Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back To Old School I mean Old School!!! Its Final Fantasy 1 (Normal Mode)

Those that say they played Final Fantasy most likely haven't played FF1 or FF2.

Remember these 2 games back on the NES? Well in today's generation any Final Fantasy before FF6 doesn't really exist (really Before FF7).  Well I finnally decided to pop in Final Fantasy Origins last night.  Starting FF1 Wow that blew my mind quite a bit.

First off when I started the game "There's a Difficulty Mode"???? Wha???? Yeah that makes a major difference in the game.

To start unlike RPGs of today.  You don't get some long intro showing off the characters.  Kinda like D&D you name your character and pick a class.  From there your party generally starts in the middle of nowhere. You stand next to a town.  Well If you have no idea what your doing or get cocky you'll probably walk out into that forest ready to fight.  Well that's where I forget to mention this.  YOU START WITH NO EQUIPMENT!!! Yep you're technically going out there naked.  "Oh I got a Monk" I said. Problem...I'm only doing 2 damage...I think we better get to town.  Ok well first off talking to the guard immediately made me go to the castle and talk to the king. We're some warriors of legend? Ok I guess Oh you're daughter is missing ok I guess I can find her for you. She was captured by Garland? THE GARLAND I LOVE USING THAT DUDE IN DISSIDIA!!  He's somewhere north of here.  Ok before we go rescue her lets get some equipment.

As for starting money.  We got 400 Gil...Not enough money in the slightest. That's easily taken care.  The next problem. Aside from picking classes. The mages obviously can only learn certain magic. (Red learns a little of both, Then of course you have black and white mages.) Well here's another issue.  You can only pick 3 of those magics per magic LVL.  Wait there's 4 magics available at the shop.  So it has to be up to me. Well that's all well and good except the next issue. Instead of MP you have to use you get a usage amount per magic LVL.  Level 1 Magic only having 3 uses right now.  Well it does raise over time but to restore your MP you have to rest at an Inn....yeah sleeping bags, tents don't cut it.  So forget about using magic in random battles unless you really need to.

The next problem....unlike most RPGs where you're hit rate is generally godlike.  This game your hit rate sucks and enemies can destroy you with ease.  The thief class has the best hit rate but weak attack.  Knight is generally standard Monk is Akuma/Gouki without steroids.  Mages are well Mages. Except the Red Mage who's pretty much even stats all across the board it seems. As I played for about 2 hours no wonder this game isn't played often.  This is actually difficult. Random battles can destroy you with pure ease.  My monk died to some monster horse, zombies, wolves, etc.  And he's supposed to have high HP but right now Knight and Red Mage are beating him.  What's going on with the stat distribution? Is it like Pokemon with EVs or something?  Geez.

Well Garland wasn't exactly to the north since the north is a bridge that's broken which the king promises to fix if you help him out.  He could give me some traveling money to do all this.  Saving the world or princesses cost money.  Garland was really North-West in a broken temple of chaos.  BTW no world map.  Yep you're on your own.  Don't get lost.  Ok so the temple of chaos is rather huge.  Random encounters are in great number and I can't just use magic willy nilly.  I actually had to leave to go revive my monk who they kept attacking and come back.  Really Garland is in the very center of the building.  Wow Garland....I thought I would have to fight all these bats seeing as they're roaming around this room with you.  No Garland stands there ready to fight...well...if you were expect Dissidia epic Garland...nope not here.  He fell pretty quickly.

Well saved the princess and all we get is the broken bridge rebuilt....come on...some money would help....And so begins my journey....Well the first thing I do according to guide is cross the bridge go west and try not to die.  Meet some crazy lady talking about a Crystal Eye. Oooooooooooookaaaayyy......now to head to another town man how far is this town....too many random battles.  I made it and stopped there for the night.  Was really tired.

To be honest. I think what makes this game long is difficulty.  Cause reading the guide the game seems really short.  LVL 30 seems to be reccommended lvl to beat the game.  All events seems rather close together.  So I wonder how long will it take me to beat this game.  Maybe I shoulda played Easy Mode.  Normal mode is already tough.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Out of the 4 Games this was the longest and most stressful for me.  OUTBREAK was just a teaser of things to come. This one pushed thing far beyond.

Every 4 out of 10 random areas in the Omega server had Data Bug enemies to deal with at random.  So this pushed my Data drain limit quite a bit.  I couldn't exactly farm the Rare Weapons and high level Armors due to the keywords not being available till pretty much endgame. Even some of the bosses were rather trollish to deal with.

Well Elk pretty much all for..."Where's Mia?!" made him unavailable for a lot of the game.  So that's 1 Wavemaster out.  Then got Mistral with Baby things goin so that's 2.....Well at least until Elk went ahead and joined us till he found Mia....BTW she's a boss. Oh great Elk hates us for killing Mia....who tried to kill us.

Next boss I read was supposed to be really trolling but he didn't really get to attack.  So I was safe. Internet wasn't and Aura being cryptic as always. No Don't Fight Cubia....I can't tell you why!

Oh this is fun a dungeon full of data bugs....10 floors....Pushing my Infection rate through the roof game overed once due to that....Well Guess what Cubia and the hax Bracelet are one and the same.  So that's why we can't kill em? HEY We're killing him we're gonna win!!! TROLL BOSS PLOT FULL REVIVE!!! DANGIT!!! Ok lets break the bracelet!!!  That seemed to work. Wait....no more secret weapon....oh well...Final Boss Time.

I guess the power of friendship helps us defeat final boss?  Hey we're damaging a boss....without Data Drain yay!!! Nope....Troll Plot Shield!!! Well...now what?....POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!!! Oh HEY ORCA YOU FINNALLY SHOW UP!!! HOW WAS THAT COMA!!! Wait...who are these other ppl?  Now to kill the final boss....That was...somewhat easy.

Boss Vids


She scared me to the point I thought I was gonna die by Charm.....She pretty much trolled with status effects that there's no way to avoid.  Usually I avoid being the target by circling around the enemy while the others fight it in the front.  Doesn't work when attack hits everyone.

Cubia 3

Another Dang Cubia Fight......These are getting boring.....Same strategy, just longer fight.


