Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fanboys are just as low as trollers and flammers

An enlightenment on reality.  Everyone is a fan of something.  But everyone isn't a "fanboy".  There is a difference.

Anyone can be fan.  But I tell you honest folk fans are not safe.  In a once peaceful community where fans live there normal everyday lives dealing with the occassional troller or flammer that comes along every 2 months or so.  Tension between the fans grows.  Eventually someone says something that completely disagrees with another fan. Leading into a Fanboy Moment.  One fan will say the other fan is wrong about there opinion, most often without giving a single reason as to why they are wrong.  If left unchecked this becomes a Fan War with both sides coming out the loser. 

Also called by many other things by simply having a mere difference of opinion these once innocent fans have now become fanboys.  Killing all reason, anyone that has a minor difference of personal taste, or opinion is an enemy of the state. Yes just like JRPG main characters you are always wrong and they are always right and if you don't agree with them then you must battle to the death.

The typical fanboy will attack generally 1 point and ignore the others as they possess no knowledge of the other subjects but just that one him or her has chosen.  Eventually as it drags on...unchecked the original point will be lost in darkness never to be brought up again until one or the other is humiliated.  Yes the fanboy virus is that powerful even stronger than that of Uroboros that Wesker loves so much.  Usually when that point is taken they will twist your words just like a Troll would to their advantage and only pick part of the whole statement.  Just like the News Media!! ^_^  

The other route a fanboy will take is the path of the flammer.  Constantly annoying you in order to get you to change your ways.  However this does not work in the slightest.  They know this you know this but the fanboy doesn't care.  Just as long as there message gets across somehow.

How can we prevent this fanboy from infecting our very lives?  Not much we can do about it.
1. Don't say nothing at all.  Well yeah...but then there will be that time were we just have to speak.  You can't just stay quiet all the time.
2. Block him/her Well that only goes so far.  Unless its an IP ban its likely you'll see that person again and even an IP ban doesn't gaurantee peace.
3. If there are any other ideas you can sure try but doubt they'll work for long.   

Best thing to do is to move on.  Let pride go within reason.  Settle it mano e not in that way!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh I'm sorry Its My Opinion. I didn't ask you to like it. #1 Sonic Generations: Modern Sonic

There's a general lot I hated about Modern Sonic when Heroes was released.  I just never said them till now.

Controls (Moving around)
After Adventure 2 game.  The smoothness of controlling Sonic was rather too smooth.  Getting him to run in a straight line was nigh immpossible due to analog sticks.  While it was compensated by the stages not allowing Sonic to run off most stages easily.  The later Modern Sonic games quickly let this go.  Going down a straight way now you mostly see Sonic moving lazily towards the left or right.  While many don't find this a true issue I do with some of the more up-to-date Sonic games.  What's is now called Sonic '06 truly had this problem with mostly Sonic stages as you had to actually be in a perfect straight line at times in order to make it past a certain section of the stage.

Gimmicks (Drifting)
A very horribly executed gimmick.  Unleashed added this gimmick which at times was rather unneccessary and other times just plain horrible.  Regardless of how well you think you're drifting unless done at the right time you're most likely to fly off to into oblivion.  Especially while boosting this gimmick just seems non-existant.  While drifting wasn't really required on Colors as barely any stage had a section to where you had to do it.  Drifting is a rather horrible gimmick and is made for cars not hedgehogs.

Controls (Un-modable controls)
While in the early days the controls didn't need to have options as pretty much one button did everything.  But as progress came.  More complicated moves came into play.  In my case the horrid homing attack being mapped back to the A button while mid-air.  Unleashed had this move mapped to the X button while mid-air. This made wonders for me on running through stages as there's no button to mess me up on the 360 while mid-air.  Colors however pretty much threw everything back on the A button (or whatever Jump was depending on controller you used).  It was easily excused due to Sonic lost a lot of personal actions such as Ring Dash and the like.  However I didn't like it.

Difficulty (can't exactly judge but whatever)
After the unforgiving difficulty I liked about Unleashed.  Colors comes out with rather easy mode.  In what I believe to be one of the easiest Sonic games ever created.  Colors from what was shown to me seems to be easy as well.  Although the demo only gave us the first stage.  I still remember that Green Hill Zone was a lot harder than what this appears.  In fact you generally die on the demo cause of stupidity or trying to be a perfectionist. I pray that I am wrong about this judgement cause I wouldn't want to finish this game in 1 sitting to 1 week.

While I do have these gripes about Generations that doesn't mean I outright hate it.  (its not other crappy games I've played cough cough.....*****,  **:***, ***, etc.   I don't have a reason to hate it yet.  Also I'll enjoy Classic Sonic more than Modern Sonic.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A type of character I hate: HELPLESS/USELESS PRINCESS (spoilers)

If its one I outright hate seeing its the Helpless/Useless Princess type character.

