Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - I IS TEH CHAMPION!!!!

Well this was productive. Frustrating as well.  Where to start....

Victory Road
I wish I could have caught a Rhyhorn...woulda been a great addition to the team.  Seriously weird that no one was there to fight.  Oh wait there is.....

Rival Fight 5

Well unforntunately for you my team is over-leveled for you.  Yep you're weak. But at least you're kind enough to bring 6 pokemon to this party,

Indigo Plateau

Well this is or die time.  Lets go for it. Wait I need a good 6th.  Well...guess I'll go for Ampharos. Since I lack Electric types.  Magmar would be a good alternate right now since I don't have a fire stone for Vulpix.  I didn't wanna take Nidorino either.  Wish it was Saturday so I could nab a Scyther.

Oh well here we go.

Elite 4 Will

Psychic's keep fighting eh? Well.....uh...they can't keep going with that low HP stat.

Elite 4 Koga

Wait aren't you supposed to be in Kanto....Poison master eh.  Whatever.

Elite 4 Bruno

Still the same as before.  Back in Red that is.  He didn't know about my Feraligator and him able to stand up to physical attackers so easily.

Elite 4 Karen

Are you a guy or girl?  I mean that look seriously isn't good for you.


Ok first off 3 Dragonites!!!! Seriously!!! But that wasn't the issue.  Everything Lance has outspeeds me heck even out powers me.  Outrage Spam to Haxing Accuracy from Thunder and Dragon Rush.  God getting past this was just a nightmare.  My stock of items dwindled thanks to him.  UGH....Just constant spam of huge speed and power.  Then Charizard getting lucky and having Special Attack Power than physical.  Glad its over

ITS FINNALLY OVER....Now for something fun.....The Kanto Region.

Friday, January 27, 2012

KH:BBS Mysterious ****ing FIGURE!!!!

Hard to say something decent about this idiot fight.

Pretty much Its Mysterious Figure.  There's no 100% sure fire strategy just prayers.

Pretty much as Aqua the main strategy is to Dodge and Poke till dead.
Although MF takes no damage from any Mine type spell.  MF will still dodge it by jumping over the mines set.
You can use that to your advantage to attack and heal freely. If you use a D-Link MF
will go invisible regardless of his life.  Surge spam isn't 100% sure-fire win as he can still block or stop time on you.
Pretty much the Surges only real use is killing the clones efficiently.  If you're caught by his rope
9 times out of 10 you're dead cause the follow up attack will catch you and you're still recovering.
So that attack generally ignores Once More ability.

MF's attacks are worse on Terra for some reason despite having Both Second Chance and Once More abilities.
Most of the attacks just mean instant Death for Terra.

Shot-Lock Spam may work but there's a risk of MF blocking it.  Even if you have under 5 locks.
Finishers also fall under this as Mysterious Figure may randomly block it and generally restoring all his health.

I don't need to bother to mention Renew Block/Barrier as its generally the only effective guard ability in the entire game.

Ice Cream can be effective if you have the moment to use it.  As well as not having your finisher blocked.
Especially since some command styles absolutely suck in mobility, Defense, or Attacking.

Command Style Changing is a bad thing for this fight.  Usually it'll kick in when you don't need it.
(when you're dodging or taking damage mid-combo) So often it'll lead to your death.

The glitches this Super Boss has is ridiculous. Generally they're all in favor of Mysterious Figure.
You can get one to work out for you but either way its a glitch.

FYI: Critical Mode on this fight doesn't really change anything about it.  Just a little less damage and less Lifebar which doesn't matter cause he'll still knock you down to 1 HP in 1 to 2 hits. LOL. If you beat this guy on any difficulty you completed the game on Critical LOL.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - Legendary Time I guess

Well This wasn't much productive for a day.  Considering I shoulda finished the Pokemon League by now. Depression and what not gettin to me.

Ice Path

Well the Journey to Blackthorn City was dull. First through the Ice Path....Surprisingly I only caught a Swinub and a Jynx.

Didn't get any of the rarities for the area.

Blackthorn City

So this is where the Move Deleter and Move Tutor.  Geez talk about a long wait.  With that done take on the Blackthorn Gym.  Wow this place has quite a bit of levels.  I tried to change up the team to deal with the Dragon type spam. Not much I could come up with considering it was Piloswine for weakness.

Gym Battle Clair

Fireblast outta no where the rest was Dragon Pulse Spam.  So much for an ice type doin the job for me.  WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WON'T GIVE ME THE BADGE!! Is Brandon gonna have to choke a *****?!  So on to the stupid shrine that doesn't have any notable pokemon what so ever.  Already got a Dragonair.  Oh wow a shot at a Dratini with Extreme Speed.....Not really interested at this point.  Darn thing is already hard to LVL since it requires a lot more EXP to level up than most other pokemon.  Well got my badge...usually at this point I forced to go get Suicune but the story changed. Back to Ecruteak City.

Ecruteak City Return Again

This time for the Kimono Girls....wonder what they want.  Oh a battle....WAIT NO BREAK?!  I'm not ready!!! Well they're done....I can get Lugia now?! What?! That's totally different from Crystal. Ok then...

Whirl Islands

Ok I can safely say I hate navigating this place.  Multiple Entrances but only 1 can get to Lugia. Took forever to find the correct Entrance.  And now on to what's important.

This took a bit of strategy.  Lugia possessing lots of things that will kill me in 1 - 3 hits.  I was unable to catch it the first attempt due the plan.

  1. Step To Stall With Hypnosis (and not die)
  2. Role Play with Stantler to copy Pressure (uses up Lugia's strongest Moves quicker)
  3. Use Flash to lower its Accuracy so not to get destroyed by high Power Attacks
  4. Start Attacking while its safe.
  5. attempt to catch it.
The Hard part was hoping RNG would be nice enough to allow me to catch it without the use of a Master Ball.  Since apparently the other bird comes at LVL 75 which I'll need it for that one.  First attempt I ran out of my good Pokeballs and Lugia killed itself with Struggle.  I only feel bad cause it had a good nature.  2nd Time I managed to catch it with a Heavy Ball.  Well that ends that.  I don't think I'll use Lugia though.  To be honest it looks better in 2D than 3D DS Animation.

