Friday, December 8, 2017

The Update for December 2017 - Too Much Happened, Too Little To Show

Oh boy where do I begin. It seems I've been a general worrier for the past couple of months. Generally to the point that I'm driven to tears. Strange enough it's not exactly from the holiday season I hate so much. A lot has a happened and slowed me down to a crawl. I've been forcing myself to get up and record videos. Well enough of the intro let's break it down.

California Fires

Seeing this stuff has me in tears.
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Now I don't live in California. I live on the other side of the US. But I've been deeply concerned about everyone over there. I've seen generally tweets from people I follow with some rather disturbing pictures or news about how bad the fires are over there. There was one post that said it looks like a volcano erupted. And looking at the photo you'd think that too. So many people evacuated and there doesn't seem to be and end to these fires in sight.

It's also weird that I felt like it's been going on for far longer and it was under reported until now. Even some sites I check haven't really updated on it. It hurts cause I see this and know there's nothing I can do to help. All I can do is pray. What else I find strange is people I follow on whatever site post about it and I can't help but feel concerned for there safety. They don't even know I exist. I believe Maximillian posted that he was without power for a day. I honestly have to wonder do a lot of these people have a plan to be ready to evacuate?

My concerns go out to everyone living over there in California. I can only hope for the best.


I would say it's mounting and I have been able to manage it a bit better than previous years. Especially without medication. Just that I haven't had the motivation to get out of bed or get to recording games. I've been feeling like I'm stuck. Only a few times during a week have I actually got off my ass and actually recorded something. Even fewer times have I made the effort to upload it all. There's still games I haven't finished.

I have to say it doesn't help that there's all these so called Depression help groups that immediately throw out there hand saying that they'll help. My experiences through those are not good ones and I rather stay far far away from those groups. For me it's like they want to control my life rather than help me through it. Speaking of. There was a twitter account I was following that was meant to help raise awareness for those with Depression. But lately the messages posted were not helpful or raising awareness. More like cutting to the bone and making others feel bad. I had to unfollow it. I'm not going to list the Twitter Account name cause I'm not here to tell people what to follow and what not to follow. Internet Drama is what we don't need.

I guess it's a victory that I haven't killed myself yet. I'm more concerned of the friends around me though. I'm not going into detail about it. Just that it concerns me.  I've tried to setup a Youtube playlist of videos I find encouraging.

I haven't found much to add to it yet. I'm still looking from time to time.

Patreon - Doesn't Concern Me Much

So Patreon released a change that's supposed to help the creators out in getting more money. Problem is it makes problems for the Patrons. Basically all Patreon did was have Patrons pay the fees so that the creators don't suffer a cut of the profit.

Before the change creators took about 40% of the profit. While Paypal and Patreon each take there cuts. Well now it says that Creations will take 95% of the profit. That's cause Patrons will be basically paying added fees. So now everyone is in an uproar cause that means more money that people have to pay. It's like a Cable bill where the upfront price is listed and you think that's what you're paying. But your actual bill says you're paying for everything else. Oh the rental of our boxes, the channels you watch, the setup fees, security, etc.

You can see the problem there. I no longer have a Patreon. I closed mine years ago. When I found that Patreon takes a cut and Paypal takes a cut and the guy who sent me $1 I can't collect cause of Patreon's guidelines. That guy's $1 after fees amounted to 0.37 cents. Yeah that pissed me off. So screw that.

There's other ways of giving to your favorite creators. Paypal and kofi are 2 big ones that I know of. I rather people donate through there than Patreon.

The Accidental Stream

So about 2 weeks ago from the day I'm typing this.  I accidentally streamed. Someone asked:
"How do you accidentally stream something?"

Well that's very easy. I have a bunch of programs for the sake of recording and/or doing live streams. The program at the time I was using was PlayClaw 5. Which has a built in streaming function. However it's stupid and it's meant for people who have that multi-monitor setup. I setup a hotkey a long time ago to stream. Just to try it out. Sadly it's the only program that will let me stream PC games properly without screwing up.  OBS still gives me issues and XSplit wants money. It's like I wasn't meant to stream unless I become some rich guy who's abandoned all his morals.