Not cause of how they perform in battle.  But really cause how they act in general.  Generally its always, "I must save/protect this girl cause she's the key to saving the world or destroying it."  When you first meet them they're generally in trouble.  You save them then they kindly leave out the important detail that they're hiding a secret that if you knew beforehand, you could save yourself a lot of trouble.  If you meet them at the end of the game. They fall into either give you a kiss and you lived happily ever after or hey guess I'm actually evil.

What's worse is they generally act more helpless than normal.  Requiring the main character to jump in make decisions for them not just one time, but on multiple occasions.  And generally you hear the words, "I'm sorry" from them often. Really what are you apoligizing for?  Did you bring that boss fight to me?  What did you do?  It's worse when they get really depressed as they tend to either wish that they were dead or attempt to actually kill thereselves.  Usually at this point it requires the main character to jump in do something heroic and making the hero fall in love with the princess.

You hope for at that point that everything is over and done with.  But often times its not.  Why?  Cause the same princess who's been rather Helpless and needy. Is the key to saving the world and/or the apocalypse.  Even more questing must be done to help her gain the resolve she needs to fight the epic final battle.  Well hold up...couldn't we just kill her and save ourselves the trouble?  Nope cause at this point you pratically require her to fight with you.  In worst case scenario...she's your one and only healer to the group. Meaning she has some value.

You can refer these types of characters to most of the Disney Princesses you see.  As they generally do the same thing.  Wish for something to happen....a random person idly comes by or some random 1 time event no chance this will ever happen again arrives and they take it.  When before they were just generally wishy-washy.  Did they work for that dream....some cases yes....but often times no.

Honestly this type of character is just annoying.  Granted they try as signs of growing up.  But its generally towards the end of the game that they finnally grew a backbone.  I'm generally tired of saving there behinds or  saving the world from the brink of destruction cause your helpless yet you have all this power.  Oh but they don't know how to fight.  Just makes it worse.  Now I gotta protect you even further.....more tedious questing.  Can I save the world without having to save a princess on the side?

Examples of the Helpless/Useless Princess Character (spoilers)

  • Luke Fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss) :  Although not a female. Often through the story you find him feeling sorry for his self.  He comes back with new resolve but quickly falls back into depression.  Luke finnally has a true resolve at the end but ends up sacrificing his life anyway to save the world. It was the main thing the party told him not to do many times.  At least it wasn't due to depression but still.
  • Estelle (Tales of Vesperia) :When you first meet this chick its very simmaller to a group muggers after a lady.  She kindly leaves out the fact that she's a princess (although Yuri shoulda figured that out beforehand.)  When we finish with her task we find again not 10 minutes later wanting to cling to Yuri and the party.  We later find out that her power is rather unnatural but it harms the world despite how much she likes to "help people".  She goes into a depressed state being kidnapped and used as a weapon.  Due to being used as a weapon she is used to bring forth the apocalypse although technically she didn't do it herself she is the key to the apocalypse.  We also get into battle with her and she wants Yuri to kill her.  Although in the last part of the game she develops a resolve to fight and save the world.  This all coulda been prevented to an extent by simply killing her....but nope she's the main healer of the group so she's needed.
  • Rinoa Heartly (Final Fantasy 8): Up until end of disc 3 she from the moment you meet her in disc 1 she's very clingy towards Squall.  Generally unable to act without Squall to help her in some way.  She attempts to do things on her own but ultimately fails each time.  Requiring Squall to protect her.  She falls into a coma at the end of disc 2 requiring Squall to carry her by piggyback to get help from a city that's totally closed off to the outside world.  Why cause she gained Sorceress powers which generally end the world.  But due to the apparent "love" Squall had for Rinoa. She is saved from being sealed in a chamber for eternity.  How did Squall come to love Rinoa is beyond me but she is a key to making the world an apocalypse.  And in disc 1 she is generally helpless. Despite being the one that hired Squall and the leader of her rather small group of rebels.
  • Dominique Cross (The Bouncer): Well Dominique does pose immediately as a helpless little girl with tough friends.  And she's rather flirty.  The minute the game begins she is kidnapped.  The heroes go to great lengths to save her only to find out she's a sister to the final boss of the game.  What we find out a few minutes later into the game is that she's an android.  A very powerful android.   But doesn't know of her power.  What's bad is that she is the key to an evil satellite that the final boss used to blow up a hospital.  The final boss's intent? To get revenge on ppl that ruined his childhood by blowing them up.  Key to apocalypse yet again and helpless.  To make it worse there's a level where you must protect her from death.  Although her attack power is godly high she does nothing but walk slowly through the stage, following you and standing in areas of danger.  If she dies its game over.  Great....
  • Princess Peach (Various Nintendo Games):  You see this chick in 1 of 3 ways.  She's either the damsel in distress requiring Mario and his Bro to go through 8 castles to save her. She's a playable character showing off what she can do to try and have the tough girl act.  Or its both.  Either way she's generally in danger.  Luckily she's not a key to saving or destroying the world.  
  • Atoli (Dot.Hack//GU series):  Pretty much the opposite of Haseo's previous love interest.  She's needy, clingy, has healing powers, but more importantly she plays a key role to the story as being an Epitaph user.  Although you can't blame most of her actions on her alone.  Haseo pretty much ignores her for most of the game which pushed her further into depression.  She ends up being a rather annoying boss fight constantly yelling about wanting ppl to look at her and not to look at her.  What's worse is she won't shut up about it until you beat the crap outta her.
  • The Maidens in Musashi Samurai Legend: This one is kinda of a gimmie.  But they all qualify. Each and everyone of them requires you to find them in the middle of nowhere and bring them back home.  By carrying them. You have to carry them cause they suddently lost there ability to walk. This would be cakewalk but the moment you pick them up the enemies pretty much chase after you like you owe them money.  Yes even you too Istara.  It doesn't help that most of them are rather plain out rude to you for carrying them making you wanna drop them down a cliff.  Add to the fact that you can't properly fight back against them making the game rather frustrating at times.
  • Kairi (Kingdom Hearts):  Doesn't help that she's counted among 6 other princesses that are from disney.  But up till you reach Hollow Bastion you're pretty much searching and fighting to save Kairi....Yeah yeah protecting the worlds from darkness as well but Sora's intent is to save Kairi.  Granted that she's in a comatose state for most of the game.  She is one of the keys to bringing forth destruction to the world.  It doesn't help that she's kidnapped in KH2 in order to get Sora do as the Organization wants.  She does redeem herself in that game by actually trying to take action.  She doesn't act stupid and instantly follow the stranger that comes to her in an alleyway.  She actually attempts to fight back even better she gains a keyblade even though having no experience with to protect herself.  Still doesn't completely save herself from falling under the helpless princess title.
Too many more to name but those are just examples.  

