Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Reason I Don't Celebrate The Holidays

I meant to post this long ago but whatever.  Anyway as usual when these times roll around everyone goes around saying Happy, Merry, etc.  I however don't celebrate these things.  Therefore I don't wish anyone happy holidays.  I could list multiple reasons using the encyclpedias to show you the history and all that.  But that would show parts of my reason and not the true reason. Well they are true reasons but my main reason is this.

Generally around this holiday time I find everyone over-exerting thereselves to make there holiday special.  Leading to a lot of stress and anger coming out.  Well for me when I see people I know stressed out they tend to take it out on those around them whether they meant to or not.  Add that with alcoholic beverages and over-indulgence of food and we end up with a bad combination.  Lets take the time and money put into these celebrations.  If they end up with having arguments, drunken bouts, and showing non-appreciation to others for all the work someone went through to make it all possible.

With that stated.  When I look back on these holidays I can name such things and more happening to myself and people I care for.  And I can go back with years of history on this.   Now some of you may go, "Well that's no reason to choose not to celebrate these holidays."  In reality that's more than enough reason in my book.  The point I'm making is, if every year goes around and the holidays show nothing but stress and turmoil then what really is the point of celebrating them?  You could reason its to gather together family members for a good time.  But you can do that any time so why wait till the holidays to do so?

I'm not asking you to feel sorry for me or to try and change my point of view. What I'm asking is that you the reader respect my views on the matter.  I don't mind that you celebrate these holidays and I won't hate you for it.  However don't expect me to return the gesture of Happy/Merry whatever.  A gift from me will be out of the kindness of my heart not out of the spirit of the holiday.

For more added reasons on why I choose not to celebrate these holidays the following links shed some light on the subject:

See Also The Encyclopedia Americana

New Years
See Also The World Book Encyclopedia
While this date and its customs vary from country to country.  The Celebrations and drinking have a part in them as well.

See Also The Lore of Birthdays (New York, 1952), Ralph and Adelin Linton, pp. 8, 18-20

More Info on the subject later.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ask me questions about Anything

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some Things I missed/Liked about fighting games

Guilty Gear X2. Reload, & Accent Core (Guard System)

Probably one of my favorite guard systems ever invented.  For one if you just blocked all day you opened yourself to major damage and even turning normal hits into counter hits.  Also if a combo went on forever the damage scaling kicked in on the gauge reducing the damage to an absolute minimum.  You also have bursting which if done at a perfect time filled your Overdrive guage to max.  You had dead Angle Moves as well that may have done little damage but its a get out of face card.

CvS2 Grove System

This game offered choices on your style.  So you didn't have to just settle for one method of play.  You can pick the Groove that best suits your style.  From Parrying to Charging your guage to a pissed off rage mode.  So many choices than just one.

King of Fighters 11 (Judgement System)

A game where I've seen the game count not who has the greater life but who's performed the best in the fight. So if you ran out of time having more life doesn't neccessarily mean you win.  Actions like blocking, countering, combo length, etc are what this system is looking for.  There's even some infinite combos where the judgement system will count against you.

Dead or Alive Series (Counter System)

In some cases I don't like this system but its a rather fair system to play with.  Landing counter hits really showed as in stagger hits leading to longer combos and more critical hits.  But that's not where I'm focusing.  With the proper timing and parry you could counter any incoming move being thrown at you.  If you miss timed it you were punished for it.

Psychic Force 2012 (Life = Power System)

One of my favorite fighters of all time.  Generally as a comeback method the more damage you take the more Psy power you have to use at your disposal.  Making comebacks very possible.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom (Barouque system)

A personal favorite method of mine.  A custom combo system at the sacrifice of some of your life.  A good trade off instead of just instantly pulling infinites with ease.

Bloody Roar Primal Fury/Extreme (Beast System)

Build your meter to go into beast mode and have more moves opened up to you. Build it to max and you got a limited time of super beast mode.  This wasn't bad at all with the guard system to dodge almost any moves (Although you did it by mashing guard).  But getting hit hard enough and emptying the Beast Meter turned the character back to normal. As well as being able to transform mid-combo.  Even more so as an added desperation move you can just go to super beast mode (forgot what its called and I don't have the book) at the cost of some of your life.

Those were some of the bells and whistles I liked about most fighting games.
Those were just a few bells and whistles I liked about games.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Type of RPG Character I hate #2: That Fat Pope Looking Guy

You generally see this guy every 1 out of 3 RPG games.  Its the Fat Pope Looking Guy.  8 times out of 10 this guy is usually evil and totally wants your party dead cause you exposed the truth.  The other time they're the guy that's totally unimportant unless you die, need healing, or he shows you a secret passage to escape your pursuers.  That other 1 time he sends you on a quest for some ancient holy artifact that in reality is totally useless to the plot or ends up being stolen, broken, or an absolute fake. So in other words you got sent on a wild goose chase to gain levels.

What's wrong with this guy.  Well aside from the fact that they're generally evil or the religion is well...evil.  They enforce this upon the entire world or town.  If you go against this you're a heathen and therefore must be killed. This isn't to say that actual religion in real life is bad in anyway cause remember its a video game.  (But I can point some easy comparisons between that subject but we're not here for that).  You see although it gives the people hope and such.  You find it hard to follow some of those customs as it rather dumb and there's some things that just don't add up to being well...morally right.  Wait we have to sacrifice a summoner every few years to hopefully pay for our sins...and we've been doing this for how long now???  We have to follow exactly what this giant magical rock we found says to the end of our lives even as far as to what we will eat and who to blow up??? Hold up...we have to have a competition of collecting summon spirits, to decide which group of people should live and die and there's no other way?   (Tales of the Abyss, Final Fantasy X, Arc Rise Fantasia reference)

Now what's bad about this is that the Fat-Pope-Looking-Guy will go to great lengths to kill you in order to enforce this supposed will of god.  Just because you have a mind that thinks differently from all the other NPCs.  Have you marked a heretic, turn into a boss monster, do some random crap behind the scenes that will affect you in the future.  Usually if they've done that then most likely you've discovered the truth behind things going on.  But onwards to the one thing I haven't touched on yet.

When you're sent on a quest for them.  Its generally a wild goose chase. Even if its to protect/save the world. Oh well the item of massive power is hidden deep in this dungeon filled with traps and monsters that the enemy can't possibly get access to but I don't think its safe so go get it for me.  Well you go to get it after facing traps and of course the guardian monster that no one with common sense would go face.  Only to find out this item is either absolutely useless, a fake, or stolen by the enemy who wanted you to solve all the puzzles you spent about 2 hours working with.  Oh thank you for your help now here's something that's absolutely useless to you.

The only time these characters are useful is when they're your generally hospital area.  We'll revive your party members, uncurse them, and save your game. Also if you game over you'll revive here.  Thank you cause of you we'll be able to save the world cause your here.  Even though you guys are becoming obsolete.

Monday, November 14, 2011

FAQ Interview 11/13/2011

1. When did you start Youtubing and why?
I started being somewhat regular on YT around 2005-2006 year.  A friend introduced me showing a what I think is now a lame game music video.  But I was interested in it and tried the same thing myself.  Of course he didn't like it but I did.  And since I pratically just graduated.  No job around the time I just figured its something to pass the time.  I never expected to still be on the place at this point in my life.

2.  What made you start posting game videos?
Not much really a few months after starting on Youtube I found other users managing to upload game videos.  That wasn't from When I figured out how they were doing it I of course couldn't mimic that cause at the time Capture Cards were expensive.  So I used my GBA emulator and just did random Megaman videos.  It wasn't till later that I discovered my own methods for recording and uploading videos from consoles.

3.  Why do so many users tend to hate on how you play your games?
Many reasons.  But I believe its mainly cause I play for a different purpose and my methods of how I play a game differs from everyone else. They also expect many people like myself to be instantly "god-like" at every game I play.

4. Why don't you practice before recording or uploading videos?
To be honest I spend a lot more time converting and uploading videos than actually playing the game itself.  I generally just go with first successful runs instead of wasting hours getting good at something I'll probably never come back to.  I tend to do better when I'm not thinking about uploading this or that to YT either.

5. Why do you tend to not follow other players strategies or play styles?
A lot of reasons;  1 when I see a lot of other players and how they handled things its far too situational for me to even bother with. 2. A lot of strategies I see are generally luck based and players probably went through multiple attempts (but may never admit it) to get that method to work.  3. For fighting games especially I really don't have the time to sit by and learn these things.  Usually once I learn that method its far too late and absolutely useless to me (due to patches, new releases, no one cares, etc.).

6. What do you think is the problem with gamers today?
I could say its the choices of games they play but that's just biased.  I would say its everyone wants to be a copycat.  Only those that they regard as pros apparently say so on how to play a game.  This isn't saying that no one should listen to pros.  However not allowing someone to play the way they like is rather extreme.  A strategy guide only really shows one way to play a game.  However, there are 1000s of ways to go about playing the same game.  So everyone can't play the same way.