2 Of The Legendary (Crown) Dogs

Well this is certainly easier to do than on Crystal....Shame Suicune isn't till post game which doesn't make sense to me.  Now the dogs on the the Poke'Radar Map.  Instead of like in Crystal where you had to wait for a phone call to figure out where it is.  That and Special Pokeballs in vast quanities helps out a lot.  Entei was rather easy to come across.  Raikou however I kept missing since he was rather smart about changing spots on the map. I didn't bother recording Raikou as it was hard to know for 100% whether I would encounter him or not.  I managed to get both of them though. Now I guess all that's left is the Pokemon League.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

UMvC3 - No Amount Of Training Can Prepare Me

Yeah I spent Hours and Hours in Training.....generally trying to make things memory....problem....I just seem to be getting utterly worse and worse at this game.

I'm being serious.  I spent so many sessions in training and when I try to test it out. I get blown up.  Am I learning the wrong stuff? What?  I can't learn to deal with character tactics as there's no Record Function on this game.  (bad design choice).  Tried SRK's suggestion about asking other players to play them in Player to learn about dealing with characters.  Yeah...that's not gonna work and it didn't.  Pretty much got FU's as responses.  It really is depressing.  Add to the fact that pretty much everyone I know has moved on to a different game or a different system altogether.  I don't know why but when I start this game I just get seriously depressed.  Actually I've been getting depressed about a lot of things lately but lets not get into that.

Maybe I should just stop the training all together and just play.  Since it seems the more I play the worse I get.
That or I reached my limit (if I did man my expectations and goals are way too high).  I still haven't managed to find any characters I would like to use that go well together. Everyone keeps saying use this guy or that guy well those very ppl I can't use whatsoever (cough cough Vergil, Wesker, etc.).

Other than that ppl seem to be hitting my Pet Peeves of Online Ranked Play.  Let me list em.

-Starting a Ranked Match and Suddenly Not doing anything but stand there.
-Holding back when they can clearly destroy me in a matter of seconds.  Masochist are stupid.
-Rage Quitters.
-People who use there Mic during a Ranked Match. Its very annoying and distracting. (Very disrespectful as well).

I don't know if players do these things on purpose or not.  But whatever the reason it pisses me off.  Its not a player match where I don't mind if people fool around. But its a Ranked Match unless the point of a ranked match changed.  Shouldn't you be playing your absolute best?  FYI The word "Fun" is relative.  But how am I supposed to have fun if I keep getting players that do the very things I disgust in Ranked matches?  I can't even become a better player if I don't get blown up by better players.  Seriously People its Ranked Matches stop going easy on me and Rage Quitting.

Well in today's 2 Hour Session.  I generally got all of that and more.  Winning very few matches. Lots of Rage Quitters.  Guess all the good players ranked up to 5th Whatever or higher.  I probably would be a more than a 9th Ranger if I didn't receive so many rage quits.  Probably what I note is a rather good Dormammu/Taskmaster player.  I actually liked fighting him as I've never really seen that team.  Everyone forgot Dormammu exist in this game and is still good.  Strider is starting to turn up more but along with Strider is the spamming of Heavy Vajra. So tough to deal with since its fast and safe on block and I try to counter it but fail to do so.  Still to this day I haven't came across a good Wesker.  I still hate dealing with Vergil and his godly normals.  Wish something would be done about him.  Well 9th RANGER!!!! YAY!!! I still feel empty inside though.  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII Overall Review 6.5/10 For Many Reasons

For one to note its my opinion.  I'm not forcing it upon anybody.

Overall the game itself isn't totally horrible but it is one of those I most likely won't play again.  Too many problems for me to enjoy a 2nd or any future run. You can scroll down to the bottom to see a summary of the game.

For one the battle system while ok at some parts makes you feel like a cheerleader or a do nothing general that issues orders from the side-lines. A.I. is also rather dumb at times when you need them the most (especially the Sabatuer class). Really the battles didn't feel interactive as compared to older Final Fantasy titles.  It seemed more Eye Candy was your general reward for doing a battle well.  Really to sum up the battle its generally build up the stagger guage, enemy is staggered, go all out, heal when neccessary, repeat till you win the battle.  I give the game enough that you have to plan out a bit of strategy before rushing head first into battle. But there's little to no room for experimenting in battles its pretty much all laid out for you no room to play around. Again restating the cheerleader/Do-Nothing General comparison.  Grinding isn't that big of a problem since from what I've seen you can play this without a shred of grinding and still beat the game, even speedrun it.  Assuming you fight every enemy you'll come across in the game only once you can still beat the game with very few problems.  I am happy the game uses status effects more often as some just tend to forget status effects exist in the game.  Not focus so much on eye candy and give a little more interaction between characters.

Considering the game's system and the year it was released the maps could be done a lot better.  While it looks great even for an SD screen. There's a whole of nothing going on and its mainly you walking to the next area for either a cutscene or a battle.  If this was on the PSP I would totally understand but Crisis Core:FF7 did right with that even for random battles heck even for sake of Argument FF12 did that far better with enemies and map design.  The 360's/PS3's power is far more capable than this.  Could add a lot more enemies or more activity going on cause you can walk for long periods of time before you encounter a cutscene or a battle. And I'll you this the game felt like MGS or Xenosaga with the massive amounts of cutscenes going on.  I honestly fell asleep with on the game with all the walking and backtracking I had to do. Added about 10 hours to my game time from boredom.  Probably the notable thing was the monster design. I actually wanted to pause the game for the sake of drawing some of the monsters (Chocobo's and Behemoths are oh so smexy to look at!)

General Gameplay
I don't know who decided this but this was rather a bad decision.  Pretty much everything in the game was a battle.  Sidequest were all kill this monster. The only side event where you didn't have to fight was to fix Vanille's robot and that was a fetch quest.  There wasn't a shred of puzzle even in the game.  Which I don't know about you but I'm used to a puzzles appearing every now and again in my RPG's.

Story/Character Development
Not bad but it did feel rushed at points.  Hope's character for starters.  He went from whinny brat to suddenly want to be a man with way too many awkward moments.  The game also didn't really give closure to his character.  Fang as much as fans like her I didn't find her all too interesting. She didn't get much time to get to know her better.  Lightning was pretty well developed I still hate her but they made her easy to understand. From Angry Lady at death's door to warrior with resolve.  Snow is just Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia but with a girlfriend and a rebel army that he can't really lead properly. Sazh my overall favorite main character to be honest this is how Barret should have been in FF7 with his character.  Vanille....Too happy for her own good to run away from her past that eventually caught up with her.  Kinda like Estelle.

Storyline itself felt like a SOAP opera for the most part.  Especially the transitions from past to present.  This is a SOAP without minus all the boring stuff.