Tarvos apparently has an attack that 1 hit kills a party member.  I didn't see it.  So I guess I got off lucky.

Cubia 4

Same strategy just a lot more powerful in fact this fight....it would actually seem if there was a hard mode then I would probably worry.


Really one of those movie type boss fights deal.  You know you're gonna win...but gotta go through a lot of crap first before you reach the end.  I don't know if I could have left Blackrose behind but decided not to just in case.  So I went with the party that beat the first game.  Kite, Gardenia, and Blackrose.

Ending SPOILERS!!!

Oh crap boss is pissed!! Drain Heart.... DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Whelp Balmung is dead.  Blackrose be useful and DOOOOOOOOOODDDDD......She's dead.....Oh great everyone else is dead to.  Oh crap Kite....DOOOOOOOOO........Elk?! What?......Well he's dead.....Kite its time to be epic!! Gee Sonic Unleashed Much...NOW YOU D....OH WTF!!! AURA!!!!  And the internet is saved? ??? Alright....I'll buy it.  Everyone comes back to life via a miracle.  Orca finnally is available to use yeah a LVL 50 vs me at LVL 99!!  Oh hey Helba shows how much of a hacker she is makes herself available with pretty much maxed stats.  Hey its Sora.....No not KH Sora thank god.  Its Tsukasa...the jerk...its Subaru....yeah....not interesting.

Orca's back....and wants me to join him for that dungeon.....oh hey I got the bracelet back!! Back to haxing!

Well all that's left on this game is just a few things
  • Item Collection All Items Quest (Yeah...not gonna happen)
  • Secret Dungeon Full of Data Bugs (Maybe....)
  • Complete all the Ryu books to unlock the last of everything (Might or Might not do this)
  • LVL Up everyone else to LVL 99 (Gameshark...where are you)
This game was worth the time though.  Glad I finnally sat down and went through the whole thing.  Since .HACK//SIGN made me go out and buy the series.  Would I go out and get G.U.?  Not really That game requires just as much work as this series if not even more.  Not to mention I've seen most of the game. I like the story but man....so much work so very little time to play.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken - Abel and Hwoarang vs the World

Well first off when I see the game I would just play this game strictly for fun. As the learning curve while it doesn't look steep finding the team synergy would be a pain in the butt. Judging from what I've seen and that isn't much.  Seems everyone is afraid to use Tekken characters. Well to take the best of both worlds from what I know. Why not Abel and Hworang?

Starting with Hworang. While's he's no Baek Doo San. At least Baek taught this guy how to fight so the guy has something going for him. From what I remember about the Tae Kwon Do student he does have some nice and easy launchers back there in Tekken. Along with some easy combos. And he does have my favorite move "Hunting Hawk" I believe its called. Where he kicks you in the air twice and the 3rd kick knocks you down. While looking cool with that he obviously has some easy synergy so why not go to the other character.

Abel...also known as the untapped potential in my book when SF4 was released (next to Twins 2.0 AKA Rufus). Dude has some impressive throws and easy chains (or rekkas...rekkas being move 1, move 2, move 3, etc. in a simple chain). This guy is just scary to face especially online with an easy anti-air and easy command throws. I loved using this guy back in SF4.  Even if throws are now lowered in priority he's still a good character.  Not to mention his easy chain specials and a dodge roll as I would call it. No doubt this guy can be a good partner for Hworang and vice versa.

New Generation - The Future of Gaming Looks Bleak

This doesn't particullary apply the just UMvC3. But games in general.  Up until a few years ago.  Even when online play was just starting out.  The you would hear would be the type of game, Voice-Acting, or trash talk.  Now what would seem like a miracle those very things dropped off the radar. They're still there but you don't hear it as much.  Now thanks to gaming companies "Listening to their customers".  Its more about a character, gimmick, move, etc. And its not in general its specific.  I don't know where it comes from cause there are 1000s of  possibilities to stem from.

I don't mean everyone when I say this so whether you take it personally or not is your problem not mine. This New Generation of Gamers from what I've examined. They have more freedom than ever.  But still wish for more.  You can't please everyone that saying is true.  However the power they have is astounding.  Not only having the internet available to them for ANY AND ALL information possible that you can't possibly say, "I know everything."  But with the companies trying more and more to appeal to there consumers. This New Generation has more of a voice than ever as to who, what, when, where, and how a game will turn out.  Even more so the old days if you felt someone was broken, glitched, cheap, whatever you wanna call it.  If you raise a moderate amount of attention. There's an 80% chance that problem will be changed. It may or may not be what you wanted but there will be a change. This takes the phrase, "the customer is always right" to a far grander scale than what it used to be.

Here's a few examples of that very thing happening.

  • The many vast changes Blazeblue has had in just 4 games barely 6 months to a year difference between  each release and patch fixes.
  • Check biffotasty's YT channel ( http://www.youtube.com/user/biffotasty?feature=g-user-u) for the many changes MvC3, SF4, etc. has gone through.
  • The changes the ever popular "Call of Duty" games go through.
  • The Fixes that Starcraft 2 has recieved
  • Monster Hunter changes between each and every game.
But apparently as the saying goes "you can't please everyone". You always tend to find those that just want something to complain about.  A lot of them say they're not complaining but they are.  The problem isn't that they're complaining.  Its that they refuse to deal with it.  Instead of taking sometime to practice or use resources to figure out what to do.  Instead they complain about it in order to gain support and try to force a change.  This isn't neccessarily a bad thing in some cases but at the same time you're not doing anyone justice.  At some point in our life we're guilty of this fact in one way or another so no one, not even myself is excluded from this fact.  However this is a growing trend in gamers everywhere.  With the vast increase of newer titles, expansion packs, DLC (Downloadable Content), etc you really don't have time to sit down, learn the game, and enjoy it.  You generally have about 6 months to a year to do those thing before the next game, patch, etc is released and everyone moves on.  In reality that's not a lot of time if you account for sleeping, eating, school, work, or whatever you do since you can't play videogames 24/7 (you can try but I highly doubt you yourself can lead that kind of lifestyle without serious conserquences to things like your health, social life etc. If you have that kind of life...show me your schedule, paycheck, and social life.) 