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ultimate MvC3 Actually might be worth the $40

Well after looking at the unreleased version...the one that few players are now playing.  (You know that one that nobody has but a select few and other players are waiting for one person to just leak the game.)

It might actually be worth 40 bucks.  After viewing an hour of content of "Ultimate Norcal vs CAPCOM" (god that's a mouthful).  It might be worth it.  Some changes made to the game some I don't like some I do.  Never played the first one so.  Shame no one picked Red Arremer in the videos I saw.  Everyone of course picked:

  • Strider who died right away.  
  • Vergil made a pretty solid showing for Day 1 comboes and trying to play him like Dante.
  • Ghost Rider looks seriously annoying considering he's exactly what I thought...chain chain chain chain eat more chain
  • Nemesis Super Armor is god-like.  Even brushes off most Supers and keeps going.
  • Iron Fist didn't catch much of him and what I saw seemed boring.
  • No one picked Dr. Strange either. *sadface*
  • Hawkeye pretty much spammed....Super is rather useful though.

Ok old characters :

  • Sentinel makes a solid showing apparently lost some old stuff but gained new stuff. Apparently a speed increase and what I noticed capable of 2x or more Frying Pans to the face for more ground bouncing/OTG fun.
  • Wesker no more auto-pilot, god-like in ability, stuff anymore.  Now you must know how to play as the man who claims to be god.
  • Trish if she wasn't solid before she's solid now. 
  • Spencer the old spencer stuff works but the new spencer stuff makes ppl want more bionic arms.
  • Ammy She doesn't live as long but can still dish out the pain.  I was hoping to see more than that same boring sword though.  
  • Dormammu Well no more annoyance from Dark Holes and whatever just more tricks he can pull in the air.  (Dark Hole is still annoying BTW)
  • Phoenix despite HP drop is still scary but at least you have more to stand up to her with.
  • C.Viper is scarier.  Hopefully she'll get more showing cause she doesn't turn up much in matches
  • Felicia despite how much I hate her is actually a playable character.  So we might see more of her.
Actual Gameplay:

  • Aerial X-Factor is new and now we have some possibilties to run.
  • The lifebars are not my favorite at all.  I can't tell when X-Factor will run out and can barely tell how much life the other characters have.
  • Matches don't seem to last long anymore.  I swear they seem to be like 30 seconds to 1 minute and a half matches.
  • Assist character punishment is far more rampant now.  I swear they die like crazy from 1 mistake and there's no saving them.  
That's about everything I've seen from the game.  Gonna be a good while before I get it cause there's still far more interesting games to get LOL.  Like KoF 13, Sonic Generations.  LOL hahah.  

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October's Starting

Don't know what to write kinda bored.

Still no job and the places I've applied won't let me apply till the application expires.  Sigh.  Probably will just have to kill what little life I have left and end up going back to the old job where I have no time to myself cause of the hours.

Guess I can list the games I've been looking at getting at some point that's crossed my mind.

  • Bakugan Defenders of the Core 360
  • Sonic Colors
  • Golden Sun: DS
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Solotorobo: Red The Hunter
  • Sonic Generations
  • KoF XIII
  • Ultimate MvC3 
That's about all that comes to mind.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Geez How many glitches does 1 boss have This is just ridiculous

Seriously....3rd one I've seen...2nd one that's happened to me.

And now I'm hearing that the FM version of this dude is weaker?!  WHAT?!  I should just stop now....move to another game.