I've said this before. I'm not too fond of stories that use things in real life to make a point.  Seriously if you change the terms used in this game to Government, Religion, or Terrorism you got the real world.  Which leads me to the question if a game can point out these things why can't we as people who play them see it? Or really do anything about it?  In that regard I prefer more fantasy style games instead of using things you see in real world everyday stuff.  Sure real world situations make for a good storyline but it does bother me when the writers do that.


I like the music at parts.  Other tracks got rather dull or annoying to hear.  Some just seemed overplayed.  I actually fell asleep at Oerba cause of the music playing even in battles.

Would I play this again?

Probably not. Especially on the 360.  I installed the game disc by disc as I progressed.  Each disc was about 5-6 Gigs in size.  I bet if I didn't install it I would RRoD.  But mainly due to the game being way too linear.  Even comparing it to FF10 which was also linear.  This just takes the cake. The game being far too linear along with overdoing the enviroment with a whole lot of nothing going on kills most of my joy for me.  The eye candy is nice but like all games eye candy is short lived.  Battle system is generally boring as well for a FF I can't really have fun with it or experiment. I want a little more freedom in my RPG games.  Not locked up like this.

The Reason I give it a 6.5/10

-Great Graphics                              -Too Linear
-Decent Story                                 -No Freedom
-Good Music                                  -A lot "nothing" going on

Final Fantasy XIII - Final Day YES ITS DONE!!! *SPOILERS ABOUND* *Rant Abound*

Ok a lot to talk about, so bear with me here.

Grinding Game

Well after reading about Neochu Death Spam. I decided to try it for myself.  For the growth egg.  WTF.  They said it wasn't easy but this is ridiculous.  Vanille's Ultimate Attack "Death" rather sucks for a FF game.  Usually death is generally 50/50 unless you have protection.  This game its more like 2-8 % unless the enemy is weak to it.  Not to mention some enemies spam it later I'll get into.  It does a lot of damage but we're looking for instant death not damage.

Well on to the Neochu.  For one this mission to get it you had to travel all the way to the last place of the chapter.  Then you had to backtrack to an off section of the calm lands redux.  Time is saved by Teleporting but its still quite a walk.  With that done Neochu is ugly as sin and its kids aren't pretty either.  Strategy was...spam death and pray you don't die.  Well that's easier said than done.  This took me about 70+ attempts to actually get Death to work.....I either died at the very start of the fight.  Or my allies died helping me out leaving Vanille as the only target left.  The kids pretty much just go poke poke poke poke poke poke till you're dead.   Neochu itself....tentacles then a roar.  When I finnally got Death to work I was happy till.....the kids pretty much said die. Vanille die right off the bat.

So we had to do another 40+ times to get death to work. Finnally killed them all and got my Growth issue though.....I don't really need it at this moment.   Cause the characters' main classes were maxed out for the game (Till Post Game) really all that work kinda wasted. But nice to have I suppose.  I really needed Gil not CP.  Well lets try death spam on Super Turtle (Adamantoise). Super Turtle wasn't having that.  Even with Summon + Death spam....Super Turtle just refused to die and just killed Vanille.

Chocobo Farming doesn't really work well either.  Considering the materials gathered at such a slow pace.  Some ppl I know timed this rather well to be about 5 minutes.  But honestly I find little to nothing. You know what...I'm more than ready to beat this game.  Lets end it once and for all....

Start of Chapter 12

Well this is stats all ready to beat up some monsters.  Nice scene to open up the chapter.  Well I'd use the Lionheart but Enkildeler or whatever its called has ATB Charge II.  And a nice boost in strength compared to Lionheart so yeah.  No Lionheart for me.

Quite the long walk regardless.  Rosch did make things a bit entertaining.  Seeing all the Behemoths was awesome.  Those jean wearing, sword wielding badasses.  They finnally took some of us artist ideas for once and a bit from the Chocobo's games. Seriously it is a long walk.  Rosch did say a final goodbye though and proving himself a rather cool character.

Orphans Cradle

Funny that some ppl thought they read Oprah while on the stream.  If it was Oprah that thing would be unbeatable.  I thought I would get another puzzle or something for this dungeon....wrong....just walk forward and kill whatever's in your way.  The map wasn't even hard to navigate compared to the end of Disc 2.  It was just LONG.  Seriously if I actually decided to fight all the enemies there I probably would've been up till like 8 A.M.  What was more annoying was the enemies took forever to kill since they didn't really kill you...just annoy you till you're dead or just rage quit. Honestly adding bosses at the end was somewhat a bad idea....I would rather enjoy a good puzzle in this instance.  Since the final boss is around the corner...or well in this case around the scenic route.  Finnally getting to the end I let out a huge sigh of relief. I didn't care about the boss fight or how I would get trolled.  I just didn't want to walk around and enjoy the scenery.  Its the final dungeon....there's very few final dungeons I recall that pretty much are dull and long.


Well the final boss and ending were decent enough.  I still can't see Hope having a serious face.
Hope: Yeah I'm gonna crack some skulls in!!!
Really the conversation for those fights I feel had some serious Irony goin on.  If you consider the Fal'Cie Gods (given there job description). And this dude wanted to experience death cause he/she/it was sick of doing there job.  So they make L'Cie to try and fulfill that.  Had nothing to do with bringing back "The Creator" at all. Barthandulus wanted his death.  Shameful IMO.  Also it doesn't exactly make sense but if the dude wanted his death...why give it too him...when before it was established that doing that was a bad thing.  But it somehow worked out in the end.....weird.  The final boss music wasn't really too much to note for me.  It played out but I got rather annoyed of it after a few minutes.  Ragnarok is rather ugly....seriously....for using a common FF Term....this thing doesn't live up to the name Ragnarok. Seriously Most FF's Ragnarok was a sword  FF8 Ragnarok was a ship that looked like a dragon.  Seriously...I was expecting some epic dragon or something.  Instead we got....well...what is that....a SSJ reject?  Or a reject from Persona series?

Ending Ok...Defying fate not so much.  However turning your prayers and wishes into reality...that's quite a bit more meaningful.  Don't know what'll happen to Hope though...he's kinda alone.  They didn't bother to bring his Dad back?

Noteable Bosses

ProudClad 1 & 2: Well this is a somewhat cool machine.  Although Anything with Fin Funnels, Bit Blasters is pretty much OP.

Barthandulus 3: OMG that is true rape.  He died a lot quicker than planned.

