Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pokemon Black Champion Alder

Pokmeon Black is pretty much done. Only thing left is match with Bianca and finding someone to send me trade me Tornadus or whatever so I can go after Landorus.

I imported my pokemon.  Mainly for online battles.  So I figured why not bring em for Elite 4.  Marshall was the only one to actually give me trouble with Stone Edge Spam.  Other than that no real problem.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Things I See Wrong When Playing Dissidia 012

Granted I'm no pro at this game.  And I don't care how you play.  But its frustrating to me and everyone else when the A.I. does things better than what we can do.  So here's a few things that can help get past that.

Assist Changing at the wrong time.

 This is a big one cause this game is highly reliant on assist.  There are some attacks you can't escape with an Assist Change unless its timed correctly.  Others are just plain button miss-fire.  Don't use it the moment the attack ends. It's pretty much useless at that point and you probably just locked your assist doing that.  Don't do it while you're being sent flying either.  Okay you wanna avoid the extra wall-rush damage but 9 times out of 10 its not worth avoiding the extra damage.

Missing or Just Plain Not Using Your Assist.  

A lot of ppl are still used to the old Dissidia, which is very understandable.  But not using your assist is pretty much letting your chances of an early victory out fly out the window.  Its hard to get the timing of when to use assist but they need to be used.  Even if its for a distraction purpose at least its getting used and granting you an opening.  Its best to use your assist when the opponent has just been slammed to the wall for a sure fire hit.  Also make use of the HP assist attacks as they may be the ones that give the chase options on some characters.  Kuja and Aeris are not the only good assist available and don't work for everyone.

Not Taking Full Advantage of an EX Revenge

Its rare but this happens.  Its happens cause a lot of use are used to the old method.  You shouldn't just HP Attack the instant you have EX Revenge.  Unless you're about to win.  But otherwise get used to how much time you have to make up some crazy-will-never-work-otherwise combo.  

Panicking During a Chase

I still have this problem.  If you're thrown into a chase don't just immediately mash X.  Yes the A.I. and a human player will probably smack you immediately but its better to watch then dodge.  I'm not saying guess just watch closely.  Pretty much all the time if its an HP attack you'll hear a sound or see a very long preparation animation.  Just try and keep calm during the chase to avoid something fatal happening to you in a match.

HP Attack Spam

There is a true difference between spam and effective use.  Spamming will leave you obviously open to attacks.  May even see some get reflected back at you.  I can't tell you how to not spam but avoid doing this.

Leaving Yourself Open During/After an HP Attack

This is hard to help as the recovery times some HP attacks are dismal.  You must do all you can to avoid being left open. Cloud's Omnislash V5 is a big one.  You may wanna block after the attack or just Dodge cause in some cases its going to take away to recover to a safe amount of Brave Points.  Either get aggressive or get defensive.  Try to read the next move but don't sit there.

Megaman Legends 2 Part 42 + 43 Uploaded

In these 2 parts we proceed into the ruins for the 4th and final key. This dungeon's theme is...Ice. Well sounds easy at first but then the crappy ice physics kick in. I didn't have problems till the last 2 rooms which you don't see in the videos. The main problem was the random reaver bots showing up, although these were weak if they touched you, you get hit with frozen status. While it sounds good on paper the main issue is grabbing the 3 moving keys. It didn't get explained very well on how to grab em. As Roll said you should press the O button when you get close. The keys ran away when you get close so I figured ok I should walk so as not to hear me. No you have to run cause if you walk you the reaverbots will touch you being annoying about it.

The boss was where bad ice physics kick in. At first it looks totally easy. But then when the platforms come up. You're supposed to jump on them to avoid being totally frozen and losing all your life. Ice physics kick in when jumping on the platforms. You can only jump on them 1 way. Any other method makes you slide off. And if you're not on the platform in time you can't jump on the platform as for some reason the gravity gets turned way up. So you lose all your health. Ok that's not a problem till the last phase. Where it increases it's speed and guns you down. Needless to say my first game over was here.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pokemon Dream World Notes

Pokemon Dream World Notes

  • You can only get 1 pokemon per an Island of dreams run. Once you make a wish for a pokemon you cannot go back to the island of dreams for a 24 Hour period.  
  • Apparently there is a way to get 2 pokemon per a dream world session but is not confirmed.  
  • To take a pokemon with you from Dream World you must befriend a pokemon in the Island of Dreams (reach the quota for the mini game) and make a wish for that pokemon which cost 1 berry. You must then wake up the pokemon in dream world and go to Entralink on your DS. Then you'll proceed to catching it.  
  • The pokemon you send to Dream World will not have its ability changed to its dream world ability. Only the pokemon you befriend in Dream World will.

What you can do in Dream World

  • You can befriend others in Dream World by going to there pokemon's dream house.  But you can only send out 5 request a session.
  • You can water other players' berry garden up to 20 times a session.
  • You can send items to your Pokemon B/W game through Dream World (requires waking the pokemon up). 
  • Its pretty much a mini version of neopets with better benefits. LOL
  • You can send your friends E-Z Mail. Which is pretty much fill in the blanks of preset letters. 
  • Can also check your Ranking and ratings for random battles.