7. Why do you tell others to upload there own videos as a response for telling you that "you suck"?
This is because a lot of cases ppl are just haters. Its better for them to just upload something better than to just talk crap.  I don't care who's better at what game honestly as I'm not trying to be the best at my games.

8. Have you ever been to tournaments before?
Yes I have many in fact.  Mainly good at 3D fighters like Soul Calibur. At the time I was the quiet one never really talked to anyone that I didn't already know.  Mainly due to competition.  I stopped going when I turned 22 cause I realized it wasn't that important to me.  If I actually put my heart into it I could win.  I'm glad I left the tournament scene when I did as it started turning into a mosh pit (for lack of a better word) from what I've seen.  

9. Why don't finish a lot of games you started uploading?
A lot of reasons.  I generally lose interest.  I do have a lot of games.  But its way too easy to lose interest in a game.  Especially in these new ones.  I pretty much stopped playing any M rated games.  If I had the time I had when I was younger I'd be done with most of my games in about 2 weeks.

10. Your YT Profile says you upload for yourself. What do you mean by that entirely?
Generally as it says.  With so many games I own and so many more being released that I want to play.  Keeping up is harder than ever.  In a lot of cases I just want to playthrough a game once.  I like only maybe certain parts of a game but I know it takes forever to replay to build up to that point.  So I generally want to play through only once.  Maybe a few more times depending on the game.  So I have it there for memories.  I don't like taking request as I end up with some outrageous request.  It may sound like an old man but I wanna  look back these one day and go.  Hey I remember that part.

11.  Why do you not aim for the best like a lot of ppl say you should do in everything?
While I like video games and its a hobby.  I don't play for competitive sport.  I play generally for storyline.  Find a character I can relate to and finish the game.  Its nice to win every now and then.  But if I play to win I feel I won't be remembered for such things.  Everyone generally moves on from these games and forgets who played what.  Besides the games I have a chance in there's not really a place I can freely go to in order to prove myself.  And I live in a major city.

12. Why do you hate pros?
I don't hate pro players.  I hate those that act like they're gods and force others to play like they do.  Also you can be a pro player and not be a jerk at the same time. I like those that play for the fun of it and are rather friendly win or lose.

13.  How do you deal with online players?
I treat them the same as I would treat others.  I just play for fun.  I might send a gg message now and again.  I get hate messages now and then too.  I try not to care.  In fact I generally turn off messages that aren't from friends.

14. Why do you respond to some people that flame?
Some people online totally misunderstand my point.  Although I'll generally not care after about a day or so unless that person responds.  So really I'm trying to figure out what that person is really saying.  Most of the time they'll dodge that question and bring up something that's totally irrelevant to the subject.  I would rather they get to the point than just play 20 questions.

15. Are there any games you're looking forward to?
Not too many.  Been mainly looking at old titles.  But I would say KoFXIII, Solartarobo, can't think of much else.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Naming RPG Characters - The Most Time Consuming Thing Ever

Ok if you thought grinding on an RPG was the most time consuming thing around.  Think again.  What really consumes a player's time is naming things.  Naming things you say?  What is this I don't even?!  
In RPGs the most you get the option to rename is the main character.  Also the most simple.  Maybe.  But in many other RPGs heck generally any game.  They ask you to name the epic cool main character.  That's if the character is awesome....most of the time you find out the main character sucks compared to the epic lone wolf guy standing in the corner over there. Anyway.  
Its hard to decide on a name at times.  Most of the time you go with your name.  Cause you're cool and awesome and get to carry an oversized weapon that makes no sense.  (most likely its a sword).  But then when you name the character it sounds totally out of place compared to the area you start out in.  
Ex: I'm the somewhat nameless protaganist who lives in Japan...My name will be Brad!!! Last name Ry!!! Yeah I'm awesome......Next character met.....Hi my name is Mitsuro Kirijo!!! I'm clearly japanese.  (If you haven't figured out I just referenced Persona 3 then I kinda feel sorry for you.)
Oh I clearly sound like I came from America even though I was born in Japan in this game....well no worries. Nobody will pick up on this at all!!!! yeslaugh
Ok that situation is all too common. But what about this situation....You name yourself after the main character but in the long run you end up wishing you named yourself after SUPER AWESOME ASS-KICKING GUY #7 who just joined your party.  This must be because of one reason....the chararcter you named yourself after...yes is a crybaby, emo-loser, who doesn't deserve your great and all powerful name!
Ex: Well Tidus since you're clearly cool in every way and an awesome sports jock...You're name is now! Brad! *4 hours later Auron joins* OMG Auron you're clearly awesome!!! And these summons are far more awesome than this loser of a main character Tidus!!! I shoulda named myself after these characters!!! Now I can't change the names!(yep a FFX reference I don't care for the hate we all wanted to name ourselves after Auron at one time or another....males anyway.)
Well those 2 situations appear all too often for RPG players.  What about this one.  There's way too many characters and other things you can name.  If you've played a Disgaea game this situation pops up often.  Heck even a fighting game where you get the option to create a character....(Not to mention Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep giving you the option to name your finishing commands etc.)
Ok I'm a pokemon trainer...My name is already set.  Now that was easy even though I look like a generic character that over a million ppl also chose.  OH well what can ya do. Here's the problem....You caught all 6000 pokemon! (obvious exaggeration) Would you like to rename them?!  surpriseindecision Well.....#%$@!!!!!  Let me decide on epic names for my party.  Go uh........give me about an hour.  *1 hour later* Ok your name is uh....awww dangit!!!!
Generally unless you don't care for names you just stick with default.....although if your playing to become ultra master god of the world at a game that everyone will quickly forget when the sequel is released.  You probably have clones of the same character in this regard and forgot to note who's who. Well I'll just name you training fodder 1,2,3,....
Its worse when it comes to naming attacks.  Although naming attacks is rather rare occasion.  But you want a cool name that you can scream out in the safety of your room without embarrassing yourself.  You don't really wanna borrow the name of some random attack you heard off an anime.  But you tend to do so anyway.  
This new attack is called "SERPENTS INFERNAL RAPTURE!!!" (Lol Blazblue)
Oh crap I totally stole that one will notice....."I did" -shot-
Ok so that didn't work. Lets combine the names no one will know!
EAT THIS!!! "Shinku Emerald Tyrant Rave!!!"  (SF + Blazblue + Guilty Gear LOL)
Hah you're so original!!! You combined attack names!!! 
Well that didn't work either....only one choice left......GOOGLE!!! Lets see what comes up after 3 hours of searching!!! Ok I got a really long list.....and I got some really "cool" (yeah right) names!!!! 
Ok my new attack is called "Terra Hawk Mane!!!!" (cricket sounds)  Shut up its awesome!!!angry
Sigh what do you think about renaming and making up names? Hard as hell or not?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just Ask It. You know you want to.

Worst RPG Enemy Types Ever Made (But they have to be there)

We all have one or more.  Those enemy types that you just absolutely hate cause of the way that enemy acts.  Usually the ones you hate fighting and just absolutely find some way to avoid them at all cost.  Here's just a few of mine.

The living dead, zombies, skeletons, undead whatever name you give them.  They all act the same.  1000+ of them and generally 1 - 5 of you.  They show up generally where you absolutely expect them.  A graveyard, some dark cave, a cursed castle...really just everywhere.  And what do they have that you don't....numbers.  Generally weak on there own they always show up with a posse ready to beat your party down for stepping down on there turf.  In worst case scenarios they pair up with poison, death spells and even making you one of them.  Forcing your item use or some precious MP use that you're trying to save until you get to the boss.

Great Examples of Zombies:
FF12: In FF12 Zombies were always found in dark areas.  In fact if there was a war in that area guarantee the living dead is chillin there. This wouldn't be a problem if the game itself didn't lag due to so many on screen zombies at once.  Your thoughts of casting cure on them were great....but while you're busy casting the game is lagging and they're allowed a bunch of free hits.

FFT series: Anything undead was the absolute worst.  The game was already smart enough to take out your weakest unit.  Add to the fact that here they have a chance of reviving.  Killing them is just not easy.  They want a piece of you and will get it anyway they can.

Blue Dragon: Although rather weak enemies...(and the fact that you can find an Akira Toriyama character that looks just like them.) These guys always annoyed you.  Generally using a random move that forces you out of your normal routine of killing cause one or more decided to be a dousche and not die.  Unlike Final Fantasy you couldn't just cast a cure spell on had to use your stronger stuff.

Shining Tears:  A game that specialized in mass mob killing.  Zombies were among the worst to deal with.  If you didn't bring the healing mage with you (Ryuna) despite how somewhat useless she is.  These guys were gonna come back to life often and attack you from behind.  Add the random lag you encounter when you have well over 70+ enemies on screen at once.  Expect some casualties if you don't have a lot healing items.

