Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Street Fighter X Megaman Its Free So...

Like probably 700,000+ (probably way more than that) people of Capcom. They went out of there way to download this game from Capcom's site.  Its a totally free game that generally works with any OS (Although I hear Mac's and Linux can't do it???? whatever). After spending a good amount of time trying to download this title. I played it a bit.  Can't say I've beaten it cause I've quit midway each time.  I have beaten all the masters just not the final boss whom I haven't seen yet.  Lets strike the areas I feel are most important for me to address. No videos of this game till I feel like it. There's already a massive set of videos going around Youtube on it so yeah.


I seem to be the only one with this issue. But as I'm playing the game I get to the boss and no Boss music?!  Seriously where is it. Not only that but no victory music.  I posted this on Capcom Community's site and YT but no help (Not to mention everyone is concentrating on my frame rate issue that's caused by my recording software which I already stated I know how to fix. *eyeroll*).  

The other issue I had is how do I use my E-Tank?  I know some random person out there is whining, "Real Megaman players don't use E-Tanks noob." Well I say they wouldn't be in the game if they didn't want you to use them. Anyway I can't select my E-Tank despite having 4 of them.  I mean I don't have a problem dealing with this little bugs but I would like to enjoy my Megaman Experience to the full.  


The best stage IMO I would have to say the most engaging is Viper's. Most unique is between Dhalsim and Urien's.  Dhalsim's is sorta like a maze and unless you're stareing at the stage background and obstacles carefully you won't realize that you have to go in a sort of circle to get to the boss door.  I actually saw someone's comment complain about this going against everything Megaman is about.  Well you have to change things up at some point in your life. Its not Hershey's chocolate.  Urien's has sorta unique falling platforms (been done before I believe) As well as climbable backgrounds. I really wouldn't have realized the climbable walls if I wasn't falling back to old school Megaman Skills.  (seriously if you Megaman Anniversary collection with the tips on the game litterally teaches you the tricks and skills to make it through the game.)


Like all Megaman bosses you can beat them with the buster.  So they aren't too hard. They're not too easy either.  The inclusion of the bosses all having an Ultra Meter for that epic ultra combo is a nice touch. Even having the background flash if you die to an ultra is pretty funny to watch. Slide works on most bosses so I kinda feel like I'm playing Network Transmission and learning the bosses AI patterns.  Eventually I'll get them down to where I no damage them.  I also noted that if you do damage to them and die you see PERFECT! across your screen.  Definitely a unique boss designs going here even if they're based on simaller attack patterns of there SF Game counterparts.


Its a free game so I don't expect much. Heck actually I didn't think I'd see this much from a free game.  I guess good Freeware and Shareware still exist I haven't exactly played anything good that's pretty much free in a long time.  If there's a way to fix my issues I'll get full enjoyment out of this.  I feel this is how MM9 and MM10 should have been cause if I remember right there was no charge shots and no sliding available for Megaman which in all honesty is rather stupid considering the timeline.  


If I wanted Megaman to continue and I do.  I would like CAPCOM to finish the storylines properly and not leave us hanging. I can say Classic Megaman (Rockman) has a proper conclusion and pretty much anything after Megaman 8 is just filler, side story stuff. X series you can say it ended at 5, 6 or whatever don't care. X8 did give sorta a proper closure but also left a good possibility of X9 with its ending (Not to mention the complaints of the timeline of X8 and X Command Mission). Zero series was given closure. .EXE series has a proper closure and even Starforce has a proper closure. I do think Starforce series could do another game Even though there's no need.  

Now The Legends series.  Yes like many other people I would like to see a Legends 3.  Outside the joke that Megaman Volnutt is stuck on a space satelite with Roll's mom.  I would like to see another game that would show something like how the world is faring now that there isn't really anyone to well..."Reset the World" so to speak.  So yeah definitely would be worth it for me to see another Legends 3.

Capcom in general.  I would want to see certain games have sequels I don't mind the fact that the company brings back a specific game but I'm honestly sick of them doing that. Yeah its nice to see Darkstalkers, 3rd Strike, MvC1, etc.  But really that's something they should have done ages ago. I think Capcom keeps playing it safe knowing they have so many quick fix cash cows to go to when needed.  Yeah they can throw out a RE, Dead Rising, Monster Hunter, Blah blah blah, but why not go out of there way and try something completely different.  Then just stick to it.  I know Street Fighter X Tekken has issues but its something new and I honestly would look forward to seeing it develop further.

Anyway I hope Capcom and many other companies don't forget there older games. Yeah some died well.  But its obvious the games a lot of fans want to see have obviously not died and just keep getting the boot for one reason or another.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The last Characters of BB: Chrono Phantasma (Nu-13 Mu-12, & Izayoi)

These characters are not truly released yet. On Dec. 12th (I believe that's the date) we'll be able to see them in full action.  I was able to see about 5 videos of Nu-13 (not counting this trailer).  


 Not much has changed but the old Nu is back. And Lamda is back as well. She didn't get a huge change just 1 new move.  A mode switch. When Nu activates this move most of her specail moves act more like Lamda's specials back in CS. So really you're getting 2 characters in 1. It'll be clever to see where this goes in terms of Nu combos. Players haven't really utilized this new move of hers yet and have pretty much stuck to the old Nu.


All I know is that her Astral animation has changed.  She has a new air normal from the looks of things. It also seems that her j.5C can be used as a crossup now. She has a new special that seems more like some sort of pursuit attack where she jumps in the air and does a fancy slash.  What makes this a great move is that you can continue your combo and its pretty low to the ground.  Honestly an easy 2000 - 3000+ damage there.  Mu still has the same issue with one of her Distortion drives and that's trying to combo into it off her 6C.  But that's generally a habit that's hard to break.  So has she changed much? Not really. Still dangerous to fight against however.


With a guage simaller to Hakumen's she's able to execute certain moves.  Mainly she she's known to teleport right in front of or behind her opponent. She's pretty so closing the distance should be no problem.  I haven't really seen what exactly she's capable of except for some Trans-AM loop (She actually says Trans-AM) 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Old Cast Look (Updates as I go through videos)

This is based on the videos I've seen on YT about each character.  I'm not basing this on Dustloop's findings or any other forum this is just my personal thoughts from what I've seen.  If you want to see the videos yourself you can view a very good amount of them on this YT Channel.


This channel has been updating with japanese arcade videos almost everyday.  If I've made a mistake feel free to correct where neccessary. I'll try to make notes about it.  Nu-13 and Izayoi will not be included in this list as they have not been released as of the day I've started this. Those 2 and any other characters will be put in another blog post. I've already listed the 3 new characters thoughts on a previous post.  This post here will be updated as I finish going through videos specific to that character.


Well Arakune's strategy hasn't changed much. Build up curse and win. He does have a few new ways to land a curse on you. Difference is the curse time is much shorter and you can't just mash it out the moment you get it as it'll drain much faster depending on what button is pressed. He has a new move that involves summoning a giant spider. Pretty much fills about 1/4th of the curse guage and a hard knock down. Whether you can combo off it is still a mystery. It has pretty good projectile durability as I’ve seen it stop a few of Platinum’s random objects. The curse combo damage seems to have dropped. Most I've seen done with it was about 5500 damage. While nothing to gawk at compared to previous games where he did well over 10k Meterless so it seems this is a huge drop (or balance). Arakune has also gained a few combos that have no need of curse so you giant blob players have some more options to choose from.  His weakness still seems to be his predictability. A lot of times you can easily tell what move will be used next. Or really I should say using the wrong move can lead to Arakune's demise.  His overdrive seems to prolong the curse effect (along with freezing the meter) allowing for those classic Arakune combos we all love and loathe.  Overall he’s still a beast in the right hands a giant slime monster at the beginning of an RPG game in the wrong hands. 