Anyway instead of hitting the record hotkey. I hit the live stream hotkey. PlayClaw 5 Doesn't tell you that you're streaming. At least it doesn't really let you know. The only way I found out I was streaming was that someone on Twitter buzzed me about it. I had no idea.

The problem with this is that you guys could've seen something that I didn't want to be seen or worse. I'm trying to find ways around it so I don't repeat that mistake. Cause I still want to stream. But on my time. If I was smart I'd just stream everyday but I just don't feel up for it.

Soulcalibur 6?

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So Soulcalibur 6 was announced. Yay. I honestly hope it can fill my expectations cause 4 and 5 wasn't all cracked up to be and the atrocity that was Soulcalibur: Lost Swords still weighs heavily on my mind.

All I've been hearing was the talk of guest characters. I honestly don't care for the guest characters. For me they fall into 1 of 2 categories. They either suck or they're one hit wonders. They're pretty much there to sell the game. I would rather the game sells on it's own merits and not require some famous guy to push sales. However in 2017 I'm proven wrong at every turn. Fighting games like Under Night In-Birth are pretty much unknown while Tekken 7 is gaining tons of hype Simply by having Akuma, Geese Howard, and now coming soon Noctis from FF15.

But I should be happy right? Another Soulcalibur game is coming. other problem I have with Guest Characters is that they are one hit wonders. You'll never see them again after they make an appearance in the game. I see this happen and go why bother having them in the first place? And many people's answer will be, "Money, hype, you just hate good things, blah blah blah." Well now that character isn't back in the next game and you got good with them. What now huh? WHAT NOW?!

What should happen is they either make a new character with the guest characters moves. Or have CaC's (Create-A-Character) the ability to use that character's style. But that's only in an ideal-world.

Now I don't mind the meter thing in SC5. But it was bothersome. First they took away Weapon Grabs. Which when I explained everyone thought it was parries. I guess it's a parry but the game's proper term called it weapon grabs. This was removed in SC5. And Weapon Repel was tied to meter use and specific moves. This was good cause you wouldn't have matches of constant Weapon Repels which was a thing in early Soulcalibur games. But at the same time I think Meter is pretty stupid. In the early SC games your moves effects changed based on how they hit and how precise you were. Now it's tied to EX meter use. There were some moves that changed based on hits but not as much. I guess you could say I'm arguing easy casual play vs skilled play.

If you want to look back at SC4. was just a failed experiment. I never had a match where I could actually pull off one of those critical finishers and I the armor breaking along with skills thing wasn't that fun.

Now Lost Swords.  Ugh...DON'T EVER LET NAMCO-BANDAI DO THAT AGAIN! This had the same problem as mobile games in general but in one of the worst ways possible. If you didn't know. The last 3 characters they released was Maxi, Seong Mina, and Cassandra were released but to acquire them you couldn't get them through normal means. You had to buy them. And the starting asking price was $30 a character (So $90).  This was so you bought one of the special armor/weapons pack (The GACHA part of the game) for that price and they'll give the character along with it.   The price on these characters did go down but only after they announced that they're shutting down the game. DO NOT LET NAMCO-BANDAI PULL THIS STUNT AGAIN!

Persona 4 Golden

Okay seriously I still get comments on this. No on reads the description or other comments on this. NANAKO DOESN'T KILL YOU! IT'S NOT A GAME OVER! I poked fun at the game for this event making it look like it's a game over. And that clip where it says "Mash the Buttons"? That's from a game called Dust: An Elysian Tale.

What's planned for the rest of the year

I'm so tired these days and occupied with things I just wanna focus on getting Sly 2 finished. Hopefully I can finish Sly 3 before the year is finished as well.

As for commentary I think I may be done with that for good. I've got complaints about my commentary and my later stuff just doesn't get much views. I don't know what I'll do about it but I will change things for next year.