"You must kill me cause I have an item you need" Enemy
In a lot of games you just have to fight a boss grab the treasure its guarding or mutilate its dead corpse. Bring it back to town move on.  Others however.  Its either:
A. This Monster has a rare drop of an item that you want.  But because you want it.  You'll have to kill 100 or more of this enemy to get it.
B. There's 1000s of this enemy everywhere but you must find "The One" in order to get an item you most likely already have or will never ever use in the game ever again.
C. You're hunting this enemy to make the epic SWORD THAT SLAYS ALL and its just one of the many items you need leaving you to travel the world searching for the other enemies.
Why its so bad? Well considering how long it takes.  You could have saved the world, conquered it, train a bunch of new heroes to save the world, and save the world again.  In fact by the time you acquire this item you'll find out its an absolute waste of time and all the problems woulda been solved by killing that evil guy standing in the corner who has an even cooler sword than the one you want.

MMORPG's: Well guess what this is what MMO's are all about.  This is where most of your time goes is farming some monster for a weapon that will probably become obsolete. Its not about leveling its about getting the coolest stuff.
Tales Of...Series: Yep if you want that all Items achievement. Or just to gain'll spend time doing this.
Castlevania: How many monsters do I have to kill just to acquire some item I'm not gonna use?  Well the count is unknown in fact its practically based on luck.
MegamanX: Command Mission: Well aside from the fact that the weapons you want are pretty much useless. The chances of acquiring that weapon are minimal to none.

Minions (you know those little guys)
There in every RPG.  Usually protecting the boss you want dead.  They do mainly the most annoying things.  Healing the boss, sacrificing there lives, Keeping you busy while boss heals and attacks you cheaply, just standing there looking stupid, etc..  Pretty much they're there to stall for time.  Its even worse when they talk for 5 minutes explaining that he/she/it/we must protect there master. Its also bad when boss has parts it can revive that also attack you. They just want to waste your time.  Not much else.  Its an extremely annoying when the minions are stronger than the boss itself or when they decided to gang up on 1 character.

Tales of Vesperia: Gattuso....what's known by many as the hardest boss of the game.  It would be generally easier to deal with if not for the little detail about its 2 little cubs gnawing on your back or your friends back.
FF8: Seifer the total SOB that feels he must be superior to you in every way.  Giving a speech about how he has to prove himself.  Add to the fact that he doesn't inflict any real damage against you.  He's just a time waster for the real enemy.
FF6: A lot of bosses in this game keep spawning minions for the sake of being a sacrificial lamb.  Usually exploding.....not fun.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fanboys are just as low as trollers and flammers

An enlightenment on reality.  Everyone is a fan of something.  But everyone isn't a "fanboy".  There is a difference.

Anyone can be fan.  But I tell you honest folk fans are not safe.  In a once peaceful community where fans live there normal everyday lives dealing with the occassional troller or flammer that comes along every 2 months or so.  Tension between the fans grows.  Eventually someone says something that completely disagrees with another fan. Leading into a Fanboy Moment.  One fan will say the other fan is wrong about there opinion, most often without giving a single reason as to why they are wrong.  If left unchecked this becomes a Fan War with both sides coming out the loser. 

Also called by many other things by simply having a mere difference of opinion these once innocent fans have now become fanboys.  Killing all reason, anyone that has a minor difference of personal taste, or opinion is an enemy of the state. Yes just like JRPG main characters you are always wrong and they are always right and if you don't agree with them then you must battle to the death.

The typical fanboy will attack generally 1 point and ignore the others as they possess no knowledge of the other subjects but just that one him or her has chosen.  Eventually as it drags on...unchecked the original point will be lost in darkness never to be brought up again until one or the other is humiliated.  Yes the fanboy virus is that powerful even stronger than that of Uroboros that Wesker loves so much.  Usually when that point is taken they will twist your words just like a Troll would to their advantage and only pick part of the whole statement.  Just like the News Media!! ^_^  

The other route a fanboy will take is the path of the flammer.  Constantly annoying you in order to get you to change your ways.  However this does not work in the slightest.  They know this you know this but the fanboy doesn't care.  Just as long as there message gets across somehow.

How can we prevent this fanboy from infecting our very lives?  Not much we can do about it.
1. Don't say nothing at all.  Well yeah...but then there will be that time were we just have to speak.  You can't just stay quiet all the time.
2. Block him/her Well that only goes so far.  Unless its an IP ban its likely you'll see that person again and even an IP ban doesn't gaurantee peace.
3. If there are any other ideas you can sure try but doubt they'll work for long.   

Best thing to do is to move on.  Let pride go within reason.  Settle it mano e not in that way!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh I'm sorry Its My Opinion. I didn't ask you to like it. #1 Sonic Generations: Modern Sonic

There's a general lot I hated about Modern Sonic when Heroes was released.  I just never said them till now.

Controls (Moving around)
After Adventure 2 game.  The smoothness of controlling Sonic was rather too smooth.  Getting him to run in a straight line was nigh immpossible due to analog sticks.  While it was compensated by the stages not allowing Sonic to run off most stages easily.  The later Modern Sonic games quickly let this go.  Going down a straight way now you mostly see Sonic moving lazily towards the left or right.  While many don't find this a true issue I do with some of the more up-to-date Sonic games.  What's is now called Sonic '06 truly had this problem with mostly Sonic stages as you had to actually be in a perfect straight line at times in order to make it past a certain section of the stage.

Gimmicks (Drifting)
A very horribly executed gimmick.  Unleashed added this gimmick which at times was rather unneccessary and other times just plain horrible.  Regardless of how well you think you're drifting unless done at the right time you're most likely to fly off to into oblivion.  Especially while boosting this gimmick just seems non-existant.  While drifting wasn't really required on Colors as barely any stage had a section to where you had to do it.  Drifting is a rather horrible gimmick and is made for cars not hedgehogs.

Controls (Un-modable controls)
While in the early days the controls didn't need to have options as pretty much one button did everything.  But as progress came.  More complicated moves came into play.  In my case the horrid homing attack being mapped back to the A button while mid-air.  Unleashed had this move mapped to the X button while mid-air. This made wonders for me on running through stages as there's no button to mess me up on the 360 while mid-air.  Colors however pretty much threw everything back on the A button (or whatever Jump was depending on controller you used).  It was easily excused due to Sonic lost a lot of personal actions such as Ring Dash and the like.  However I didn't like it.

Difficulty (can't exactly judge but whatever)
After the unforgiving difficulty I liked about Unleashed.  Colors comes out with rather easy mode.  In what I believe to be one of the easiest Sonic games ever created.  Colors from what was shown to me seems to be easy as well.  Although the demo only gave us the first stage.  I still remember that Green Hill Zone was a lot harder than what this appears.  In fact you generally die on the demo cause of stupidity or trying to be a perfectionist. I pray that I am wrong about this judgement cause I wouldn't want to finish this game in 1 sitting to 1 week.

While I do have these gripes about Generations that doesn't mean I outright hate it.  (its not other crappy games I've played cough cough.....*****,  **:***, ***, etc.   I don't have a reason to hate it yet.  Also I'll enjoy Classic Sonic more than Modern Sonic.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A type of character I hate: HELPLESS/USELESS PRINCESS (spoilers)

If its one I outright hate seeing its the Helpless/Useless Princess type character.

Not cause of how they perform in battle.  But really cause how they act in general.  Generally its always, "I must save/protect this girl cause she's the key to saving the world or destroying it."  When you first meet them they're generally in trouble.  You save them then they kindly leave out the important detail that they're hiding a secret that if you knew beforehand, you could save yourself a lot of trouble.  If you meet them at the end of the game. They fall into either give you a kiss and you lived happily ever after or hey guess I'm actually evil.

What's worse is they generally act more helpless than normal.  Requiring the main character to jump in make decisions for them not just one time, but on multiple occasions.  And generally you hear the words, "I'm sorry" from them often. Really what are you apoligizing for?  Did you bring that boss fight to me?  What did you do?  It's worse when they get really depressed as they tend to either wish that they were dead or attempt to actually kill thereselves.  Usually at this point it requires the main character to jump in do something heroic and making the hero fall in love with the princess.

You hope for at that point that everything is over and done with.  But often times its not.  Why?  Cause the same princess who's been rather Helpless and needy. Is the key to saving the world and/or the apocalypse.  Even more questing must be done to help her gain the resolve she needs to fight the epic final battle.  Well hold up...couldn't we just kill her and save ourselves the trouble?  Nope cause at this point you pratically require her to fight with you.  In worst case scenario...she's your one and only healer to the group. Meaning she has some value.