Orphan 1: This was just funny.  He got me twice with that sword move.  Poison...getting me.  Well actually first time was Vanille A.I. unable to prioritize.  2nd Time was just LMAO.  I think I got No Items Ever.  I used an Elixer and I got that sword of doom.  3rd time I dunno how I won.  He just died long before planned.

Orphan 2: This just funny.  Simply for summoning.  I lost my 5 star rating.  I wanted to finish it somewhat epically...problem was I don't think the Eidolon hit at all.  Oh well battle's done.  I'm happy this game is over!!!

*Overall Review Next Post*   

Saturday, January 21, 2012

UMvC3 - Stop Lying To Me They Are Not Easy To Use

While Sitting In the "Lab" (Why is it called that?)  I just tried out characters to try and expand my team.  I keep coming across the lie that XXXX character is easy to use.  The reason I find it a lie is the fact that its an opinion generally based on what they've seen on videos.  Everyone tells me "oh you should use Wesker he's easy to use."  Well that's proven false cause I can't use him.  Generally I find 90% of the players that tell me this can't really use Wesker and just fall back on "X-Factor LVL 3 with Glasses Off".  That to me isn't being good with Wesker. That's just an old gimmick that can be easily countered.  I only see very few Wesker players that actually know what he/she is doing with him despite fan rage.  I picked Wesker and got my butt handed to me in such a way that says never pick Wesker again and this was by the A.I.

The worst part is when they tell me to use characters....they're telling me to use characters I'm in no way shape or form good with.  No this isn't from a lack of trying I'm just no good with them.  The point I'm trying to make here is.  "You're Not Me." As much as I like the suggestions, we're in no way the same person and most ppl these days step over the line between suggestions and backseat gaming. Players expect you to get it right away these days.  Or really they expect you to invest your life in to learning these things.  Problem with that you can't learn everything, and for myself by the time I've learned something it becomes obsolete in these games.  Usually by patches, or the sheer fact that it can be beaten.

On to the Training Mode.

Iron Fist
 For one I tried to pick up Iron Fist cause he's a rekka-type character (1-2-3....Like Flame Iori).  One problem is that its so easy to accidently DP during his Rekkas meaning I'll get the powerup when I don't need it leading to serious punishment.  Since he's in that 2nd bracket of health....he'll die in about 2-3 combos.  Its very discouraging since he does quite a bit of damage.

Strider Hiryu
This guy is nothing like MvC1 or MvC2 days which discourages me from even touching this guy. He used to have easy solo 20+ hit combos that did at least 1/3rd or half the opponents life.  Other than that...his OTG problems are just ugh.  While his slide hits OTG it doesn't allow you to continue.  So you're stuck with Formation S which is generally hard to pull out on the fly with your opponent on the ground. I'm not that fast on my fingers.

I don't think I'll ever be able to use him.  Especially any flight combos I've seen.  Getting the heck trying to memorize the ranges of each move to where its 2nd nature is just ugh....Wish Blackheart was in the game LOL.

Don't think I'll ever get anywhere with him.  Pretty much this is one of the cases where I wish I never watched any videos of him especially Combofiend.

I don't get or ever will how Justin Wong got so good with her.  Especially that weapon switch.

Rocket Raccoon
He has so little time for any OTG. Wish he could land faster.

I think I'm at my limit....there's not much else I can think of for him.

I can't wave dash with Ryu without activating his Denjin Mode or whatever.  Very weird since looking at the input on screen doesn't show that I ever hit the input.

Yeah .....not happenin. His club membership is far too high for me to afford.

.....I don't get it.....I don't want to anymore...just gonna stop here with him.

Too many moves to memorize  and what's funny only 20% of them are actually used.  He really shoulda been his DMC1 version.  I'm pretty much litterally mashing buttons to see what I get.

I already see issues with his moves.  I usually end up with the wrong arrow or I end up in a situation I didn't expect where I could take advantage of it but didn't cause it caught me off guard.

Super Skrull
Another one of those characters where I'll do an accidental mash.

My imagination for Hulk combos does not work for him...I found that out.  Other than that I don't know the charge time for Gamma Wave.  That or I somehow hit a different direction in-between the command.

I'll never get the hang of flight combos.

I can't find a way to connect to his Flamethrower.  I guess I'll drop it.

After finding only H Mighty Smash can OTG I'm kinda dissapointed.

To Be Honest I wish I never watched or read any tutorials.  I could be a far better player if I didn't see those. I'm generally a "by the book" person when it comes to games.  As long as the info is there I'm good.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - Team Rocket's Last Stand?

Well after figuring out I can't navigate Dark Cave.  Rediscovered where the Pokemon League and the way to Kanto was.  Encountered Raikou but like away after 1 hit and that 1 hit wasn't even good.

Goldenrod City Again

Went to figure out WTF they were talking about with the radio.  Totally forgot about the Goldenrod City Scenario with Team Rocket.  Well lets save the day.  Its not like Saffron City where that takes me an hour or so.  Pretty much back n' forth between the radio tower and the pokemon center.   With many many phone calls about unimportant stuff.  At this rate I'll never have any money saved up.

Petrel 2

Oh brought a full 6 pokemon to this party...Finnally now I'm motivated.  Gettin a little desperate with those Self-Destructs aren't you.  Wish he carried some non-poison.  Oh well nice to know about Toxic Spikes.

Rival Battle 4

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!   You're not gonna find Lance that early or easily...and you'll still lose with these pokemon.  Here's some Toxic Spikes and some poison and some more poison....Where'd you get that Sneasel from.

Proton 2

Really....this is all you bring to the party.....Man Petrel brought 6...Got excited for nothin.

Ariana 2

Always with that Arbok.  Always....never anything else is it? Lucked out against Rollout at the last minute. LOL


You know you could bring like 6 guys.  I mean....this ain't gonna cut it.

And now I disband Team Rocket cause we all still suck...Thanks for saving us here's the Silver Wing.
Oh need more than just that key item.
Me: Get my hopes up.......sigh.

Safari Zone

Didn't mention this earlier but I did the old man's challenges....Well I guess now I own the Safari Zone. "Please continue to pay admission...." WHAT'S THE POINT OF OWNING IT THEN!!!!!!!!! And I have these pokemon!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - Traveling Across Water is Boring

Well being blocked off from goin to Blackthorn City.  Lets go the other direction towards Olivine City.  Oh hey Rival....Yeah yeah...but if you're not willing to help no badge for you.

