Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some Things I missed/Liked about fighting games

Guilty Gear X2. Reload, & Accent Core (Guard System)

Probably one of my favorite guard systems ever invented.  For one if you just blocked all day you opened yourself to major damage and even turning normal hits into counter hits.  Also if a combo went on forever the damage scaling kicked in on the gauge reducing the damage to an absolute minimum.  You also have bursting which if done at a perfect time filled your Overdrive guage to max.  You had dead Angle Moves as well that may have done little damage but its a get out of face card.

CvS2 Grove System

This game offered choices on your style.  So you didn't have to just settle for one method of play.  You can pick the Groove that best suits your style.  From Parrying to Charging your guage to a pissed off rage mode.  So many choices than just one.

King of Fighters 11 (Judgement System)

A game where I've seen the game count not who has the greater life but who's performed the best in the fight. So if you ran out of time having more life doesn't neccessarily mean you win.  Actions like blocking, countering, combo length, etc are what this system is looking for.  There's even some infinite combos where the judgement system will count against you.

Dead or Alive Series (Counter System)

In some cases I don't like this system but its a rather fair system to play with.  Landing counter hits really showed as in stagger hits leading to longer combos and more critical hits.  But that's not where I'm focusing.  With the proper timing and parry you could counter any incoming move being thrown at you.  If you miss timed it you were punished for it.

Psychic Force 2012 (Life = Power System)

One of my favorite fighters of all time.  Generally as a comeback method the more damage you take the more Psy power you have to use at your disposal.  Making comebacks very possible.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom (Barouque system)

A personal favorite method of mine.  A custom combo system at the sacrifice of some of your life.  A good trade off instead of just instantly pulling infinites with ease.

Bloody Roar Primal Fury/Extreme (Beast System)

Build your meter to go into beast mode and have more moves opened up to you. Build it to max and you got a limited time of super beast mode.  This wasn't bad at all with the guard system to dodge almost any moves (Although you did it by mashing guard).  But getting hit hard enough and emptying the Beast Meter turned the character back to normal. As well as being able to transform mid-combo.  Even more so as an added desperation move you can just go to super beast mode (forgot what its called and I don't have the book) at the cost of some of your life.

Those were some of the bells and whistles I liked about most fighting games.
Those were just a few bells and whistles I liked about games.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Type of RPG Character I hate #2: That Fat Pope Looking Guy

You generally see this guy every 1 out of 3 RPG games.  Its the Fat Pope Looking Guy.  8 times out of 10 this guy is usually evil and totally wants your party dead cause you exposed the truth.  The other time they're the guy that's totally unimportant unless you die, need healing, or he shows you a secret passage to escape your pursuers.  That other 1 time he sends you on a quest for some ancient holy artifact that in reality is totally useless to the plot or ends up being stolen, broken, or an absolute fake. So in other words you got sent on a wild goose chase to gain levels.

What's wrong with this guy.  Well aside from the fact that they're generally evil or the religion is well...evil.  They enforce this upon the entire world or town.  If you go against this you're a heathen and therefore must be killed. This isn't to say that actual religion in real life is bad in anyway cause remember its a video game.  (But I can point some easy comparisons between that subject but we're not here for that).  You see although it gives the people hope and such.  You find it hard to follow some of those customs as it rather dumb and there's some things that just don't add up to being well...morally right.  Wait we have to sacrifice a summoner every few years to hopefully pay for our sins...and we've been doing this for how long now???  We have to follow exactly what this giant magical rock we found says to the end of our lives even as far as to what we will eat and who to blow up??? Hold up...we have to have a competition of collecting summon spirits, to decide which group of people should live and die and there's no other way?   (Tales of the Abyss, Final Fantasy X, Arc Rise Fantasia reference)

Now what's bad about this is that the Fat-Pope-Looking-Guy will go to great lengths to kill you in order to enforce this supposed will of god.  Just because you have a mind that thinks differently from all the other NPCs.  Have you marked a heretic, turn into a boss monster, do some random crap behind the scenes that will affect you in the future.  Usually if they've done that then most likely you've discovered the truth behind things going on.  But onwards to the one thing I haven't touched on yet.

When you're sent on a quest for them.  Its generally a wild goose chase. Even if its to protect/save the world. Oh well the item of massive power is hidden deep in this dungeon filled with traps and monsters that the enemy can't possibly get access to but I don't think its safe so go get it for me.  Well you go to get it after facing traps and of course the guardian monster that no one with common sense would go face.  Only to find out this item is either absolutely useless, a fake, or stolen by the enemy who wanted you to solve all the puzzles you spent about 2 hours working with.  Oh thank you for your help now here's something that's absolutely useless to you.