I think that's it in terms of what to talk about. I'll see you guys next year if I survive the rest of this year.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dragonball Fusions - More Create a Character Stuff

So it seems like we're in the age of Create-A-Character. Which I don't mind at all, in fact I love games like this. Where you create a character in an already existing universe and you have to save that universe cause everyone else for one reason or another sucks. It's a tried and true method that works and I love it.


Dragonball Fusions is pretty much what I said. You create a character and have a Vegeta-like Rival named Pinich. You and Pinich gathed the Dragonballs to wish to have a tournament of the strongest. Well because of that the entire universe has been thrown outta-wack and time and space have created the world you wake up in. As you explore this new world you find out that there is a "TimeSpace Tournament" going down but there's a couple of requirements you need to do to enter. Well Pinich is entering but alone. You need a team of 5 and you have to make it to the finals.

Along the way you encounter the common Dragonball Story elements of the past with a few new twist. Honestly these twist are far better than what Dragonball Xenoverse could come up with. Such as fighting a nearly endless number of Perfect Cells, Broly wanting to beat the crap out of Kid Goku, and even the Ginyu Force having a different look in personality about them.

Funny Bits of the Story

Various sub-events and cutscenes are rather hilarious. Beerus showing his Tsundere side to help you out in saving your friend. Yamcha trying to make a come back after his traumatic experience with a Saibamen. A female version of the Ginyu Force. Even Towa and Mira show up to cause some trouble.

I especially enjoy the post game mission where Beerus forces my group to try and kill Champa only to end with the 2 brothers fighting amongst themselves as usual.


So the battle system is pretty simple. You select your target and attack. There's not too much complexity to it. While there's things to factor in like special moves. There is a bit of Rock, Paper, Scissors in the formula. However you start to notice that it doesn't affect much once you hit late game/post game. At the end of the day it boils down to whether or not you can land a hit and how strong your characters are.

The fun part is fusion. After all it's in the game's title. I find myself investing many hours doing this bit alone. While a lot of characters you can fuse with right away. Some of the more famous or better looking ones have a couple of requirements to fulfill. Thus you'll be spending a lot of time trying to get those done. The only downside is that some of these fusions look stupid or scary beyond all reason. Certain fusions had me gagging while others I was fanboying it up.

There's a whole lot to do and the hours you spend on this game alone is like that of a Good Pokemon Game. While the story is short there's tons of sidequest you can do and even more characters to recruit into your ever growing party.

There's No Game Over

Yeah there isn't really a game over to the game. If you lose a battle or fail a quest. You just get the option to retry and the game pretends like nothing happened.

Way Too Easy

Similar to that of Pokemon. You might find yourself WAY OVERPOWERED cause you got sidetracked doing other things. I found myself at LVL 90 by the time I reached the final boss. I would say levels don't matter but this did make it a bit harder to recruit certain characters as I ended up killing them in one shot. Difficulty isn't really an issue for this game unless you just want a hard game.


Well the music is certainly Dragonball. Giving you the feeling that you're watching an episode of the series. I actually like the battle soundtracks especially the final boss theme when it starts to pick up in tempo and add more instruments as you get closer to victory. I haven't found any annoying sounds in the game.

The game uses Japanese voices. I don't really mind at this point I'm more used to the Japanese voices than the dub now. It's all a bunch of voice clips anyway many of which I don't totally understand but I don't really care. If you gave me a choice I would live to have English voices. Just a preference though.


Well it's a 3DS game so if you're expecting Amazing graphics. Uh....go elsewhere. Considering there's a lot of character unique sprites in this game I'm surprised there's no lag. The models and backgrounds aren't exactly amazing just appreciate that there's so many different ones.

While the options to dress your character are limited in comparison to Xenoverse. You still can make your character look great. And your look isn't bound to fusing either. I try to stick to the lore of combining clothes but there's so many outfits that just look much better than whatever you fuse with.


Hard to find actual problems with this game. I already mentioned it's too easy to level up. Whether or not that's an issue is up to the person.

Multiplayer if you actually play it is an issue. Online isn't all that. Any ki-blast struggles, zenkai attacks, or Ultra Fusions tend to lag the game and force the connections to disconnect.

