Saturday, March 31, 2012

Destrega Story Mode

Destrega is an old PSX title made by KOEI.  The guys behind the ever famous hack n' Slash Dynasty Warriors. Yep they made a fighting game. But just like KOEI you got a generally deep storyline behind the game. About as deep as you can get with a fighter anyway.

I would get into the story behind this but it would take me forever to explain it.  And that's just story mode.  The controls are generally.....not to say difficult but different to adjust to.  If you played Psychic Force or Virtua-On before you might get it right away but its still quite unique (Better than a lot of fighters today where its either over-simplistic or too complicated to even grasp a single inkling of the system).

The voice acting for its time is rather well done for the most part.  Especially considering the year 1999 we barely scratched the surface of actually adding voices to any game.  The music is rather decent.  There's about 2 tracks on the game I like so far.  Character design is like a modernized Dynasty Warriors character....ok not modern cause they still live in the old times but its pretty good.  The stage design actually makes you think about combat quite a bit more (especially when I played as Celia...her attacks are seriously dependent on the stage). I haven't really found a character that stands out of the bunch as too OP or broken.  Probably the secret characters should I unlock them I'll find some.

Story Mode the only problem I have with it is the same problem I had with Blazblue's is that there are parts where they just talk too much.  Some parts are short other parts however go on for what seems like forever.  Generally to give the player enough background story to understand what's going on.  I like story as much as the next person but there is a limit.  Combat itself can be unforgiving at times.  Thanks to weird controller mapping that in my opinion there's no way to make a customization I'm personally comfortable with.  Believe me I've tried.  Usually there's 1 button out of place and you absolutely need all controls. Since you can't win without blocking, jumping, or running (attacking is implied).  Trying to find the right setup will take far too long. LOL.

Overall its a good game.  Shame not many ppl know about it.  Even with it on PSN it'll get outshined by modern day fighters. This would be a game I would actually enjoy playing online with others.

Check the Playlist Here

Thursday, March 29, 2012

While Sega works on Sonic 4: Episode 2 Other ppl are working on this

As much as I've seen fangames, HD remixes, etc. I've actually gotten tired of seeing the same game over and over again.  Yep found @  we have a remake in the works by a group I don't know of Sonic 2.  From what I've seen of this game it actually looks great. The music sounds great as well.  However I wonder if the physics are still there.  Honestly when I think of Genesis Sonic games or really 2D Sonic's in general. I think of Sonic moving so fast that he leaves the screen either to his death or straight to the end of the stage.  You knew you were moving fast when the game camera couldn't keep up.

  Anyway while this is just a demo the full game has yet to be completed it looks generally promising.  We'll have to wait and see what happpens to this game and it being a full recreation of Sonic 2.  I honestly think Sega will find a way to nip this in the bud as unlike most fangames this is a literal recreation of the Genesis Sonic 2 but it looks better.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Near End Month of March....Just Looking At Things

Figure I do this early cause this is my busiest month of the year.  That and probably June, July, August.  What I do during this time. Only those close to me know.  Seems a lot of crap went down makin everyone mad. I know how they feel I just can't help em out like it seems they want me to.  Ironically its not even the ppl that should be mad that are raising a fuss.  Its everyone else.  Go figure.

YT Closing Channels

I'm honestly not surprised by this.  Rather the uproar it causes every time rather astounds me. Yeah YT closing channels is well...bad.  But honestly they're doing there job....poorly but they're doing it. Looking at some of the channels they really do push the boundary of the rules users were given. Heck we all do to some degree. I can call some unfair but with just reasoning.  Others...they know what they're doing is wrong and just keep going without a care.  I'd list examples but that would send massive hate and flames towards me that I don't have the time to deal with.  YT....Google is just enforcing its new policy so as to not have another Viacom fiasco.  While I thought about this and my channel I went ahead and took the liberty of removing basically all intros, openings, endings, and the like from my channel.  There's still videos I have to edit out and I'll have to do some digging.  But I do follow to some extent that the companies don't want spoilers to there games.  Sega really cracked down on this going as far as removing generally all cutscenes.  Square started doing this a few years before Sega.  While I don't like what's going on.  I don't have the time or resources to do anything about this.

With that said the false Company known as Music Publishing Rights Collection Society is still known everywhere.  After digging a little deeper into the situation. I found how fake they totally are.  If you search this company name on Facebook you'll find that there's a Facebook page with a rather unsettling description on them. It basically states that they are filing copyright claims on random videos for the sake of making a little money. Whether this page is the real deal or not remains to be seen but I have yet to find anything else on them personally.