The only time these characters are useful is when they're your generally hospital area.  We'll revive your party members, uncurse them, and save your game. Also if you game over you'll revive here.  Thank you cause of you we'll be able to save the world cause your here.  Even though you guys are becoming obsolete.

Monday, November 14, 2011

FAQ Interview 11/13/2011

1. When did you start Youtubing and why?
I started being somewhat regular on YT around 2005-2006 year.  A friend introduced me showing a what I think is now a lame game music video.  But I was interested in it and tried the same thing myself.  Of course he didn't like it but I did.  And since I pratically just graduated.  No job around the time I just figured its something to pass the time.  I never expected to still be on the place at this point in my life.

2.  What made you start posting game videos?
Not much really a few months after starting on Youtube I found other users managing to upload game videos.  That wasn't from When I figured out how they were doing it I of course couldn't mimic that cause at the time Capture Cards were expensive.  So I used my GBA emulator and just did random Megaman videos.  It wasn't till later that I discovered my own methods for recording and uploading videos from consoles.

3.  Why do so many users tend to hate on how you play your games?
Many reasons.  But I believe its mainly cause I play for a different purpose and my methods of how I play a game differs from everyone else. They also expect many people like myself to be instantly "god-like" at every game I play.

4. Why don't you practice before recording or uploading videos?
To be honest I spend a lot more time converting and uploading videos than actually playing the game itself.  I generally just go with first successful runs instead of wasting hours getting good at something I'll probably never come back to.  I tend to do better when I'm not thinking about uploading this or that to YT either.

5. Why do you tend to not follow other players strategies or play styles?
A lot of reasons;  1 when I see a lot of other players and how they handled things its far too situational for me to even bother with. 2. A lot of strategies I see are generally luck based and players probably went through multiple attempts (but may never admit it) to get that method to work.  3. For fighting games especially I really don't have the time to sit by and learn these things.  Usually once I learn that method its far too late and absolutely useless to me (due to patches, new releases, no one cares, etc.).

6. What do you think is the problem with gamers today?
I could say its the choices of games they play but that's just biased.  I would say its everyone wants to be a copycat.  Only those that they regard as pros apparently say so on how to play a game.  This isn't saying that no one should listen to pros.  However not allowing someone to play the way they like is rather extreme.  A strategy guide only really shows one way to play a game.  However, there are 1000s of ways to go about playing the same game.  So everyone can't play the same way.

7. Why do you tell others to upload there own videos as a response for telling you that "you suck"?
This is because a lot of cases ppl are just haters. Its better for them to just upload something better than to just talk crap.  I don't care who's better at what game honestly as I'm not trying to be the best at my games.

8. Have you ever been to tournaments before?
Yes I have many in fact.  Mainly good at 3D fighters like Soul Calibur. At the time I was the quiet one never really talked to anyone that I didn't already know.  Mainly due to competition.  I stopped going when I turned 22 cause I realized it wasn't that important to me.  If I actually put my heart into it I could win.  I'm glad I left the tournament scene when I did as it started turning into a mosh pit (for lack of a better word) from what I've seen.  

9. Why don't finish a lot of games you started uploading?
A lot of reasons.  I generally lose interest.  I do have a lot of games.  But its way too easy to lose interest in a game.  Especially in these new ones.  I pretty much stopped playing any M rated games.  If I had the time I had when I was younger I'd be done with most of my games in about 2 weeks.

10. Your YT Profile says you upload for yourself. What do you mean by that entirely?
Generally as it says.  With so many games I own and so many more being released that I want to play.  Keeping up is harder than ever.  In a lot of cases I just want to playthrough a game once.  I like only maybe certain parts of a game but I know it takes forever to replay to build up to that point.  So I generally want to play through only once.  Maybe a few more times depending on the game.  So I have it there for memories.  I don't like taking request as I end up with some outrageous request.  It may sound like an old man but I wanna  look back these one day and go.  Hey I remember that part.

11.  Why do you not aim for the best like a lot of ppl say you should do in everything?
While I like video games and its a hobby.  I don't play for competitive sport.  I play generally for storyline.  Find a character I can relate to and finish the game.  Its nice to win every now and then.  But if I play to win I feel I won't be remembered for such things.  Everyone generally moves on from these games and forgets who played what.  Besides the games I have a chance in there's not really a place I can freely go to in order to prove myself.  And I live in a major city.

12. Why do you hate pros?
I don't hate pro players.  I hate those that act like they're gods and force others to play like they do.  Also you can be a pro player and not be a jerk at the same time. I like those that play for the fun of it and are rather friendly win or lose.

