Saturday, January 5, 2019

2019 And Yes This Place Is Still Alive

There's a lot going on tbh.  Or maybe not so much just my ability to handle it all makes it a lot. I don't really bother with the blog as much cause it doesn't really look as if people bother to read it. I feel I better express myself in blog than I do in commentary or random update videos. Finding the words to say is far easier to type than it is to say out loud.


Best to start here I suppose. Youtube well it's always changing and whether it's good or bad is beyond me. It always feel like the calm before another storm when it comes to this place. Youtube does a lot of things I'm not happy with. It's really just a thing to grin and bear it cause hey don't cooperate don't get any money.

Duplication Rule

So I've heard about Duplication killing channels' monetization instantly. I probably wouldn't have heard a thing if I was more popular. Basically Youtube decided to enforce this rule and it's pretty much the same as everything else. If your videos appears to have been uploaded by a bot, you're using someone else's work constantly etc. You can lose the ability to monetize any video. Youtube will not tell you what video is violating this rule and asks you to rectify it. Then you have to wait 30+ days for them to review your channel again for any problems to get back your ability to monetize.


I'm trying to go back to live streaming again. I have a difficult time finding a consistent day of the week and time to do so. I also don't really like dealing with streaming for long periods of time. I think what's worse is that viewers ask for random things like seeing my face. I don't see a point of doing stuff like that when there's only 1 or 2 viewers even bothering to watch the stream.

With so few people viewing I rather just keep things as they are unless I get a reason to do so. I already do commentary which I'm reluctant to do at times. Showing my face to everyone I feel is just a bit much at this time. The other request is to play a game I already played again for whatever reason. While I'm not completely against it. I still have many other games I haven't even opened yet. If anything I would rather do it for stream than just playthrough it again for youtube. The only reason some other playthroughs got a redo is due to the fact that I wanted to improve the quality or Youtube deleted it. Right now coming back to games I've already played is stressful.

If there's games I would play on stream it would be something I like. I definitely wouldn't play those obviously popular games like Fortnite, PUBG, etc. If I feel good about playing something then I'll play that on stream instead.  Speaking of I'm looking to invest in a capture card so I can stream a lot better. I thought of Elgato HD but it seems like those aren't made anymore. So I may have to look elsewhere.

Games Likely to Play in 2019

Freedom Planet 2

This is supposed to come out this year least what I'm told. I don't know when.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

A friend got me interested in it. After playing Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap I'm interested in this game.

Digimon Story Cyberslueth: Hacker's Memory/ Digimon World Next Order

While the digimon fighting games suck at least the RPG's are good enough. I still need to finish Cyberslueth.

Bravely Default & Bravely 2nd

It's one of those game's I can't really record. But I want to play. I only played the demos of both games.

Alliance Alive

After playing the demo I definitely want this game. I just wish good RPGs weren't on handhelds. It gives me reminders of another RPG I like.

Zone of the Enders PS4

Not sure cause maybe I want the PS3 version. I want to play both ZOE games. And after doing research found it's not really M Rated. It's the Metal Gear Rising Demo that made it M Rated. Cause if I try to buy it separately it's T instead. Weird.

Mobile Game Issues

I still play em. But I find myself enjoying them less and less. It's sadly among the most viewed thing I have on my channel currently. I'm not saying that's the only reason I play just that I'm struggling to keep playing these at times. I find that mobile games don't really respect your time these days. Aside from obviously begging for money. They just want you to pretty much perform a complete circus act just to get things done and little to show for it. I feel like dropping a couple of of them to be honest.

While people say sell my account. I don't want to. 1 it's illegal and likely result in an account ban. 2 There might be a day I want to come back to it in case I do actually quit. The mobile games I'm currently playing they have tested my patience but haven't done anything to completely piss me off yet.


Well I lost my healthcare insurance. I caught my agent who did the form in the first place falsifying documents saying I make way more than I stated. So I corrected it. That caused me to lose it cause it made my premium's shoot way up. So being unable to pay it. I had no choice but to cancel it. I'm only worried about this cause this is usually the point when something happens that requires heatlhcare insurance. I ended up trying to make just in case measures for my depression if things get bad.

I recently lost my dog and cat. Leaving me with my other dog and cat. But they don't really hang out with me unless I'm the only one left in the house. The amount of money it costs to have both pets at the time put to sleep put my family in the red so to speak. I can't believe it costs so much to do stuff like that.

Anyway without having to pay for insurance every month I can at least put money away to save for other things. I hope.

About LiveStreaming Part 2

So on Youtube at least. I have setup what they call Channel Membership.  It's basically Twitch subscriptions but less chaotic. You pay a monthly fee and get access to emotes, and chat icons and can cancel anytime.

Right now I have setup a few emotes for Youtube Chat.  I haven't done so for Twitch cause I'm not an affiliate as of yet. If I do get the option I'll just use those same emotes for twitch.