I have stated this before probably about 3 times.  If my YT page goes down. I'm 90% not likely to make another one.  The fact being that at my current age, focusing on this without making money at all leaves this as just a hobby.  I still have a JTV/TTV account I can use every now and then. But my time is stretched thin.  Either I get very little sleep and in the long run miss out on everything. Or I follow my priorities.  Now I could do as others say and dispute the copyright claims. But that leaves the possibility of facing lawsuits that I can't pay for.  Sorry to say this but, I don't think I can count on you guys to be there if something like that happened.  To those that are losing or lost there channels I feel for you but don't let it ruin your life.  You still have the ability to play games or whatever it is that you do so its not the end of the world.

Is My Blog Even Worth It?

Funny when I check the stats of my blog.  I find that my most viewed blog is one from well over a year ago that I personally imported from another blog I shut down.  And its about Tales of Graces F.  LOL.  I start to wonder if its worth writing at all.  Right now the best purpose I have for it is for myself to keep track of progress.  I'm rather glad for the most part that I stopped getting a massive influx of viewers to my videos. Since most comments I read were haughty, spiteful, full of hate, and spam. I don't have to deal with crap and I'm able to discern more and more who to keep on my friends list and who to remove.  I do wonder if its worth writing this stuff as for the most part at the end of day a lot of ppl don't care what I have to say LOL.

No More M Rated Games

I don't think I've told many people this and I haven't exactly made it known.  Awhile back I made the decision not to watch or play M rated games of any kind.  This is cause games that are M rated especially in today's circumstances have far more than enough violence, sexual activities, etc. that is enough to scar most children even adults for life. Personally you don't need to have a traumatic experience any longer to these things.  You can just pop in a video game and there you go.  I also believe that what's seen on TV, books, real life, etc. will be immitated in some way.  I'm not saying that you'll pick up a gun and just go on a killing spree.  But it will be that much easier for a person to do such a thing when exposed to that kind of enviroment. After realizing this myself I made the choice not to associate myself with Mature rated games as far as possible.  While I still know what goes on in those games cause I can't avoid not hearing about the storyline etc.  You will not catch me watching or playing these games.

Everyone moved to PS3

For the most part everyone I know either has a PS3 or moved to the PS3 for the sake of free online.  Leaving me and my Xbox 360 rather lonely.  Yep.  Well what do I do?  I still have no intention on buying a PS3 anytime soon.  The community on both PS3 and 360 is roughly the same.  There are no games I can't think of being worth getting on the PS3 that isn't on 360 already.  Yeah the 360 is somewhat boring with no friends to play with but I'm used to it.  I generally like it that way as I don't feel as much pressure.

That's about All I can think of for this month ending. I probably won't be getting any new games as I have way too many to play through. Later....

Friday, March 23, 2012

SFxT DLC....Avoiding a Super Version Are We?

Late on this but the game isn't that old yet.  Unlike some past fighters where we had to download the character(s) that will take up most of our HD (Unless you got a big HardDrive).  Guess what.  Not only is this new set of characters on the disc.  Capcom actually went as far as to say....they're going to charge you for them. Yep and there's 12 of them according to CAPCOM's blog.  There reasoning for this business move is to avoid a "SUPER" Version.

 Quote: "This move also furthers our desire to avoid a "Super" version of the game down the road. Everything you need to enjoy this game for months (and years) to come will be accessed by the retail disc available this week. When the DLC update does come, it will inject new life and excitement into the game by unleashing 12 new fighters into the wild."

 Really....this many characters on the disc....charge us for them....and not call it "Super Street Fighter Cross Tekken?"  I think they don't understand the joke that Capcom has been used for the past 3 years. Generally there reasoning is to keep the game fresh and keep players on that game.  Doesn't exactly work.

Well don't worry the people who hacked the game to find out this truth (the part that they're on the disc) can't use these characters online.  As it falls under hacking and other policies.  Well that's not really a relief.  Thinking back to the last few times we had "Super" versions, patches, etc.  We had to pay for them.

  • SF4 to Super SF4 to Super SF4 AE (add a free patch for the 2012 year)
  • MvC3 to Ultimate MvC3 (Free Heroes and Heralds mode)
  • RE5 Another dang storyline (I don't play RE so I don't know if it was free or not)
Other Fighters that quickly released patches, sequels, characters
  • Blazblue (CT, CS, CS2, CS Extend, Characters)
  • KoF13 (Iori, Billy, Mr.KoF, NESTS Kyo,)
  • Soul Calibur 5 (Characters up for download, and a patch fix coming soon)
Well the phrase "All of my money...." comes to mind.  Glad I'm not buying SFxT anytime soon now due to the confirmed word of DLC, bugs the game has, etc.  Might as well wait till Fall 2012.  If at all.

