Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sonic Forces: Stages 1 - 5

Wish PS4 would let me record the cutscenes. -_-

Definitely not as bad as some make it out to be. It's at this point I think the majority of Sonic fans just want something catered exactly to there wants and if it doesn't meet the standards specified then it's garbage. I can see some of the complaints made, but to me a lot of these issues sit more on the minor side. 

Even when stages were supposedly frustrating it wasn't something that made me go, "This game sucks." 

I can only wish it wasn't so short lived just when I was really getting into the game everything's over. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Very Calming Game - Just A Jumping Square

Note: Recieved this game from Alfa-Omega the devoloper of this game for free. He's been working out the bugs. I can't believe he went to such lengths to make his game work.

So at first the game wasn't working at all. Well it was but I was unable to see anything. Whenever I started the game I got a black screen. If I pressed a few buttons I got a black screen with Triangles on it. Alfa-Omega went out of his way to fix the bug for me. Says it's something to do with the his game not liking ATI cards. After about a week of trial and error. He got it fixed.  I guess that's one thing I can like about Indie games. If there's a problem with the game. The developer will try to fix it. Usually if it's a much bigger game. The developer won't even know there's a bug in the game or you'll just play Hot Potato with the comapany's customer service. So yeah much better I'm dealing with that. If I was I probably would've been told that I'm SOL.

Anyway this game. There really isn't much to talk about. You're a square...actually a Square with an equilateral triangle inside it. You move around and jump to get other triangles then after 4 of those you get a square and move on to the next level. Simple right? Well there isn't much to this game like I said.

The levels slowly get harder introducing spikes and enemies that can kill you. You generally figure out how each level works through trial and error. There's no lives, just keep trying. But if you're an achievement whore you can try to finish each stage without dying more than 5 times.

A tip for this game if anyone plays it. You jump higher and farther than you think. Anyone platforming should be able to understand this game easily and beat it in one sitting. You can also do a midair jump if you haven't jumped yet but instead walked off the platform.

If I was to pick out something wrong with the game. It's the title screen. For me the title screen looks like some sort of fancy phone app or screen recording app. If you look at the title screen would you think this was a game? Even the level selection (after you complete a few levels) looks odd.

The music...is just one track with a few sound effects. But for some odd reason...this music is very calming. Even the sounds are calming. If I die it's not much of a bad sound. I wonder is this game trying to hypnotize me or something. I mean the music sounds like a binanural beat. I'm not gonna end up someone's slave after playing this game am I? Maybe this game is someone's relaxation exercise experiment. I do remember when I played this I was rather pissed off about a lot of things but after playing this I felt somewhat better. Hmmm.... What's funny levels I would normally start feeling frustration for I didn't. I just retried or quit.

This game feels like it would've done great as a mobile game. It's simplistic controls and somewhat easy to medium difficutly levels fit. I didn't play all the way through just roughly 30 minutes of it.

Anyway there's not much else to talk about for this game. Actually there isn't much else to mention for this game. That's it. Anything else I come up with is pretty much gonna be Accursed Farms level of jokes. This is "Just a Jumping Square".

Saturday, April 7, 2018

BUCK: Saturday Morning Cartoon Apocalypse #1

Yay I finally can play this game. First off according to the poll I placed on YouTube almost 2 months ago. This came in 2nd. 

I honestly never bothered to buy it at first cause it was still in development. It's still in early release stages. Honestly how long does a game stick in early release stage? Way longer than I thought cause there's still games on my wishlist in that category. I'm not fond of games that seem to never be finished but these days you can't be picky.

So a few changes made from the demo I played years ago. The enemies changed. I didn't start out with pistols and a metal pipe. Just a shotgun. There seems to be some sort of item creation and customization mode. Also the story is obviously going somewhere. I wonder how far does the game go. Can I reach the ending?

I'm generally worried about the game still being in development as I see the guy is working on it. But it seems to be big changes going on. Doesn't seem to be story changes just level changes. So I would likely end up with a different experience if I play this again later or worse while I'm in the middle of this playthrough.

A change that I'm rather 50/50 is that when you die you restart at the checkpoint but it seems the enemies are rather randomized. Wouldn't be a problem but...it also means different enemy drops. 

Hit detection is rather off. If the enemy is right in front of you. Good. But if they're too close. You'll sometimes miss completely. That's rather bad.

Story wise. I love the narration. The game also gives reference to the fact that they're more like animals than people. Most games or shows will make anthromorphic characters but they'll just act normal. BUCK actually makes reference to the fact that they're dogs and have dog like abilities. Next Weekend I'll continue this playthrough. 

Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap #13 - The Extra Bits finale

The last wonder boy video for awhile. Unless I complete mouseman's trial or play as Wondergirl.  I enjoyed the game. Despite the low views this bit got. Which to me is important that I enjoy the game. I rather play games I enjoy than play games I don't enjoy. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

FFRK - Ragtime Mouse Kills You

I committed a treasonous act. I said I hated Final Fantasy. Thus I was punished.