You can refer these types of characters to most of the Disney Princesses you see.  As they generally do the same thing.  Wish for something to happen....a random person idly comes by or some random 1 time event no chance this will ever happen again arrives and they take it.  When before they were just generally wishy-washy.  Did they work for that dream....some cases yes....but often times no.

Honestly this type of character is just annoying.  Granted they try as signs of growing up.  But its generally towards the end of the game that they finnally grew a backbone.  I'm generally tired of saving there behinds or  saving the world from the brink of destruction cause your helpless yet you have all this power.  Oh but they don't know how to fight.  Just makes it worse.  Now I gotta protect you even further.....more tedious questing.  Can I save the world without having to save a princess on the side?

Examples of the Helpless/Useless Princess Character (spoilers)

  • Luke Fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss) :  Although not a female. Often through the story you find him feeling sorry for his self.  He comes back with new resolve but quickly falls back into depression.  Luke finnally has a true resolve at the end but ends up sacrificing his life anyway to save the world. It was the main thing the party told him not to do many times.  At least it wasn't due to depression but still.
  • Estelle (Tales of Vesperia) :When you first meet this chick its very simmaller to a group muggers after a lady.  She kindly leaves out the fact that she's a princess (although Yuri shoulda figured that out beforehand.)  When we finish with her task we find again not 10 minutes later wanting to cling to Yuri and the party.  We later find out that her power is rather unnatural but it harms the world despite how much she likes to "help people".  She goes into a depressed state being kidnapped and used as a weapon.  Due to being used as a weapon she is used to bring forth the apocalypse although technically she didn't do it herself she is the key to the apocalypse.  We also get into battle with her and she wants Yuri to kill her.  Although in the last part of the game she develops a resolve to fight and save the world.  This all coulda been prevented to an extent by simply killing her....but nope she's the main healer of the group so she's needed.
  • Rinoa Heartly (Final Fantasy 8): Up until end of disc 3 she from the moment you meet her in disc 1 she's very clingy towards Squall.  Generally unable to act without Squall to help her in some way.  She attempts to do things on her own but ultimately fails each time.  Requiring Squall to protect her.  She falls into a coma at the end of disc 2 requiring Squall to carry her by piggyback to get help from a city that's totally closed off to the outside world.  Why cause she gained Sorceress powers which generally end the world.  But due to the apparent "love" Squall had for Rinoa. She is saved from being sealed in a chamber for eternity.  How did Squall come to love Rinoa is beyond me but she is a key to making the world an apocalypse.  And in disc 1 she is generally helpless. Despite being the one that hired Squall and the leader of her rather small group of rebels.
  • Dominique Cross (The Bouncer): Well Dominique does pose immediately as a helpless little girl with tough friends.  And she's rather flirty.  The minute the game begins she is kidnapped.  The heroes go to great lengths to save her only to find out she's a sister to the final boss of the game.  What we find out a few minutes later into the game is that she's an android.  A very powerful android.   But doesn't know of her power.  What's bad is that she is the key to an evil satellite that the final boss used to blow up a hospital.  The final boss's intent? To get revenge on ppl that ruined his childhood by blowing them up.  Key to apocalypse yet again and helpless.  To make it worse there's a level where you must protect her from death.  Although her attack power is godly high she does nothing but walk slowly through the stage, following you and standing in areas of danger.  If she dies its game over.  Great....
  • Princess Peach (Various Nintendo Games):  You see this chick in 1 of 3 ways.  She's either the damsel in distress requiring Mario and his Bro to go through 8 castles to save her. She's a playable character showing off what she can do to try and have the tough girl act.  Or its both.  Either way she's generally in danger.  Luckily she's not a key to saving or destroying the world.  
  • Atoli (Dot.Hack//GU series):  Pretty much the opposite of Haseo's previous love interest.  She's needy, clingy, has healing powers, but more importantly she plays a key role to the story as being an Epitaph user.  Although you can't blame most of her actions on her alone.  Haseo pretty much ignores her for most of the game which pushed her further into depression.  She ends up being a rather annoying boss fight constantly yelling about wanting ppl to look at her and not to look at her.  What's worse is she won't shut up about it until you beat the crap outta her.
  • The Maidens in Musashi Samurai Legend: This one is kinda of a gimmie.  But they all qualify. Each and everyone of them requires you to find them in the middle of nowhere and bring them back home.  By carrying them. You have to carry them cause they suddently lost there ability to walk. This would be cakewalk but the moment you pick them up the enemies pretty much chase after you like you owe them money.  Yes even you too Istara.  It doesn't help that most of them are rather plain out rude to you for carrying them making you wanna drop them down a cliff.  Add to the fact that you can't properly fight back against them making the game rather frustrating at times.
  • Kairi (Kingdom Hearts):  Doesn't help that she's counted among 6 other princesses that are from disney.  But up till you reach Hollow Bastion you're pretty much searching and fighting to save Kairi....Yeah yeah protecting the worlds from darkness as well but Sora's intent is to save Kairi.  Granted that she's in a comatose state for most of the game.  She is one of the keys to bringing forth destruction to the world.  It doesn't help that she's kidnapped in KH2 in order to get Sora do as the Organization wants.  She does redeem herself in that game by actually trying to take action.  She doesn't act stupid and instantly follow the stranger that comes to her in an alleyway.  She actually attempts to fight back even better she gains a keyblade even though having no experience with to protect herself.  Still doesn't completely save herself from falling under the helpless princess title.
Too many more to name but those are just examples.  

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ultimate MvC3 Actually might be worth the $40

Well after looking at the unreleased version...the one that few players are now playing.  (You know that one that nobody has but a select few and other players are waiting for one person to just leak the game.)

It might actually be worth 40 bucks.  After viewing an hour of content of "Ultimate Norcal vs CAPCOM" (god that's a mouthful).  It might be worth it.  Some changes made to the game some I don't like some I do.  Never played the first one so.  Shame no one picked Red Arremer in the videos I saw.  Everyone of course picked:

  • Strider who died right away.  
  • Vergil made a pretty solid showing for Day 1 comboes and trying to play him like Dante.
  • Ghost Rider looks seriously annoying considering he's exactly what I thought...chain chain chain chain eat more chain
  • Nemesis Super Armor is god-like.  Even brushes off most Supers and keeps going.
  • Iron Fist didn't catch much of him and what I saw seemed boring.
  • No one picked Dr. Strange either. *sadface*
  • Hawkeye pretty much spammed....Super is rather useful though.

Ok old characters :

  • Sentinel makes a solid showing apparently lost some old stuff but gained new stuff. Apparently a speed increase and what I noticed capable of 2x or more Frying Pans to the face for more ground bouncing/OTG fun.
  • Wesker no more auto-pilot, god-like in ability, stuff anymore.  Now you must know how to play as the man who claims to be god.
  • Trish if she wasn't solid before she's solid now. 
  • Spencer the old spencer stuff works but the new spencer stuff makes ppl want more bionic arms.
  • Ammy She doesn't live as long but can still dish out the pain.  I was hoping to see more than that same boring sword though.  
  • Dormammu Well no more annoyance from Dark Holes and whatever just more tricks he can pull in the air.  (Dark Hole is still annoying BTW)
  • Phoenix despite HP drop is still scary but at least you have more to stand up to her with.
  • C.Viper is scarier.  Hopefully she'll get more showing cause she doesn't turn up much in matches
  • Felicia despite how much I hate her is actually a playable character.  So we might see more of her.
Actual Gameplay:

  • Aerial X-Factor is new and now we have some possibilties to run.
  • The lifebars are not my favorite at all.  I can't tell when X-Factor will run out and can barely tell how much life the other characters have.
  • Matches don't seem to last long anymore.  I swear they seem to be like 30 seconds to 1 minute and a half matches.
  • Assist character punishment is far more rampant now.  I swear they die like crazy from 1 mistake and there's no saving them.  
That's about everything I've seen from the game.  Gonna be a good while before I get it cause there's still far more interesting games to get LOL.  Like KoF 13, Sonic Generations.  LOL hahah.  

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October's Starting

Don't know what to write kinda bored.

Still no job and the places I've applied won't let me apply till the application expires.  Sigh.  Probably will just have to kill what little life I have left and end up going back to the old job where I have no time to myself cause of the hours.

Guess I can list the games I've been looking at getting at some point that's crossed my mind.

  • Bakugan Defenders of the Core 360
  • Sonic Colors
  • Golden Sun: DS
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Solotorobo: Red The Hunter
  • Sonic Generations
  • KoF XIII
  • Ultimate MvC3 
That's about all that comes to mind.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Geez How many glitches does 1 boss have This is just ridiculous

Seriously....3rd one I've seen...2nd one that's happened to me.

And now I'm hearing that the FM version of this dude is weaker?!  WHAT?!  I should just stop now....move to another game.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review of KH Birth By Sleep (Not as Great as Everyone Says it is)

Well at first look at the game it looks like a great game.  But when it gets down to it the deeper parts it falls short  of being called great.