Anyway who are the DLC characters well here's a list.
  • Lars and Alisa
  • Sakura and Blanka
  • Bryan and JackX
  • Elena and Dudley
  • Lei and Christie
  • Guy and Cody
Well any chances of seeing any of my top character choice teams is gone. LOL.  I've been saying Sakura and Karin for a long time Been wanting Sodom and Birdie too.  I get Sakura and Blanka.  Tekken characters meh there's nothing I can say about them.  Oh wait I can....Where's Roger/Rogerjr./Alex, Lee, etc.  Oh wait there in the background (most of them). Capcom: "Haters gonna Hate" :Trollface:

The cost of this stuff well here you go
  • Swap Costumes - $1.00 (80 MSP) each or in two $13.00 (1,040 MSP) Street Fighter and/or Tekken packs
  • DLC characters - $20.00 (1,600 MSP) for all 12 new fighters 

Ok lets do some quick math here.

Original Game - $59.99 Round that off $60 bucks
DLC Characters - $20.00 
Not interested in costumes - $0
Most likely have to dig up Special Gems DLC - Unknown

80 bucks without sales tax.  Considering Sale's Tax. that's $85.60.  Yep.  Wow.  Yeah I'm waiting till Fall.  Actually I probably won't get this at all. Everyone I know is on PS3 except 2 people. And I already don't like the looks of the online community for this game. Usually it takes at least 4 months before the community goes bad.  This game the community already looks horrible.  Oh well I got 200+ other games to actually open/finish. Why am I looking at this?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SD Gundam G Generation World B Mission Notes

I didn't say this before but these missions take at least an hour to complete.  You cannot acquire both secrets in the same run.  I cannot read a lick of japanese. So I'm just guessing as I go and trying to use Wikipedia to figure things out.  I generally do 1 or 2 missions a day if I have the time.

B 01 / - Gundam 0080-
(Good stage for early money. All GBreaks + Secret + Nine capturable units = approx 131,000) I completely disagree!!!

Break Trigger 1 - Bernard Wiseman(MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai) --- defeats --- Christina Mackenzie(RX-78NT-1 Gundam Alex)
Break Trigger 2 - Shin Asuka(Sword Impulse) --- defeats --- Either Stella Loussier(Gaia), Auel Neider(Abyss), or Sting Oakley(Chaos)

Challenge Mission 1 - Defeat Christina Mackenzie In three turns
Challenge Mission 2 - Shin Asuka(ZGMF-X56S/b Sword Impulse) --- defeats --- Either Stella Loussier(ZGMF-X88S Gaia), Auel Neider(ZGMF-X31S Abyss), or Sting Oakley(ZGMF-X24S Chaos) before they can leave the Colony

Secret - Three D-50C Lotos appear. Note that the Lotos are hostile and will fight the player. They also has their own phase to move/attack in.

-Uh....Santa Claus is a bomb? See glad I don't celebrate Christmas.
-Bernard SUCKS!!!!!  No Seriously he sucks.  At least Jerid could fight....this guy...doesn't deserve to be in a MS at all.
-Gaia, Abyss, and Chaos will pretty much ignore that Shin exist and go straight for the exit.  Stella I believe moves the greatest distance so stopping her first is a plan. But she's also the most dangerous while transformed.
-Try to have a ground team or a warship near the exit that will come to be ready to stop those 3 as well as the 3 Lotos tanks.
-The last set of units are pretty easy to wipe out.  Assuming you kept units that move well in space.
-Those nukes do 8000 damage a piece. Don't count on them moving so kill them right away or lose 1 or more MS.

B02 / Char's Counterattack- After the Asteroid Falls
Break 1 - Gyunei defeats Amuro.
Secret 1 - Gyunei defeats Amuro within 2 turns.
Break 2 - Destroy all Meteor Breakers within 5 turns.
Secret 2 - Destroy all Meteor Breakers within 4 turns.
Secret Unit - Mandala Gundam / Kyral Mekirel (Pilot acquired at 40% Completion)

-Rather easy if you have 2 full teams.  Just set 1 Team to take care of the first break then have the 2nd team complete the second one.
-Mandala Gundam is quite the powerhouse.