Mini Games

Find the Lost Pokemon

- The objective is obvious.  Find the lost pokemon.
- It will be a different pokemon every time.
- The location is always random.
- You get bonus points if you find the pokemon's lost item.
- You should listen for the pokemon every 2-3 screens.
- The shaking bushes, water, etc take about 2 seconds to start shaking.
- Listening for the pokemon takes about 5 seconds of your time.

Pile Ice Cream

-YOU MUST have at least 1 berry to play.
-Pile Ice Cream to the quota mark.
-The stickyness and easy to scoop varies depending on the berry used.
-You have very little time to place the ice cream
-Score is based on Height, flavors and Big scoops (Successful scoops)

Playing with Wailord

- Just bounce the pokemon into its correspond color ball.
- The longer the pokemon is on the screen the higher your multiplier
- If A pokemon falls off the screen your multiplier goes down.
- The quota is easily obtainable.
- To bounce them even higher have Wailord bounce them just before they land on his spout.

Sky Race

-The Mouse Cursor is where Pelliper will move
-Grab the water orbs in order to speed up
-Avoid the Elec Orbs
-Clouds will slow you down but not reduce max speed.
-Best to start in the middle or towards the back till you have a higher speed.
-Quite Possibly the easiest mini game to win. IMO

Status On Megaman Legends 2

I got the last key so I'm about finished here. Those videos will be coming soon. I already came across what would piss me off in this game thanks to a fail on Capcom's physic's. Overall Almost done with the game. I'll probably attempt to start Nights for the Wii next. I haven't even opened it and i'm tired of ppl doubting the game.

Pokemon Black Status

Well I'm only missing 1 legendary pokemon now. I have no one to trade with to go get it. (Landorus or whatever its name is). Also missing a few trade only pokemon. I thought of hacking them in but its so tedious to do. I have yet to send my Platinum or Pearl pokemon over to my Black I just don't feel like it. But I pretty much have my pokemon box setup for all the pokemon I like. And once again Legendaries suck. I only favor the Legendary doggies for there speed and generally stable stats. I used to like the Birds till the new rules kicked in and made em ugh.

Anyway I'm just basically fooling around in DreamWorld. But getting the pokemon I want with Dream World abilities is hard work. And worse it sucks when you have barely anyone logged on your Pal Pad or Dream Pad. Needless to say I'm about done with this game. (its done for when I'm say its done)

Tales Of Graces F DLC Costumes = Namco's Obvious Cash Cow

I know its late but someone brought this up saying a bunch of crap and didn't know anything about the costumes on this game.
If you didn't notice this when Tales of Vesperia (PS3 version) was released. Namco has once again pulled out there cash cow to get some last minute sales in on the apparently popular (for no reason IMO) Tales of Graces. There cash cow is.....DLC costumes.

FYI Tales of Graces doesn't have many costumes to begin with. Not even F version. You have about 3 costumes at the most and they're generally fugly. A swimsuit costume, a summer? costume, and some other one. So we now have these costumes:

-.Dot.Hack//GU Haseo Costume (Asbel)
-Idol Master Set
-Code Geass Costume Set (Asbel, Cheria, Richard, Sophie)
-Vesperia Costume Set (Asbel, Cheria, Hubert)
-Various Tales Costume Set (varies by character)
-Miku Hatsune Costume (Sophie)
-Toro Costume (Pascal)
-Samurai (Malik)
-Various Attachments (Yep just like Vesperia)

The Tales costume set comes with its own battle theme so by having that character as party leader (you're controlling said character). A remastered Tales Battle theme will play. However this does not account for boss fights. And the theme songs chosen may or may not be to your preference. (remember PS3 doesn't have custom soundtracks. They also come with title's that are generally useless as it pretty much only gives a small HP boost(No this is not like Symphonia) which you can gain easily through less than an hour of farming.

Code Geass set comes with there own special win posses. Yeah that's it.

Idol Master has its own music but a lot of it doesn't get you pumped for battle IMO. 

Dot.hack costume while it looks cool you'll be hearing the same 2 battle songs from the GU series. Which they sound praticaly the same. So its just about as annoying as it was back when playing GU too long in 1 sitting.

The Miku Hatsune costume has a special win pose. Sophie will either sing or hum the theme song of the game.  (I Want To Protect It ~White Wishes~)

Ok still not convinced that this is a cash cow. Here's the killer. Each costume set cost $5 in US money. I don't know the price in Yen. So if you're importing and you just want them all that's about an extra $15 - 25 dollars (price changes due to specials) your pouring into this game. Its not likely you'll use these costumes often and once again its a cosmetic deal. Nothing different about gameplay. You can change the music simply by turning the BGM down and just letting your music player run. You'll probably do that anyway if your going for all trophies which involves farming monsters for that one rare item. If your in it to look good then that's up to you.

Good Job Namco on your cash cow. ^_^

The US Version of this Game has the Tales Costumes available to unlock.  You unlock these through Sidequest. Sadly from what I know seems Hubert and Richard got the short end of the stick (Meaning no Flynn or Zelos costume.)