Well getting to point.  If you have time to complain you have time to take action.  I hate this current generation of gamers as they expect things to be handed to them on a silver platter.  In the gaming aspect they want an "I win" button. This isn't taking into account sore winners and sore losers who show no respect to others.  Instead they focus on complaining failing to realize that the info is right there in front of them. Whether you gamers that read this hate me for pointing this out or not. I don't really care.  You are not my problem. But instead of complaining to me about your problems find a way to deal with it. After all you have the resources just use them.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Almost Another Month Down And....

Well I've been trying this blog thing for some time. To me it seems like no one is really reading these blogs.  They're just here but maybe less than 10% of the ppl that view the videos actually read the blog.  Probably less than that skim even bother to skim over it.  For the most part I've tried at least 2 methods to get ppl to read.

The first being I just post a link to the blog. And have my full thoughts out there instead of filling YT's description box full of crap nobody reads.  The 2nd one being just a small excerpt from it that with the link so viewers get the idea of what I'm talking about. Maybe generate Interest.  Doesn't seem like that worked at all.

For the most part the vibe I'm getting is that no one cares (not really surprised) and just want to view the video. I only feel that putting the thoughts on a blog would be far better. For one it avoids those that say random crap. I've seen the results of that personally. Especially since those that really wanna talk will find a way. Anyway I've been wondering whether to keep this up at all or just stop.  The only reason I'm still uploading stuff now is to keep myself occupied and for memories since I have so many games I don't exactly wanna forget them. With everything that's been goin on I might just stop. Any way That's all I can think of for now.

Dot.HACK//OUTBREAK Part 3 Its Gettin Real?!

Well starting the third game.  Things seem to become serious business.  The World now becoming screwed up with freaky patterns.  Making things seem like all hope is lost. Where to start first.

  • Everything being blamed on Kite and the others.
  • Balmung is still a Jerk
  • Orca still in that Coma.  (Enjoy it man -_-)
  • Mia's experiencing the side effects of drugs....or somethin
  • Elk is.....Elk....
  • Mistral is going to have a Baby...(congrats) You're excused.

Ok with that out the way. I'm down 2 Wavemasters (Healers/UBER mages).  Only got Wiseman now.  If you played this game at all you know that anybody that isn't a Wavemaster sucks in the magic casting job unless its Kite.  Well lets see what the new server level limit is.  70 so that's always my first priority. Getting everyone to that level.  That didn't take too long after awhile. Finding the keywords for some serious LVL 70 areas. Even a level 70 area on the older server for an event.  Even cooler there Thunder Weakness sped things up.

Meet Terajima Ryoko

Seems to be the only other Axe user on this game.  Well thank god its not Piros.....SHE'S LEVEL 1!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!! Ugh........Come with me your gonna level.  And Die a lot.  She sounds a lot like Noel Vermillion. Or Snow White. Take your pick.

Get Balmung the Jerk (ok he's mellowed out a little)

Well this was a problem cause it seems the random online issues hit EVERYONE at the same time.  No one was online so Kite had to go it alone.  I don't really like goin it alone in this game.  Oh hey Balmung DODGE!!! What do you mean you can't...there's no way that thing is faster.....Fine I'll help you.  Now you want to join my party....fine...

Mistral, Mia, and Elk Won't Be Appearing In This Game

Yep they're too busy to help Kite with real problems.  Well Mistral is gonna have a baby.  Congrats you are pardoned.  Mia.....are you on drugs....do you need to talk about it,

Mia: DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!!

Ok then...when you're ready to talk I'll be here.  Elk of course being clingy goes off to hunt for Mia.  Well I'm down 2 Wavemasters.....Guess that leaves Wiseman.

Lios still hates you, Blackrose character development?! And she does something useful?!

Yep.  Lios is still a corporate dousche.  Does he do anything to help us? Not really.  Hell only after he saw some things did he finally decide to help.  Oh I didn't know you had a brother that was in a coma Blackrose.  Wait are you being useful.....OMG.....*boom*

.Hack//SIGN Cameos & Ghost

The most annoying quest in game.  Well Sora's was worth it.  You got decent blades....which I gave to Moonstone.  Oh Hi Bear......thanks for your somewhat useless Sword...I'll give it to Rachel.  The worst part was finding all there ghost.  The items were somewhat worth it.  But these ghost had me bouncing between servers to find em all.  Please don't force me to do something like that again. That took way longer than I thought it did.

Important Bosses (Cause there's a lot of them and they don't deserve to be bosses)

Easy but time consuming boss.  All this guy does is run away and try to for tell the future.  Ever time he did it was just a random quake type spell. Didn't enjoy chasing him around everywhere.
Cubia 2
It's back again.....same as the 2nd game.....Just slightly longer.  What purpose does this boss serve anyway.  And I thought this dude was awesome when it appeared in the first 1st game.
Wish the A.I. was a little more self reliant.  Switching from sudden healing to attacking wasn't fun.  I can't understand WTF they're saying.  Just kill em.  Well that ends this game.  
Black Death
That name was used for some kind of disease wasn't it?  Anyway for the proper data drain apparently I had to use Magic.....(Magic Tolerance).......Ok....well being close to death while trying this method was not fun. Only Wavemaster available was Wiseman so no keep party outta harms way.  Its dead though.  But this wasn't as interesting as the 2nd Game extra boss.  
Well apparently Kite had an Epiphany...or something....the camera zoomed in on him in the ending.  I guess ****'s about to get real?  In Liminality like stated in the game if something isn't done CCorp will just shut down all the servers....which will kill all the coma victims and won't solve the problem of the virus running amok in Japan. Since it did cause loads of power outages, etc, etc.  Well time to go to work then.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

UMvC3 - You Never Read "The Tortoise and The Hare?"

Its funny how 10+ years makes a big change on everything.  Years ago you didn't have the luxury to complain about a fighting game. Today that's completely different.  Now its guaranteed that if you raise a big enough fuss about a game, most likely something will be changed.  The time where I come from that wasn’t an option as fighters were few and far in-between. I actually liked that time.  Instead of a new fighter every 6 months to a year. We had time to explore the game and no luxury to complain.  This is cause we learned that its 1 of 2 things to do.  Either move on or deal with it. 