Bang Shishigami

Everyone’s favorite loud mouth Ninja is back with a few new tricks. NO NOT NARUTO!  I’m not sure if that 5Aang title of his is back in business. But he can dish out some serious punishment. His Super Bang mode actually went through some major changes. It only last a short amount of time now It also changes some of his move animations aside from increased damage. He has a new super that pretty much GGXX’s Chipp Zanuff’s super from the old days.  Oh Super Bang’s theme has changed. Its not as loud as before but still has that Super Sentai/Kamen Rider enemy is about to die motif on it.  Bang’s old shenanigans with his needles are still there so no need to worry Bang users. Bang’s overdrive is pretty much Super Bang without the defense drop.  If you’re worried about Bang’s needle rain (you know that move with the umbrella raining down lots of needles. It no longer requires meter and it doesn’t eat up all of your needles.  In fact it actually travels forward a little slowly.  I honestly haven’t seen anyone use Bang’s Drive for defensive purposes but its still there.  Bang’s theme song its rather cool for a remix.  Its hard to say what Bang’s weakness is I guess being good at blocking?  I never really played as Bang in the old days and I can’t honestly say I’ve fought against many Bang’s in my past.  From what I’ve seen it looks like Hakumen is Bang’s worst enemy in terms of matchup everything Bang has Hakumen seems to say, “No won’t let you!”

Carl Clover

While we’ll miss the old boring ADA loops.  Carl has stepped his game up quite a bit from before.  ADA has new slapping move that has some very deceptive range on it.  Carl has a new overhead that actually does guard break if hitting an opponent that blocks low.  ADA dies really quick now so Carl’s shenanigans won’t last as long as they used to.  But as I’m watching Carl it seems he’s able to stand his ground without his dear sister for a bit. The mix up potential is still dangerous to deal with.  Carl’s Astral has changed. No more 10 seconds to a whiffed explosion. Now its get captured by ADA and mangled by giant gears of doom as all part of Carl’s Magic show.  Although Carl’s ADA loop shenanigans are gone his tactics are still there. From the Off screen ADA to being trapped between him and his sister. Carl’s Overdrive is pretty much Unlimited Carl without the HP decrease. This also allows Carl to use that sweet distortion Relius has (you know the one of trapping you in a giant ball of magic and making it explode) So I suspect this means Unlimited ADA for a short time.  Carl still has low HP but at least he has more options to deal with that weakness. Maybe this will encourage more people to use the little boy and his mechanical sister.


After going through so many nerfs. It seems Hakumen may have some hope in being close to his old self. His forward throw seems to add stun/crumple instead of knockdown. He has a new aerial move that’s like Jin’s J.2C attack. He’s also is better at performing OTG’s than he was in the past. Hakumen also has another move that can launch the opponent rather high into the air. Though the time it takes to pull it out is rather long so most likely used after stunning.  As usual Hakumen can take punishment and return it in spades.  Hakumen’s Overdrive pretty much turns him into Unlimited Hakumen in terms of how fast his gauge charges. But not only that but his Distortion moves mainly the counter one turns into a 20 hit attack OMG!!!!   It seems Haku’s 4C can be canceled at anytime leaving your opponent baffled if you choose not go through with it. I also noticed that Koukoujin Ougi: Mugen (Infinity) drains Hakumen's guage a lot faster than before. A common Hakumen strategy I'm seeing is to activate overdrive and quickly gain about 4 or 5 Magatama's.  Hakumen still has rough time winning so he needs work to be good with. 


The "Original Troll" as some ppl call him is still around.  A new super that I guess is a command grab where he pretty much curb stomps you is what this guy brings to the table. You can cancel into this move rather easily to fool your guarding opponent. Other than that it seems his combos and strategies have pretty much stayed intact.  His Overdrive mode brings back that one thing we all hated about the Continuum Shift. Unlimited Hazama. Yep that draining field is back in all its glory just you don't have to worry about it for an entire match just the length of the overdrive.  If you're wondering about Jyaku Houtenjin (You know that annoying kick distortion drive)  its still there. It seems that Hazama's 6C move when used in combo has a shorter time get out. Hazama also has a slight new addition to his Serpent's Benediction move. He is now able to backdash (and possibly forward dash) and still hold the stance. The distance of the backdash is pretty great compared to his normal backdash (about 1.5x a normal ground backdash). 

Jin Kisaragi

Jin has done a lot of growing up. Honestly probably the character that has always been changing. So far he's has the most changes done in this game.  Where to start.  His Infamous Ice Car now is closer to the ground really what that means is it should be even easier to combo off of. He has a new Aerial move. Simaller to Hakumen's Tsubaki move Jin's is more of a close range version that seems to be a better alternative to ending one of Jin's many Air combos as opposed to j.D.  His Sekkaijin (the move you got from mashing C on accident most of the time.) has changed to a 3-5 rapid slash which causes a knockdown. Add to this he has an EX version of this that ends like GGXX AC+'s Johnny's Dust Break. (if that's not a good reference think of Jin/Hakumen's Yukikaze Distortion Drive without the guard animation). Our schizophrenic friend is now able to do his Ice Arrow Distortion in the air firing it in a diagonal down direction.   Jin's Overdrive is probably the most SWAG I've seen thus far in gameplay. As usual allowing Unlimited Jin to be of use so insta-freeze on certain moves. He has a hidden Distortion available to him as pretty much a combo ender where he freezes the ground (kinda like his Astral but not that lethal) and looks cool doing it.  His combo ability seems to be rather better than what it was in CS or at least allow a bit more leeway in mistakes. Needless to say Jin will be rather dangerous to tangle with now.  Also he has new win pose. SWAG

Litchi Faye Ling

There honestly isn't much that's changed about her. She has 1 new Distortion Drive that does not need her staff (I think there's a version of it with the staff as well) its pretty much a combo attack that requires the first hit to connect. If whiffed she's in trouble.  Her 13 Orphans Distortion seems to have changed instead of the staff ending the move by spinning like a top it just keeps constantly punching. The animation on this is also faster as well.  Litchi has a dashing move very similar to that of Jam from Guilty Gear X.  I believe this requires you to have already placed the staff on the ground. This move also causes a wall bounce. Litchi's Overdrive is rather interesting.  Her staff begins to move somewhat on its own. I believe pressing the D button will make the staff attack poking like an attack from her "Great Wheel" Distortion move.  The way I've seen it used suggest she can now cover her moves using the staff to keep the pressure on her opponent similar to that of Relius/Carl Clover's fighting style. Overall it doesn't seem as if Litchi gained any advantages in this game and really has to work for her wins. Only time will tell.

Makoto Nanaya

Did this girl even change at all? I guess I could say she's become a lot faster than her previous incarnations. Although I doubt that what made ppl like her then drop her is back in anyway, shape, or form (Parry cancel combos).  It seems if you want a character that can keep the pressure on and there name isn't Tsubaki or Noel then Makoto is the way to go.  If any new move was added then its that she has D versions added to some of her repetoire of moves.  Some being off her command dash (I know she already had ones before but there's more versions of it). One being right off the version that attacks high with an uppercut allowing her to use D as a followup Overhead move. The squirrel did gain a new dash punch move. This move can also be Charge with the D button. Makoto's combo's have pretty much stayed intact.  She can even combo into her universal guard break move.  Makoto's Overdrive mode makes the D button charging extremely simple. Every D button hit is automatically a LVL 3 charge. So its obvious she's still a pain to fight against.  

Noel Vermillion

Probably another big change in the original cast. Noel's game has gotten much better from the past. Her wardrobed even changed.  Anyway Noel's Revolver blast now has an ender to it to knockdown her opponent by hitting 2C. During her D combo, Noel's 5B causes a wall bounce. She has a new move of combining her 2 guns into what looks like a rifle but like most of Noel's gun moves this is also a close range attack.  Probably the biggest change most players are dissapointed with is that her Astral changed. Its now a counter move like Hakumen's but seriously easy to perform (236236D iirc).

