Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why I'm deleting Videos

I'm deleting various videos off of youtube for many reasons.

Mainly cause I'm sick of seeing em.  At this point I'm just practically on a coin flip on closing the account.  I'm tired of dealing with this crap and I'm eliminating stress factors one by one.  Also considering closing my JTV as well.

I could go into specific details on why I deleted XXXX video, but then you guys will most likely just lump it in with stupid reasoning. So rather than tell you why I'm just deleting them.  You got complaints take them to the I don't care department. You wanna get mad over me quitting and crap like that go whine about it on a Message Board.  Those that think they know me, do not as for the most part we lack communication. Best for you to let it go and move on.  There's millions of vids out there and billions of players out there go to them for you needs.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Beating the Poison Heal Gliscor and Breloom

Generally any pokemon in B/W that runs Poison Heal is a nuisance.  Especially in Single Battles

Pretty much the strategy will run like this.

Poison Heal  Well the best thing to run here is give that pokemon a Toxic Orb.

This way once the first turn is over they'll be poisoned.  Now you can't hit them any other status effect.  What's worse is they'll heal every turn pratically better than that of using Leftovers.  Not to mention they'll play defensively to annoy you.  The only solution in mind is to kill it quickly (preferably one hit or they'll switch to something stronger to wipe out the threat and throw there wall back in).

Well there's not many choices that come to mind quickly.  Especially if you're running a set team that relies on a strategy.

Here's a few ideas on beating it.  However not that great.

Most ppl that run this strategy will send out there pokemon with Poison Heal first.  To get there wall started up.  The Toxic Orb doesn't kick in till the end of the first turn so that gives you little time to act.

Method 1:  One method is to immediately hit it with a status effect that isn't poison.  Paralyze will do the trick.  Sleep only last a few turns.  Burn can do the job too.  Frozen is a bit unreliable since there's not many known ice attacks that can easily freeze a target.  All in all this is rather unreliable as you're praying for the attack to work.

Method 2:  as mentioned above is to kill it quickly.  However the issue arises that it may take more than 1 hit to kill it.  Unless you're doing Choice Band/Life Orb and STAB (Same Type attack boost) its not likely that you'll defeat it in one hit.  This is cause most players will have there EVs geared towards Defense, Spec. Defense, HP, or Speed.  Not to mention they'll use attacks to keep there wall safe such as Protect, Endure, Substitute (This is the worse).   So usually if its in danger of dying in 1 shot they'll switch to another pokemon to take out there potential threat.

Method 3:  Probably the most effective method I thought of is to use attacks that make the pokemon drop the toxic orb.  Knock Off, Thief, Trick and the like can do the trick.  Assumming you hit first turn.  You're still dealing with Protect, etc.   Trick should work.  But its far better than Method 1.

Well this is all I came up with.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ugh this Laptop.

Well either way its either upgrade this Laptop.  Or get the PC fixed.

My Laptop runs at 512MB RAM.  Which to my standards and today's standards is slow.  So its very hard to do anything on this computer that isn't business and even then......

I'm looking throughout my room for stuff to sell.  There isn't much left.  I'm starting to think maybe I should have just sold those games on ebay or something.....nah they had to go....

All I got left is Mangas I'm not exactly a fan of anymore along with strategy guides I'm not likely to use anymore.

Oh Blazblue CS patch update.
Now we have the CS2 Patch(Free) and Platinum(520 Points) up for download. Shame I don't have Xbox Live right now.

Right now I'm playing "The Bouncer" which is very short.  Its a beat-em up.  Has very good music but the controls and hitboxes need work.  Well that's about it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Putting the website back up.

Website going through somewhat of an overhaul.

Somewhat a bad week

Well about a week without a PC made me see somethings differently.  

For one, I truly realize how little I am to the world.  LOL.  I remember someone saying that we mean little to the entire world with the exception of our friends and family sometimes.  I mean little.  I'm single pixel on a giant blob painting in comparison. Assuming the blob was everyone in the world.  The world wouldn't miss 1 single pixel.  I quickly realized after a few days that after my announcement very few people cared LOL.  What made me angry wasn't that no one cared, but the fact that a majority has a one track mind.  To quote someone's actual words.