The reason I bring this up is coming across quite a few conversations and various message board post of players complaining about the smallest little things. Most of them mad they bought the game and now feel they should complain about small little gimmicks like bursting, X-factor, or even a character being apparently “too good”.  The problem is if your too busy complaining about it that’s time you could spend learning to deal with it.  Back during Marvel 2, instead of complaining about Magneto you learned to deal with him should you see someone use him. Instead of worrying about Potemkim’s high damage you learned to beat him and anything he throws out. If you came across an Eddy masher you learned to block and counter. 

Today however by raising enough fuss. The company will fix not only bugs but make big changes to characters you complain about.  Why bother learning to deal with the problem when you can take your complaints to a now mellowed out game company.  You could also move on to another game cause in about 6 months to a year a new version of that fighter will be released.  So you can play that game instead.  And since everyone else is complaining about the game why not join in the fun and complain along with them.  At the same time you’re either playing that game or playing your favorite fighter.  Most likely you’re unable to accept equality cause you can’t play said game.  Although there’s many other fighters out there, you stick around the community to voice your complaints to a public that doesn’t care. Quite the amazing world we live in today huh?

I think I’ve bored you enough with that thought.  Moving on to the fights.

Considering the horrible mood I was in I considering the day went pretty well.  I tried out Frank cause I had a few ideas but it doesn't seem to work at all in my favor.  At least online.  Mainly like many other fighters of today do not read my inputs at all. Instead this apparent "auto-correct" function (as I've been told) kicks in and forces other moves to come out instead of what I want.  Which is no wonder why I get dismal results.  Personally when I play I double input just about everything especially motions to help insure things come out.  It worked in SF apparently it doesn't work in Marvel 3. In Marvel 3 even if you don't press 2 attack buttons for a super if your fast enough the game will read a L, M as L+M.  Makes no sense but it does. I've tested this in Training it happens to me A LOT.  Especially when it comes to calling assist. I have to hit the button at least 6 or more times for the assist to come out. I could simply slow it down but then its too slow.  Just seems to be a tendency today's fighters do now.  Honestly they could take a page from older games and allow you to adjust command timings. Oh well that's the online world for you. On the bright side it seems pretending to fail does a lot better.  Like a lot players online they tend to take things less serious when it comes to a player they seem to be blowing up.  Big mistake on there part since they apparently never read "The Tortoise and the Hare".  

My favorites though were the Viper Player.  And an actual player who knows about Vergil/Spencer reset and can perform it.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dot.Hack//Mutation I Come Back to this game and wrecked the internet...again

Well got back to this game after like months to years.  To be honest its hard for someone like me to stay into this game due to the constant flow of games time consumption etc.  Hard to express thoughts about this game.  I love it but its so time consuming.  Not to mention the series itself is a freakin mystery novel. Any on with the story.

Well I can't say the virus monsters are bosses so I won't really comment on them. Although watching BlackRose get eaten by a dragon is hilarious. Getting the sword for Wiseman was enough but nooooooo they have to force me to redo a dungeon to hand deliver it to him.  That kinda bothered me.

Well before we get to what's apparently the main event time to hunt for rare and good equipment.  This took hours.  Especially for the rare blademaster weapons.  Apparently the rare twin blade weapons suck.

On to the end game.

Dungeon was long and I was a bit pissed cause I game over'd to the boss after getting a rare Heavy Blade weapons.  Wow wish these NPC's would make sense.  Oh hey booby lady.  Oh great the jerk and the douschebag is here too.  Oh hey its the boss.

MAGUS: OMG this dude 1 shot me from not knowing what to do. I remember this was back when bosses in RPGs weren't so blatantly obvious in there weakness.  You know when you had to read the manual or the guide to figure out what the best method is.  The type that forces you to actually work for your victory and not just outright grind or hit until dead.  Anyway this boss while I thought I figured it out I was wrong.  The petals it drops are little ticking time bombs. If you don't kill them you'll get hit with its special "DEATH AND REBIRTH" attack.  Pretty much that move there spells game over since the damage is apparently 200 per petal on the field.  I thought they would just explode near me. Well partially wrong and I paid for it.  Needless to say I killed it the 2nd go round.

Well that's the end of this game.  Oh no....YouTube updated again!!! EVERYTHING IS RUINED!!!! Well that ends the game onto the secret dungeon.

Well this dungeon wasn't bad.  I was lvl 59 with the party not trailing too far behind.  Decent equipment too.  The boss...well not too hard but not too easy.  The dude killed Sanjuro rather quick and Wiseman was just chillin in the back.  Only missing 1 rare weapon I probably won't use anytime soon. Time to move to the 3rd game.

Wow talk about crap hitting the fan.  Mistral saying she has to quit cause she's having a baby.  Good for her...but I'm down a wavemaster.  Wait WTF.....I can't contact anyone and CCorp..well Lios is blaming Helba and me for crap.....O....k.....Well better investigate this place.  OH great its Balmung.....saved his butt. MASSIVE E-MAIL DUMP!!! Hey guys there's only 1 of me.....Oh and Balmung has joined....*somewhat happy but Orca is still comatose*

Time to grind and get ready to try and breeze through this.

I watched the 3rd DVD....WTF....I think I shoulda been payin attention to the game more....I feel like I figured out the story but can't seem to get it.  Ugh....I feel dumbfounded.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Monsters That Can Only Be Seen Through Special Methods (Invizimals PSP) Isn't this an Anime

Well got to play this for like an hour.  Gotta say Sony this is an idea that may be performed better.  I only played Invizimals for about an hour.  