Platinum The Trinity

Platinum was a pain to deal with in the past. It is no different today. Maybe even worse. She has a new item added to her rather random set of crap she shoots out from her staff. A sorta surprise box that sits on the ground and when the opponent is close enough they fire off a huge cat rocket upwards being about 2 hits for roughly 1200 damage (I think this is a super).  What makes this annoying is that apparently they cannot be destroyed and take a long time to disappear.  Meaning Platinum can now play keep away and run the clock.  She apparently has a counter move as well. It looks like a random taunt but its just one of her tricks approach close enough and get smacked in the face. 

Rachel Alucard

The matches I've seen of her I haven't really noticed any significant changes.  George the XIII takes a little bit longer to recharge. She has a new projectile. Its in the form of a very slow moving bat with a fan that homes in on the opponent.  This move does nothing on its own but add some wind to it and they'll do damage.  Her Standing 6C move also seems to hit behind her as well. Aside from that Rachel hasn't changed much. Why would need to change a solid character? I see no reason why.

Ragna The Bloodedge

He's done a little growing since his foolish antics in CT and CS.  Not too much though.  Dead Spike now has a longer horizontally however its height has been reduced.  A new overhead Blood Scythe I think its called. He attacks like GG's Testament's 214+S move.  It acts like an overhead.  Everyone's favorite Belial Edge is still there.  Ragna's overdrive = Unlimited Ragna (notice a trend here) Its honestly a good alternative to Blood Kain. More or less Ragna is still the same as before.  

Relius Clover

Not much changes. He hasn't exactly been here long to get changes.  He has a new move that attacks from underground. This move tracks your opponent so it would be very hard to avoid unless they're jumping. This can be easily followed up with an Ignis attack for a decent high-low mixup. I honestly never played BBCS: Extend so I don't really notice any big changes in his moveset.  

Iron Tager

More upgrades for the big guy.  Tager can now perform his command throw in the air.  He can even hold the  magnetic part in the air. (somebody been watching SSF4 AE 2012 Zangief's Ultra 2.)  Spark Bolt can be aimed diagonally upwards now.  I have no real knowledge on his overdrive mode does sorry (-_-). Tager's style is still the same.  Magnetize, Throw, repeat till dead.  But with more another zoner in the mix as well and even more quick moving opponents Tager has a harder time winning. (Unless you know online tactics LOL.)


Well the first thing I noted was that Taokaka has an Air Super now.  Pretty much her and Torakaka (the black cat you saw in BBCS and possibly CT) attack in unison. Tao's combos are pretty much still the same as before. How your opponent is juggled is somewhat different however.  She's still "bouncing off the walls" as they say like before. 

Tsubaki Yayoi

So going blind has its advanatages.  She can launch her slow moving projectile from the ground as well now. If you use the D version of her "charging star" it'll act more like Captain America's Hyper Charging star and perform multiple hits instead.  I believe this also causes a wall bounce as well. Tsubaki's throw can now cause a wall bounce instead of stun.  She also gained a command grab of her own.  It looks very brutal and even has a D version.  Probably the biggest look is that she's gained a projectile Distortion move. Although this doesn't combo well Tsubaki is pretty much invincible during this move and the projectile have pretty good homing. I've honestly only found Hazama to successfully dodge it. Tsubaki's core gameplay is still intact.  I don't see many players going for her air combos since her ground game has improved.

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

From what I've noticed. No real big changes in the werewolf butler.  His wolf form gained a few new normals to the point that you can make a complete combo specifically off of that.  I haven't seen any new special or super moves from him in the very few videos available of Valkenhyne.  So I definitely need info.

Note #1: Some of the character’s new attacks seem to be more of a universal guard break attack instead.  While they all seem to possess different effects when they hit normally. It’s main intent is for guard breaking. 

Note 2: There may be a new song specifically for the 6 Heroes when they battle. (Hakumen, Hazama, Platinum)

Note 3: This list does not include Nu-13, Mu-12, or Izayoi as they have not been released yet from the day I’m writing this.

Note 4: New System Change. A penalizing system called "Same Attack Combo" this punishes you for using the same move in the same combo more than once. Your opponent may be able to tech out of this quickly when this occurs. I believe this also reduces the damage on your combo as well.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma First Thoughts (Based on Match Videos)

The game hit the arcades and it seems the system has got the overhaul it needed for a couple of years now. Feel free to correct/inform me of any mistakes I've made case this is just an examination of what I'm viewing. I'm not Dustloop and I'm not grabbing my info from there. I won't officially know it all till the game actually hits console's (assuming it actually does).


The game flows at a MUCH faster pace. While the timer flows at its normal pace and matches end somewhere around 30 seconds left on the clock. It doesn't feel like you're waiting forever for the round to end.

Music and Sound Effects.

All the old character themes have been remixed.  I only have a problem with Jin and Tager's theme. Jin's theme seems to take quite a bit of time to get to the action part. Tager's I could barely tell it was his theme until about 45 seconds in. I get the same sense with Hakumen's theme but that's only if I'm not paying attention.  The sound effects have changed to a more exxagerated sound.  Slashes remind me of the times I've played game Strider 2 a bit. Punches and kicks sound like someone is getting brutally slapped.  Jin's Ice sound effects are there but not as noticeable as before.


The game has definitely a huge overhaul.  From what I've seen.

-The Guard break system from the old days is gone.
-Barrier Guard is still there but not used as much as before.
-Distortion Gauge (Super Meter) is still there and functions as normal.
-The Barrier Burst system has been overhauled to the old days of Guilty Gear or like that of Persona 4: Arena So it can recharge overtime.

What's new to it.

Overdrive System.
A definite comeback mechanic in some cases. Other cases its a mechanic to pull some of the most fancy SWAG you can think of. Depending on how much life you have remaining when its activated you get. Separated into levels (Full HP = LVL 1, Half HP = LVL 2, 1/3rd or 1/4th HP = LVL 3)

-move changes,
-freeze the timer,
-Freeze your Distortion Meter
-Become the unlimited version of your character temporarily.

At the cost of your burst you gain this option. It can seriously be a game changer in the right person's hands. However once this option is used your burst seems to take a LONG time to recharge. Also your burst recharge is more dependant on how aggressive you are it seems.


Lets start with the new guys.  There's 4 new ones from what I know (1 yet to be released).


This feminine dude fights with a scarf (or whatever you call em).  If you thought Hakumen had long pokes this guy takes the cake. His pokes are about as long as UMvC3's Ghost Rider's.  When most of his long range normals hit they draw the opponent in closer. But that's not the main surprising thing I've seen this guy capable of. His damage is rather dependant on his Spiral Gauge (I think that's what its called). This guy is capable of TONS of chip damage if allowed. His weakness seems to be fighting at close range or really speedy characters (Noel, Tsubaki, etc.). You also don't wanna just throw your normals/specials without care as a well timed block or overhead will make Amane pay for it.  However if Amane applies pressure its very hard to get out of it seems.


When I see her I think of P4:A's Aigis but an all close range version. You can probably put her in the same category as Noel and Tsubaki. Being a very dangerous close range speedy fighter. But you can also think of her as Arcana Heart 3's Zenia Valov but grown up. She has so many ways of putting you in the corner its not even funny. Just when you think you're out of the corner you're back in it.  That drive of hers reminds me of Aigis' Orgia mode minus the cool down time. The matches I've seen of her seem to focus mainly on overheads and creating some mad resets. Its rather obvious that this character focuses on pure aggression. I think she can get away with a lot of things and not care about whether they work or not. But if she's not attacking that to me seems to be her main weakness as it looks like she doesn't have many responses to a keep-away game or being kept on defense. A very likable character but seems to be rather execution heavy.