Olivine City

Well I feel bad for that Milktank as I lack the berries to make it better.  Must find more berries.  Well climb this lighthouse. These trainers are rather low in level though....This is gonna setup a future problem.  Awww Ampharos is sick....and you don't wanna leave it......Why are you sending me?  You know I could always just find another city and get a badge there and never come back....Oh wait I can't....this isn't the anime.  (The anime noted that there are many gyms around than just the 8 Ash goes to each season.)  Well off to Cianwood.

Well had to teach something Surf and Whirlpool.  Took quite a bit of time navigating this cave.  I hate the water cave in pokemon.

Cianwood City

Probably the most uneventful area in the game.  But I need the medicine....I don't wanna surf back.....might as well get fly.....

Cianwood City Gym Battle Chuck

Ugh.....Like I said not being able to really gain any levels is gonna pose a problem.  His dudes are LVL 30.  My reliables are good contenders but the others are trailing behind.  Oh lets spam Double Team then Focus Punch.....trolled.......Haunter was a waste to train....Thought Physical couldn't hurt Ghost types....rule changes...No sure-fire 100% hit moves around either.  Where's Aerial Ace when I need it.   Now Hypnosis Focus Punch.....sorry that's not happenin.  Need a place to grind.

Battle Eusine 

You're so obsessed with Suicune why don't you marry it.  Oh wait that be bestiality... Didn't you have an Alakazam?  Just go away I have no time for you right now.  I gotta get back to Olivine for another Gym Battle.

Cianwood City....Again

Ok Lets Heal the sick Ampharos.  Cool its ok battle now!!  WAIT SAFARI ZONE IS OPEN!!!  DETOUR!!!!!

Safari Zone Johto

Well I must say....this Safari Zone is rather well dull.  Compared to the vastness of the Kanto one.  I got maybe 4 or 5 unique pokemon....the rest were well....Already caught elsewhere.  The owner said he was trying to make things better than the Kanto one....he's got a long way to go.  Oh well...caught a few here time to get back to business.

Cianwood City Gym Battle Jasmine

Well that was easy.  Vulpix pretty much dominated.  Had to remember what Steel was weak against. You don't see Steel (rarer to see than Bug or Fire types online) types often....except Excadrill cause he's awesome.   Yeah she wasn't really anything of note.....I ALREADY TOOK CARE OF THE RADIO PROBLEM!!!

In other news...just like the days of D/P (Diamond and Pearl).  Entei and Raikou are trollin with there locations.  And I have to run through Dark Cave cause the guy won't let me take the easy way to Blackthorn.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - Its Raining Its Pouring Team Rocket is Sucking

Well Lets go to Mohogany Town.  Dang all this surfing....I hope I can find the Move Deleter so I can drop these HMs.  Well can't exactly explore all of Mt. Mortar yet.  Probably can just not in that kind of mood.  I didn't know the Legendary Dogs were availble....They keep showing up on the map far away though.....

Mohogany Town

Stupid Radio playin crap....Well I'll buy your obviously illegal junk.  Up to the lake of Rage...Oh man this place looks far more notable in the DS than anything.  I guess its a lake now.....even though it looks like a flood.

Red Gyarados

LVL 30....Well this will be fun.  That random Dragon Rage is the issue.  Glad I bared it enough to figure out some attacks.  But Luck wins it with Burn and an Ultra Ball. Oh hey Lance....the guy that scares half of the world's Pokemon players (most likely an exaggeration).  I guess I'll help you.  Well the first thing you coulda done was the cops.....2....bust down that obviously fake tree....then we could fight Team Rocket.

Rocket Executives

Oh wow...trying to mimic're a disgrace to Team Rocket.....You sprite is rather ugly too.  FOLLOW THAT MURKROW!!!  Oh hey its an old hag.....Well she is one cause this is an anime based video game and we call pretty much any evil lady and old hag. ^_^.  A 2 on 2 battle ok.  Oh hey wanna help.....up and got your Dragonite paralyzed.  Well so much for good help.  LOL your 2 pokemon are frozen.....well I'll just ride this out.  Forgot that Flail works at Low HP not high LOL.  Ok why not just break the radio wave generating machine with a hyper beam?.....knock out electrodes.....

Ok that's done.

Mahogany Gym Leader Pryce

Ice Types...not much I can do against them....I don't wanna whip out the fire starters I got from eggs lets roll with what I got.  Onix wasn't much help Seel and Dewgong being Ice/Water types.  Arbok did his job admirably. Vulpix did well...Pryce just pretty much said no to her though.  Machoke did great with Revenge spam.  Unforntunately I had to rely on my reliables to win....A full Restore.....Oh boy.....Surprised that Crocanaw evolved earlier than I thought.  I thought it was at LVL 31 not 30.

Well with that to where I probably should be and that's Olivine.  Hopefully I'll have fly soon.

Monday, January 16, 2012

FFXIII Day 6 - Finally Gettin Somewhere

Well made this a stream evening.  The focus for today was to get to end of chapter boss.  Succeeded.

Honestly this took quite a bit of time Glad I did some grinding.  Taejin's Tower was rather long but there was something going on for once...and there's actually a bit of a puzzle there.  The game heavily lacked dungeon puzzles for an RPG. So I guess this place makes up for it.  Before that I was just ugh....I can't believe I ended up backtracking for really nothing.  A random scene between Hope and Vanille.  Needless to say I was rather prepped for this.

We made it to Oerba.....nothing here...yep expected.  Those C'eith are Annoying though.  Especially that one that keeps putting up a didn't help either.

Oh boy Aizen...I mean Barthandulus is back....He really needs a new hobby. Why won't you die!!! (Honestly the stuff he did in that scene totally reminded me of Aizen's rebellion in Bleach.)

Ok Grinding and mission time......oh wait fix up that Wall-E look alike.  MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!! Time to power up weapons and throw that CP into some new Stage 9 stuff.  OH GOD.....I spent like 350k CP just to max out 1 class per character and I'm still far from done!!! GEEZ I need a better grinding method....Well I guess its worth it for the special moves it granted.  Of the characters I Like Snow's and Sazh's special move.

Ok Mission time.  Well ironically I did a lot of missions already.  Just not the ones to get the chocobo's.  Ok...this is rather ridiculous....ALL THIS BACKTRACKING!!!! Seriously....I think they should've done the missions like Crisis Core if things were gonna get like this.  All the missions are hunting some random monster.
At first the thing you're supposed to hunt is pretty much right around the corner.  Later have to travel the world (Grand Pulse) to get the mission done.  Also you should try to get them done in order or get where that's goin.