Well starting up the game I see this random japanese guy (he actually tells you he's from Japan) that teaches you some of the gameplay mechanics.  Honestly wish I could skip the tutorial or read a text version considering I read the manual.  First to catch a monster you gotta look around your room (using your PSP camera) generally for a certain color.  They told me Red first. Well this would be easy but....I have to have a flat surface of that color (that isn't a wall or cieling).  Then when the sensor beeps like crazy use this weird square shapped thing they call a trap to capture your monster.  Its obvious you need this piece of cardboard to play the game so gotta make an effort not to lose that or you can't really play the game.  Once that part is done you gotta play a random mini game in order to fully capture the monster.  Which also involves the use of the PSP camera.  Well that's great for a child but it kinda felt like the many wild antics Ash Kecthum goes through in his Pokemon adventures just to get a Pokemon. The mini for this 1st monster was to help guide this guy across rocks as fast as possible.  To be honest this mini-game felt like something I played on Neopets long ago.  Hooray monster captured.  It doesn't exactly look cool, not all ugly either maybe it evolves or there's better monsters to catch.  

Well that somewhat annoying japanese guy is back.  Oh you work for Sony. I wonder if you really enjoy your job.  Your acting doesn't exactly sound enthusiastic.  Well it would to an impressionable child.  No wonder this is rated E.  Oh battle time.  Yay.  So once again using the wierd piece of cardboard that came with the game. Setup the battle field (Flat surface required).  The game itself is categorized between 4 attacks and a block button.  2 normal attacks that are fast and strong and 2 Special attacks that are also fast and strong.  Well apparently the key is keeping an eye on your stamina so you can attack more.  Obviously if you run out of stamina you can't attack as much and forced into defense (reminds me of Monster Rancher).  I ran out of stamina quick and the game said in that TV narrator type voice, "OUT OF STAMINA!"  Well that was fun somewhat what now.  Oh catch more possibly cooler looking monsters alright.  

Well now the game told me to find 2 other specific monsters.  this is where a problem arised for me.  The first monster came rather instantly my table fell over and I had to set that back up.  I noticed that the camera wants you to be at a certain angle to even see the monster.  It'll litterally tell you to back away or get closer to the flat surface.  Well considering this is the first PSP game where I had to actually sit upright as oppossed to laying down to play this game.  Also cause of the use of that piece of cardboard forget about playing this game in a bus or car. Ok this 2nd mini game was apparently to move my camera along with the monster to catch it well needless to say it was easy.  The last monster however was a complete pain.  Scanning for it was took forever.  I need a light blue surface.....even though my room is blue and has a lot of blue things apparently the game didn't accept it.  So I had to cheat a little.  Since they wanted Light Blue I opened up MSPaint and filled the screen with Light Blue.  Luckily my monitor is a flat screen so I could just lay it down.  But wow....that much effort to get a monster.  Really.

Needless to say that took up an hour.  The game itself is somewhat annoying and I can't help but think that this is just an anime based game.  I mean seriously.  You'd think you see this as an anime first off. From what I read there's online play.  I honestly enjoy the PSP Camera by itself.  For an attachment its quality isn't all too bad.  640 x 480.  Yeah today's standard that's subpar but I don't expect much from something rather old.  If your child is more an indoor type or they're stuck inside the house and you want them somewhat quiet.  You can use this game to keep em busy.  Its not too bad a game.  But there are other PSP games.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Machine Guns and Robots Taking Over the US Apparently this Happened in 2005

While browsing the K-Mart that was closing down.  I found an old Arcade Hit that ported its way to the Wii. And it was only $7 bucks.  Also saw FF13-2 for like 30 but decided against it.

L.A. Machineguns & Gunblaze NY

Those that are too young to remember this was one of the Gun-Con Railshooter games that just utterly ate up everyone's quarters. Right along with Time Crisis and Virtua Cop during the good days of the arcade.  The memories of the machine gun shooting up robots to save NY or the UN.  Which apparently this took place in the year 2005.  LOL don't you love games that base on things in the future especially after that year has passed?

Anyway in the arcade this game usually took 1$ to play.  So yeah it ate your money quick.  This guncon game was unique.  You gun wasn't able to be waved around everywhere in fact it was more like an actual gun turret.  Even with rather realistic recoil. While the game appears easy it actually wasn't.  The amount of invincibility you had after taking a hit was very short even after continuing.  You shoot the robots that are launching missles at you and terrorizing the city (apparently Machine Gun > Missles). What's funny is these robot terrorist dodge like ninjas.  Yes actual dodging.  What made this game hard was you could get easily overwhelmed if you didn't take out your enemies quick enough.  Scoring on the game was also based on speed not just accuracy. 

Now as for the Wii port its not a bad port. Unforntunately though centering your gun is a pain since the game expects you to hold it like the days in the arcade.  In fact it took me a few minutes to figure that out.  I was using Nyko's Perfect Shot as my gun since I don't own the official Wii Zapper.  For once I actually reccommend using the Wii Zapper since that will give you the closest feeling to an actual machine gun like the arcade.  The graphics surprisingly seem more like the Sega Saturn than the arcade game it actually moves slower than how I remember the Arcade.  Replay value there is some like 2 player, unlock extra gun types like the rapid shot, and you have score attack.  

The bad thing about this game is that its quickly short lived.  You only have the 2 games and its very short.  The real downside to it was using my Nyko Perfect Shot for my Wii Mote my hand was in pain for quite awhile.  There's no reloading so you just hold the trigger down the entire game. Also due to my room setup and lacking a decent TV I found I had to position myself rather awkwardly to play the game.  Especially since I had to be directly in front of the Wii Sensor Bar unlike most of my other Wii Titles.  Other than that for $7 bucks its great to relive an old arcade hit from Sega.   Now uh....Sega....*taps there shoulder* where's a Virtua Cop Wii Port?  You do House of the Dead but no Virtua Cop? Come on that one would sell like crazy.