Hard to give comments on.  He's definitely a heavyweight but thanks god he's not a grappler like Tager. Seriously slow. But his dash is interesting as he teleports a short distance it also allows him to pass through the opponent.  While at long range his posses little threat but if he's close range don't give him a moment.  Although he's slow he seems to love it when you're blocking against him.  I have little idea how his drive works. It seems to add a weakness mark that stays for quite some time and if hit by certain moves the opponent is either stunned, crumpled, etc (I guess). His get off me attack is rather funny since he just glows and the opponent is blown back. So although a slow character he's definitely one not to be taken lightly he can definitely take some punishment and give it back ten-fold. It's obvious his weakness is his speed. But the raw power he has makes me look forward to this character. Maybe I can finally stop playing as the female cast.

I'll try an cover the old cast later. Since that's a lot harder to cover.  But if you want to watch more videos of this game This YT channel has been uploading a TON of videos daily on the game itself.


Even more so this channel has categorized the playlists based on characters.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

December's Pretty Much Here I'm not Happy About It (Update)

End of the year is approaching.  I know I shouldn't sound depressed about this but. I hate the holidays, and I hate the end of the year.

I don't celebrate holidays (none of them).  My personal reason is due to how messed up they are.  When they come around I always notice that someone or something rolls around to ruin whatever joy is supposed to be had at the time.  Mine being family ruining things. That's just 1 of many reasons.  I don't mind any of you guys celebrating them just don't expect me to do that stuff.

I can't say much on anything I'm doing game wise. I don't really have anything to look forward to either.  I just want to prep for next year.  I guess you could say this is a month to reflect back on all that happened.  Which in all honesty I feel I've fallen far back from the progress I've made in life.  Especially these days. More on it another time I suppose.

Games I'm Looking to play.

-I really don't know at this point.

Monday, November 19, 2012

FF7 DoC The Final Chapter Yep its that time.

Chapter 12

Well after massive amounts of Cutscene its time for Shado.......Vincent to go epic and save the world.  But not till after the fanboys and fangirls squeel over Cloud's entrance.  Anyway gameplay changes at the last minute that don't really get explained. Well the changes not that big but still need a bit of explaining.

Vincent whips out his Death Penalty which actually acts like a kill all on screen bit.  He's got a ton of bullets so no worries there. No more double jump. That's gone sadface.  His physical attack is a really long combo that doesn't really work that well.  His movement, reload speed, and recoil are really good now.  You can use your normal weapons but they suck.

Get in and some rather good Music from the band Gackt (I honestly don't know who they are) plays. I wonder how that song translates.  I'd like the translated lyrics if possible.  Anyway Vincent acts like Wing Zero in cutscene LOL. Seriously that Death Penalty is like a beam cannon. Now the next boss fight. Just annoying but doable.  And then on to the final boss fight.  Cutscene time. Wow no chat before the final boss. I'm liking where this is going.  Somewhat simple fight.  I only disliked the part where Omega Weiss did some attack that pretty much instant kill me.  I just kept shooting till he was dead.


Chaos Con.....Nope....Uh...The world is saved Omega is put to rest for the time being.  Vincent is nowhere to be found???? Hmmm....Oh wait what about Shalua?  Ok I guess we'll just leave her like that....THERE'S RED XIII!!! Well that was a really small cameo appearance.... Shelke seems happy with her life. OMG Vincent Smiled!!!! THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!! jk.... After that we get the Secret Ending. If you grabbed all 3 G-Files the Secret Ending.  Secret Ending....DUN DUN DUN????  Was that Genesis?  Uh.....uh oh????  So Uh....When's FF7 Part 6 coming out? What unlocks after is bonus stuff like extra missions (which sadly have no story value unlike the Cell Phone version of the game) art gallery, movie gallery, blah blah blah. and an EX Hard mode which lets you carry over your stuff to that game.  I'm only sad I didn't get to use the Ultima Weapon since it cost 200k Gil to get.

Thoughts of this game.

For everyone saying this is a horrible game I don't see why. I mean it can be better in a lot of ways but its definitely not horrible. The Story honestly felt like MGS at points as they dragged on the story for a good while. The controls weren't bad at all. I just found that the enemies being seriously smart and staying off camera or managing to snipe me from afar.  I think a real big complaint I have is not being able to jump on or off certain areas or unable to properly hide. Heck Sneaking around wasn't even neccessary since the enemy only detects you after you cross a certain point. I actually liked the gun customization and the balancing between leveling up or getting Gil.  The Chain Gun sections although few and far between were rather annoying you had to be really precise in targeting.  Probably the most annoying which could probably be solved by playing in HD (PS2 is capable of HD if you buy the component cables its not as great as 360 or PS3 HD but its something) would be figuring out where some enemies are. I honestly couldn't see some of the enemies and a lot of them looked to be in plain sight but they weren't.  They blend in with the scenery way too well.  Overall its a nice game.  But like the KH series it drags on to make SE money.  With this out the way on to another game.

FF7 Dirge of Cerberus Ok this was just annoying

Chapter 10

This Chapter.......Really.....ARGH!!!! It starts out rather normal.  But later it gets really annoying. The main annoying part is getting those items.  I missed the last one which apparently is the Lucky Barrel S.  But now there's soldiers with physical protection (really protection for normal bullets). You really know how to piss me off right now.  But the worst of it had to come from surviving 100 Soldiers.....Yep a secret room I had no business being in. It paid off but that really pissed me off. Ended up taking literally 2 hours to finish this chapter.  Then Nero shows up.  Probably the easiest by far of all the bosses. I got a feeling of No More Heroes with this boss fight.  Meanwhile Shelke sits in the darkness...Yuffie acts a fool as usual.  Well the Gil I got made up for all this.

Chapter 11

Well this is obviously you're making it to the big bad pull out everything to stop you...Only thing that really bugs me is more soldiers with protection from my bullets!!!! And getting that G-File....A giant Chopper Boss....and then Nero's back. And he's ugly this time....ok....Uglier than before.  Rather annoying I thought I was gonna have to really kill him and the little amount of damage I was doing wasn't helping.  Oh Thank God Cutscene.  Well with that done we meet the big bad....OMG ITS SEPHIROTH!!! Wait...no its not.....He could definitely pass though.  Ok seriously what's the deal with these White Haired dudes with a crazy hairstyle and some crazy weapon. What does this guy use? 2 Very long swords with Guns on em.  Yep He's using Gunblades.  Oh crap he's possessed by Hojo.  ...Sigh....Long time of explaining the plot...Sigh...Shut Up man.  Ok Vincent Devil Trigger Mode....kinda kidding.  I learned using Limit Breaker grants me a rapid fire shot for a good while.  Now that he's out we got only A little bit more to go. Could it be hero time?

Plot Summary

Take Shadow the Hedgehog, Throw Final Fantasy VII in it.  No seriously.  The only difference is that Shadow was trying to find out what he is or was.  Vincent wants to find out WTF happened in the past....wait....OMG. Its pretty much the same!!! Add a bit of No More Heroes feel.  Add FF comedy. There we go.  But I know there are fans out there that will rage and be like. "WTF YOU NOOB THEY ARE NOTHING ALIKE!!!"  Well this is what I think the game is like for me. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

FF7 Dirge of Cerberus The Action Kicks Up

It kicks up so much that the game split chapter 8 into 2 literal sections. Meaning I'm splitting it into 4+ parts. LOL.


So after landing.  Shelke calls sounding rather pissed. Ok so I'll take this scenic route.  Ugh....I gotta watch these WRO dudes. You mean Escort/Rescue missions.  It bugs me a lot cause I'm bad at protecting.  The main problem is you can't tell them to hang back they'll automatically move forward the moment you cross that invisible line.  Anyway a lot of WRO dudes lost there lives.  Heck apparently there was a lot more than I saw die.  But how am I supposed to save all of them when by the time I get there they're already getting shot by the pro AI.  The boss fights....uh....ok.... The first being rather fun. I wonder if that guy was going to summon more dudes I can kill.  I was picking up a lot of items killing all those units.  The 2nd one.  It was a prayer if I hit or not.  Shelke calls again. Can I have a better operator?  Then Stage Results....Wait....What? Its only half the stage?