13.  How do you deal with online players?
I treat them the same as I would treat others.  I just play for fun.  I might send a gg message now and again.  I get hate messages now and then too.  I try not to care.  In fact I generally turn off messages that aren't from friends.

14. Why do you respond to some people that flame?
Some people online totally misunderstand my point.  Although I'll generally not care after about a day or so unless that person responds.  So really I'm trying to figure out what that person is really saying.  Most of the time they'll dodge that question and bring up something that's totally irrelevant to the subject.  I would rather they get to the point than just play 20 questions.

15. Are there any games you're looking forward to?
Not too many.  Been mainly looking at old titles.  But I would say KoFXIII, Solartarobo, can't think of much else.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Naming RPG Characters - The Most Time Consuming Thing Ever

Ok if you thought grinding on an RPG was the most time consuming thing around.  Think again.  What really consumes a player's time is naming things.  Naming things you say?  What is this I don't even?!  
In RPGs the most you get the option to rename is the main character.  Also the most simple.  Maybe.  But in many other RPGs heck generally any game.  They ask you to name the epic cool main character.  That's if the character is awesome....most of the time you find out the main character sucks compared to the epic lone wolf guy standing in the corner over there. Anyway.  
Its hard to decide on a name at times.  Most of the time you go with your name.  Cause you're cool and awesome and get to carry an oversized weapon that makes no sense.  (most likely its a sword).  But then when you name the character it sounds totally out of place compared to the area you start out in.  
Ex: I'm the somewhat nameless protaganist who lives in Japan...My name will be Brad!!! Last name Ry!!! Yeah I'm awesome......Next character met.....Hi my name is Mitsuro Kirijo!!! I'm clearly japanese.  (If you haven't figured out I just referenced Persona 3 then I kinda feel sorry for you.)
Oh I clearly sound like I came from America even though I was born in Japan in this game....well no worries. Nobody will pick up on this at all!!!! yeslaugh
Ok that situation is all too common. But what about this situation....You name yourself after the main character but in the long run you end up wishing you named yourself after SUPER AWESOME ASS-KICKING GUY #7 who just joined your party.  This must be because of one reason....the chararcter you named yourself after...yes is a crybaby, emo-loser, who doesn't deserve your great and all powerful name!
Ex: Well Tidus since you're clearly cool in every way and an awesome sports jock...You're name is now! Brad! *4 hours later Auron joins* OMG Auron you're clearly awesome!!! And these summons are far more awesome than this loser of a main character Tidus!!! I shoulda named myself after these characters!!! Now I can't change the names!(yep a FFX reference I don't care for the hate we all wanted to name ourselves after Auron at one time or another....males anyway.)
Well those 2 situations appear all too often for RPG players.  What about this one.  There's way too many characters and other things you can name.  If you've played a Disgaea game this situation pops up often.  Heck even a fighting game where you get the option to create a character....(Not to mention Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep giving you the option to name your finishing commands etc.)
Ok I'm a pokemon trainer...My name is already set.  Now that was easy even though I look like a generic character that over a million ppl also chose.  OH well what can ya do. Here's the problem....You caught all 6000 pokemon! (obvious exaggeration) Would you like to rename them?!  surpriseindecision Well.....#%$@!!!!!  Let me decide on epic names for my party.  Go uh........give me about an hour.  *1 hour later* Ok your name is uh....awww dangit!!!!
Generally unless you don't care for names you just stick with default.....although if your playing to become ultra master god of the world at a game that everyone will quickly forget when the sequel is released.  You probably have clones of the same character in this regard and forgot to note who's who. Well I'll just name you training fodder 1,2,3,....
Its worse when it comes to naming attacks.  Although naming attacks is rather rare occasion.  But you want a cool name that you can scream out in the safety of your room without embarrassing yourself.  You don't really wanna borrow the name of some random attack you heard off an anime.  But you tend to do so anyway.  
This new attack is called "SERPENTS INFERNAL RAPTURE!!!" (Lol Blazblue)
Oh crap I totally stole that one will notice....."I did" -shot-
Ok so that didn't work. Lets combine the names no one will know!
EAT THIS!!! "Shinku Emerald Tyrant Rave!!!"  (SF + Blazblue + Guilty Gear LOL)
Hah you're so original!!! You combined attack names!!! 
Well that didn't work either....only one choice left......GOOGLE!!! Lets see what comes up after 3 hours of searching!!! Ok I got a really long list.....and I got some really "cool" (yeah right) names!!!! 
Ok my new attack is called "Terra Hawk Mane!!!!" (cricket sounds)  Shut up its awesome!!!angry
Sigh what do you think about renaming and making up names? Hard as hell or not?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just Ask It. You know you want to.