Emote BradPupPede

Emote BradSmugLezard

Channel Member Badge

If interested in supporting me then go here:

Also right now I have setup a stream session of Q&A where I'll answer the chat's questions for a few hours. If not then I'll dig up comments I find interesting and respond to those.

I think that's it in terms of an update. Happy 2019 everyone. See you later.

Things I'm Looking For To Do In Youtube

  • Redo the Channel Banner and Layout
  • Add more emotes to stream
  • Get Twitch Affiliate Status
  • Find a reliable stream schedule
  • New Capture Card(s)
  • Update PC Video Card or just PC in general
  • Wii U/PS4/Switch?/XBone

Saturday, October 27, 2018

My Dog's Dying...

I can't deal with this. I've been deal with it for almost 2 weeks now. Sasha suddenly collapse on her feet. It didn't seem like much cause she did that often. But this time she didn't get up. Instead she just laid there...then pooped on herself.

So after getting her cleaned up we called the vet to see if she could get seen right away. But the vet was booked. The vet took a quick look at her and nothing seemed wrong. She gave us alternatives but they were all too far away. By the time we would get there, it would be closed. Emergency Vets were out of the question due to money. So we made an appointment to get her seen later in the week.

Tuesday we tried to bring her in for her appointment but we were refused cause mom who was at work has to be the one to bring her in. Not her children. We brought our pets in for appointments many times and never had an issue or this policy to suddenly be enforced and just now they decided to enforce it. Either way they were not going to see Sasha. We told her the problem and the clerk that does the check tells us we should've done this at the first sign of trouble. I was ready to lose it cause of her. I had so many words for them at the time but managed to hold my tongue.

After complaining to someone else over the phone we made another appointment for later in the week. Bringing her in on Friday. The vet tells us that they don't know what's wrong with Sasha. Yet if you look at her. Her leg is swollen and she can't walk. But instead they look at something else and think she may have cancer. Still nothing about her leg however. They wanted to do more test but we couldn't afford it. They left us some medicine to hopefully help her.

Throughout the week I've been stressed. I had to help Sasha walk so she can go to the bathroom. But she either fights me or just refuses to move. And it happens when no one else is around to help either. My sister's boyfriend leaves the house when Sasha can't hold it in. My sister is either sleep or at work when it happens. It's frustrating to help her walk and clean up after her. Even more frustrating is when I give Sasha her medicine my sister yells at me saying she's not supposed to get it. Yet the instructions say otherwise. She doesn't bother to give her the medicine cause she has to go to work.

It's saturday morning now and my family is pretty much set on putting her to sleep. I kept trying to hold on to hope that she'll get better but my mom and my sister are both set on doing it. I've looked up signs that my dog is dying and pretty much have been hitting each of the bullet points word for word. I wish I didn't read it cause I ended up crying.

I wish I did more for her. Take her for more walks. Find some toy she's willing to play with. I feel like it was more my dog than anyone else in the family. Sasha only got attached to my sister cause she spoiled her and insisted that she sleep in her room all the time. I don't know what to do. I have a hard time look at her in the state she's in. I've cried myself to sleep a few times already. I've tried comforting her a few times. I just want it to be over.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Windjammers but with Axes - Log Jammers

So Mega Cat Studios is at it again and made another Retro-Renaissance game.  Log Jammers.  It's not really out yet. Or it is??? Anyway there's a Kickstarter for it.

After sending me a REVIEW COPY. I played it for a bit and here's what I got to say for it. (I have to say I got it as a Review Copy or For Free or else I could get in trouble or they could get in trouble. Sucks but rules are rules.). I should also note I'm playing the Steam Version.

Log Jammers is basically Windjammers but with Axes. If you remember Windjammers, it's an old arcade game that recently got remastered/ported for modern consoles. The goal of that game is to score points by tossing the frisbee into the goal. Depending on where it lands gives you different points. First to 3 games wins. Like Tennis...sorta...

Pretty much how I remember Windjammers Minus the Zombies and Axes

Well take Windjammers formula and replace Frisbees with axes. And the athletes with some rather unique characters.  

A Lumber Jack, A Zombie Bear, a pro heavy lifter?

So the first thing I note is the characters. Yeah these are some unique characters each with there own backstory.  A Zombie Bear out for revenge. A Lumberjack who survived a zombie apocalypse. A Surfer bum, a strongman looking to sell his patented exercise equipment line, A zombie who got screwed over by the mayor of his own town. etc.

Mega Cat Studios is kinda weird with there characters. But they at least they're not generic. I look at there stats though...and there's no typical set of characters in that department.  You have Speed, Swole, and Tech stats. I honestly don't think these matter. At least when I play the game the stats only feel like a placebo. 

So the game is simple. I mean it's Windjammers. But with Axes. Half the time I don't know what I'm doing. The other half I'm too busy being happy I won. 

I will admit I have trouble seeing the Axe fly across the stage. I generally pray that I'm catching it and throw it. Most of the time my losses are due to the fact that I collected a power-up.  The AI see's I'm distracted and scores.