LOL Hope and failing with the robot again.   Then it turned into a miracle. LOL

Noteable Bosses

Juggernaut: Ok not really a boss, but the boss music was playing and it was unexpected.  Darn thing hits hard......Shouldn't have ran that fight with Snow.

Taharka: Well this thing was easy.  After I figured out a few things with Synthesizing abilities.  Shame I didn't get a chance to use Alexander though.  I tried...didn't happen.

Barthandelus 2: It started out alright...then he just started trollin. Next time switching Hope for Lightning or Vanille. 

Ok now its about to get real. With him down.  Back to Cocoon to save it.....And finally a meaningful speech before a generally obvious point of no return. But first grinding and mission time.

Note: Thanks to Vivi and Math for the help a few things.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver Day 5 - Uh.....

Well First off Before I left.  Went and did the favor for the guard.  Lending me his Spearow.....Which I evolved into a Fearow.....Fearow is just cool.  My favorite Flying type.  So much cooler than Pidgey series.

Anyway Off to the national park...I didn't know that there was a bug catching contest.  Anyway....Since the contest is for the biggest bug pokemon. I assume by level.  I was gonna go with Scyther...but then a higher level Pinsir showed up....ARGH!!!....I wanted to win....I figure I can nab a Scyther anytime.  Scyther is my favorite bug....especially since it made such a good showing on Pokemon Orange Island saga.  But yeah I want a Scyther.

Random Call from Oak....Um...Yeah I'm catching a lot...wait did I accidently hang up on you?  Oh well bet he didn't want anything.

Pokeathelon....ok...seriously...why not just make a game for kids on the Wii that involve Pokemon Contest?
Oh no its Whitney.....Medium....I'M A LARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T DO JERSEYS!!!!  My title as minigame king was taken a long time ago.......Stupid Hurdles....I could probably do that capture the flag game....with practice. Relay Run...I like.....I could do that with the right Pokemon...God look at Togepi go....
I can buy rare candies with my points....oh's some easy candy here. Well that was a good distraction time for the main purpose.

Ecruteak City

Well first off the Burned Tower.

Well well...if it isn't him again.  Really should stop with this big talk on the weak and the strong.  Doesn't help him. Tried to play some music but the OST was busted....Or really can't have laptop playing and recording at the same time......sigh....

Oh hey Euseine or however you spell your name.  Always obsessed with Suicune...why not Raikou....or Entei.  Really thinking about it Raikou never really had his own movie.  He had that 1 hour special which was basically pokemon what happened when Ash wasn't around.  But not a real least to my knowledge. changed your gym.....its so dark....I think I might faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll!!!!!

Brad Ry x 5 => Brad Ry x4

His Gengar doing that business again of spammin Shadow Ball the thing that made Ghost pokemon stop sucking.  Remember back then.....Gastly series was the only ghost....and it was Ghost Ghost got blown up Psychic and vice versa.  And it was back when all Ghost had was Lick and Night Shade.  Both of which sucked.  Well off to the next city and gym badge which I believe next is Steel type?  Can't wait till I have fly.

Final Fantasy XIII Day 5 - Calm Lands Redux Why is this here again

I'm gonna try and avoid the rant about why I hate "Calm Lands Redux"

Well this was rather boring.....I don't mind grinding...but man this is boring....What's bad is....there's still another level of untapped power I have unlock....Crystarium is at Stage 8......sigh.

Thanks to Ashe10 for the actual helpful video on where to grind.  Get about 100k CP every half hour with this.  Sad part still takes a long time to get to where I want to be in terms of stats.  And I still gotta power up the weapons.....I wonder where the chocobo quest is.  I accidently started the Cactuar quest.  First Cactuar was a pushover.  Especially getting lucky with that Instant Stagger ability.  The 2nd one...he tore the party up with his version of Guile's Flash Kick Super.  ONE, TWO, STRIKE!

Next I got do you get lost in a game of such linearity?   I wouldn't say lost more like....I thought I was supposed to go through a cave....I only backtracked to cover a few missions.  Find this place...and somehow it goes with the story.  My mind has too much to think about already to even bother addressing this.  Just run with it.  At the very least I got everyone's main classes maxed for now.  So I should be straight till I reach the next stage.  I wanna focus on my weapons now since they're rather lacking....although they'll keep lacking as long as I'm poor.  Time to do missions....once again thank you Ashe10 for making actual helpful videos.

Bomb Core Farming

Thank you xAshe10x from YT.  You save me a lot of trouble at times.

UMvC3 - I Just Don't Get It (Wave Dashing)

To be honest I always stuck with the book as my guide.  I never really bothered with anything more than that as it was rather....Just fancy stuff. Especially in fighting games.

So putting it that way if its not in the book I either don't know about it.  Or its unneeded.  Sure you can argue that the programmers wanted there consumers to find these things.  But really what's to stop it from being banned at a tourney or be patched?  Honestly considering the day and age I'd fix these bugs that ppl abuse and call common techniques if I was creator.  Old days which is where I come from we find ways around the very things players abused or conform.  Its why I don't really believe in tier list (a subject to be discussed at later date).

Today the focus will be on Wave Dashing.  A technique where you cancel your dash into another dash which in some cases can be faster than normal approaches (Or somehow safer?).  To be honest I don't see the main point of the technique for many reasons.  I was doing rather fine without it so why incorporate it?  "You should try it. It'll help your game greatly."  So I took a day and tried it out.

Bit of history....I first heard of this when Super Smash Bros. Melee was getting old and collecting dust.  Pretty much anyone that was still playing it spammed to anyone not playing Fox, Captain Falcon, Samus, Gannondorf, or any of the other tourny popular characters.  They told all other players regardless of how you played that you have to wave dash (add the famous Fox Only, Final Destination joke as well).  Well putting it this way.  I played Bowser who could barely dash or even wave dashed for that matter but it didn't matter the perfect way around it was one of his specials and they're brought to a screeching halt. So why should I bother with the technique.  For one I would never enter a major tournament for this game (can't believe there's a tourny for a party game. Well if there's major tourneys for Anime-based games I guess this gets one too.)  Now we know that wave dashing is far older than fact probably back to the days of Genesis/SNES.  But that's just history lesson.