Worst RPG Enemy Types Ever Made (But they have to be there)

We all have one or more.  Those enemy types that you just absolutely hate cause of the way that enemy acts.  Usually the ones you hate fighting and just absolutely find some way to avoid them at all cost.  Here's just a few of mine.

The living dead, zombies, skeletons, undead whatever name you give them.  They all act the same.  1000+ of them and generally 1 - 5 of you.  They show up generally where you absolutely expect them.  A graveyard, some dark cave, a cursed castle...really just everywhere.  And what do they have that you don't....numbers.  Generally weak on there own they always show up with a posse ready to beat your party down for stepping down on there turf.  In worst case scenarios they pair up with poison, death spells and even making you one of them.  Forcing your item use or some precious MP use that you're trying to save until you get to the boss.

Great Examples of Zombies:
FF12: In FF12 Zombies were always found in dark areas.  In fact if there was a war in that area guarantee the living dead is chillin there. This wouldn't be a problem if the game itself didn't lag due to so many on screen zombies at once.  Your thoughts of casting cure on them were great....but while you're busy casting the game is lagging and they're allowed a bunch of free hits.

FFT series: Anything undead was the absolute worst.  The game was already smart enough to take out your weakest unit.  Add to the fact that here they have a chance of reviving.  Killing them is just not easy.  They want a piece of you and will get it anyway they can.

Blue Dragon: Although rather weak enemies...(and the fact that you can find an Akira Toriyama character that looks just like them.) These guys always annoyed you.  Generally using a random move that forces you out of your normal routine of killing cause one or more decided to be a dousche and not die.  Unlike Final Fantasy you couldn't just cast a cure spell on had to use your stronger stuff.

Shining Tears:  A game that specialized in mass mob killing.  Zombies were among the worst to deal with.  If you didn't bring the healing mage with you (Ryuna) despite how somewhat useless she is.  These guys were gonna come back to life often and attack you from behind.  Add the random lag you encounter when you have well over 70+ enemies on screen at once.  Expect some casualties if you don't have a lot healing items.

"You must kill me cause I have an item you need" Enemy
In a lot of games you just have to fight a boss grab the treasure its guarding or mutilate its dead corpse. Bring it back to town move on.  Others however.  Its either:
A. This Monster has a rare drop of an item that you want.  But because you want it.  You'll have to kill 100 or more of this enemy to get it.
B. There's 1000s of this enemy everywhere but you must find "The One" in order to get an item you most likely already have or will never ever use in the game ever again.
C. You're hunting this enemy to make the epic SWORD THAT SLAYS ALL and its just one of the many items you need leaving you to travel the world searching for the other enemies.
Why its so bad? Well considering how long it takes.  You could have saved the world, conquered it, train a bunch of new heroes to save the world, and save the world again.  In fact by the time you acquire this item you'll find out its an absolute waste of time and all the problems woulda been solved by killing that evil guy standing in the corner who has an even cooler sword than the one you want.

MMORPG's: Well guess what this is what MMO's are all about.  This is where most of your time goes is farming some monster for a weapon that will probably become obsolete. Its not about leveling its about getting the coolest stuff.
Tales Of...Series: Yep if you want that all Items achievement. Or just to gain'll spend time doing this.
Castlevania: How many monsters do I have to kill just to acquire some item I'm not gonna use?  Well the count is unknown in fact its practically based on luck.
MegamanX: Command Mission: Well aside from the fact that the weapons you want are pretty much useless. The chances of acquiring that weapon are minimal to none.

Minions (you know those little guys)
There in every RPG.  Usually protecting the boss you want dead.  They do mainly the most annoying things.  Healing the boss, sacrificing there lives, Keeping you busy while boss heals and attacks you cheaply, just standing there looking stupid, etc..  Pretty much they're there to stall for time.  Its even worse when they talk for 5 minutes explaining that he/she/it/we must protect there master. Its also bad when boss has parts it can revive that also attack you. They just want to waste your time.  Not much else.  Its an extremely annoying when the minions are stronger than the boss itself or when they decided to gang up on 1 character.

Tales of Vesperia: Gattuso....what's known by many as the hardest boss of the game.  It would be generally easier to deal with if not for the little detail about its 2 little cubs gnawing on your back or your friends back.
FF8: Seifer the total SOB that feels he must be superior to you in every way.  Giving a speech about how he has to prove himself.  Add to the fact that he doesn't inflict any real damage against you.  He's just a time waster for the real enemy.
FF6: A lot of bosses in this game keep spawning minions for the sake of being a sacrificial lamb.  Usually exploding.....not fun.