"So when is your hiatus over?"

Hearing those words pissed me off more anything else up to this point.  I thought the "Poor you, that sucks, and the like were getting to me."  But really it was the thought of how I was seen by others.  To many others I'm just a person that uploads videos for there sake.  Which I understand perfectly, that's how the world is.  But those words in that quote up there.   Those very words were from someone I thought of as a friend.  Not a close friend but a friend none the less.  It makes me want to ask uploaders like Omegaevolution, MasterLL, Ashe10, etc.  why do they even bother uploading.

Well that's my calm rant for now.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo's Tales AR Codes

AR Codes for the Troublesome Mini-Games.  The ones ppl actually have trouble with.

Unicorn and the Town Musicians Vol 1 Mimic that Melody
Trial Mode 99 Points
021f656c 00000063

Shinva and Ifrit Vol 1 Lunging for Lasans 99 Points (must grab at least 1 fruit)
02203534 00000063

Tap Tap Trap Minigame 100 Points (must get at least 1 Point)
021f2648 00000063

Friday, May 6, 2011

Voltron Comin Back

Finnally Something better than freakin DBZ.  

Voltron is something I loved in the past.  Its not getting a remake on Nickelodian (NickToons) In June.   When you didn't have power rangers there was Voltron.

I actually can't wait for this.  

Only 2 Options well 3.

Well looking at my options.  None of them are favorable.

1. There's a Computer Repair shop in a rather hole in the wall place.  Note: Hole in the wall place.

2. Best Buy who's obviously gonna charge me an arm and a leg to repair it as well as say some crap that obviously isn't wrong with my PC.

3. Buy a whole new computer (probably a knock-off $200 - $500 one at any given store) take the stuff that's good from the old one and put it in there if I can.

They all have a common theme.  It cost money I ain't got.  So yeah.  I only have enough for bills and food.  Not for recreation.

Also to note it rather pisses me off that I find random ppl asking me "Hey when you gonna upload videos again?"   Did you not note that my PC is dead and I don't plan to upload from my Laptop!?  Yeah that totally pisses me off there.   I should be more like Kouli in uploading videos and just never respond.  Really I shouldn't upload at all and just totally disappear from the net.  Besides its kinda obvious I'm not missed by many anyway LOL.  Well anyway that's that.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well this is a nice way to start off May

The Good....I just dumped a lot of games I was never going to play in this life and got 120 Store Credit.  And it wasn't at Rip Off GameStop. 

Unforntunately that happiness was Very short-lived. 

May 2nd, My PC died pretty much.   And it really pisses me off.  Right after vacuuming the dust out as part of my usual maintanence.  The PC decides to crap out and give me no video whatsoever.  I already removed the Video Card last time the PC decided to die on me.  This time I got nothing.  The Monitor know there's a PC but I get no video.  I tried other cables and other monitors as well.  Same Result. 

Probably the Hard Drive Crashed.......Ugh.   I don't know anymore.  Regardless I tried everything I could think of and everything I found across various forums.  Reseating everything possible.  I can't think of what else to do.  I give up. 

What makes it worse is that I invested $2,500 into that machine and its just falls apart after barely 2-3 years of owning it.  Telling others about it no one was really listening.  So it just made me fell worse about myself. To add insult to injury I can't even get my foot in the door when it comes to a job. I'm getting rather sick and tired of this world where you have to lie, cheat, and steal in order to come out on top. 

(Deep breath before breaking Laptop in 2)

For the part that any of you actually care about.  Since my PC is dead until further notice I can't upload anything.  Or really I don't want to upload anything.  I can do it through my Laptop but its horridly slow IMO.  Not in the mood to deal with this bull either.  I might just say screw it all and never come back, seeing as I'm starting to see who my friends really are behind the computer.

Anyway I think that says all that needs to be said.  I might pop up on MSN, Skype, or Facebook.  But don't count on it.

If you haven't gotten the clue that I'm pissed and depressed then whatever.   I'm goin to bed so I don't have to think about this crap for a few hours.