Now I gotta keep a look out for a secret item. Cause to apparently get the hidden ending requires I find these hidden items.  Dangit.  Already finding 1 set of hidden items now I gotta find more.


Well this was more straight forward but I had to make sure I grabbed the G-File for the secret ending.  Kinda find that little mission funny since it was just 1 single soldier doing all the attacking.  Even more so I think its rather dumb the other soldiers didn't help out and just let there partner die. But on to the boss. Its Rosso. So you like Melee do you. How about I show you my best Melee...ow...ow...ow...ok not the best idea.  Well how about a long drawn out Gun fight? Well that works sorta....  Wait you don't have to kill yourself....It was a good fight.

Chapter 9

Oh boy.  Back at Shinra manor.  I remember it being big...but not this big. But I kinda felt like this is rather the easier of the stages.  It almost felt like I could tell when enemies were gonna show up.  Almost.  Oh hey Tifa....and Barret...and Cloud...sup...just enjoying that T-Mobile.  Thanks for the map I coulda used awhile back.On the way down....Its Azul....for a rematch.  Alright.....Oh crap he turned into that Behemoth again.  I only hate this fight cause it forces me to use Magic.  In my opinion that's a pretty dumb thing to do. Still standing....Well not for long. Chaos says you die by impalement. That ends Chapter 9 only a few chapters to go.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FF7: Dirge of Cerberus (Seriously Long Recap Chapter)

Chapter 7

Nothing going on here just a whole lot of talking. I mean a WHOLE LOT.  But the gang's all here...sorta.....(STILL NO RED XIII).  Basically the plot is explained again in greater detail for those who haven't figured it out by now.  With that said lets move on to the small stuff that I noticed.

  • If you didn't watch Advent Children (you don't really have to its just 3 boss fights with like 2 losing fights on the side and you learn that Cloud is broken LOL). This game confirms that Cid indeed marry Shera. You know the woman that could never serve that "Goddamn Tea".  You can also see that there are pictures of the Highwind posted behind Cid.
  • Genesis from FF7: Crisis Core is connected to this in some way. The random tidbits of conversation bring out that he is either the one who helped the members of Deepground revolt. Or he is the one who "signs the checks" to keep the WRO up and running.
  • We are on Cait Sith the 6th now.  I can only confirm that the first one died in FF7. The 2nd one died in Chapter 5 to Nero the Sable.
  • The chocobo ranch that only had 6 stables available has apparently flourished and grown quite a bit since FF7.  "Boco" is now a River Chocobo (Blue)
  • Obvious point out but there were more than just our heroes during FF7 and AC helping out. All we do is the main important stuff lol.
  • Cloud still has his epic bike and his sword Fenrir.
  • The people of Wutai notably Yuffie's dad is still alive. (You remember he was a boss during Yuffie's sidequest). 
With that out the way we can begin chapter 8.  Apparently Shelke found Vincent's Blackberry and upgraded it. I wonder what plan he has now.  You can see Cloud steal the show with his 45 seconds of showing on the game.  I actually cracked a joke of having Sonic and Shadow run into the battle busting up Eggman's robots here. Its very similar to there opening scenes in certain games.  I do know this. I just want to hug that little Cait Sith.  I mean I hated him in the past but for some reason now I like him a lot. 

Side Note: If you watch the video. Count how many familiar Voice actors you hear that aren't main characters.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dirge of Cerberus: They really want to connect the series don't they?

With all the stuff that happened in the game in a very short amount of time.  I guess I can **** gettin real yo!!! Honestly this is taking the route of Shadow the Hedgehog a bit IMO.  But I lol that Omega Weapon has an actual major role in a story. Then I look back at Crisis Core and see some major connections with all the games.  Add to it I can see that SE is trying to connect the Final Fantasy games in one way or another with there subtle inclusions of certain bosses, plot devices, characters, etc.

Chapter 4
After Vincent's little skirmish with the crazy lady.  That's the nickname I'm giving her. He wakes up in a tube with Shalua standing outside. No nothing like that. Just DBZ healing chamber type deal.  Vincent gets a hint that his dear girlfriend may have actually been involved with everything that's going on more so than he originally thought. Unforntunately like Shadow the Hedgehog....no real memory of it. Before he Maria....errr....Lucrecia on us the flashbacks get interrupted by Deepground.

The dang stage itself at first started out easy enough. Then I ran into a dude on a chain gun.  WHAT?!  My major complaint for this level beside that was the chain gun section cause you have to be precise with your aiming.  Not fun.  The boss here was first Shelke....whom I couldn't beat with a gun. Every time I had a clear shot she would move off camera.  Haven't dealt with that since Ninja Gaiden II. She actually forced my hand and I had to go limit break on her since Vincent's melee was doing little good.  The next boss was rather fun and unique.  Azul.  Aside from being probably the easiest boss of the game.  It was very unique.  Shooting the explosive barrels and luring him over towards them.  Very clever SE, very clever kudos.  The end scene I had a good laugh since Reeve had a nice toy waiting for Azul.

Chapter 5
The sewers. Ok I had a decent time with this chapter till I got to the main part.  Dealing with Sahagins was rather easy.  It was when the soldiers showed up that I got frustrated. One with that room with the infinitely spawning soldiers.  Had to make sure I got everything in that room...I question was it worth my time? After that it came time for Cait Sith gameplay.  Its Solid Snake time.  I honestly think it would be better if there was a quick tutorial about Cait Sith's controls.  But this was fun.  Then he saw something he shouldn't.

Cait Sith: What in Blazes is that?!
????: It is Omega.
Cait Sith: You're?!
Reeve: Cait Sith What Happened?  Cait Sith?! Cait Sith?! CAIT SIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

MGS Game Over

Back to Vincent. Make it in Shinra Manor and we get some plot development.  Along with character development.  I don't remember these rooms in the Shinra Manor. And I could swear it wasn't this rundown last 2 times I was here.  The stupidest mission is disabling the mines.  To disable them I have to shoot them? But I can only shoot them by approaching them close enough to where they appear.  If I move away they dissapear.....to make it worse I can't get to a safe distance.  -_- Bad SE no biscuit. Then crazy lady shows up.  She chats about how Vincent's the same as her and wants to kill everybody. Sorry but I think he value's life a little higher than you do.  Boss fight and its not her. Pissed me off.  I couldn't find a weak spot. Forced to Limit Break. Stupid robot.  Anyway with that out the way. SURPRISE STAB IN THE CHEST!!! How did Vincent not see this coming? Plot device alert.  The enemy has the plot device.  Then Vincent is saved by Yuffie. It was so obvious.  Not the scene but who threw the giant ninja star.  But Yuffie you forgot to snatch the plot device... Some Materia Hunter you turned out to be.

Chapter 6

Yuffie Kisaragi (Not related to Jin Kisaragi in any way) reveals herself. Someone shoot her.  I don't know why but I feel compelled to shoot her. VINCENT THANKED HER!!!....VINCENT THANKED SOMEONE!!!! WHAT WORLD IS THIS!!!! WHAT'S GOING ON!!!!  Yuffie gets clocked in the head. That's better.  It felt sorta easy at first but then again...I wish I shot more of those birds though. Can't believe I missed all those shots.  More Chain Gun shooting. Dang Helicopters would be easier if I was signaled where they were coming from quickly.  That boss makes a return and it has homing missiles.  For once the chain gun is useful.  Afterwards find the WRO headquarters is a bigger mess than I originally left it.  Azul's running amok. Holy Crap he turns into a Behemoth.  AWESOME!!!!  Well not for Shalua.....I think she's dead....ok no she's in a coma.  Well now what do we do?