Many of the problems I found stem from wanting more. I personally wished I had more Dragonball Characters instead of just Z and Super. But that's just me being a fan of Dragonball more than Z or Super.

I don't mean to ignore this problem as I'm not bothered with it. Versions outside Japan have had there sword attacks edited. There swords instead of being real swords are now wooden swords instead. It's a complaint by many either cause real guns are kept in the game or that Japan keeps there's. Another typical censorship issue.


This is once again a game I wish was on home console instead of a portable one. Not cause of graphics or stuff. Just cause I want to see it on a bigger screen. I still overall enjoy this game. It's a definite keeper even at full price.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What I hate about Alliance/Clans in Games - Marvel Future Fight

So I wake up today ready to do my usual in Marvel Future Fight. Only to find that I can't. Turns out I was kicked from the Alliance. What for? I don't know. Couldn't tell you. I can come up with various reasons but I'll never know for sure.

Possible Reasons

  • I don't speak Indonesian (A lot members speak that and English)
  • I don't have a 6-Star Wolverine (As I'm still behind in Epic Quest)
  • I don't have a Jean Grey (like above I'm behind in Epic Quest)
  • They secretly don't like me
  • I don't meet the new rule I didn't know about scoring 1.5mil in Alliance Battle weekly (Very Likely This Reason as I average about 1.2mil on good weeks). 
  • The leader wants to make room for friends (Also likely a reason)
  • They don't like Rocket Raccoon
I don't know the exact reason. It just happened. I woke up and saw that notification. I'm angry is putting things lightly. This was pretty much the thing that for me was more or less a dealbreaker for me in this game. I hate dealing with Alliances, Clans, Guilds, whatever you wanna call them. This is pretty much what I hate about a lot of online games. It's different from being put on a team that has cooperate like 95% of FPS games out there. This is like having a job or living in an apartment. 

So what happened with the Alliance is that the leader of the group switched. I would say it switched at least 5 or 6 times since I was in it. Either due to inactivity or just the guy in charge didn't want the responsibility. Regardless I didn't really care since during that time nothing really changed. I played every day doing my usual slowly improving in the game. Which is better than most people that play this game in general. 

Well what I did notice is that there was a lot of fighting in my alliance. It didn't involve me so why should I care? It was about handling modes or who's team is better. Even discussing the supposed tier list. It's stuff I don't care about and it doesn't involve me so why bother? We weren't even in the official alliance battle which doesn't happen until you reach a certain rank anyway. Either way they were fighting while I did my norm.

I guess it wasn't enough cause the leader changed one last time and I didn't notice. Like a boss that just got promoted or a new owner that wants to "Change things for the better" he changed the rules. With no notification. I can only guess that everyone else got the memo cause they use that app called WhatsApp. I don't use it especially with a bunch of people I don't know personally. I can only notice this cause I look at the Alliance and there's a small note saying minimum score in AB = 1.5mil.  Well since I average 1.2 million points on good weeks (About 850k on bad ones). I guess I'm getting the boot.

What pisses me off was no one told me of this. Not only that but no one was helping me out. When I stare at the chat at times it's either people complaining about who's better the other or they're helping each other with builds. Where was my help? Not to be found. Instead the new blood came in to boot out the old. Or they just got rid of people they don't like. Which turns out to be me in this round.  I mean I did my part to the best of my ability. But I didn't think a real life situation could happen in a game that doesn't even have official worldwide tournaments. 

Needless to say I'm pissed. I was planning on doing certain things in Marvel Future Fight but those plans got put on hold. I honestly don't feel like playing anymore. I'll have to find an alliance that isn't all gungho on crap modes. While it may already look like it. I'm just going to take a long needed hiatus from this game. It's actually passed my bullshit threshold. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Shadowverse Update - The Cheating BS Update

Where I once praised this free to play game for having great visuals, a decent story, balanced gameplay, and a growing community. Now it has taken the typical free to play route. And by that I mean the game has resorted to making things impossible to play without throwing some cash around.

