chief R has a suggestion that isn't about getting to work. More that there's a certain someone he would like to recruit. Nana a support who isn't going to nag you like Alia or any other navigator in the Megaman Series.

OMG a Chapter Title That Sounds Like A Title

Before you talk to Chief R and start your mission. You can now leave to go do some shopping via the Lev Bus. Now you can shop for weapons, force metal, items, etc. You can also using the Figure Token machine and the Password Figure machine. They just unlock mini collectables you can look at later in the game. Once you're ready head back and talk to Chief R who will send you to Tiana Camp. A mining facility turned into a P.O.W. Camp.  Prepare for a long one.

So you walk a bit of ways and meet your 3rd Party Member. The Famous Steel Massimo. He kinda looks timid but don't worry he's useful. Just gotta polish him a bit. He starts at LEVEL 1 WHAT?!

New Character: Massimo 

Super Tank that got nerfed.
Combat Type
Well for a lot of people he's your temporary replacement for Zero. While he's not as broken as Zero is. He is fairly useful if you're willing to put in the work. When you obtain him he's at Level 1. But his stats are pretty high for a Level 1 character. Massimo's your tank character but he has some heavy limitations.

The Bad

First he can only have 2 Force Metal Slots so room for customization is heavily limited for him. 2nd this guy is slow. It may not look it for the time being but he is horrendously slow. Last but worst of all his flaws. He takes 150% damage from all elemental attacks by default. Which is why you see him equipped with a Water Guard Force Metal.

The Good

His good first off is his Default Force Metal, "Massimo Plus" Giving him all abilities +1 and a higher chance to counter all attacks by 25%. The 2nd is obviously his power. For most of the game if you're willing to use him. Massimo's attack power is the highest of all characters. Last his action trigger can be very damaging and inflict status effects.

Action Trigger: Berseark Charge

Behold his true power indeed. You have to mash the corresponding buttons to get the maximum benefit of each gauge. You can stack this with Power Charge
X button: Damage Multiplier (Max's out at 2x Damage)
Triange Button: Adds Status effects (Blind, Virus, Bind, & Berserk)
O Button: Ups critical hit rate (Max's out at 80%) Unlocked when Massimo inflicts 3000 damage in a single attack.
Square Button: Multistage Adds hits to the attack (Max out at 12 hits) Unlocks when Massimo does 10,000 damage in a single attack.

Hyper Mode: Glint Armor (Daemonion in JP)

It's gaudy but it's good.

Stat Changes:
LE +50%
Power +25%
Armor +25%
Shield +25%
WE Gain +50% (+12 units per turn)
100% counter attacks against individual enemy attacks (except Bold Beam, Kamikaze Drill and Mega/Giga/Tera Fire/Blizzard/Thunder).

Lasting only 4 turns but gets quite a bit of stat changes to make him a scary tank to go up against. With the right setup you can inflict significant damage on any given boss.  But that's pretty much all it does nothing special.

You Unlocked Final Strike

Now that you got acquanted with Massimo. You'll now have access to the Final Strike finisher. When an enemy's LE drops at least 75% you can execute a Final Strike. Once initiated you're granted 3 attacks. Your subweapons turn into ultimate missile and attack is dependent on the characters involved in the final strike.  The amount of time given for a final strike is dependent on how many enemies HP fell 75% that turn.
You can make use of this Final Strike to gain Force Metal Energy (Explained later) and Experience points. As well as WE.

Enemies Encountered

Old Encounters: Sinedropper, Zennydropper, Mettaur, Einhammer, Preon Spark, Preon Pod, Preon Chaser

New Enemies:


Remember the Blowfish from Megaman X and Megaman X5. Well they're here to make a return. But not trap you inside there bodies.  Instead there attacks drop your armor's stat.


So the Blowfish had baby pirhanna. These guys are weaker version of Blowfish but a bit more evasive and can instead lower a character's shield stat.

Dober Man

Who's a good boy?

One of my favorite enemies in the game. They just look so cool. They're rather basic however. You can use item capture to restore your Sub Tank Energy.

Big Monkey

These big guys from Megaman X7. They're more dangerous here. Able to boost there allies speed and even use Power Charge to make there combat attack that much more deadly.