Part of Chapter 7

Seems more like an intermission.  The Shera is back and so is....CID HIGHWIND!!! Aw yeah. Time for some chit chat with everybody. Get a recap of what's going on.  Then 3 more ppl show up.  Barret!!!! Oh wait no one cares for him..... The other 2.  Fanboys and Fangirls get ready to squeel.  TIFA!!!!! And CLOUD STRIFE!!!

Cloud: Difference between you and me. (puts on sunglasses) I make this stuff look good. *Rides off into the night.*

STILL NO RED XIII!!!!!! (According to Wiki he is in the game just not animated cause apparently it cost a lot of money to animate a cat in 3D.....*looks at guard hound enemies, looks at Advent Children movie, looks at FFX, looks at Crisis Core* BULL CRAP!!!)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Making Room For Stuff Need to move out old stuff

I wanna get this stuff moved out my room. Simply put its taking up a lot of space leaving next to no room for anything new.  It still has some use so its not something I wanna just instantly throw away. It'll also help me break even before the end of the year. I'm not big on International shipping due to cost and how much of a hassle it was last time with some other friends but I can do it I'll just have to charge a little extra to cover the cost. Cause apparently someone wants this stuff.  Can negotiate something in YT email or whatever. All pawn shops here pretty much only want things like Jewelry, Car titles, and the like. Gamestop pretty much sucks. I'll update later if I add anything new.

Here's what I got.

Mangas  $5 each (can discount if buying full set)

Naruto Volumes 17, 19 20, 22-25, 27, 28-44 ($75 for all of them)
Fullmetal Alchemist Volumes 1-18 ($55 for all of them)
Rurouni Kenshin All Volumes 1 - 28 ($100 if buying full set)
Black Cat Vol. 2
MAR All Vol. 1 - 15 ($50 If Buying Full Set)
Full Moon Volume 3
Zatch Bell volumes 13 - 16
Princess Mononoke Ani-Manga Vol. 1 - 5 ($13 for all 5)
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Ani-Manga Vol. 1-4 ($10 for all 4 + box)


Fable (Xbox)  $3.00
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360) $15.00
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition (Xbox)
Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner (PS2) $20.00
Blazblue: Calamity Trigger (XBox 360) Pre-order Box Set  $20.00
Dead or Alive 4 (Xbox 360)  $6.00
Bloody Roar 4 (PS2) $7.00
Street Fighter EX2 Plus (PSX) No Book, No Cover
Madden 98' (PC) New,
Game Shark (Sega Saturn)

Sonic Unleashed Planetary Pieces  $20.00
Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk $20.00
Halo 3  $10.00
R.O.D. Read or Die  $10.00
Blazblue: Calamity Trigger OST  $20.00

Pokemon Cards

I counted them all and made a PDF file for it.  Click here to download the file.
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
All my cards are in great condition and in card protectors. Up for discussion.

Other Stuff

Adesso 12" x 7.25 " Widescreen Media Graphics CyberTablet: For Specs Click Here  $70.00

Everything is still there I've opened it and messed with it a few times but no significant wear or tear. The Pen itself is still in great condition. I still have the original software that came with the tablet when I ordered it.

Windows Vista Home Basic Upgrade Disc
I've tried to use this before but found that I did not need it. Its far too late to return it now.  Maybe someone can make use of it.

NES Controller : Like New
SNES: Just the console
Sega Genesis: Just the console

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dirge of Cerberus Chapter 3: No Camping For U and Aiming of the Gods

Chapter 3.  Oh joy.  I first tried to do this in a stealthy fashion. Only to fail miserably.  The real problem started when it came to the introduction of snipers.  While I got a Rifle of my own. They got one too.  When I tried to get cover so I could shoot I ended up getting shot myself there's also moments of the cover I'm hiding behind getting in the way so my shots that would be sure-kill head shots amounted to nothing.  So time for another approach.  I had to run and gun with rifle and attempt to shoot them down.  Determining the shots was also a pain since I couldn't see much out there. They blend in really well.  They also have the aim of the gods!!!

After that I get an escort mission. Protecting this little boy was rather funny.  If the dogs got him they would actually run with him in there mouth while he screams.  I don't know why I find that funny.  He asked for Vincent to help him take revenge. I feel a Batman moment here.....On to the warehouse.  More and more Snipers abound. And these soldiers didn't die in a combo. So WESKER GUNSHOT OTG!!! Quite funny.

The boss for this was rather easy. Take out his henchmen first then gun fight to the death.  Didn't realize his missiles counted as something I could kill.  After the fight is over.  We meet one of the antagonist.  Too bad no boss fight against her yet. But glimpse of Chaos form which looks WAY different from FF7 version. And like Anime style Vincent passes out with some hot chick standing around. What will happen next. I wonder.

Game is rather developing like one of Kojima's games (MGS, ZOE, etc.)  Story gets explained as you play through a bit of the game.  I honestly think I could run through this game in 1 sitting if I was willing to.

Chapter will come soon but just wait it out.  I think we're gonna get some more important plot to the FF7 story.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Other Consoles You can actually afford coming this years.

SEGA *in that sound effect when starting a game*

So coming on November 13th of this year. SEGA will apparently release a portable console. With it you'll be able to play Some old Genesis titles on this handheld. It honestly looks like an N-Gage. Heck I would totally say its a Digivice or a Cell Phone.  For $60 you can get this and be able to play various old Sega games. With an SD Card you can download other various Sega titles and other common games (Sudoku, Chess, etc.). A USB cable is included with this and its rechargeable.  This will be a nice X-Mas gift for those that can't afford Nintendo's Overpriced Console or just can't get there hands on due to being sold out.

For a list of games go here to check it out. Just remember that there will be more coming in the future. http://red022.redmedia.com.tw/ezcatfiles/red022/img/img/155/ArcadeUltimatePortable80-UserManual.pdf

NEO-GEO's Back Again

If you don't want that you can also go out of your way for 199.99 (just say 200 dollars) and get the NeoGeo X Gold.  Well honestly not as expensive as it was back in the old days.  But basically the same thing as before but with up to date technology.  Capable of HD. As well as having a portable console.  Even an Arcade Stick. Plug this bad boy up and take a journey into the past. 

A list of games you get can be found here. But these aren't the only games coming out for it. There will be more carts you can buy for this system as well in the future.

November's Update (I hate the Holidays)

Well its that time of the year. Where people start acting crazy to buy things at slightly lower prices. Lines fill up, people don't have money. and you get those annoying guys standing outside in the cold asking for donations.  Its also that time where people are buying those giant TVs setting up that giant bird in the oven and everyone parties over football games.  What does that mean for me. A lot of bad in my case but won't jump on that.

The good thing is hopefully I can find some holiday work and pull some extra cash.  The bad thing is everyone is pulling me for attention.

As a Reminder. I'm still selling this stuff at least till the end of the year. The list is on this blog here. If it doesn't get sold then I will just throw in the garbage. No point in me keeping stuff I no longer use.

If you noticed on my Youtube I recently went back and finished Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.  I remember being hounded by many to finish that despite the fact that at the time the cartridge erased all my save files.

My PSP is still out of commission and I can't get RemoteJoyLite to work for my sister's 1000 model.  Not too worried about that.  I have started FF7: Dirge of Cerberus. Evolution 2: Far Off Promise is also in the works. I wanna knock those out the way.  

I keep thinking about going to fighters but then my mind thinks back to all the bad that's happened in this year alone when I played them. I also remember that there's very few people I know on Xbox Live that play.  Everyone's either on PS3 or has another game to play. I might get back to considering my Xbox Live Gold runs out this month. Depends on how I feel.  

I'd tell you how I'm feeling right now but that would just attract a lot of messages I don't really want to read at that time.  But for a glimpse I feel horrible for many reasons. I'll save that for someone who cares. Anyway later.