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Gameplay Trailer 1

After many months of waiting. CAPCOM finnally gives us the long awaited SSF4 Arcade Edition DLC. This was obviously out in arcades earlier around late 2010. Arcade Edition features a new balance patch for all the character (like it matters). More online features that most of us probably won't use. The highlight though is 4 new characters have been added to the roster.

New Characters Evil Ryu, Oni (Shin Akuma really with a different name), Yun, and Yang. With stories included. Eat your heart out Blazblue. New online features include saving and uploading match replays for anyone to view. Along with an option to follow pro players and view there match replays and stats.

Yun and Yang was asked for quite a bit ago due to there cameo appearance in Chun-Li's intro in the original SF4 game. They're pretty much the same as they were in SF3 just SF4-ified. Really Yun is Rufus version 0.5 and Yang is well the same. They're strategy still seems to be intact just harder to pull off since there speed buff supers (You know the moves) are tied to the super guage. So its either EX or Super in a lot of cases.

Evil Ryu and Oni are generally the same as they were back in olden times of rare appearances in Alpha series and CvS2. Its obvious these guys will have the boss character status going for them (meaning they'll kick your butt and serve it to you on a silver platter as an AI then pretty much glass cannon when played with normally). The surprising move I've seen was Oni's Aerial Shun Goku Satsu. I am glad to see a return of Akuma's move from SF3 in this game. Even if apparently its not as useful.

Overall if you haven't picked up the game now would probably be the best time as the game is rather cheap now as compared to the $40+ price tag on the first release. I've seen this game now going for as low as $15. I'm considering it but probably still won't get it as I'll end up shelling out more money to play online for the 360.


Well I haven't played this in ages. In fact I opened it got past the first boss then put it away for other games. Its been about 2 years. Now I'm playing online. Well my first time online.

-Kinda hate how story mode is played during Multiplayer.
-I still hate having both screens at once.
-I'm not liking the controls at all. Well I hate any type of Wii Mote controls.
-Game seems VERY SHORT (Hope you got WiFi and friends to play this with)
-If playing for story I advise you to play alone otherwise you'll get stuff like this along with players killing you or acting like total pros. Also have to deal with Lag.
-Controls suck most of the time. Forget typing messages. Its obvious this game is meant for the DS. The Wii port is dismal with the 2 screens and for once every button on the controller does something.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dissidia Duodecim Sephiroth vs Labyrinth ExDeath

Notes on Dissidia 012 #1

Difficulty Settings

-You can set the difficulty in story mode by going to options. Setting it to strong will make Moogle shops cheaper. I've been hearing others had to pay KP in the 100s and 1000s for simple things. (Yet to confirm) The A.I. doesn't really act any different from what I've seen and levels are still the same.

Early KP Gain Spots

-013's Squall's Story is an excellent place to get KP early. Simply have Multichain and KP Gambler and set your level to a desired amount lower than the Bonus. Gained about 300 KP a run through Squall's Story.

-000 Storyline
At the start in Corneria Gateway Buy from the moogle there. Its the same one that only sold pebbles. Buy The "KP Bonus" item from him the 1st and 2nd day after your bonus. Set your PSP To alternate these days until you have 5 of them. Go to "The Dragon King's Gateway" Set all your characters to LVL 1. Once you enter you'll get 99 KP Bonus. Just make your way towards the end Grabbing the Moogle statues. Before you grab the gold one on the 10th floor use all your KP Bonus items then grab the gold Moogle Statue. You get 19000+ KP each run. Alternately you can go to "The Forsaken Lands" Gateway and gain about 50,000+ KP a run. 

Assist Escape on Certain HP Extensions

Using Assist Escape usually guarantees you escaped the attack. But Certain HP Extensions Still Catch regardless. However if you perform these at certain moments you'll escape them.

-Cloud's Omnislash V5
Wait till he does the last slash (the one from above) to avoid this move.

-Onion Knight
-Flare HP Wait till the last second to avoid this is hard to time.
-Swordshower Wait till he says "Dodge This!"
-Guiding Swipe Same as Swordshower but wait till before he says "This is it!"

-Cosmic Ray Just Assist Escape immediately and use controlled recovery to move away from the lightning. This move doesn't last very long. 

-Rune Saber Assist Escape and move away from WoL

-Flare Same as Onion Knights

-Firaga Not very likely you'll avoid it as its the fastest HP Extension in the game.
-Ultima Dodge during Flare or during the Ultima startup. You can also just fall out of it with Controlled Recovery.

-Double Trouble Wait till he's at the height of his move so you don't drop back into the move after using assist escape.

-Anything she uses. Pretty much guess work in whether she'll continue the combo or not. Remember its only 3 different moves at max. You can fall out of it if you're lucky but best to assist escape when the move starts.

If All else fails EX Revenge. Yeah you lost your epic finish you were planning but you saved yourself some pain.

EX Revenge

-You can activate EX Revenge during an EX Revenge. Although this is rare it's still possible.