Nothing to complain about the story.  The game spans out to 3 separate parts for 3 different characters.  Then it joins together into 1 story at the end of the game.  The problem is while it fills in the plot holes the previous games made. It creates twice as many new ones.  Its not that deep of a storyline if you look at it without the other Kingdom Hearts Games.


What looks like a very good system of play. The battle system mainly focuses on your command deck to control your character.  You can use whatever you like to play the game.   Towards the end of the game the battle system quickly falls short. As a lot of your favorite commands become rather useless and pratically forces you to play a certain way to beat the game.  Hit detection at many times is rather wonky as some attacks will target some random enemy or go into a completely different direction making you wonder what happened.

What's worse is post game or side quest content tends to be rather glitchy when it comes to your abilities.  To be more specific when it comes to reading your abilities such as Leaf Bracer, Second Chance, and Once More.   (More about that in my later videos of this game or on request.)


The music is great in certain areas.  Others tend to be annoying despite it being fitting towards the current world you're exploring.  The voice overs are nothing to truly complain about.  Although at times Terra sounds like he was voiced by 2 different people.  I do wish there was an option to use what music you wanted in the Mirage Arena.  Other than that nothing really significant makes music horrible.

Game Length & Replay Value

The length of the main game won't last you long.  Even though the game wants you to play it for 80+ hours for a pointless trophy.  You'll be spending more time grinding and doing optional stuff than with the actual story.  You can probably finish the game in less than 15 hours.

As for replay value I only had a few areas I would replay the game for.  The post game stuff however is rather boring and frustrating to deal with.  If you're really looking for a longer Kingdom Hearts Game play KH2 or KH1.

Overall this game isn't as great as everyone says it is.  Its better than most of the Kingdom Hearts Games but that's not saying much.  Its not horrible but its far from being a great game. Wait for this one to go on the greatest hits or find it for cheap.  This is one of those titles I wouldn't pay full price for.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taking A Week Off

Won't be around for a week.  Not saying why.  Just won't be here for a week.  Might be longer

Monday, September 5, 2011

All Dissidia Duodecim Friend Cards Uploaded

Yep all Dissidia Friend Cards Uploaded to my website @

Check em out.  Make videos whatever.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Looking at Future Games

Aside from having a good amount of games I still have yet to open. Been looking at a few games.

KH Birth By Sleep
Bakugan Defenders of the Core 360
Sonic Colors
Evolution 2: Far off Promise
Final Fantasy XIII
Probably add more later

Saturday, August 13, 2011

11 more Friend cards added for Dissidia Duodecim

 New Friend Cards Added

  • Kain Highwind
  • Tifa Lockheart
  • Vaan
  • Feral (Desparado) Chaos
  • Prishe
  • Shantotto
  • Gabranth
  • Gilgamesh
  • Laguna Loire
  • Yuna
  • Lightning
Available for Download.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dueling Network That Popular?!

If you don't know what Dueling Network is.  Its a Yu-Gi-Oh Site where you can make your deck and play online "For Free". This is opposed to the official YuGiOh dueling site where you have to pay to play online. Due to the massive popularity though the server limit has been reduced however.

Taken From Dueling Network:

"Reduced Server Limit

Due to excessive demand, the server has been experiencing extremely heavy load. Because of this, I am reducing the server limit to 4000 until further notice."

Meaning an average of 4000 users can only be online at a time on this site.  This wouldn't be so bad if this also didn't mean you couldn't make your deck or even have a spectater.  With the recent release of the Xyz set don't expect the server issues to be resolved soon.

Friend cards updated

5 more FC's available for Download.
  • Garland
  • Firion
  • The Emperor
  • Onion Knight
  • Cloud of Darkness
I'll have the entire cast uploaded shortly.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Relius Clover Loc Test New Blazblue or another FREAKIN UPDATE?!

A video showing some test of Relius Clover. You know the guy that was a dousche toward his own son and pretty much wanted to experiment on everyone he met in story mode. Yeah well here's a preview of what he can do. Apparently we now have a Jojo's Bizzare adventure style character to jump into the fray now. Relius has a STAND. Probably an easy version of Carl trap comboes on day 1.

Hopefully this means we'll actually get a brand new game and not another unneeded update that's gonna cost more points and more memory space on our PS3's and 360's. Doubtful but well gotta be optimistic right? Also where's JUBEI?!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Website Backup And Dissidia Friend Cards

Finnally got it back up an running.  Hopefully I'll remember to update it regulary.  Probably the only notable thing on there is the Dissidia Friend Cards Section. (Under the Gaming Stuff Tab).

Right now as an update for friend cards I have these available for download:

  • Warrior of Light
  • Cloud
  • Squall
Go to my web page and download them there.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So what Imma Do For Now

What seems like the best option at least for now is to block all comments from being posted. On any video I find.  At least till I come up with something better. Or something changes.  I'm going to see how that works then go from there.  If anyone really has something to say to me then.  They know how to contact me.  This will at least cut some stress for me.

I already started blocking comments. Focusing on the most viewed and rated.  I'll just trickle down by marking videos that randomly receive comments from there.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Considering Closing Youtube Account or Something

Its been a few months and I've been thinking a lot to myself.

That my youtube channel serves no purpose.  In reality from outside looking in, what I see is that I'm just a has been, a loser, blah blah blah. At least that's how I feel everyone who watches the videos sees me. It really started to come to light when I do my own project.  Sure it got some cheap laughs and a few praises but that's it.    No one really cares for the videos.  What ppl want to see from me is apparently pro stuff which isn't going to happen.  And then even more so complain that I'm not pro but I'm playing said game.  And then those that don't know have to bother with the questions that are easily answered if they just use common sense.

The reason I started uploading videos in the first place was so I wouldn't have to play the same game 40 times  just to get to 1 part I like in the game.  I don't keep multiple saves its not worth it.  And I rather watch myself run through this stuff instead.  I don't really like playing games over and over again unless its something I really like.  Even then I barely feel like playing it or have the time for it.  I just rather watch for the memories. I didn't upload for some quick step to fame.  If that was the case I'd be making money and living in the Rockys.  As selfish as it may sound, the viewers just popped up there.  I don't care if my videos are "Pro" or not I just want the memories.  If internet users wanted pro gameplay they would actually look for it.  Not click the first thing they see.

The real bad thing is I'm sick of dealing with people in general.  The ones that actually like the videos don't comment.  The ones that hate the videos or are just without common sense post.  What's worse is when I look back I still see past mistakes being thrown back in my face.  "The internet is forever" is a true quote.  I google my username and that's what pops up first is past mistakes.  Enough of em to the point that I just mentally break down. Ignoring it is impossible. I'm not a hermit like others I know.   I actually know what's going on around me and spend days at a time trying to figure out a way to solve it.  Also I'm not just some gamer that uploads videos.  I actually have things outside of this world wide web I like doing.

I know there are some that call thereselves my friends and some that are.  So I'm not really directing my anger at you.  But telling me to take time off from my problems won't solve anything.  At worse it'll create more problems.  I can't just ignore what others say I'm not a hermit I wasn't raised that way.  I'm at the point to where I can't even live up to my own expectations.  That 95% of what I'm doing will not get me anywhere in life regardless of whether its the right thing to do.  The world wants me to be something I'm not.  I would be lying to myself if I was to say it doesn't bother me. I keep considering thoughts of suicide from time to time.  (yeah yeah go ahead and laugh or whatever cause I'm apparently the anime character that always whines an emo).  I have no solutions to these problems and they just keep piling up.  So its why I've been considering closing my youtube channel.  Better for it to be closed than for ppl to always bring up crap from years ago to my face.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pokemon Update I Know Its Super Late

Well I made a team of Ice Type Pokemon.  Hard to run but its better than my struggle with Ground Types.

Anyway.  If you're planning on doing random matchups online in Rating (Ranked).  The rules or really the updates have changed what pokemon are allowed.  What used to be a simple Pokemon can't have this move or be hacked with moves/IVs/EVs despite how legit it looks on paper.  The online mode now digs deeper than that.

If the pokemon wasn't caught in a legit area at a legit level and having legit moves it will not be allowed in Rating matches.


Articuno cannot be caught in D/P/Pt. version of the game.  So you cheated or traded with someone who cheated to catch Articuno on that file.  Then transferred it over to B/W version to use it.  The game will catch this and not allow you to play in Rating (Ranked).

Example 2:

Ok lets say you wanted to catch a starter pokemon.  Well the only legit way is to hatch an egg of that pokemon.  But instead you use AR to catch a LVL X of that starter.  Well everyone knows that you can only get a starter in 1 of 2 ways.  So you just caught said starter in an obviously bogus area at ridiculous level.  Well the game will catch that too and not allow you to play in Rating.

