About Myself

I'm more of a gamer than anything.  I'm not aiming to be pro at anything for many reasons that I'll only share with those close to me.  I started being on YT around 2006 - 2007.  I generally used to upload random videos of what a lot of people call Megaman Abridged (last I checked around the net). I pretty much moved on from that might go back but not likely.  Now I generally have too many games to run through and a short time to do it in.  What I will not be playing is M rated games and various other games. By my own decision I choose not to play them any longer due to the graphic nature revolved around them. The friends I keep around me in real life as well as many kids that hang around shouldn't see such games until they are mature enough to make there own decisions. There's also the fact that what's considered M rated today is nothing like my teenage years. So I made the decision to stop playing M rated games about a year ago from when I made this page.

Brandon the Mole

A character I created a few years ago (Picture Above) and I guess my mascot for myself now. Generally represents how I feel in this world.  Generally small, unnoticed, intellectual, timid to an extent and not very sociable. Just like most cartoon moles I do wear glasses. As I'm pretty blind physically. I'm an all round nice guy but I have standards and if people I associate can't meet them then I don't associate with em. Even more so cut em off.  If you haven't figured it out I am a furry. But it doesn't mean I'm some sex-crazed animal lover.  Its hard to explain what a furry is as the definition differs from person to person. I can't even afford a fursuit.  I would think that this link here explains it better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzZoJfB1_Io

What I'm Willing To Play

I'm not big with online play due to the community being rather unfriendly.  I find I live generally in the darkside of the gaming community(or the slums of the gaming community).  So I usually go solo single player games.  I'm not aiming to be the best at any game as I just play for the sake of enjoyment.  I retired from the tourny scene long ago and I don't plan on going back there as I tended to be the type of person I hate. I'll play generally any game that isn't M rated or above (I don't know what it is in Japanese but I do look up the ratings before hand). Some may say that I'm missing out on that particular game but there's many others I can play. I'm willing to play online but generally with friends and I usually make sure its a nice group and not just 1 or 2.  I only upload about 75% - 90% of the games I play to YT.  So you're not gonna see everything that goes on.  While I have thought of LP's I don't have the courage or will to do one.

Any other information about me I share between my friends.  That's all I feel you readers out there should know. I'll post more if I feel like it.


  1. Personally, I'd like to thank you for not talking during your playthroughs, specifically during your one of MegaMan Legends 2.

    It's very frustrating to do line research on a game that you cannot easily access, and you're stuck listening to some dweeb talk through the cutscene you're trying to study.

  2. Hi there Bradry2, I would like you to ask for some tips about the game that you played: "Megaman X Command Mission"

    I want to know how do you get all the FMG lists, I know this may sound kind of a lot coming from me, but I want to know how, since I already beat the game, but I'm having trouble on how to unlock the other items to make FM (Force Metal).

    Can you help?
    It would mean a lot.

    My e-mail is expboy95@gmail.com