Okay well Now to the start of the day.  I actually did put down UMvC3 for a bit I needed a break from the game. Its very frustrating and pretty much everyone I know has the game for PS3.  So my 2nd purpose for this pretty much null and void.  The first few hours....I had to break the habit of doing Forward, Forward as a dash.  Which I personally like better than 2 attacks for dashing.  That took awhile so much so that I raged and went for a walk to clear my head before I broke the game.  Too many things going on to even remotely focus. About an hour later....I finally managed to get it down.  At least the 2 attacks, Down version.  Forward and backwards.  Honestly I didn't see a use for a backwards one unless I was playing a ranged character.

Well now that I learned it what ways can I use it?  Most I've seen it was only on Wesker for his OTG. Okay well Firebrand has an OTG....problem is its kinda slow for startup.  Ok Strider can use it for his Ouroborus LVL 3 super.  Sentinel?  Well lets try.......Well now here's another problem the one I've been having since day 1.  Cause I'm pressing down.  Well the game is very fickle about my Fireball Motions with DP motions.  More specifically speaking for those that don't quite understand Instead of Rocket Punch I get his command grab.  Although when looking at the input on the training mode screen....It shows as a Fireball motion. (236+Light).  But I also see my added input for the super (236+ 2 Attacks).  Well actually part of it.  I see (23).  Well ok lets try and slow it down a bit.  Well....that's the other problem....slowing it down results in the combo ending there.

Well needless to say I managed the Wavedash....I just can't find a use for it.  So I tried to find uses for it on each character (ended up going off on my own tangent constantly forgetting the main purpose many times). LOL.  Well trying on characters I might use....hard to find a use.  I mean I could use it for Magneto....but....he has Triangle Jumping (which I haven't mastered or even attempted yet). Some characters I wanted to use it on cause I entered it so fast....I got weird results.

  • Rocket Raccoon ended up doing tunnel rat H.  I figured not exactly useful cause his dash was already great. and he has a command dash.
  • Chris was so slow I can't see him getting any real benefits from this at all.
  • Ammy often times I ended up just doing either Crouching Medium or standing heavy instead.  Weird by true.  Other times it worked.  Maybe if I could turn it into a Crouching Medium cancel.  1 thing at a time.
  • Dormammu well he's slow...and he's Dormammu.  He's got other methods of approaching.
  • Zero...well beneficial to him......but I can't hold a button to charge while performing a combo.  
  • Hulk can't wave dash anyway...He's Hulk....nuff said.
Trying this on the A.I. this is what led me to my conclusion.  A lot of pplunblockable (funny human players fall for this too at times).  They responded pretty well to Wave Dashing though.  So much so that I was destroyed by the A.I.  Which if in the majority of players minds, the A.I. sucks.  So if the A.I. can beat me when I wave dash....then what's to stop a human player from outright stomping me into the pavement?  From what I was told about Wave Dashing its to make my approaches safer and extend some combos.  Well unless I have some examples of with and without wave dashing.  I just don't see the purpose.

For now I generally filed this away in my brain along with my ideas that no one wants to try.  Like my Jin combos or my game challenges LOL.  

Only other thing I wanted to work on was the combos I've seen the A.I. pull.  Particularly an Ammy combo that blew me up awhile back.  Especially with the use of Devout Beads.  That's what surprised me.  So I'm working on figured that out.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - Goldenrod City WHERE'S MY SLOT MACHINES?!

While traveling to Goldenrod was somewhat of a chore...too many things on my mind I don't wanna talk about.  Made it to the big city of the game.  (Although in Black and White all the cities were huge.) Since this gym is fresh in my mind...better prepare before Whitney gives me a beatdown with Rollout.  First stop the game corner.


Luckily I'm not too horrible at Minesweeper that I can't play Voltorb Flip. Its still a horrible minigame. WHERE'S MY SLOT MACHINE!!!!!  But after a day or 2 of this I managed to buy 1 of everything in the prize corner.  AHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHH!!!

Hello Abra, Dratini, Sandshrew.  Welcome.  I haven't decided to use the TMs yet.  I usually wait till near end game.  Keeping everyone even at LVL 16 - 18....lets head over to the gym.

In the past Whitney pretty much Rollout spammed me and it was up to Hoothoot to win it.  Many losses came as a result of Rollout back in Crystal.  I'm ready for you now you little uh.....loli???? punk....attract's not cool.  Not cool at all. Well haha I have Thunder Wave!! Wait a berry....did you prep for this?  Guess what Thunder Wave Again!!!  YOU ARE NOT USING ROLLOUT!!!! NEVER!!!

Oh no I made a little girl cry....GROW UP!!!.....Give me my badge or I'll have to choke you.....that's better...wait..Attract TM....I WANT ROLLOUT!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!
*Blows up Gym*

Rocket Raccoon: I love the smell of Napalm in the mornin!

Current Stats Leaving Goldenrod

Sandshrew     LVL 18
Dratini            LVL 18
Togepi           LVL 18
Crocanaw      LVL 19
Beedrill          LVL 19
Hoothoot       LVL 19

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FFXIII Day 4 - Didnt' Square learn anything from Tomb Raider?

Glad I paid 10 bucks for this game cause its not worth anymore than that.  I spent more time walking than fighting anything.  Seriously who's idea was it to make the levels the size of texas.  I can understand 1 or 2 dungeons.  But this is ridiculous.  What did Final Fantasy Fans do to deserve this monstrosity of a game?
Seriously about 8 hours and only 3 - 4 bosses.  Lots of talking, even more walking.  and game is about 16 gigs to install fully on the really they spent all the time making the game look pretty instead of well...more fighting.  The reason for the title.  Tomb Raider is one of those games where the levels are the size of Texas. You're doing more walking than any real action.  If you want another reference.  Try Turok series, Kingdom Hearts BBS (Levels may not be as big but there's a whole lot of nothing.), Elder Scrolls, Phantasy Star Online, and the like.  This is one of my major pet peeves in video games.  Sure graphics are nice and storyline could be good.  But making levels be 1 gigantic...blah...gets on my nerves.  Well the scenery is great....but I could use a boss fight. Seriously I fell asleep traveling in this game.

The story generally went no where.  Well we don't wanna destroy the world.  Too bad I say otherwise.  Well we're gonna fight.  Well maybe we'll find some answer by going to these ruins.  Oh look here convient plot boss fights.  Oh hey since you're finnally in chapter 11 you can finnally free roam (Not really only around this place.) But you're party members are gonna complain about you backtracking on foot.  But we have to grind. Well better waste hours of your life here.  This is what will make the game 120+ hours.  There's no real speed method to get stronger.