Scary...It's not Halloween Yet

The music is pretty nice. Nothing really stands out but it is nice. It makes me wonder how would it sound on an NES. But I don't have one so. I can't really describe it. Most of the time I can't even focus on the music cause I'm playing the game. That's a good thing cause then I don't have to cringe at bad music.

Probably the 2 or 3 things that make me angry is that I have no idea what the power-ups do aside from the obvious special attack. And the AI seems to cheat. Or maybe they're not cheating but have more knowledge about the game than I do. There's times where I'll see the AI run across the median into my side of the field and score. Is this allowed??? 
He crossed in my area?! IS THIS ALLOWED?!!!

The other bit that kinda makes me angry but I'm okay with it is when I play tournament if I lose any match it's game over. No continues. I would like to think that Retro Games allowed some form of continue but then I'd just be lying to myself. The old games would sometimes do this. Basically it's how you got replay value. By getting better at the game. There's no continue from where you left off. You start back at the beginning. 

I'm mad now...

Anyway there's not much else to say about this game. I overall like it. I wonder how the online will be when it comes out. It seems to have some sort of twitch integration as well. Wonder what that's about?

I also have to give it props for a game having zombies in it and not making me cringe hard. I hate Zombies. At least the annoying ones like Resident Evil ones. Or any that are just tenacious and have unreasonably huge numbers like in Final Fantasy. I at least want to play this again just to win at the tournament. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Demo is Uh Broken??? - Stay Safe Demo

Video Won't Be Available Till 9AM 9/25/2018

So uh was kinda looking forward to this game. I wanted something to fill my Wipeout/F-Zero needs without playing said games (Those games are full of Copyrights).  Anyway I downloaded the demo and well. Found it's not exactly a good demo. 

To explain this game it's basically a purposely made rage-inducing game to where you have to use your skills which are gained through trial and error of repeating the same level over and over again until you get it right. The most recent example I can think of this is "Getting Over It With Bennet Foddey".  Well those games aren't so bad I generally find it for comedy purposes. Where the viewers are filled with hopes that the person playing it will beat it. But at the same time they want the player to fail just for the reaction. I'm not too big on these games. I mean there's games that do that already unintentionally. 

So whenever you die and you die about as easily as a Sierra game. You get a Bruce Lee quote that's supposed to encourage you to try again. You're also presented with the option to Retry or Rage Quit. I like how they call it Rage Quit as if they're expecting me to be pissed off cause I can't get through a level. In terms of this game and many others like it. You're trying way too hard and failing to piss me off. You want to piss me off I can provide you with perfect examples of things in games that piss me off.

Everything was going well with the demo. Until I made it to stage 3. Judging from stage 3's design I'm supposed to fly off this ramp and make it to the other side. But instead of flying off the ramp. I fall and go boom. Okay??? I tried many times while Bruce Lee quotes eventually start repeating themselves. It's at this point I just say screw it and as the game calls it "Rage Quits". I question if there was a button I'm supposed to hit or some sort of method. But at the same time I remember that this is a demo and just stop thinking about it.

I'd honestly be more excited for the game if this game...well worked. I don't think. My interest for the game pretty much died there. I could play that other actual Wipeout clone that works.

Maybe the developer will see this video and fix there demo. But it's been out for awhile and the full game is out on steam. I hope the full game doesn't have these issues. Anyway like I said my interest for this game is pretty much gone. Moving on to another game.

Sidenote: Things in games that legitimately make me rage quit.

  • Guilty Gear on PSX
  • Anthem Mode on Azure Striker Gunvolt (Steam version)
  • Luna in Yugioh Tag Force 6
  • SvC Chaos SNK Vs Capcom's Survival Mode
  • A lot of Mobile Games
You wanna make a legitimate Rage Inducing game. Try looking at those first.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

RIP Emuparadise - Where to go for ROMs and ISOs now?

According to Nintendo Enthusiast. (Link above) Emuparadise. One of the biggest (and IMO best places to get your ROMs and ISOs) is making plans on shutting down.

This could likely be due to the fact that other sites like LoveROMs and LoveRetro's owner was slapped with a 100 million dollar lawsuit from Nintendo. Emuparadise took notice and while they comply with takedown request and other things. According to them. Nothing is guaranteed. Meaning they feel they might be next.

So in turn they're taking off all of there ROMs and ISOs.  Meaning no more retro games from them soon. While they have have stated to find other ways to get emulation to you. We're on our own in terms of finding ROMs and ISOs.

This is somewhat a problem. As I remember Emuparadise was one of the few if not the only place to get your Roms from without crappy ads, viruses, or having to jump through hoops to get what you want. Definitely a major blow to people who love using roms to play there retro games.

While you can still view Emuparadise and see a list of games for each system. As of right now the download links are gone.

Sad to see a place go down but at least it went down on it's own terms.