Friday, July 29, 2011

Website Backup And Dissidia Friend Cards

Finnally got it back up an running.  Hopefully I'll remember to update it regulary.  Probably the only notable thing on there is the Dissidia Friend Cards Section. (Under the Gaming Stuff Tab).

Right now as an update for friend cards I have these available for download:

  • Warrior of Light
  • Cloud
  • Squall
Go to my web page and download them there.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So what Imma Do For Now

What seems like the best option at least for now is to block all comments from being posted. On any video I find.  At least till I come up with something better. Or something changes.  I'm going to see how that works then go from there.  If anyone really has something to say to me then.  They know how to contact me.  This will at least cut some stress for me.

I already started blocking comments. Focusing on the most viewed and rated.  I'll just trickle down by marking videos that randomly receive comments from there.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Considering Closing Youtube Account or Something

Its been a few months and I've been thinking a lot to myself.

That my youtube channel serves no purpose.  In reality from outside looking in, what I see is that I'm just a has been, a loser, blah blah blah. At least that's how I feel everyone who watches the videos sees me. It really started to come to light when I do my own project.  Sure it got some cheap laughs and a few praises but that's it.    No one really cares for the videos.  What ppl want to see from me is apparently pro stuff which isn't going to happen.  And then even more so complain that I'm not pro but I'm playing said game.  And then those that don't know have to bother with the questions that are easily answered if they just use common sense.

The reason I started uploading videos in the first place was so I wouldn't have to play the same game 40 times  just to get to 1 part I like in the game.  I don't keep multiple saves its not worth it.  And I rather watch myself run through this stuff instead.  I don't really like playing games over and over again unless its something I really like.  Even then I barely feel like playing it or have the time for it.  I just rather watch for the memories. I didn't upload for some quick step to fame.  If that was the case I'd be making money and living in the Rockys.  As selfish as it may sound, the viewers just popped up there.  I don't care if my videos are "Pro" or not I just want the memories.  If internet users wanted pro gameplay they would actually look for it.  Not click the first thing they see.

The real bad thing is I'm sick of dealing with people in general.  The ones that actually like the videos don't comment.  The ones that hate the videos or are just without common sense post.  What's worse is when I look back I still see past mistakes being thrown back in my face.  "The internet is forever" is a true quote.  I google my username and that's what pops up first is past mistakes.  Enough of em to the point that I just mentally break down. Ignoring it is impossible. I'm not a hermit like others I know.   I actually know what's going on around me and spend days at a time trying to figure out a way to solve it.  Also I'm not just some gamer that uploads videos.  I actually have things outside of this world wide web I like doing.

I know there are some that call thereselves my friends and some that are.  So I'm not really directing my anger at you.  But telling me to take time off from my problems won't solve anything.  At worse it'll create more problems.  I can't just ignore what others say I'm not a hermit I wasn't raised that way.  I'm at the point to where I can't even live up to my own expectations.  That 95% of what I'm doing will not get me anywhere in life regardless of whether its the right thing to do.  The world wants me to be something I'm not.  I would be lying to myself if I was to say it doesn't bother me. I keep considering thoughts of suicide from time to time.  (yeah yeah go ahead and laugh or whatever cause I'm apparently the anime character that always whines an emo).  I have no solutions to these problems and they just keep piling up.  So its why I've been considering closing my youtube channel.  Better for it to be closed than for ppl to always bring up crap from years ago to my face.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pokemon Update I Know Its Super Late

Well I made a team of Ice Type Pokemon.  Hard to run but its better than my struggle with Ground Types.

Anyway.  If you're planning on doing random matchups online in Rating (Ranked).  The rules or really the updates have changed what pokemon are allowed.  What used to be a simple Pokemon can't have this move or be hacked with moves/IVs/EVs despite how legit it looks on paper.  The online mode now digs deeper than that.

If the pokemon wasn't caught in a legit area at a legit level and having legit moves it will not be allowed in Rating matches.


Articuno cannot be caught in D/P/Pt. version of the game.  So you cheated or traded with someone who cheated to catch Articuno on that file.  Then transferred it over to B/W version to use it.  The game will catch this and not allow you to play in Rating (Ranked).

Example 2:

Ok lets say you wanted to catch a starter pokemon.  Well the only legit way is to hatch an egg of that pokemon.  But instead you use AR to catch a LVL X of that starter.  Well everyone knows that you can only get a starter in 1 of 2 ways.  So you just caught said starter in an obviously bogus area at ridiculous level.  Well the game will catch that too and not allow you to play in Rating.

Its not like before where you're instantly denied before going online. Now if you go into Rating Mode you'll be searching for players but the game will tell you that there's something wrong with 1 or more of your pokemon and you won't be allowed to play.  Not much you can do about it unless you're a genius hacker or decide to breed all your pokemon all over again.  Guess this is Nintendo's way of saying we don't like hackers.  Still doesn't explain why I can't use my Chatot online!

Another update is that Pokemon Dream World has increased in what pokemon can be found in Dream World.  It has also added more berry garden rows and increased the amount of Dream Pals to 20 (come on 20?!).  Also season 2 of the Global Battle Union has started.  Generally resetting all the scores.

That's about it for updates.