Me: Well I'm satisfied....I better move on. Oh hey a guide so I can try these tricks to grinding money.

Guide: Well missions 1 - 30 are total crap and boring so I didn't bother to write those down.  Here's the ones that are actually worth your time...oh but you can't do these till you finish the other 30 missions.  Good luck finding out where they are cause this map is huge. (exaggeration but really the guide doesn't go over the apparently easy missions.  This is gamefaqs FYI). Oh but these missions you need to get 5 stars on. You won't get 5 Stars unless you've beaten the game.

Me: Well crap...I'll just wait till I beat the game.

Seriously the only thing I like seeing in this game right now is the chocobos and behemoths. And there's very few of them.

Notable Bosses:

Cid Raines: LMAO I was laughing the whole time cause of how Lightning got the crap beat out of her in MvC  like combos.  I couldn't stop laughing.

Bahamut: Well this is one of the times I'm just pissed at the game.  The entire party is there.  Why not ask me who I want in my party instead forcibly picking them for me.  Also WHY ARE YOU CHANGING MY PARADIGMS?!!!! They were fine the way they were.  UGH!!!

Alexander: LOL he kept upper-cutting Lightning.  Easiest summon LOL

Hectchaner: Gee...this boss just wants to rape the women.  Look at all those hands.  Reminds me of another boss from ToV.  I didn't die due to death count instead it just targetted Vanille constantly.   Utter BS.  And most of the time it was due to Vanille and Fang being in range.  Also WHERE ARE THE OTHERS???? How did the other 4 party members conviently dissapear?  They just wanted a boss fight here so you'd have all the summons before the important stuff.  Barely even wrote it that part to where its decent.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII Day 3 - The Obvious Big Bad Reveals Himself

Ok after a few days away from this game....only a few bosses....and A LOT of walking. much walking and battles....and messing with equipment and Crystarium.  Needless to say seeing the theme park was rather funny.  I still want a chocobo in real life. Sazh's story really hammed up though.  And the gov't screws with the party again.  That was just evil.  Seriously....Sazh pushed beyond the breaking point brought forth a summon.  There video of the bad guys winning with there summon was rather cool though....but poor Ifrit.  Poor Dahj.....Sazh didn't get to tell him what he wanted to tell him.  Nabaat is a total evil bitch.  Shoulda known when she had glasses on and that walk.  Glad I wasn't there I'd litterally trying to piss her off just to see if she would shoot me.  (Part of story thing. See they're supposed to be up for public execution and all. LOL).  Goin after them all really pissed me off cause of the LONG walk you take to get there.  Not to mention grinding CP/Gil is tedious.  Barthandulus revealing himself to be the big bad.  Just throwing out expected plot twist.  "Oh you thought you were supposed to save Cocoon...nope....all're supposed to destroy it by turning into that monster in your dreams.  BTW I'm not dead.  I'm like the closest thing to a god on this game. So....well....later...."  Now has gone emo knowing that killing a gov't official will not solve the problem this time.  But killing and rebelling is all he's good at.  Glad I got to switch members though but I wanted to switch leaders....I want Sazh as leader...not Lightning.....

Notable Bosses

Bynhildyr:  She tore Sazh and Vanille a new one.  Had to rethink where I was goin with this fight.  Just plain ugh....What really dissapointed me was that Sazh didn't drive his new car out of the place to escape.

Barthandulus: HOWEVER YOU SPELL HIS NAME!!!! **** HIM!!!!  First time his faces pretty much cock blocked me with LVL 3 spells in the middle of my healing.  2nd Time....I got stuck in an endless loop of healing and making no real progress in damage.  3rd time.....Even though I finnally controlled that battle game says....nope 0 stars cause we hate you.  But LOL Was gonna Odin Finish Bart said...nope I'm done....The problem here was everyone couldn't really take a hit from the boss...then I did research....and went WTF.....Instead of going into defense during its big attack....I should just attack.....I miss old school when I knew attacks were coming and how long I got.  Woulda been so much easier if I was allowed to run Sazh as leader then I could be a bit more flexible.  Forcibly having to use Sentinel to reduce damage to party....(at least that's what I saw on other vids.)  Not my favorite thing. I hate being forced to use something....

Well that's about for the last disc....This will be fun.....*he lied*.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver Day 3

Day 3 To Azalea Town 

After searching some random info I found this nice little tidbit about Violet City.

Remember that guy at Violet City Pokemon Center?  Well when he's asking for phrases.  Its dependant on your trainer ID.  The right phrases nets you 3 pokemon Eggs and some wallpaper for your Pokemon Boxes. I ended up with the following.

Got Mareep, Wooper, Slugma Eggs
Got Loads of Wallpaper for pokemon storage boxes

Go Here for answering the questions.  Just enter your trainer ID and there you go.  He has it listed for all versions and info for other games as well.  To note its in German so you'll need to have it translated. Google Translator sufficed for me.  (inb4weaboosbitchaboutgoogletranslator)

Needless to say I got a semi decent team to deal travel with for now. Along with that Togepi egg. What I forgot to take into account was that Totodile evolves at LVL 18 not the basic 16 like everyone else (except Bulbasuar).

Ruins of Alph

This was a short visit.  I don't have the pokeballs to bother with all the Unown. So I just caught 1 and moved on.

Union Cave

Surprisingly I didn't encounter much going through that cave. Although I did get lucky and got myself an Onix which is rather rare in that cave.

Azalea Town

First off dealing with Team Rocket....why are they back...just go're just a nuisance.  Seriously if you're an need better pokemon.  Got a Slowpoke.

The Gym design made me laugh a bit.  Seeing the spiders and the web made me remember Megaman X Sigma Stage 1.  The predictable pattern and whatnot.  Bugsy....starting strong by sending Scyther 1st.  That Quick Attack Spam and Super Potion just knocked out poor Hoothoot.  Slugma got lucky and his ability kicked in to burn Scyther.  Really lucky due to not dying.  Togepi pulled a Joey Wheeler and Metronome pulled loads of defense ups.  I've been expecting Self-Destruct or Explosion.  Guess with all the attacks now added over the years less of a chance of that happening....even Icicle Spear.

Well Laplace....(Rival) showed up again...he still sucks...and he hates the like Solo....LOL. Time to go cutting some trees and to make my way to the big city that is called Goldenrod.


Pokemon Team LVLS Ending Azalea Town

Hoothoot  LVL 17
Slugma LVL 17
Mareep LVL 16
Togepi LVL 16
Geodude LVL 16
Totodile LVL 16