B03 / Gundam X- This Operation is Time-Critical
Break 1 - Garrod Ran(GX-9900 Gundam X) defeats either Shagia Frost(NRX-0013 Gundam Virsago) or Olba Frost(NRX-0015 Gundam Ashtaron).
Secret 1 - Garrod defeats either Shagia or Olba with the Satellite Cannon (Do not use the MAP attack version; DO NOT KILL BOTH OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME!).
Break 2 - Garrod defeats Aina Sahalin(Apsalus II).
Secret 2 - Garrod defeats Aina with the Satellite Cannon (Not the MAP attack).
Secret Unit - Nobel Gundam (Berserker Mode) / Allenby Beardsley (Berserk) (Pilot acquired at 85% Completion)

-Getting Garrod's Sattelite Cannon to hit is rather tough at times.  If he doesn't hit have him recharge by going back to his Warship or waiting a few turns.
-Leave a team or warship behind to take care of Apsalus II and wait for Garrod to get back there. Apsalus II has a MAP attack that's works directly in front of it. You can stand at its 4 corners and completely avoid being attacked for awhile.
-Try to get units that can travel at a great distance as the Warships take some time to travel back and forth.

B04 / Gundam SEED Astray- Artemis' Umbrella
Break 1 - Lowe defeats Gai.
Secret 1 - Lowe defeats Gai using Gerbera Straight.
Break 2 - Have Prayer fight Canard.
Secret 2 - Prayer fight's Canard at Super Critical Tension.
Secret Unit - G-3 Gundam / Amuro Ray [OYW]

-Gerbera Straight is Red Astray's Sword Attack.
-setsuna steals the spotlight....again
-Canard gives me an Inuyasha feeling with all that hair.

B05 / Gundam SEED Destiny- Break the World
Losing Condition: All 4 Meteor Breakers are destroyed
Break 1 - Defend the Meteor Breaker in 6 turns.
Secret 1 - Defend all the Meteor Breaker in 6 turns
Break 2 - Have Athrun fight Milliardo.
Secret 2 - Have Athrun fight Milliardo and defeat him in the same battle.
Secret Unit - Yuu Kajima in the RX-79BD-3 Blue Destiny Unit 03 appears. Note the the Blue Destiny Unit 3 is hostile and will fight the player.
Note: The Stage will end once all enemy Units are destroyed, you have to wait out all 6 Turns for the first Generation Break to occur.

-Try to keep the enemy to a minimum until the Break Trigger is activated.
-Millardo is easily beaten with long range attacks.

B06 / Gundam 0083- Space Mayfly
Break 1 - Cima defeats Kou.
Secret 1 - Cima defeats Kou after you sink Albion.
Break 2 - Cima defeats G-04 and G-05.
Secret 2 - Cima defeats G-04 and G-05 in the same turn.
Secret Unit - Def Stallion in the F90 Gundam F90 (Full Equipment) appears.

-Kou is actually pretty tough.
-Defeating G-04 and G-05 at the same time is rather tough as everything they do is in total sync.

Mission B07 Undrowning Space (Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO)
Losing Condition: All 3 HLVs are destroyed
Break 1 - Defend the HLVs during 4 turns.
Secret 1 - Defend all of the HLVs for 4 turns. NOTE: All must be alive.
Break 2 - Master Unit defeats Athrun.
Secret 2 - Kira defeats Athrun before Archangel descends.
Secret Unit - Zabine Chareux [Crossbone] in the XM-X2 Crossbone Gundam X-2 appears. Note that the X-2 is hostile and will fight the player. It also has it's own phase to move/attack in. (Zabine [Crossbone] is acquired at 55% Completion)
Note: The Stage will end once all enemy Units are destroyed, you have to wait out all 4 Turns for the first Generation Break to occur.

- The Stage will end once all enemy Units are destroyed, you have to wait out all 4 Turns for the first Generation Break to occur.
-Defending HLVs easy.  There's only Ball and those other things.
-If you haven't noticed by now the Guest Units are becomming Incompetant making some of these breaks hard.
-Shame those other guys were down there the whole time for nothing LOL. Whoops.
-Try to leave at least 1 enemy on the field till the generation break.

Mission B08 - The Disguised Ship, In Their Sights (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn)
Losing Condition: Garencieres is destroyed
Break 1 - Garencieres reach the designated area.
Secret 1 - Score 4000 points before the Garencieres reach the designated area.
Break 2 - Marida defeats either Orga, Cloth or Shani.
Secret 2 - Defeat Nahel Argama Kai before defeating Orga, Cloth or Shani with Marida
Secret Unit - Qubeley Mk-II (Red) / Puru Two

Note: Garencieres starts moving on Turn 3.
-Leave 1 enemy till the generation break.

-Make sure Marida gets the generation break if anyone else defeats Orga, Cloth, or Shani all 3 will retreat.
-Nice to be in advantages position for the Break Trigger.
-Qubeley MK II is not worthy of secret unit.
-Be in position for the break trigger or end up risking the Garenciers.