Just scratch under his chin.

Another cool one. These guys will attack physically or use there rather lethal attack Mini Shark. Which has a long animation of generating smaller D-Sharks to explode on one ally. This attack can be weakened and even stopped with 3 successful combat type attacks.

Back to the story. This is a big place. Prepare for a lot of walking. I advise you take the time to catch Massimo up to X and Spider's level so he's not the weakest link in the team.  There's a ton of items scattered about as well. Take the time to activate the terminals you come across and open the prison cell doors. .

Now the first obstacle you come across is a bunch of security droids. You can see there line of sight as they patrol the hallways. Should you get caught you get sent back to the entrance of the room. Just move through it carefully.

Floor 4 you come across a few guards standing in your way. Take them out and explore the 2 open rooms.  You'll face another event battle. As you explore the cells one of the prisoners in each hallway will say that fell for there trap and attack. Trounce them and they'll give up easily. Eventually in one of the cells you'll find a prisoner gives you the keycard you need to proceed onward. Another will give you a Water Guard Force Metal.

Heading further down you get a cutscene and meet our chapter's antagonist. Silver Horn who's basically filling the role of evil prison warden. While Nana just looks like a lifeless slave. Once you're back in control you get to navigate a maze. It's pretty easy to navigate but if you want everything explore all the rooms first before taking the elevator to the next floor.

The next floor is the room with Nana in it you saw in a cutscene. It's incredibly dark in here. Fight a battle and then free Nana. Nana explains how she was helping you break in and that Silver Horn is an evil Prison Warden who treats everyone like slaves and enjoys torturing the P.O.W.s. I guess the Geneva Convention doesn't exist here. Massimo starts acting all weird again and asks about himself being imprisoned. Hmmm...what obvious secret could he be hiding? Who cares proceed onward.

Now you got another security room. This one is a color coded lock. Get the code wrong and fight a battle. Nana will show you the buttons you should step on in order. But if you want the extra goodies that tease you by sitting there. Take the time to figure out the other passcodes. Or just read here.

1st 3 Coded Lock: Opens the door with 5 Item Boxes

  1. Yellow
  2. Red
  3. Blue

2nd 3 Coded Lock: Tank Parts

  1. blue, 
  2. yellow
  3. red

3rd 3 Coded Lock: Figure Tokens and Zenny

  1. red 
  2. yellow 
  3. blue

4th 4 Coded Lock: Queen of Diamonds

  1. green
  2. blue
  3. red 
  4. yellow

After your mastery of unlocking. You'll come across a hallway with 2 guards blocking a door you can't get in. Well it must not be important right? If you talk to the guards they surprisingly don't attack you but tell you that the Rebellion Army actually did some good and locked up a "Dangerous Criminal" Well we can't do anything so let's move forward.

Before you reach the last door Nana stops you and tells you that it'll take some time to open the last door. She then tells you that Steel Massimo died some time ago when he was captured. Hmmmm....hey where's Massimo anyway? Go back and find a cutscene where Massimo is talking to the Tortured Massimo. After a somewhat heart wrenching scene. Leave and make your way to the final door. Time for a boss fight and probably one my favorite scenes in the game.

Chapter Boss: Silver Horn

I could easily mistake him for a bug but he's based off a triceratops.

Hopefully you kept the Water Guard on Massimo so he doesn't take tons of damage from Silver Horn's water attacks. His signature move Tidal Wave hits everyone with water damage. His normal attack actually has a chance to inflict freeze status. If you packed the Thunder Buster on to X that gives you some breathing room damage wise. He's rather tanky and once he reachees low HP. Silver Horn will use a move called Liquid Coating which will boost his attack and defense stats while giving him a high chance to block incoming attacks. What's worse is he'll now start busting out his strongest move. Pressure Abyss which does a lot of damage to 1 party member. If you're lucky you can pull a final strike on him get a massive experience point boost.

Once the fight is over. Massimo tells his story and X and Spider just ignore the truth asking that "Steel Massimo" joins there group. End of Chapter.

We will be coming back here for something else but not for a VERY LONG WHILE!

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