So this game has updated not only it's card base but also the single player story. However this is where the BS kicks in. Story wasn't exactly easy. As the first 8 chapters of the game you learned the ropes of each character's style of play. You could generally overpower them with newer cards that the AI didn't have Access to but even then the AI can pull out some crazy moves. So they weren't total pushovers.

But now instead of making more challenging themed decks you learn why certain decks are so heavily limited and can never mix with different classes to make them broken. Yeah that's right. While the last chapter in certain stories tried to mix decks it clearly had no idea what it was doing. Now it does.

Basically every class's ability is in play. Then to add insult to injury the cards have such synergy you'll get frustrated trying to defeat the AI. The AI's deck is pretty much stacked as well. You'll see them play pretty much the same cards every game in the same order. There isn't any, "Maybe I'll get lucky and they won't draw that card." THEY WILL DRAW THE CARD THEY NEED!

It's stacked against you in such a bad way. You just have to pray things workout right. It's like Early Yugioh Games where the AI could see your cards before you even draw them. In this case it's like a bad game of Hearthstone or any other card game you can think of. Where your opponent has a solution for everything you throw out. Even cards to essentially nuke the field.

To add insult to injury pretty much every time you lose the game insists that you buy a theme deck from them at the cost of some real money. I could deal with this cause it's just simple ploy to try and weasel money out of me. But Strike 3 came about when certain cards didn't work as intended.

Yeah various cards didn't work as intended. I thought I misread something. But no they decided not to work at all.


At the end of your turn, summon a Forest Bat if an allied Forest Bat is in play. If there were four cards in your area when the turn ended, destroy this amulet and deal X damage to the enemy leader. X equals the number of allied Forest Bats in play. 

This card was supposed to activate it's 2nd effect when I had 4 cards in my area. But it never did. I didn't destroy itself it did no damage. Nothing. WTH?!

At the end of your turn, deal 7 damage to a random enemy follower. 

This didn't do the damage it was supposed to. Instead of 7 it did 4. The opponent didn't have any effects to block/reduce the damage. WTF. Why? It's unexplained. 

That's just 2 of the cards that didn't work out right. The rest was even worse when the AI who had cards to boost the attack of specific types of cards but instead of just specific cards every card on it's side got boosted.  

Yeah I got pissed off. Instead of the game building clever themed decks to give you ideas on how to improve your game. You instead get matched against impossible decks literally designed for cheating. I doubt people care about the single player since these days it's all about doing anything and everything multiplayer.

Why design the game this way? I pretty much never want to touch this game again. The last time BS of this level happened was Soulcalibur: Lost Swords. Lost Swords was okay at first. With somewhat difficult events that was doable. But then never updating the story and throwing in events where bosses 1-hit KO.s you unless you actually put in money for the premium weapons and armor. The game didn't want any free to play players for there game. They wanted all the money they could get before they shut down.

I'm really angry right now. A game I liked changed like this. -_-

Monday, October 2, 2017

Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD (PS3) - Probably the Hardest Game I've Played In Awhile (Pics and Videos Later)

Out the entire Oddworld Series, Stranger's Wrath was the only one that caught my attention. I remember seeing it on whatever X-Play was called before G4TechTV (which was originally just TechTV and G4 was it's own seperate thing) turned that show into utter crap.  I thought the game looked interesting but could never find or afford a copy. After decades of not owning I saw it on PSN and bought it there. I had no idea what I was jumping into for this one. Not too much.


So you start out being introduced to The Stranger. A very skilled bounty hunter that's great at his job...until you take control of him. You watch an FMV of The Stranger capturing a guy by the name of Blisterz Booty. He captures the guy in a way that reminds me of Batman and Kraven the Hunter. After a bit of tutorial you throw him in jail and you start to learn the ropes.

Now for a good bit of the game the story only establishes that The Stranger is just a bounty hunter. No backstory. When you start getting concerned you learn why he's a bounty hunter. He needs an operation from The Doc. But Doc charges him as much as any typical hospital would for an operation, $20,000. Yeah that sounds about right. Maybe on the low end. Especially without insurance which I don't think exists in this game's world. I should mention that "Stranger's Wrath" takes place in a rather post apocalyptic setting. There's very little technology, very few towns. and civilization seems heavily dependent on the few people that actually know either how to use technology or have some sort of trade skill.