FF7 - DoC NO CAMPING FOR U (The Player)

Oh Boy looking at some advance info.  I'm kinda made about the changes from JP (japanese) to NA (north america).
  • The aiming perspective has been shifted from an over-the-shoulder view to one behind Vincent for easier navigation of the surroundings. (I probably wouldn't notice the difference)
  • Weapons can be customized to be lighter, so draw-times are quicker. (cool)
  • Vincent runs 1.2X faster. (cool)
  • He can perform a double-jump while mid-air. However, the environments are unchanged, so despite a higher jump, the player often cannot reach areas within range. (That just sucks)
  • Attacks can be performed in the air. (cool)
  • Vincent's dodge roll was replaced by a dash move. (Why?)
  • Limit Breaks do not take away from the Magic Bar; instead, they are started by an item called the "Limit Breaker." (Well I don't know I find it rather hard to tell how much time I have left for Galian Beast)
  • "Easy Mode" is gone, replaced by an "Extra Hard Mode" (also known as "Super Hard Mode"). In the Extra Hard Mode, players can unlock numerous things such as 40 extra missions, character models, a music player, and an artwork gallery. (I kinda want my Easy Mode)
  • The Multiplayer Mode has been removed. Several missions from it have been placed into the game as extra missions, but all storyline elements are absent.  (I can see why but my story noooo)
Then there's also....the fact that there's an International version (International versions of FF games are the same as KH series' Final Mix).  Extra cutscenes. Stuff U.S. didn't get.  You know the drill.  So how long till it hits PSN as a "HD Version"

Chapter 2

Ok on with Chapter 2. Its actually pretty short but still tough.

We start off with a somewhat cool Infinite Chain Gun bit. Shooting Guard Hounds like crazy. I swear I like the way they looked in FF7. These just look nightmarish.  Aiming that thing is a pain for me.  Later come to find that we're stranded and Vincent is hoofing it.  Well no problem I guess. Except I walk straight into a boss fight.  Wow those guard hounds. I tried to Melee considering that them jumping all over the place was not gonna make shooting any easier. That didn't work at all.  That Red One kept running away to call more buddies. And they're smart enough to pick the blind spots. After that fight walking away from the leader who's playing dead. Vincent pulls a Wesker.  Kick, Bang, Bang, Bang.  You dead son.

This next boss fight was close call.  At first I decided I should go with Machine Gun.  They were doing that whole biker gang drive around deal. Didn't work.  Then they ran me over.  So Normal Gun then. It worked to a degree. The Semi-Auto Aim got the critical hits I needed.  If I felt safe to try it I woulda tried doing head shots.  That ends that Chapter.  Yep Short Chapter. Setting up the plot.

Chapter 3 Preview - I'M REDOING THIS ONE!!!

OK well we meet a very sexy scientist??? Is that what she is?  She kinda reminds me of Guilty Gear's Baiken the way she wears her outfit.  But she does have 2 arms.  This Mission....ARGH...Although I survived on Phoenix Downs.  First I tried to play stealthy. I thought well I'm in a city....and honestly I feel like Batman right now. So I should try to take these guys out with stealth. 


If that wasn't bad enough. SNIPERS. Yep Snipers. Although you get a rifle to use.  I couldn't get a good spot to shoot them down without putting myself in clear view.  When I did I found that I was too close to the object I was hiding behind even though the scope didn't show it in view.  And these guys Had the accuracy of the gods.  I swear not only was it hard to see these guys they just kept firing and they were pretty accurate with their shots. 

Snipers: You Mad Bro.

I wasted so many potions dealing with that.  It got worse when I had to deal with enemies that were right in front of me and snipers. Fighting back was just a pain. I praised god when I got to the boss fight. That was rather easy.  The end of the chapter. Glimpse of Chaos form. No but I like Galian Beast more though. I'm definitely gonna grind a bit and try chapter 3 again cause that was painful. 

I know not to expect gunplay from a 3rd Person Shooter such as MGS, Splinter Cell, etc. But when I think back to games that had similar gameplay styles. I think back to the old days years ago when I played True Crime: Streets of LA and Dead to Rights.  I remember those having a few gun play bells and whistles this game could definitely use.  The bullet time Gimmick I remember well. Even from other games hiding behind walls and shooting from them. A better dive mechanic would be great as well.  I honestly think its just those few things that stop this from being a great game. Its still good.  But those problems stop this game from being great.  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Went to the Atlanta Zoo

Although this was one of those days where I didn't get to hear of any plans before going.  This was a rather nice excursion.

Although the drive is like a half hour to an hour long trip.  It was still stressful to get there.  A lot of people are always in a rush to get somewhere. Even worse when asking for help on how to get somewhere me and my family got rather negative responses. Parking was atrocious.  It was to the point that people were out making there own parking spots. You know the illegal kind of parking spots.  After that was over we finnally got inside.  

Place was rather glorious since its my first time being there. Its funny the animals I wanted to see were either moved from there habitat's (either for feeding or other purposes) or they had there backs completely turned from the camera.  What also sucked was that my Phone's camera is crap compared to any given camera.  So I have pretty much no good pictures from my phone. Good thing my sister bought her camera with her.  

A few of the interesting animals I saw were the Bongos.  Yeah there's an animal called Bongo.  Its like an elk, deer or something with stripes. Like remember those animals from Lion King during Mufasa's death scene like those but with stripes.  The Tanuki's were interesting animals. And I went, "Holy crap they exist. I thought it was just a random Mario suit." LOL.  You could easily mistake them for a racoon.  

The main animals you know the ones everybody knows. Weren't really around.  The Giraffe's were busy eating.  

The Rhino's were like not giving anyone the time of day.  

The Tigers Oh man Such a pain to get a picture At one point they were in a serious blind spot. Another time they wouldn't come out of the water. The last time they just kept running out of view.  

Lions LOL.  The female just stayed in the top spot of this rock not giving anyone the time of day.  The Male one finally came down to graze for a bit.

  • The Gorillias were moved from the habitat and in a real leave me alone area of the zone. You could see them but no close ups today.

The big attraction was the Giant Panda. HANDS OFF THE PANDA!!! There were 3 Panda's One was eating like Snorlax. The other 2 showed up out of nowhere and you just get bulldozed by like 40 people all at once. What's funny to me is that one is actually named Po. Yes the Dragon Warrior is in the ATL. LOL
The Sheer Amount of Bird Species in one place is astounding.  

The Komodo Dragon was an interesting look. But stay behind that glass. I don't want to be bit by you.

The Elephants were busy eating. Took till the end of the day to get a picture.
Orangutans kept turning there back every time my sister went for a picture.
Those Are Bongos yep. Its not just an insturment



The Reptile house was very interesting. It was like a Where's Waldo for Lizards, Turtles, and Frogs.

Ok that Shell Design. I see where Final Fantasy Got there monster designs now LOL.  Seriously look at the Adamantoise monsters in FF series.

Animals Did not get to see.

  • Naked Mole Rat
  • Giant Tortoise
  • Clouded Leopards
  • Bush Dogs

I have no idea how many Movie, Cartoon, Videogame, Anime references was made. I think maybe 30+ references made.  Rather enjoyable day.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FF7: Dirge of Cerberus (I have a feeling that there will be new version)

This is another one of those titles that fall in that category of other people say it sucks for X reasons.  I actually put this one off for a long time generally due to fans and hype.  Moving on.  This game isn't about the blonde spiky haired kid Cloud Strife. Its about the optional character from the famous FF7 game. No not Yuffie that would just be fanservice you perverted people you. This about the other optional character Vincent Valentine.  I don't remember if this takes place before or after the movie.  Don't care as I wasn't really fond of the movie for many reasons.
Someone ate his last KFC wing. Vincent is not pleased.
Basically after FF7's ending. The world more or less went to crap in the course of 3 years. So all the characters that are alive are generally getting together to try and restore the world and help people stay alive (All the minor characters like Reeve, etc.)  Midgar is a wasteland now.  The town nearby Kalm (you know the one that's easily forgotten and you only need to go there about 2 or 3 times) is throwing a party for being able to recover from the disaster that happened. Vincent gets an invite how nice of people to remember him.  Unfortunately as things are looking mighty peaceful a group of people rush in guns blazin, and kidnapping the townsfolk.  That leads us to start off Vincent's part in this mess.