Soul Calibur General Tips (Applies to All Soul Calibur games)

Lately I've been seeing a lot of players (not all of them), how to put this not suck but really treat this game like its Marvel, or a random 2D Fighter.  While that's great and if its getting you wins, more power to you. But there's far more to it than that.  I'm gonna go over some general tips that'll hopefully help you improve your game. This is based off a normal controller not an arcade stick. So stick users sorry. -_-

Know that this is A 3D Fighter and not a 2D Fighter

This is a major habit I see from a lot of players.  They forget that you can move in 3D. Taking advantage of 8-Way Run is a major key in this game.  Many people dismiss this as useless but its actually a great option for approaching, keep away, and zoning.  An easy way to move is to use the stick instead of your D-Pad.  For an advance tactic learn to shift between the stick and the D-Pad. Using the D-Pad for inputs on special moves and the Stick to quickly move around.  Keeping in mind that you can help you especially in the dodging department I found a lot of players will be somewhat dumbfounded wondering what are you going to do next.  It even works to give you time to think about what to try.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Know Your Stage

Learning each and every stage can help you. How you ask?  By knowing your stage you know how big the stage really is.  Where the walls are (SC3 and up).  And if there's a gimmick of some sort (SC4 and up).  This can also help you if your strategy is ring out or deny you opponent.  Knowing your stage also involves knowing your current position on the stage as well as your opponents and where you plan for yourself as well as your opponent to be in the next few seconds.  This doesn't mean edge hog the stage and expect them to be stupid.  That barely ever works especially on human opponents.  Knowing your stage lets you know exactly how much space you have to move around.

Learn Your Range

A serious key.  Is learning your character's range.  Learning this and how far or short you can go is key.  This applies to learning your opponents range as well.  Lets take someone with a lot of Range like Nightmare vs someone with short range like Maxi.  Nightmare has incredible range both horizontally and vertically so dodging, blocking, or countering up close can be rather tough for Maxi. Problem is with Nightmare is that his attacks are slow. So Nightmare's Horizontal Slashes (lets just say H, H basic combo) is coming.  Well its long but going back to 8-Way Run you can just dodge left or right quickly get in and punish Nightmare. Another example say your opponent is gonna try to hit and run and they're playing someone fast like Xianghua.  And you're Ivy.  Ivy has more than short and mid range, she also possesses a few actual long range attacks.  Using her (Down H+V I think that's the input) Ivy can stab her sword in the ground and the attack from quite farther than most people think.  In a lot of cases they'll rethink there methods and be forced to approach you. Last example lets put Cervantes against Siegfried.  Now Siegfried like Nightmare has great range horizontally and vertically in fact he can chain those together rather well.  So an 8-Way run approach is out, your health is lower so they're not gonna get desperate. What can you do?  Cervantes doesn't exactly have many normals to easily get in.  Lets check his specials.  He can teleport and strike (back A+B) quickly getting in he also has a gunshot that does little damage but is an unblockable and very fast (SC4 don't know the move).  That can stop Siegfried. Knowing your range as well as your opponents will help you vastly in gameplay.

Recovery Options LEARN THEM!!

This generally applies to every game but in this game there's more than just either roll forward, backward, or in place.  Going back to the 3D plane you can also roll to the side.  You think it stops there? Nope not at all.  In fact there are attacks you can use upon recovery.  What they are is dependant on your character. Kilik actually has a few of note.  The main 2 both cause knockdown and are very annoying to pick up on. Well that's just one side of recovering the main note is to not be predicted.  Like in any fighter especially Blazblue if your predicted on recovery most likely that spells death.  While you can't read your opponents mind  you can attempt to 2nd Guess him/her or just make sure that you're not doing the same type or recovery every time. Always find someway to recover as well. Laying on the ground is not going to save you since you can be hit while on the ground.  The last aspect or recovery is aerial.  While you can't completely recover in the air, you can control where your character falls like in Smash Bros. This can prevent ring outs, most extended combos.

Blocking/Weapon Grab/Weapon Repel

Learning to do these can vastly help improve your game.  While you could get away with normal blocking.  If your opponent is aggressive most likely your guard will be broken.  Weapon Grab/Repel helps in this matter. While the time is a pain to pull off the benefits of your opponent being open for a few seconds is worth it. Weapon Grab your opponent will be open for pretty much anything I pretty much go for a side or back throw since they're back is turned after a Weapon Grab.  A Weapon repel while you don't have as much time to counter as opposed to a grab you can use this to either keep your opponent from pushing you to the edge and even block some unblockable attacks.  Keeping this in mind you can stop aggressive players and those that use unblockable attacks.

Hopefully these small tips can help improve your play a bit.  I doubt I'll see a change in online matches right away. But I felt I should type this since I'd like to see more SC players.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Desktop is Sorta Fixed

I went into the garage and pulled out my mom's old desktop.  Tried to fix it a bit.  Apparently my guess is that there was something wrong with the BIOS.... Well I reset it and things seem to be ok.   I had to raise the usage of RAM up to 4 Gigs....which in reality the PC says that there's like 3.37 Gigs of RAM :sadface:....

Anyway I at least have a desktop....with rather low quality sound cause my mom is using my $50 speakers. lol.  Well it is a desktop so I can at least get some more things done...I am afraid of pushing this desktop though since this thing has always been acting rather weird....like an NES/SNES after its been knocked around or the cartridge was immersed in water.  You older generation gamers like me know what I'm talkin about.

I doubt this will improve my streaming since running at such low RAM and all that.  Not to mention I don't know how stable this desktop is.  Its not mine where it was meant for VIDEO/GAMING/STREAMING all together....I still can't record in HD since I don't have an HDTV to use with my Hauppauge. So yeah....LOL. Well that's about all I can say for now.  Laters...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UMvC3 - I Have Nothing To Say I Just Suck And I Accept It

I think I pretty much reached my limit.  I can't push it any further it seems.  To be honest when I look at my own play I think I messed up when I started listening to other people's advice instead of coming up with my own stuff.  While there advice was ok.....it didn't exactly help.  At least that's how I felt this session.  Regardless of the hours I spent in training and experimentation it just turned me into a worse player than from the start.  To be honest I should stop watching videos of this game and any other fighter I intend to play.  I feel I do better that way.  Especially since for one...watching others play makes you feel you gotta copy them.   Not to mention discouraging cause in a lot of cases you come to realize you won't be as good as they are. That's how I feel anyway.  I wish I could go back to Day 1 to where I felt I was decent.