So now you know why you're doing this bounty hunting gig. It's the only thing that pays. I guess it's not a bad job even in real life Bounty Hunters get paid big time. Assuming they do the job. According to "" bounty hunting can net you as much as $50,000 - $80,000 a year. That really isn't too bad although considering they put there life on the line to catch a criminal the pay may be too little. Thankfully Stranger's Wrath is video game and pretty much makes you a combination of Batman and Kraven the Hunter.

Now I was actually starting to like The Stranger. Well until I learned his attitude and demeanor isn't all heroic. If I was to classify The Stranger I would place him in Lawful Neutral or Chaotic Neutral. During one of your Bounty's the guy comes to you, terrorizing the town and leads into a long shoot out basically destroying the town. There's another moment where you meet the owner of an apple farm. He thinks your new security guard to take the money to the bank but Stranger needs the cash and takes it for himself. He's not doing these bounty's for the good of the town, that's just a small added bonus to him.

The favorite moments of mine is when you come across most the bounties. Stranger pretty much walks in and like a cowboy tells the guy it's time to go to jail, now come quietly or we can do things the hard way. Some of the reactions are actually rather funny. But then I started thinking about the names of some of these outlaws.

  • Boilz Booty
  • Blisterz Booty 
  • Filthy Hands Floyd
  • Looten Duke
  • Fatty McBoomBoom
These names...are obviously an innuendo. Not only that. I found Looten Duke panicking about going back to jail simply cause Filthy Hands Floyd and Blisterz Booty was there. And they took the innuendo path. If you jump in thinking this is going to be a clean game. Yeah you thought wrong. Normal enemies dialogue is either cussing up a storm or making dirty jokes at one another. But it's rather the old fashion kind of dirty jokes. Unlike today where dirty jokes are generally badly formed sex jokes. Still this game is dirty. 

Spoiler Territory
After awhile of bagging criminals. Stranger realizes he's not getting much at all.  But there's one bounty you can get an instant 20 grand for.  The Legendary Steef Head.  Final Boss??? Well you make the call to a strange man over the phone and Stranger says he can get him. Our mysterious man afterwards makes another phone call. To his favorite underlings. Saying to get the Steef Head first and kill the hunter. Uh oh.

Later on. You start feeling good about yourself. At this point you should have the 20,000. I didn't have the money. But I found out that it didn't even matter. You're led into a trap and someone's killed the Doc. The bounty hunters came for you. Knocking you out, then stripping you of all your gear. He tries to "reason with you" while you're strung up. Getting information about the Steef Head. Well, convenient papers fall out of your pocket and the secrets out. The Stranger is The Legendary Steef Head. Welp now what. Well lucky for the Stranger someone mysterious ninjas or tribal village help you out. Freeing you from confines. But you discover that all the normal townsfolk want you dead too. They heard of the 20,000 bounty on your head and they want it too. So you make your escape. 

Now at this point the story kinda rushes forth. You meet some weird looking grubb fish looking guys telling you that they're the ones that rescued you and they need your help. Some guy named Sekto built a damn to cut off most of the water supply and kick these guys out of there home. Thinking deeply about it Sekto must've changed civilization heavily by doing this. They want you to kill Sekto. Well thankfully the Stranger has a reason to kill him too. He put a bounty on his head, now it's time to pay. 

And payback is rough. You go through what I think are some of the hardest levels in the game. But also you get upgrades that reveal that playtime is over. This time everyone dies. While you used to bag outlaws for some easy cash. That's gone. Now they turn into ammo. They get eaten by your ammo and turn into more ammo you can use. 

Once you reach the end you find Sekto's hogging all the technology. If you didn't notice from all the attacks he's led attacking these grubbs. He's got tanks, drop ships, and everyone's fighting more like a military force now. Oh boy.