Its not like before where you're instantly denied before going online. Now if you go into Rating Mode you'll be searching for players but the game will tell you that there's something wrong with 1 or more of your pokemon and you won't be allowed to play.  Not much you can do about it unless you're a genius hacker or decide to breed all your pokemon all over again.  Guess this is Nintendo's way of saying we don't like hackers.  Still doesn't explain why I can't use my Chatot online!

Another update is that Pokemon Dream World has increased in what pokemon can be found in Dream World.  It has also added more berry garden rows and increased the amount of Dream Pals to 20 (come on 20?!).  Also season 2 of the Global Battle Union has started.  Generally resetting all the scores.

That's about it for updates.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Generating Interest

Well cause I don't really have any method to do a donation stream.  I figured what other way can I do to get money. Well not much around.  I already sold most of my cards Yugioh.  Trying to get in contact with my friend to see if its cool to sell the Pokemon cards since they're old and worth something.  Other stuff I got is mangas I don't read anymore. Other stuff is fan stuff and strat. guides.

But here's what I need the money for.

-Fix the Desktop
-Upgrade the laptop
-maybe get a few games
-maybe a PS3?

But focusing on the more important stuff which is my Desktop and laptop as well as a few other things. Reason I say I'm generating interest. Cause I don't wanna go on Ebay and list things losing money than what I started out with in the process.  I already tried Craigs list.  Got no results.  And at this point I'm thinking to myself.  I'll just throw it all away if it doesn't sell cause its cluttering up my room.  So it has to go one way or another.  Comment so I know how many are interested so I know where to go from here.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Reasons Why Certain games take so long to finish now

As a note I generally hate these so called Solo, Challenge, blah blah blah runs.  To each there own about doing these and your welcomed to your own opinion about these.  But to me the game isn't any harder than what it was despite writting down and telling others how hard it is.  When I see such challenges to me, it just seems like the whole game is that much easier. Heck in some cases the game is just a lot easier running this XXXX Challenge.  So I favor sticking to the games original method of play.  I could list examples proving this statement but really its all over youtube, nico, etc.  

Now with that said.  On to the topic.

Super Mario RPG (SNES):  Hopefully the note that its SNES should tip you off.  The freakin cartridge decided to crap out on me and erase all my files.  I don't normally let that bother me.  But after running through that game like 40+ times to this day.  I get sick of playing the same game over and over and over again.  Making it harder to willingly run the game.  As much as I like it when you play something to the point that you know most of the script and what's gonna happen with no changes.  Hard to keep going.  The games already easy enough to be honest if I had the willpower and the time I could finish the game in 1 sitting.  

Tales of Legendia:  To be honest I got bored of the game.  I want to finish it.  But it got boring with the release and buying of other games.  To add icing on the cake I've spoiled the bosses and now I know how to handle them.  Although I'm not going to use the same boring party as everyone else did I have  hard time getting the will to play this game.  Its not really on my favorites list of playing.

Megaman Zero 2:  This is dumb.  The cartridge is actually a piece of crap.  When I bought it the battery inside is loose.  Therefore making all my saves dissapear like an old FF4 cartridge.  While I can finish that in 1 sitting I rather not.  Especially running through the game trying to make sure I get an all A rank which isn't happening. And I'm not running that game on emulator.  That's just hell trying to run a fast paced game on a keyboard.  "But you played Battle Network on an emulator!" Battle Network is slow paced ppl.  

Nights: Journey of Dreams:  Simple I want to record in good quality.  And no PC I can't exactly record it.  Hell playing my Wii on this old TV makes things hards.  

Sonic Unleashed PS2:  The game is my sisters and she wanted it back.  Nuff Said LOL

Can't think of any other games.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm slightly better

Only slightly.  There's still a lot of crap I'm going through.  I just had time to talk to some ppl and try to cope with this stress.  Now I'm more scared that I might relapse and be worse than I was.

Other than that I still need to solve some issues right away.  Online wise there's ppl I either need to block or deal with somehow since they just bother me.  I pretty much blocked comments from being posted on most of my videos tired of stupidity.  I can't exactly implements LL's old policy of blocking comments from old videos cause there's just too many.  Even he isn't going with that policy. I just blocked comments from the most annoying ones.  Other things I need to do figure out some way to raise money to get back on my feet.  I don't have much left to sell and I would hate to go international shipping. (cost A LOT TO SHIP INTERNATIONAL AND SO MUCH PAPERWORK)

That's about it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update for May - June

Well to get some things set straight.   For one I'm not doing ok.  I'm totally at my breaking point and I personally don't see anyway out.  I'm trying to find help and so far little success. I have no choice but to endure it as right now its the only way.  With that said answer a few common questions.

When will you stream again?
Probably never.  A few ppl estimated the cost to fix my PC and its money I won't have for a long while.  I rather upgrade the laptop for cheaper and work from there for awhile.

When will you finish XXXX playthrough?
Probably never or when I feel like getting around to it.  As it stands I'm dealing with a slow laptop that isn't in the slightest meant for video editing.  So it takes at worst 8 hours to convert videos to a sharable format.  All in all a full day and a half to get it all uploaded at barely decent quality.  If you've seen some of my recent uploads the quality is pretty crappy.  So unless I get this laptop upgraded in RAM at least.  I doubt I'll get any playthrough's done at all.  It also hurts to see ppl nagging me on that question as it seems that's all ppl care about.

Did you see E3?
No.  I'm not interested in E3 as its games that won't be out for ages and I doubt I'll have the money for them.  I still have too many games in my own house I need to even open.  Not to mention I'm busy dealing with too much crap right now to care about stuff like this at the moment. Besides pretty much everything is gonna be in the magazines and posted all over youtube anyway.

What exactly is wrong with you?
I'm not gonna tell you here.  As it shouldn't really concern most of you.  If I told you then you already know.  Subjects like this tend to get blown up on the internet and I rather not be a charity case. I'm going to look for some help for this.  Cause as it stands I'm at the breaking point and I might do something truly drastic.

Why did you quit Blazblue CS?
I'm sick of the crappy fighting system that requires you to be 100% precise on button presses.  And I'm tired of learning a game that has to change everything right away the moment I just got satisfied with the system.  You can argue this all you want but my point still stands.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

....Good n Bad

Too Much to Do No Time To Do It.

  • Fix the Webpage
  • Promote this Blog
  • Gather all the unwanted crap and either sell it or trash it
  • PSP Freebies (YES)
  • Figure out some decent way to upload that won't take 3+ hours.
  • Artwork

And in Bad News.  Someone tried to hack my acct.  Or is trying.  I don't know.  Hopefully nothing bad will happen.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why I'm deleting Videos

I'm deleting various videos off of youtube for many reasons.

Mainly cause I'm sick of seeing em.  At this point I'm just practically on a coin flip on closing the account.  I'm tired of dealing with this crap and I'm eliminating stress factors one by one.  Also considering closing my JTV as well.

I could go into specific details on why I deleted XXXX video, but then you guys will most likely just lump it in with stupid reasoning. So rather than tell you why I'm just deleting them.  You got complaints take them to the I don't care department. You wanna get mad over me quitting and crap like that go whine about it on a Message Board.  Those that think they know me, do not as for the most part we lack communication. Best for you to let it go and move on.  There's millions of vids out there and billions of players out there go to them for you needs.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Beating the Poison Heal Gliscor and Breloom

Generally any pokemon in B/W that runs Poison Heal is a nuisance.  Especially in Single Battles

Pretty much the strategy will run like this.

Poison Heal  Well the best thing to run here is give that pokemon a Toxic Orb.

This way once the first turn is over they'll be poisoned.  Now you can't hit them any other status effect.  What's worse is they'll heal every turn pratically better than that of using Leftovers.  Not to mention they'll play defensively to annoy you.  The only solution in mind is to kill it quickly (preferably one hit or they'll switch to something stronger to wipe out the threat and throw there wall back in).

Well there's not many choices that come to mind quickly.  Especially if you're running a set team that relies on a strategy.

Here's a few ideas on beating it.  However not that great.

Most ppl that run this strategy will send out there pokemon with Poison Heal first.  To get there wall started up.  The Toxic Orb doesn't kick in till the end of the first turn so that gives you little time to act.

Method 1:  One method is to immediately hit it with a status effect that isn't poison.  Paralyze will do the trick.  Sleep only last a few turns.  Burn can do the job too.  Frozen is a bit unreliable since there's not many known ice attacks that can easily freeze a target.  All in all this is rather unreliable as you're praying for the attack to work.