Mission B09 - Storm of Jaburo (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)
Losing Condition: 1) Destruction of any of the Guest Units or 2) Guest Units failed to reach the designated area on your Turn 15.
Break 1 - Kamille defeats Jerid.
Secret 1 - Defeat Jerid with Kamille without taking any damage.
Break 2 - Master Unit defeats Eric.
Secret 2 - Master Unit defeats Eric after you defeat Ailos and Fritz.
Secret Unit - Corin's Kapool, Kapool x2 / Corin Nader, Sochie Heim, Miashei Kune
Note: The Stage ends once you destroy all enemy Units before your Turn 15 ends or Guest Units reach the designated area.

-Kamille and the others are horribly slow having very little move space. You shouldn't need them though just have Kamille beat up Jerid again for the umpteenth time.
-If no one is around the enemy will attack the Warship that's used as the safe zone.
-many capturable units around.  Not enough space to hold them all.
-Devil Gundam won't move at all but does randomly attack the safe zone.
-Master Asia has quite a few handy abilities that kick in at low health.
-Even the Devil Gundam Worms have capturable units with them.

Mission B10 - Burning Sandstorm (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
Break 1 - Kira Yamato [CE 71] defeats Andrew Waltfeld.
Secret 1 - Destroy 10 BuCues before defeating Andrew Waltfeld with Kira.
Break 2 - Amuro defeats Ramba Ral.
Secret 2 - Destroy 6 Magella Attacks before defeating Ramba Ral with Amuro.
Secret Unit - Mudrock Gundam / Agar

-Quite the Easy Mission.  Lots of semi-weak units to take down.
-00 Units out of place again
-Ramba well boring LOL.

Mission BEX - Deprived World
Break 1 - Master Unit defeats Gym Ghingnham.
Secret 1 - Master Unit defeats Gym Ghingnham within 5 turns.
Break 2 - Master Unit defeats Milliardo and Treize.
Secret 2 - Master Unit defeats Milliardo and Treize within 5 turns.
Secret - Devil Gundam Junior / Neuro

-Same as before beating Halphas ends the mission
-The enemy isn't afraid to use MAP attacks.  They will end you by simply spamming.
-Turn X is very strong  If you're gonna take it out do it in 1 shot.
-Millardo and Treize act in sync.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Thoughts On Fighters In General

Just a random blog plug cause I can't get to sleep.

For Fun or Skill?

These 2 things are really 2 sides of the same coin.  Honestly playing for fun is the most important part. I can't describe what's fun as its different for each and every person. I rather play with friends. I don't really like to fool around.  But fighting with everything you got is rather fun for me.  Skill honestly for me can be thrown out the window as regardless of the game anyone can win.  There's too many factors that can lead to a victory. Lag, lucky break, had to walk away, glitches, etc.  I don't know if ppl have fun in tournaments any more since money is on the line.  Outside looking in I rarely find that tournaments are any fun. Since in major tournaments your shelling out money gambling that you can get it back and then some.  Smaller tournys is more about investing time.  I've been to both types not really having much positive to say about them.  You meet people of all types...I've been threatened before to throw a match, generally Online Room that went bad but its real life.  Anyway I rather get together with friends and play instead of meeting random people.  I don't know what one or the other is gonna say.  I rather not deal with hearing them or recieving messages.  Just come in play your best and go.

Training Mode Or "The Lab" (really a stupid term IMO)

While Training Mode is there.  Its hardly a substitute for actual practice.  Especially the way I practice.  Since I can never focus on one thing at a time anything I do in Training mode generally amounts to nothing. The same applies to that Challenge Mode, Mission Mode blah blah blah.  To me that's not training.  Rather real training is fighting under certain conditions to win a match.  A real Challenge/Mission/trial mode.  Take Soul Calibur 1 - 4 in this regard.  Each game had modes where you had to win under specific conditions while the A.I. is really out for blood.  To me that makes you a far better player in the long run.  Why? This is due to how much work you're putting in to win. You eventually find a way to fulfill this condition making you a better player overall.  If not that then Survival Mode does the same as you're fighting to see how far you can get while making sure not to make too many mistakes due to watching your health.  Practicing combos falls to the bottom of my list as it doesn't matter to me about the combo as long as you come out winning. What's the point of learning the combo if you can't hit your opponent?  An effective strategy is far more important than combos in my opinion.  With that said pretty much any combo I come up with is what others call impractical.  What they call practical is generally things I can't possibly do in my lifetime or the game's lifetime. Instead of learning what they call bnbs (bread n' butter). I find what I can and can't do.  While I can do the same as any other player out there I rather not tire out early and stick to what I favor.  Honestly I rather examine what other players do and find my own way around that.  Every player has habits good and bad.  Making use of that information provides far greater success.

Fighting the A.I. or A Human opponent.