What I did find a bit unsettling is the enemy chatter. They mention about wanting to live forever. What? How? As I make it to the boss it's a rather difficult fight. But after winning Stranger shows his dead body to all the villagers. And everyone parties as the dam is destroyed. But after that. You get something of a "huh?" ending. Turns out that Sekto was also a Steef Head. Just like the Stranger. And he's really old too. His last words ask about the water being free. Well of course it is. But while seeing the water you see what look's like Sekto's head turn out to be a squid and swim off to parts unknown. ???? Then you're left with a quote that get's you thinking about things. 

All I could surmise from this was, a long time ago the world was full of water. And apparently that water was special. But thanks to Sekto. He apparently got jealous that everyone had access to this water and decided to take revenge. Changing all of society. Giving the promise of allowing certain ppl access to this water let him build an empire. And Sekto apparently intended on selling the water to certain people who have money.  I dunno. I'm a bit confused.


The gameplay ranges from moderate to painfully hard depending on levels. But the controls are simple. The mechanics are also easy to understand. 

So this game plays a bit different from your typical 1st/3rd person shooter. You only shoot while in 1st Person mode. You move faster and have some combat moves when 3rd person. The square button reminds you of what you're supposed to do. Although sometimes I have trouble understanding The Stranger. 

What makes The Stranger a true badass is that he doesn't need any health pickups. When he takes damage. To recover your health you simply hold down triangle. Then you'll watch the bounty hunter shake off bullets and other things like it's nothing. Only costing you stamina. He doesn't need some random first aid kit to recover life. He just shakes it off. Like a real man does! Yeah. (Yeah I know that doesn't work in real life.)

You collect ammo by hunting for it in the wild. While there's ammo crates from time to time and you can buy them from the shop. It's not your main sources of collecting ammo. Your ammo also acts more or less differently from your typical FPS. You have 
  • Zapflies: More like a stun gun. This thing rarely kills but you use it a lot like shooting machines with these to activate them.
  • Bolamites: Which are spiders that essentially ties up your enemies so they can't yell for help and become easy to bag. The upgraded version is awesome to use.
  • Boombats: Your grenade launcher. They explode
  • Chippunks: You might find this useless but these are used to distract your enemies. Kinda like how Batman does in Arkham games to lure enemies and stealth kill em.(yeah I know Batman doesn't kill.)
  • Fuzzles: Fuzzles are like Bear traps. You can shoot them directly at the enemy or shoot the ground and lay traps. Once they hit most enemies. The enemy will focused on getting the little guys off them. 
  • Stingbees: Pretty much a machine gun. A really weak machine gun. I didn't find this useful till after the upgrade where they gained a homing ability and damage increase. 
  • Stunkz: I found this hard to use. But it is useful. These stun most enemies making them having to cough and even barf. While they're stunned they can be bagged. I don't really like the upgrade but it is useful since the enemies started using shields. But it changes the weapon entirely by sucking up nearly every enemy to knock them over. But they're not really stunned.
  • Thudslugs: Your shotgun. And like a shotgun, only does real damage up close.
  • Sniper Darts: I didn't figure out how to use this until later. It's not very useful. Just click the left stick more than once to go into a zoom in mode. This doesn't really do much damage though. 
You can equip 2 different types of ammo at the same time. (Sniper darts have there own active slot).  So you can use them in various combos. Making use of all of these to take down enemies and capture bounty's.

The goal of this game is obviously to collect bounties. But you're given the option to capture the enemy dead or alive. They're worth more alive however. But obviously harder to bag. So you need to beat the crap out of your enemies enough to bag them. Kinda like Batman who will beat a guy to the point of having brain damage but not kill them. This can get difficult when it comes to your bounty itself. They will not go quietly. 

The Bounties Themselves

Each bounty you face off against has a different way of fighting you. While on almost every fight you have to deal with the guy's cronies first. The boss itself handles differently. One guy you can only shoot his back to take him down. But you can only get an opening to shot his back if he's busy trying to break the platforms your standing on above him. 

Another boss has tons of minions while he shoots you from a mine cart. You can only bring him down by shooting the track switches at the right time.

Even a boss who's security produces near infinite bad guys. But breaking through her defenses isn't easy. 