I turned off the mic volume cause lately players like to talk crap during ranked matches.  Very distracting not to mention insulting.  My mic doesn't work any longer either not that I ever really use it.  Besides I don't really talk during matches to begin with unless its with friends.  I'll PM you if you rage quit but that's about it.  I don't like lobbies either since cause of my skill even marked with beginners only I suck and get kicked.  So....whatever.....I'm just gonna keep playing.

Player Match

Finnally a player match I can actually play with no complaints.  But I can't seem to get anything done at all...Like all my info I picked up just sucks now. Muscle memory my foot.

Pokemon Soul Silver - The Show Must Go On....Wait Actually Its Ending

And so.....we end things with the Elite 4 Redux.  The E4 have became a bit more powerful (when I say a bit I mean barely a level jump).  Pulled pokemon from other regions....but does that make them better....not really...To prep for the end I built my guys up to LVL 75+.   That's what other games are for anyway...to train. Anyway lets move on.

Will 2

Ok...thought they would at least be 70s.  Seriously....that's not a big jump. Not to mention the choices of pokemon weren't really that great IMO.  This guy could use an Alakazam.  Among others.

Koga 2

Koga is still Koga....nothing different.  For the most part....where's Toxic....heck something would do better than what he's using...I mean...confusion....meh.

Bruno 2

Still a dissapoint....but I've never seen a Rhyperior outspeed a Lucario....ever....

Karen 2

Nothing special...Dark Types and what not....but I did forgot about Spiritomb.  LOL wasn't paying attention.

Champion Lance 2

Well no 3 haxing Dragonite.  That Salamence should be faster or have more HP something.  Garchomp was a decent threat.  The rest didn't last long.....well Charizard being Charizard. Dragonite went down in 1 shot....wow.

"But there's another battle you have to do and the Battle Frontier"  To be honest I don't care for those things. The Battle Frontier is following set rules most of which doesn't work out....like Battle Revolution.  The other battle is a rather Co-Op with your Rival who still sucks against Lance and Claire this battle only happens on certain days and isn't worth it.  Oh re-fight the gym leaders.  Well if the E4 didn't put up much of a fight I shouldn't even bother with the gym leaders.  Worse I have to wait for a phone call in order to battle them again.  All in All not worth my time.  Not doing it.  "But you did the Elite 4 Again." That's cause its easy to access."  I rather not wait around forever and a day to refight trainers that are gonna be a pain in the butt.

Well that ends this game.  I had my fun...time to move on to the next game.  Can't exactly think of something to say about this game...its Pokemon.  I had ideas for art on this game but just no will to draw it out....well I'll figure out what to play next.  I honestly wonder if there's more ppl than I think actually reading this blog.  I don't really get comments on the blog.  Oh well only a month has gone by so far since I started this I'll see how this method turns out.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - WHERE'S CYNTHIA?!

Ok winding down to the end of this game.  There isn't much else to do so lets wrap this up.


WTF....I have to teach a pokemon Rock Climb.....(Surf and Waterfall).....I mean I understand a little bit.  But...the purpose of coming here I don't really want HM moves on my team.  Or an HM Slave.


Like I said the RNG gods will do something and they did.  40 Balls later it finnally got caught.  If you don't know what RNG is.....I feel sorry for you.  Anyway.  This dude is caught.  We can move on to the supposed "Real Deal" now.

Pokemon Trainer Red (Ash) 

The apparent badass that (time to list):

  • Destroyed Team Rocket Single Handily
  • Defeated the Elite 4
  • Defeated his Rival Blue (Gary)
  • Is noted as an actual Pokemon Master
Wait....WTF....This is what I did back in Red and Leaf Green....he stole my achievements.  Ok lets get off that subject.  So this is the guy that most pokemon players somehow fear or give him divine respect.  Cause he's supposed to be tough.  Well...uh...he's not Cynthia or Steven.  Heck the game didn't bother to give him his own theme.  Just the Champion theme (which is used when battling Lance).  So what's so great about him?  To sum it up not much.  Mainly his 3 Kanto starters are generally the threats.  If I wanted to I could've brought together a team to take advantage of the auto-Hailstorm. Which also makes no sense.  You'd think the weather would be normal.  Anyway lets breakdown his pokemon 1 by 1.

  • Pikachu:  A Pikascrew.....really....Really?.....Yeah I know Ash's signature pokemon.  But uh.....its Pikascrew.  It learns pretty much every elec type attack in the game, has a great amount of speed and sp. atk.  but Its no real threat.  Hell its signature Volt Tackle really is detrimental to it being any good.  Apparently Ash didn't learn about Earthquake and how OP it is.
  • Lapras: Well here's a general threat but our infamous trainer built it differently.  While it has HP.  Its Special Attack stat doesn't seem to be that high at all.  Blizzard spammer too.  Meh....
  • Snorlax: So apparently this is his wall. And another Blizzard spammer.  You'd expect Rest and it may have it but....I saw Blizzard more.  Anyway its just a wall and not a Rhyperior wall.
  • Blastiose: Now the threats start.  Its either Hydro Pump or Blizzard.  I think it has Hydro Cannon but I only saw those 2 attacks.  What's really threatening is that this guy outsped my Ampharos 155 speed.  Not a normal feat for a Blastoise as I usually see a tank type build.
  • Venusaur: My favorite Grass starter..heck my favorite grass anything.  And Ash chose to go with a special attack build.  Luckily it doesn't have any attacks that well truly kill in 1 hit.  Still a threat through.
  • Charizard: Well this guy didn't do anything.  But its pretty much like any other Charizard.  I can't really make a note on this guy.

Overall....this guy is a disappointment from all the Hype I heard about this guy.  I rather fight Cynthia again she has her own theme.  Her pokemon skills are OP.  Not to mention dealing with her pokemon is an actual task. Not to mention I had to learn an HM move just to get to RED.  To be honest like I said before his only threats are his 3 starters.  The others are stallers.  Moving on....

Cerulean Cave

Almost like I remember it from the old days.  Huge Maze. But they changed the layout from what I remember.  And far less explosions/selfdestructs.  Anyway only here for....Mewtwo


This is rather stupid....his moveset is F-d up.  Psycho Cut, Guard Swap, Power Swap, Amnesia....yeah.....is this even worth it?....Moving on...