This is a subject of great argument.  Most players believe that, "there's nothing to learn from the A.I. as they suck."  Well as far as I would like to believe that to be true.  Its certainly not the case.  While A.I. habits can be easily exploited at times.  They know what they're doing at the very least.  Think about it from another standpoint. When the game was created it was made by humans.  Some one had to program it.  So at the same time someone had to program the A.I.  So in a sense you're fighting a human opponent. Ok so in Blazblue they don't rapid or burst.  I don't rapid much if at all while playing the game as I don't get a situation to use it in often.  SF A.I. does some of the most irritating things in the game yet that's what you see commonly online.  Yeah they make mistakes but there's little difference between our mistakes and the A.I.'s mistakes.  But even more so you complain that A.I. kicks your butt cause they have godlike reactions.  Well from what I've examined from tourny videos, those players also have godlike reactions.  Just cause they have what's called an AI Cheat function (a function the CPU uses to allow instant inputs for any move) does not mean that they're better. In fact it makes a good training dummy as you know what that character is capable of.  I've seen the AI perform some rather amazing things. Heck the Dead or Alive A.I. is so good even setting the difficulty doesn't make a difference as they'll still kill you otherwise. Training against a human opponent is rare.  Most will tell you to **** off. Others are below your skill level to be of any use.  It happens, honestly I only seen the situation once in my life where a friend will help a friend out.  In short I rather fight the A.I.  Given the chance they can come up with some amazing stuff.

Stick vs Pad

Lets see if I can keep this short.  Neither of them make you a good player. Both are expensive both break rather easily.  I've used both.  And I have pros and cons of both.  If I use a pad my inputs are faster but I have a lot of errors as well.  With a stick I make far less mistakes but I'm that much slower.  It doesn't matter which I use.  I only prefer using a pad cause it cost a lot less than a stick.  If I had the money I might buy a stick but it would be a custom made one to my liking.

Online or Offline

I can't say I prefer either one.  Both have there issues and for the most part I experience the same thing. Playing offline I come across a lot of crap.  Online I may avoid any physical confrontation but still get the verbal.  Online has lag but that's only if playing certain people.  My connection being comcast so its pretty standard. But everyone regardless of there connection will end up with lag at some point.  Dealing with it is the question. I find lag most of the time easy to adjust to.  I usually don't play bad connections or I try to avoid it. Honestly I rather play alone and avoid people in general. Its when I perform my best as well.

Rage Quitting

Don't do it. Simple as that.  Honestly if its disconnect let the other guy know.  Cause its just rage inducing otherwise.  Send a message and apoligize.  But rage quitting is just stupid.

Tier List

I don't believe in them.  Usually when I read a tier list it sound highly biased.  To be honest I think Tier List is based on character usage at tournaments.  Or based on something to that effect. (How much damage they can do, some random gimmick that character has, etc.)  Honestly a tier list doesn't mean much.  There's always something untapped that the tier list maker didn't see.  Someone always uses the characters differently than others.  There's just way too many factors to even remotely make a proper tier list.  Would be better to make a list based on ease of use.

Tutorials, Instruction Manuals, etc.

I for the most part hate most tutorial modes.  They're generally poorly made.  Blazblue's tutorial is generally read this wall of text and perform this combination of buttons as a preset character.  I rather open the a strategy guide or an instruction manual and read it from there.  ***Now they do explain a somewhat generic play style of the other characters but pretty much the entire main tutorial is done with Ragna while the other characters get a very brief summary.*** I would much rather read an instruction manual or "OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE" on how to play the game.  I personally like to do things by the book and not cheat/shortcut commands to get a move out or use some sort of glitch (Like Kara-throwing, Tiger Knee, etc.).  While its for the most part inevitable that I'll end up learning these techniques. I find them rather useless and wish I could unlearn them.  For the most part I find most players forget the basics and skip to the advance stuff immediately.  While on some games you can get away with that.  Others its easy to punish those who didn't bother to learn the basics.  While there are some things in the book I don't use its a nice thing to keep in mind for use later.  No one in Blazblue really uses guard attack, but when its used everyone is surprised, there's a plethora of moves that Dante hasn't used in a match and its a big surprise when ppl use them.  I favor instruction manuals and official strategy guides as they don't literally tell you how to play the game unlike videos, certain websites, and other players.  It is kept on an unbiased level to enjoy the game and keeping the player in mind.