No 2 bosses are the exact same and taking them down can be a bit different. One boss I killed by dropping into a set of turbine fans. But your main goal is to bag these guys alive. They're worth more alive then dead. It's pretty much good luck catching them alive. 

That is until the last stretch of the game where pretty much everybody dies. Even if you bag them. You have no more need for cash at this point. So you're told that your new ammo bag you can capture enemies and they'll get eaten by your live ammo and in-turn produce more ammo for you. ....Dark.


I find the difficulty can range from moderate to unforgiving hard. Even frustratingly hard. My problem with it lies when there's a lack certain things you need to combat enemies. Or there just being way too many clustered in one area. 

You also find that bosses will find you regardless of your efforts to hide in bushes. Where normal enemies will typically lose sight of you by hiding in these spots and the game will say you're hidden. The bosses apparently have a bloodhound's nose and eyes of hawk cause they easily track you down and beat you to pulp for foolishly trying to hide. 

It's worse when I have very little cover or no hiding spots to rest. The enemies are even smart to notice that they're putting a ton of pressure on you and actually come out of there hiding spots to lay even more gunfire on you. You just want a break but they're not gonna give it. You have to be ready. Often times you'll find yourself retrying over and over again to beat a boss and your only knowledge to defeat the boss is where the enemies will appear and what you should try to clear them out quickly. Or whittle them down one by one.

The worst was the last stretch of levels. Although I got tons of ammo and upgrades. The enemies I ended up fighting weren't playing around either. Between being annoyed by the screaming townsfolk. I had to avoid sticky grenades and tons of suppressive gunfire. They even went as far as to bring out a tank that shoots electricity. Thankfully the game did leave some things for me to try to cut down on enemy numbers such as breaking the computers to electrify them. 

The worst of the difficulty showed it's ugly head at the last part. The villagers have laid siege to Sekto's stronghold and then said they're going to blow everything up. I got 3 and half minutes to get out of there. While the stranger can run like a gazelle. This quickly turned into a Halo moment. You know where you have to escape in a time limit or die. Only difference is these guys can aim and I can't really afford to stop and catch my breath. Stopping meant death. What made it worse is that each time I died and retry'd I ended up taking damage and dying in a different way than before. Sometimes this one shotgun would not shoot me or miss. Other times 3 of them shot me and had deadly accuracy. WHAT THE HELL?! I had to just grind and bear it hoping that I can find a way to save time and pray I don't get shot. I even came up with tactics on running such as jumping constantly so I don't lose speed going uphill. I was pissed. 

Then comes the final boss. And like most. He has 2 phases. The first phase puts me against 2 bosses I fought before but this time they're relentless and I can't afford to just focus only one on at time. They can tie me up in this weird webbing and spin around like beyblades. They even managed to combo me to death. O_O
Then the final boss...he has a 1-2 hit kill laser. I didn't know what I was supposed to shoot. I tried shooting at him and it looked as if his shield went down. That wasn't it. I tried the generators. Nope???? I tried the guns. Nope. After reading a guide I am supposed to shoot the generators...but A LOT! I was relieved after I finished this. 

Nice Glitch

So I found a glitch on the last set of levels. Should game try to auto-save your progress via checkpoints and you just so happened to die. The game will say that there's nothing to load and kick you back to the title screen. Forcing you to manually load your save file. 

Music and Sounds

Well the music fits the setting. And kicks up when you're in combat. Problem arises when there's way too much gunfire. I wish I knew that in the options I could mess with the sound volumes a bit and turn on subtitles. I honestly shouldn't have to mess with volume levels I usually turn them up to full blast unless some stupid 3rd party company wants to claim the music like they always do for Youtube. 

The voices I do have a slight problem with. While it does have the stereotype country accent going for it. Certain voices are either annoying or I have trouble making out what they're saying. Especially Stranger's voice. 


This was a pretty fun experience. Glad this game was remade for PSN. Apparently it's been remade again for mobile phones. Go figure. While the story is somewhat dark and leaves me wondering. Along with frustrating gameplay in spots. This game is good.