Running through the tutorial.  The controls are something to get used to.  I want to edit the controls but I'm rather afraid to do so considering I ran through the game a bit. My main 2 problems are using magic and using items via shortcut.

Starting the Main Game

Wow I suck LOL.  WTF That's Vincent's VA.  And that's Reeve's OMG Awesome.  Galian Beast is awesome as well to run. I still question why did they change its look. Even if for a better one (those that don't know the original FF7 Galian Beast was similar to a behemoth. Now its a wolf.)  Cait Sith immediately shows up for Comic Relief.  The game reminds me of the old Devil May Cry days (before DMC3).  This will definitely take some getting used to.  It rather sucks that the game doesn't allow you to jump over certain objects. Wonder how much of this is connected to Jenova....But man like always the Shinra Company has tons of secrets.  Just like every other government. LOL. Camera controls are rather alright.  I honestly could use a camera that'll show me and the enemy. That First Boss I figured that there would be some sort of Weak Spot so I tried finding that first. Not really successful but it ran away.  When it came back again. I found the weak spot and I wanted to snipe it. But the boss was like "I'm not having that."  But found that running in a circle and machine gunning it is easier. I think the hardest part in that stage was figuring out that I needed to run away from the infinitely respawning enemies. No wonder I didn't make it in Halo lol.

This game is rather difficult but fun.  I'm more engaged in the story if anything else.  Really cause I kinda like the FF7 story in some cases.  getting some character development for the minor characters.  Too bad there's no real development for RedXIII!!!! DAMN YOU SQUARE ENIX!!!! *shakes fist*

Now addressing the title of this blog.  I went through the manual and found that there's a Cell Phone game of Dirge of Cerberus. With different missions and what not.  I can honestly see SE milking FF7 again by making FF7: Dirge of Cerberus (Directors Cut). Which would add all Cell Phone Game Exclusives plus the main game.

Top Left: Dirge of Cerberus' Galian Beast Form.
Top Right: FF7's Galian Beast Form.
Bottom: FF's Behemoth

Note how they look similar. However the DoC's version looks more like a werewolf. While FF7's looks very similar to that of a behemoth.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sonic 06 "Last Episode" *Spoilers Yeah right its well over 6 years old now*

I've heard what certain people had to say about this game. Its no different from what I've heard before.  I have given a listening ear and basically it all amounts to how that person can't tolerate this game.  And its really the same complaints I've heard about every game. To just say "Its never been this bad before" I can easily point times where it was much much worse.  Anyway my thoughts on this game have not changed in the past 5 years I've owned this game.

When everyone comes together to save the world. Because of Dr.Eggman's (Dr.Robotnik's) stupid actions once again the world (actually the universe past, present, and future) are in mortal peril approaching the brink of total destruction. Sounds familiar right? Roughly the same thing that has happen in Adventure 1, Adventure 2, Shadow, and Unleashed. Notice a pattern here?  Well we got 2 more stages to run through.

End of the World: No not the Yugioh Ritual Spell Card. And no not that lame 2012/rapture rumor.  We're referring to the stage in Sonic 06.  Basically the goal for all 7 remaining characters (remember Blaze went to another dimension and isn't affected by the current events for whatever reason) to gather the Chaos Emeralds to save a dead Sonic. Not as easy as it sounds.  The fabric of time and space is ripping apart at the seams and the Emeralds themselves were scattered about. What makes this hard is not the enemies but the "fabric of time and space ripping apart." To simulate this we have portals of the evil Solaris scattered about that randomly show up and try to kill you." The dark ones act like black holes drawing you in however pretty easy to escape from if you just make an attempt.  The Red/Orange ones throw random crap at you.  To stop this or well get some peace for a few seconds you have to hit the eagle like switches.  If you don't make it to the switch in time or just never touch them at all. You end up making the game much harder for yourself than needed. Really all you need to do is just keep moving. Its very easy to mess up a good run cause you ended up doing something stupid.

Tails: Honestly easy once you have a good view of your surroundings. His flight makes it easy to get away from the portals of death. 

Omega: You can glitch the game to shortcut it but you don't need to.  Probably the hard thing is making sure no one clips you off screen while you're hovering to the next platform. 

Knuckles: Shortcut the stage. Short and simple. If you're seriously gonna deal with the enemies you're a braver soul than I am.

Silver: Somewhat difficult. There's a section where you're generally running as hard as you can to get to a safe area away from the Purple orb of Death. But the platforms you use to ascend you can cheat and just stand on the very edge. Also you might miss the spring you need to advance if you're put in that situation.

Rouge:  Really....this is just painfully simple.

Amy: No need to be sneaky here. Just make it to the end. Don't go invisible for anything. It's not worth it.

Shadow: What's funny is there's a route that will net you a ton of points in ring bonus should you decide to take it. Its also easy to sniped off the rails if you're not careful or watching where you're going. Good thing there's multiple routes.

Solaris: 2 Phases.  The first phase is more like a game of guess who can damage the boss.  The 2nd Phase is a little more lenient towards that and he'll randomly block your attacks.  Still easy like any 3D Super Sonic Boss.

Ending: Sorta disappointing as usual basically this made fans rejoice by saying it never happened.  But we still got another Hedgehog and there's still what to wonder about Blaze the Cat.  Lesson's Sonic and friends teaches with this story. No use standing around take action.(Sonic's Story)  Just because people hate you for doing good doesn't mean you have to stop or hate those ppl. (Shadow's Story) Take the time to examine the events of the past to know the correct path for the future. (Silver's Story)

You unlock Hard mode of this game which is really just the hard mode acts.  Its not really hard just more enemies to deal with.  No big changes unlike the DLC for Unleashed. Achievements I'm not really concerned about. Unless I know I can get them with ease. I never bother to get all achievements. I have too many games to worry about stuff like that.  I would get the DLC for this game but I'm not big on most games DLC unless its worth the time.  (Like Blue Dragon's, etc.) Its really just a Very Hard Mode where you play as other characters in various acts, a challenge mode with the side characters, and boss rush. They're about 150-200 MS Points so that's about 2 - 3 dollars each. Like Adventure 2, Heroes, etc. not worth it unless you wanna just show off to your friends.

Last Words: Honestly I still like this game.  Not the best but definitely not the worst Sonic title I've played.  Its one of the games that actually challenges me to play better than normal.  You can say glitchy, broken blah blah blah (I won't believe you and refute your arguments with ease.) all you want but I like it as opposed to what we have today. Sega IMO actually did well with this game. Sure it was rushed but at least its not lazy and so easy that you can just breeze through the game in about 2 hours or less.  In terms of 3D Sonic titles I would throw this in 4th of the 10 (or was it 12 I don't keep track of this stuff anymore) 3D Sonic games that's out there.  But that's just me.

I still don't see why this game is hated on so much.  To me it just sounds like a fanbase drew a game out of a hat to hate on.  Especially considering the same words is spammed that you hear about every game:
  • Glitches
  • Broken
  • Graphics
  • Voices
  • Don't like this character
  • too hard
  • its not how I wanted the game despite protesting to get what I want
  • I got what I want and now I don't want it
That same song is sung about every game in existence. I've sat down and listened to what people had to say about this game.  And I've heard the same crap over and over again. "But its never been this bad before"  -smh- Mainly the fans over exaggerate the things in this game.  Especially that Super Sonic scene. It was a simple cartoon kiss (seriously you see this stuff in cartoons all the time). And the fanbase throws it out there as beastiality. Really what concerns me is how a fanbase will jump on your case for liking this game (or any other).  But I guess that's the world we live in.  Sad but true.