Investment of Time

If you asked me this 4 - 8 years ago my answer would be completely different than it is now.   I don't have the time to invest in games especially fighters.  Not like I did back then.  Also there were a lot more people around to play these games with.  Now with a new fighter, DLC, or some random patch being released every 6 months to a year.  I would say the time I invest in fighters is a serious minimum. Players tend to move on the moment a new fighter is released. Fighters of the same series are released meaning you have to shell out more money to try and keep up with everyone else.  Unlike before where there were few fighters and you had time to learn the game.  This falls back on the fun factor.  Unless I know a few people are going to get the game and what system (particullary Xbox 360), I most likely will not get the game or even consider it.  While I could spend just as much time as anyone else in the game.  It will all amount to nothing as everyone will move on to the next big thing.  The time it takes for me to get to where I'm satisfied is double or even triple that of the average player.  Add that to how many other games I have yet to even open.  That's quite the long time.  I also considered the fact that I'm not making money off playing these games.  I don't envy those that do make money as when I asked certain people how much they're actually making the numbers didn't really add up. (I asked NTom64, Justin Wong, etc.).  Even making video games seemed like a waste of time to me as from the documentary I saw having that kind of job meant that I would have little to no time to enjoy myself.  I'm not saying you shouldn't do that cause if that's what you want to do go for it. Just weigh out the risk, time-management, money, etc.  I also don't wanna play fighters where I'm going to see players just get mad for no reason.

What Fighters Am I Good At?

That's a funny question.  Cause you can say what you're good at but other people will say different.  To be honest I would say I'm good at fighters that generally no one plays.  Really ones that get forgotten quickly or generally rated as a poor title.  Virtua-On, Virtua Fighter, Battle Fantasia, Neo-Geo Battle collessium, Samurai Showdown, etc.  Generally games that are forgotten and only played by Japanese players.  The popular fighters I don't really think about too much and only play those cause I have some friends playing.  I would never play anything M rated however as I made that a standard I intend to keep.

To Be Continued....Maybe

Thursday, March 15, 2012

SD Gundam Generation World PSP A Missions Notes Etc.

-A 01 / Mobile Suit Gundam-
Break Trigger 1 - Amuro Ray [0079](RX-78-2 Gundam) --- defeats --- Char Aznable [0079](MS-06S Char's Zaku II)
Break Trigger 2 - Kamille Bidan(RX-178 Gundam MK II [Titan colors]) --- defeats --- Jerid Messa(RMS-106 Hizack)

Challenge Mission 1 - Amuro defeats Char in one turn.
Challenge Mission 2 - Kamille defeats Jerid in two turns.

Secret - Anavel Gato in the RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis" appears.

First off gonna tell you I played through the mission a few times so I could have competant MS. That and I won't have to rely/risk guest characters to save me. 2nd These missions are long. At least an hour each depending on how I do things.  Usually in SRPGs I'm all for finish it quickly. This one I need experience or I can't get what I want. (unless I use CWCheat). The first master I chose was Gato in the Physalis Basic....I upgraded it to MRLS version. I don't know the other MS that well. Okay maybe a few. But still.  I'm generally picking from what I know and what looks cool.

-Jerid Sucks
-Get used to seeing 00 Units in the most out of place areas.  They are everywhere!
-Yeah I played this mission many times before that's why you see some MS Units that are rather powerful for this point in the game.

-A 02 / Gundam SEED-

Break Trigger 1 - Kira Yamato [CE71](GAT-X105/AQM/E-X01Aile Strike) --- battles --- Athrun Zala [CE71](GAT-X303 Aegis)
Break Trigger 2 - Lowe Guele(MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame) --- destroys --- two GINNs

Challenge Mission 1 - Kira battles Athrun in two turns
Challenge Mission 2 - Lowe destroys 2 GINNs within 2 turns

Secret - Kelley Layzner in the Val Varo appears on the east side of the map (hostile)

-First time I did this I lost many units cause of the secret unit.  Val Varo is dangerous up close.
-Depending on how you run the first Break. Kira will need a bit of luck or some assistance to stay alive.
-Jerid still sucks
-Lowe is pretty good.

-A 03 / Gundam 00-

Break Trigger 1 - Setsuna F Seiei(GN-001 Gundam Exia) --- defeats --- Patrick Colasour(AEU-09 AEU Enact)
Break Trigger 2 - Uso Ewin(LM312V04 V Gundam) --- defeats --- Gary Tan (Bearded guy in blue Helicopter MS)

Challenge Mission 1 - Setsuna defeats Patrick in one hit while in Super High Tension
Challenge Mission 2 - Uso defeats Gary in one hit.

Secret - Gundam Spiegel appears.