Method 2:  as mentioned above is to kill it quickly.  However the issue arises that it may take more than 1 hit to kill it.  Unless you're doing Choice Band/Life Orb and STAB (Same Type attack boost) its not likely that you'll defeat it in one hit.  This is cause most players will have there EVs geared towards Defense, Spec. Defense, HP, or Speed.  Not to mention they'll use attacks to keep there wall safe such as Protect, Endure, Substitute (This is the worse).   So usually if its in danger of dying in 1 shot they'll switch to another pokemon to take out there potential threat.

Method 3:  Probably the most effective method I thought of is to use attacks that make the pokemon drop the toxic orb.  Knock Off, Thief, Trick and the like can do the trick.  Assumming you hit first turn.  You're still dealing with Protect, etc.   Trick should work.  But its far better than Method 1.

Well this is all I came up with.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ugh this Laptop.

Well either way its either upgrade this Laptop.  Or get the PC fixed.

My Laptop runs at 512MB RAM.  Which to my standards and today's standards is slow.  So its very hard to do anything on this computer that isn't business and even then......

I'm looking throughout my room for stuff to sell.  There isn't much left.  I'm starting to think maybe I should have just sold those games on ebay or something.....nah they had to go....

All I got left is Mangas I'm not exactly a fan of anymore along with strategy guides I'm not likely to use anymore.

Oh Blazblue CS patch update.
Now we have the CS2 Patch(Free) and Platinum(520 Points) up for download. Shame I don't have Xbox Live right now.

Right now I'm playing "The Bouncer" which is very short.  Its a beat-em up.  Has very good music but the controls and hitboxes need work.  Well that's about it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Putting the website back up.

Website going through somewhat of an overhaul.

Somewhat a bad week

Well about a week without a PC made me see somethings differently.  

For one, I truly realize how little I am to the world.  LOL.  I remember someone saying that we mean little to the entire world with the exception of our friends and family sometimes.  I mean little.  I'm single pixel on a giant blob painting in comparison. Assuming the blob was everyone in the world.  The world wouldn't miss 1 single pixel.  I quickly realized after a few days that after my announcement very few people cared LOL.  What made me angry wasn't that no one cared, but the fact that a majority has a one track mind.  To quote someone's actual words.

"So when is your hiatus over?"

Hearing those words pissed me off more anything else up to this point.  I thought the "Poor you, that sucks, and the like were getting to me."  But really it was the thought of how I was seen by others.  To many others I'm just a person that uploads videos for there sake.  Which I understand perfectly, that's how the world is.  But those words in that quote up there.   Those very words were from someone I thought of as a friend.  Not a close friend but a friend none the less.  It makes me want to ask uploaders like Omegaevolution, MasterLL, Ashe10, etc.  why do they even bother uploading.

Well that's my calm rant for now.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo's Tales AR Codes

AR Codes for the Troublesome Mini-Games.  The ones ppl actually have trouble with.

Unicorn and the Town Musicians Vol 1 Mimic that Melody
Trial Mode 99 Points
021f656c 00000063

Shinva and Ifrit Vol 1 Lunging for Lasans 99 Points (must grab at least 1 fruit)
02203534 00000063

Tap Tap Trap Minigame 100 Points (must get at least 1 Point)
021f2648 00000063

Friday, May 6, 2011

Voltron Comin Back

Finnally Something better than freakin DBZ.  

Voltron is something I loved in the past.  Its not getting a remake on Nickelodian (NickToons) In June.   When you didn't have power rangers there was Voltron.

I actually can't wait for this.  

Only 2 Options well 3.

Well looking at my options.  None of them are favorable.

1. There's a Computer Repair shop in a rather hole in the wall place.  Note: Hole in the wall place.

2. Best Buy who's obviously gonna charge me an arm and a leg to repair it as well as say some crap that obviously isn't wrong with my PC.

3. Buy a whole new computer (probably a knock-off $200 - $500 one at any given store) take the stuff that's good from the old one and put it in there if I can.

They all have a common theme.  It cost money I ain't got.  So yeah.  I only have enough for bills and food.  Not for recreation.

Also to note it rather pisses me off that I find random ppl asking me "Hey when you gonna upload videos again?"   Did you not note that my PC is dead and I don't plan to upload from my Laptop!?  Yeah that totally pisses me off there.   I should be more like Kouli in uploading videos and just never respond.  Really I shouldn't upload at all and just totally disappear from the net.  Besides its kinda obvious I'm not missed by many anyway LOL.  Well anyway that's that.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well this is a nice way to start off May

The Good....I just dumped a lot of games I was never going to play in this life and got 120 Store Credit.  And it wasn't at Rip Off GameStop. 

Unforntunately that happiness was Very short-lived. 

May 2nd, My PC died pretty much.   And it really pisses me off.  Right after vacuuming the dust out as part of my usual maintanence.  The PC decides to crap out and give me no video whatsoever.  I already removed the Video Card last time the PC decided to die on me.  This time I got nothing.  The Monitor know there's a PC but I get no video.  I tried other cables and other monitors as well.  Same Result. 

Probably the Hard Drive Crashed.......Ugh.   I don't know anymore.  Regardless I tried everything I could think of and everything I found across various forums.  Reseating everything possible.  I can't think of what else to do.  I give up. 

What makes it worse is that I invested $2,500 into that machine and its just falls apart after barely 2-3 years of owning it.  Telling others about it no one was really listening.  So it just made me fell worse about myself. To add insult to injury I can't even get my foot in the door when it comes to a job. I'm getting rather sick and tired of this world where you have to lie, cheat, and steal in order to come out on top. 

(Deep breath before breaking Laptop in 2)

For the part that any of you actually care about.  Since my PC is dead until further notice I can't upload anything.  Or really I don't want to upload anything.  I can do it through my Laptop but its horridly slow IMO.  Not in the mood to deal with this bull either.  I might just say screw it all and never come back, seeing as I'm starting to see who my friends really are behind the computer.

Anyway I think that says all that needs to be said.  I might pop up on MSN, Skype, or Facebook.  But don't count on it.

If you haven't gotten the clue that I'm pissed and depressed then whatever.   I'm goin to bed so I don't have to think about this crap for a few hours.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pokemon Black Champion Alder

Pokmeon Black is pretty much done. Only thing left is match with Bianca and finding someone to send me trade me Tornadus or whatever so I can go after Landorus.

I imported my pokemon.  Mainly for online battles.  So I figured why not bring em for Elite 4.  Marshall was the only one to actually give me trouble with Stone Edge Spam.  Other than that no real problem.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Things I See Wrong When Playing Dissidia 012

Granted I'm no pro at this game.  And I don't care how you play.  But its frustrating to me and everyone else when the A.I. does things better than what we can do.  So here's a few things that can help get past that.

Assist Changing at the wrong time.

 This is a big one cause this game is highly reliant on assist.  There are some attacks you can't escape with an Assist Change unless its timed correctly.  Others are just plain button miss-fire.  Don't use it the moment the attack ends. It's pretty much useless at that point and you probably just locked your assist doing that.  Don't do it while you're being sent flying either.  Okay you wanna avoid the extra wall-rush damage but 9 times out of 10 its not worth avoiding the extra damage.

Missing or Just Plain Not Using Your Assist.  

A lot of ppl are still used to the old Dissidia, which is very understandable.  But not using your assist is pretty much letting your chances of an early victory out fly out the window.  Its hard to get the timing of when to use assist but they need to be used.  Even if its for a distraction purpose at least its getting used and granting you an opening.  Its best to use your assist when the opponent has just been slammed to the wall for a sure fire hit.  Also make use of the HP assist attacks as they may be the ones that give the chase options on some characters.  Kuja and Aeris are not the only good assist available and don't work for everyone.

Not Taking Full Advantage of an EX Revenge

Its rare but this happens.  Its happens cause a lot of use are used to the old method.  You shouldn't just HP Attack the instant you have EX Revenge.  Unless you're about to win.  But otherwise get used to how much time you have to make up some crazy-will-never-work-otherwise combo.  

Panicking During a Chase

I still have this problem.  If you're thrown into a chase don't just immediately mash X.  Yes the A.I. and a human player will probably smack you immediately but its better to watch then dodge.  I'm not saying guess just watch closely.  Pretty much all the time if its an HP attack you'll hear a sound or see a very long preparation animation.  Just try and keep calm during the chase to avoid something fatal happening to you in a match.

HP Attack Spam

There is a true difference between spam and effective use.  Spamming will leave you obviously open to attacks.  May even see some get reflected back at you.  I can't tell you how to not spam but avoid doing this.

Leaving Yourself Open During/After an HP Attack

This is hard to help as the recovery times some HP attacks are dismal.  You must do all you can to avoid being left open. Cloud's Omnislash V5 is a big one.  You may wanna block after the attack or just Dodge cause in some cases its going to take away to recover to a safe amount of Brave Points.  Either get aggressive or get defensive.  Try to read the next move but don't sit there.