Well considering my levels....This was easy....Heavy Ball *click*.....next


LVL 50 as well....*click* Caught.....done. What's next.

Well if I feel like it.....guess there's elite 4 Redux.  I don't wanna wait for gym trainers and certain dates to fight refight them.  So I guess E4 Redux....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - Kanto Journey's Fight To The Last

Well I'm still feeling rather ugh....but whatever finish this story bit up.

With Cinnabar Island well under tons of Molten Lava apparently there's a gym at Seafoam....Honestly you can't miss it as they change the layout of the Seafoam Islands.  Well....lets first go after Articuno.


The RNG Gods are watching.....they see this and will do something about it soon.  Articuno can't really make a dent through Lanturn since its running Aqua Ring.  Oh well...caught

Cinnabar Gym Blaine

Well I don't remember how I built my old Arcanine but this ain't it.  Died too quick.  Of course the Water Types just rape him even if he's remotely prepared. Nice stall though with Confuse Ray...not gonna help. Well we forgot about Pewter City...oh yay simpler to get the fossils now.  Lets add Cranidos and Anorith to the roster.

Pewter Gym Brock

Rock Types just aren't that threatening anymore.  Oh wow an Omastar about the only real threat.  You actually manage to make a dent in my wall. But its a Wall.  Wall being Rhyperior its gonna take more than 1 hit to remove a wall regardless.  Well that's done...hey heard my rival was around here.....Mt. Moon you Say

Final Rival Battle

This is stupid I wish I knew earlier so I could be at his level....you know what....no....just gonna sweep you.....oh Gengar stops the complete sweep. So you delayed me slightly....not really and you killed yourself.

Viridian Gym Blue....er....GARY!!!!

Oh its Gary....(NOT BLUE).  Still gonna be a dousche.....Let's Go Right now.  Better put up a fight.....Oh gonna run the same team as Giovanni.  Really...shoulda kept your old team.  That was a threat.  You know what time to sweep....oh wow competant enough to stop 2 sweep attempts.  Yay.  Still not good enough though.....You say your friend/cousin/ Red (Ash) is much better....I can't wait to meet him.   But first to tie up some loose ends.


Hi Zapdos bye Zapdos.....RNG Gods saw this.  They will do something.


Well that's a cool sprite......lets battle....oh wait why am I fighting you......I took a master ball from my Platinum.


Literally 40 different Balls Later.  2 restarts....it got in the ball.  Told you the RNG Gods will do something.

Well.....now with all that out the way.  (Cant do Groudon till after RED)  We go scale the mountain to fight the apparent ultimate trainer.  Cythi..........its not Cynthia?.....WHAT NO CYNTHIA?!!!! WTF!!! THEN WHO IS IT?!!!   Who's Red?  Where's Cynthia?!  Trying to think of a song to go with this fight cause Red doesn't really deserve the Lance theme.

FYI: I caught Latios while doing all this.  Traveling around at LVL 35.  Just went ahead and caught it. Hey Steven sup.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - More Of Kanto Journey's

Well....Hard to Talk about this one.  I brought out the big guns like I said.  But these gym leaders didn't really bring it. Where to start....

Well I made it so my pokemon are set the way I want them.  (EV Trained Blah Blah).  I really don't feel like talking....too much goin on in my mind.

Saffron Gym Sabrina

Well Saffron City closed down the fighting gym....apparently the dude is deep in a cave I really don't wanna explore.  Well unlike the old days of R/B/Y FR/LG I could easily slip past those trainers.  Oh well they're weak.  Sabrina herself...Uh....Yeah.....mmmm....She went down.

Celadon Gym Erika

I hate the layout they put here.  Even have me relearn cut.  I never did like Erika....especially after the anime.  Oh well burn and stings ahoy for her.

Fuschia City Gym

You make a bad replacement for Koga....and your gym puzzle is way simpler than his.  Any idiot that played the old version could tell that you'll be in the center.

Cerulean City Misty

Wow she looks a lot better.  Better than just a swimsuit.  She's mad cause I ruined her date?  Whatever....she can just die. Funny her gym design is much easier to deal with than before. Herself still a pushover with god-speed Elec types.


Finnally....Geez.  Took long enough.  I managed to weaken it quickly...it just didn't like any ball I had....you know what I'm tired....screw this....Master Ball....I can nab a 2nd one. That takes care of the Dogs.....Birds coming soon...but on to the next gym.  Wait where's Cinnabar Island? GARY!!!! DUN DUN DUUUNN!!!

Again sorry I don't feel chatty this round......

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - The Kanto Journey

Well Finnally its time to start something fun.

Kanto!!! Yay.  Home sweet home. Well lets see if I can start from Pallet Town.....nope....Mt.Moon is blocked off. Road block at Fuschia City - Seafoam Islands. Can't really walk from pokemon league....mmmmm. Well can't go back to Johto easily.  Magnet Train is down....I guess till I actually fix the power plant (can't believe they gave that place more of a purpose.)  WTF happened to the pokemon tower....you turned it to a radio station....WTF!!! So you put Pal Park in place of the old Safari Zone.  Man Fuschia sucks now.  Celadon no longer sells Stones of epicness...but that doesn't stop me from getting 8 Eevees ready.  Man these places kinda got boring.....Well time to prep a team up.

Oh well.  Lets begin at Vermillion then.

Vermillion Gym

Just like I left it.  Last I remember this guy was a total pushover.  5 Pokemon eh.....more than just elec spam...this sounds like fun.  Bring it.  Double Team Spam strategy rears its ugly head.  4 Full Restores....ok...you mean I can stop playing around these gym battles.  Alright....well next gym....bringin the big guns.  This is actually fun for once.

Well short blog post....haven't had time for much things.....dealing with emotions and what not.

List of Stuff To Work On I Suppose

Just A List of Things I Thought About Working On

  • Firebrand Technology
  • Rocket Raccoon Technology
  • Ammy Technology
  • Pokemon Soul Silver Kanto Region
  • Tales of Legendia
  • Shining Force Neo
  • FF7: Dirge of Cerberus 
  • Super Mario Wii
  • Dot.Hack Series