Megaman Legends 2 Part 42 + 43 Uploaded

In these 2 parts we proceed into the ruins for the 4th and final key. This dungeon's theme is...Ice. Well sounds easy at first but then the crappy ice physics kick in. I didn't have problems till the last 2 rooms which you don't see in the videos. The main problem was the random reaver bots showing up, although these were weak if they touched you, you get hit with frozen status. While it sounds good on paper the main issue is grabbing the 3 moving keys. It didn't get explained very well on how to grab em. As Roll said you should press the O button when you get close. The keys ran away when you get close so I figured ok I should walk so as not to hear me. No you have to run cause if you walk you the reaverbots will touch you being annoying about it.

The boss was where bad ice physics kick in. At first it looks totally easy. But then when the platforms come up. You're supposed to jump on them to avoid being totally frozen and losing all your life. Ice physics kick in when jumping on the platforms. You can only jump on them 1 way. Any other method makes you slide off. And if you're not on the platform in time you can't jump on the platform as for some reason the gravity gets turned way up. So you lose all your health. Ok that's not a problem till the last phase. Where it increases it's speed and guns you down. Needless to say my first game over was here.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pokemon Dream World Notes

Pokemon Dream World Notes

  • You can only get 1 pokemon per an Island of dreams run. Once you make a wish for a pokemon you cannot go back to the island of dreams for a 24 Hour period.  
  • Apparently there is a way to get 2 pokemon per a dream world session but is not confirmed.  
  • To take a pokemon with you from Dream World you must befriend a pokemon in the Island of Dreams (reach the quota for the mini game) and make a wish for that pokemon which cost 1 berry. You must then wake up the pokemon in dream world and go to Entralink on your DS. Then you'll proceed to catching it.  
  • The pokemon you send to Dream World will not have its ability changed to its dream world ability. Only the pokemon you befriend in Dream World will.

What you can do in Dream World

  • You can befriend others in Dream World by going to there pokemon's dream house.  But you can only send out 5 request a session.
  • You can water other players' berry garden up to 20 times a session.
  • You can send items to your Pokemon B/W game through Dream World (requires waking the pokemon up). 
  • Its pretty much a mini version of neopets with better benefits. LOL
  • You can send your friends E-Z Mail. Which is pretty much fill in the blanks of preset letters. 
  • Can also check your Ranking and ratings for random battles.

Mini Games

Find the Lost Pokemon

- The objective is obvious.  Find the lost pokemon.
- It will be a different pokemon every time.
- The location is always random.
- You get bonus points if you find the pokemon's lost item.
- You should listen for the pokemon every 2-3 screens.
- The shaking bushes, water, etc take about 2 seconds to start shaking.
- Listening for the pokemon takes about 5 seconds of your time.

Pile Ice Cream

-YOU MUST have at least 1 berry to play.
-Pile Ice Cream to the quota mark.
-The stickyness and easy to scoop varies depending on the berry used.
-You have very little time to place the ice cream
-Score is based on Height, flavors and Big scoops (Successful scoops)

Playing with Wailord

- Just bounce the pokemon into its correspond color ball.
- The longer the pokemon is on the screen the higher your multiplier
- If A pokemon falls off the screen your multiplier goes down.
- The quota is easily obtainable.
- To bounce them even higher have Wailord bounce them just before they land on his spout.

Sky Race

-The Mouse Cursor is where Pelliper will move
-Grab the water orbs in order to speed up
-Avoid the Elec Orbs
-Clouds will slow you down but not reduce max speed.
-Best to start in the middle or towards the back till you have a higher speed.
-Quite Possibly the easiest mini game to win. IMO

Status On Megaman Legends 2

I got the last key so I'm about finished here. Those videos will be coming soon. I already came across what would piss me off in this game thanks to a fail on Capcom's physic's. Overall Almost done with the game. I'll probably attempt to start Nights for the Wii next. I haven't even opened it and i'm tired of ppl doubting the game.

Pokemon Black Status

Well I'm only missing 1 legendary pokemon now. I have no one to trade with to go get it. (Landorus or whatever its name is). Also missing a few trade only pokemon. I thought of hacking them in but its so tedious to do. I have yet to send my Platinum or Pearl pokemon over to my Black I just don't feel like it. But I pretty much have my pokemon box setup for all the pokemon I like. And once again Legendaries suck. I only favor the Legendary doggies for there speed and generally stable stats. I used to like the Birds till the new rules kicked in and made em ugh.

Anyway I'm just basically fooling around in DreamWorld. But getting the pokemon I want with Dream World abilities is hard work. And worse it sucks when you have barely anyone logged on your Pal Pad or Dream Pad. Needless to say I'm about done with this game. (its done for when I'm say its done)

Tales Of Graces F DLC Costumes = Namco's Obvious Cash Cow

I know its late but someone brought this up saying a bunch of crap and didn't know anything about the costumes on this game.
If you didn't notice this when Tales of Vesperia (PS3 version) was released. Namco has once again pulled out there cash cow to get some last minute sales in on the apparently popular (for no reason IMO) Tales of Graces. There cash cow is.....DLC costumes.

FYI Tales of Graces doesn't have many costumes to begin with. Not even F version. You have about 3 costumes at the most and they're generally fugly. A swimsuit costume, a summer? costume, and some other one. So we now have these costumes:

-.Dot.Hack//GU Haseo Costume (Asbel)
-Idol Master Set
-Code Geass Costume Set (Asbel, Cheria, Richard, Sophie)
-Vesperia Costume Set (Asbel, Cheria, Hubert)
-Various Tales Costume Set (varies by character)
-Miku Hatsune Costume (Sophie)
-Toro Costume (Pascal)
-Samurai (Malik)
-Various Attachments (Yep just like Vesperia)

The Tales costume set comes with its own battle theme so by having that character as party leader (you're controlling said character). A remastered Tales Battle theme will play. However this does not account for boss fights. And the theme songs chosen may or may not be to your preference. (remember PS3 doesn't have custom soundtracks. They also come with title's that are generally useless as it pretty much only gives a small HP boost(No this is not like Symphonia) which you can gain easily through less than an hour of farming.

Code Geass set comes with there own special win posses. Yeah that's it.

Idol Master has its own music but a lot of it doesn't get you pumped for battle IMO. 

Dot.hack costume while it looks cool you'll be hearing the same 2 battle songs from the GU series. Which they sound praticaly the same. So its just about as annoying as it was back when playing GU too long in 1 sitting.

The Miku Hatsune costume has a special win pose. Sophie will either sing or hum the theme song of the game.  (I Want To Protect It ~White Wishes~)

Ok still not convinced that this is a cash cow. Here's the killer. Each costume set cost $5 in US money. I don't know the price in Yen. So if you're importing and you just want them all that's about an extra $15 - 25 dollars (price changes due to specials) your pouring into this game. Its not likely you'll use these costumes often and once again its a cosmetic deal. Nothing different about gameplay. You can change the music simply by turning the BGM down and just letting your music player run. You'll probably do that anyway if your going for all trophies which involves farming monsters for that one rare item. If your in it to look good then that's up to you.

Good Job Namco on your cash cow. ^_^

The US Version of this Game has the Tales Costumes available to unlock.  You unlock these through Sidequest. Sadly from what I know seems Hubert and Richard got the short end of the stick (Meaning no Flynn or Zelos costume.)

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Gameplay Trailer 1

After many months of waiting. CAPCOM finnally gives us the long awaited SSF4 Arcade Edition DLC. This was obviously out in arcades earlier around late 2010. Arcade Edition features a new balance patch for all the character (like it matters). More online features that most of us probably won't use. The highlight though is 4 new characters have been added to the roster.

New Characters Evil Ryu, Oni (Shin Akuma really with a different name), Yun, and Yang. With stories included. Eat your heart out Blazblue. New online features include saving and uploading match replays for anyone to view. Along with an option to follow pro players and view there match replays and stats.

Yun and Yang was asked for quite a bit ago due to there cameo appearance in Chun-Li's intro in the original SF4 game. They're pretty much the same as they were in SF3 just SF4-ified. Really Yun is Rufus version 0.5 and Yang is well the same. They're strategy still seems to be intact just harder to pull off since there speed buff supers (You know the moves) are tied to the super guage. So its either EX or Super in a lot of cases.

Evil Ryu and Oni are generally the same as they were back in olden times of rare appearances in Alpha series and CvS2. Its obvious these guys will have the boss character status going for them (meaning they'll kick your butt and serve it to you on a silver platter as an AI then pretty much glass cannon when played with normally). The surprising move I've seen was Oni's Aerial Shun Goku Satsu. I am glad to see a return of Akuma's move from SF3 in this game. Even if apparently its not as useful.

Overall if you haven't picked up the game now would probably be the best time as the game is rather cheap now as compared to the $40+ price tag on the first release. I've seen this game now going for as low as $15. I'm considering it but probably still won't get it as I'll end up shelling out more money to play online for the 360.