-Patrick is gonna get overkilled regardless if you're goin for the break.  Just don't have Setsuna attack till he reaches Super High Tension.
-For Uso to beat Gary in 1 shot either weaken Gary or puse Uso into Super High Tension and have his gundam in flight mode.
-Spiegel is another dangerous one up close. Even fighting at a range. He has a high evasion rate and an ability that increases his evasion rate when at low health.
-Talgeese is dangerous regardless. Best to draw him to you. Especially if you don't have many MS that possess flight.  Ground Units dominate easily if you draw them to you.

-A 04 / 08th MS Team-

Break Trigger 1 - Terry Sanders Jr.(RGM-79GS) --- arrives --- in the green area
Break Trigger 2 - Bright Noa [Zeta](Blue Temptation Class Shuttle) --- arrives --- in the green area

Challenge Mission 1 - Terry arrives the designated area without taking any damage.
Challenge Mission 2 - Shiro defeats Aina before Bright reaches the safe zone

Secret - Jamil Neate in the GX-9900-DV Gundam X Divider appears.

-If you have enough units split your team to have 1 cover the left side of the map and the other on the right.
-You can protect Terry easily if you have units that move in space easily. You should be able to wipe out at least 4 enemies before long.
-Bright Noa has VERY limited move space and Scirocco will catch him long before he reaches the safe zone.  Get a team with a lot of movement to take care of this problem.
-Make sure Aina is dead before the 2nd break.

-A 05 / Turn A Gundam-

Break Trigger 1 - Loran Cehack(Turn A Gundam) --- defeats --- Po(Blue uniform woman in middle large MS)
Break Trigger 2 - Loran Cehack(Turn A Gundam) --- defeats --- Yazan and Gemon

Challenge Mission 1 - Loran defeats Po within 3 turns.
Challenge Mission 2 - Turn A destroy Yazan and Gemon in the same turn

Secret - Oliver in the YMT-05 Hildolfr appears. Note that the Hildolfr is hostile and will fight the player. It also has its own phase to move/attack in.

-It should be quite easy for Loran to get the Challenge mission.  If you're not confident he can pull it off then attack Po a few times to help him out.
-Defeating Yazan and Gemon is also rather easy to pull off.  Generally 2 attacks should do the job. Loran can easily finish em as well.
-Oliver's only threat is his MAP attack that has very wide range.  Try to stay out of it and have George(Rose Gundam) run away or find a way to build up his tension for his know that super mode.
-Ground Units are a god send here.
-When Oliver shows up its the perfect time to grind some lower level Units. The map isn't very huge and you're warship can catch up easily.

-A 06 / Gundam ZZ-

Break Trigger 1 - Judau Ashta(MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam) --- defeats --- Mahymre Cello(Gallus J)
Break Trigger 2 - Mu La Flaga(Moebius Zero) --- defeats --- Rau Le Creuset(GINN)

Challenge Mission 1 - Judau Ashta defeats Mahymre Cello in 2 turn
Challenge Mission 2 - Mu La Flaga defeats Rau Le Creuset without taking any damage

Secret - Mikhail(Kampher) appears on the bottom of the map


-There Warship cannot move and cannot attack.  Its also quickly surrounded to the generation breaks.
-Get units that can move and deal some damage quickly.  As the ship will generally die in about 2 to 3 turns.
-The last set of enemies can deal a lot of damage probably the most damage thus far in the game.

-A 07 / Gundam 00 Second Season-

Break Trigger 1 - Any character(s)/unit(s) --- destroys --- all 18 Automatons in three turns
Break Trigger 2 - Defeat Mallet (Act Zaku) with Master Unit

Challenge Mission 1 - Destroy all 18 Automatons in two turns
Challenge Mission 2 - Defeat Lilia, Gustare and Yuiman (Rick Dom II's) before defeating Mallet with Master Unit

Secret - M'Quve in the YMS-15 Gyan appears.

-Depending on your Team it should be rather easy to destroy all 18 Automatons. Just watch your energy.
-This is the first mission where you have 2 different maps to battle in.  So shift maps appropriately or Let them come to you your choice.
-This seems like a very nice mission to build EXP since its very easy to hit Super High Tension.

-A 08 / G Gundam-

Break Trigger 1 - Defeat Michello with GF13-017FJ Shining Gundam's Shining Finger attack
Break Trigger 2 - Domon Defeats RX-79BD-1 GM Blue Destiny Unit 01

Challenge Mission 1 - Defeat Michello with Shining Finger in two Turns
Challenge Mission 2 - Domon Defeats GM Blue Destiny Unit 01 while in Super Mode (Critical Tension)

Secret - Black Tri Stars in 3xMS-09 Dom appear. Note that the Dom(s) are hostile and will fight the player. It also has their own phase to move/attack in.

-Generally Easy.  You should have a real easy time getting Domon to do both Break Triggers and Challenges. If not weaken the enemies a bit or team up with Domon.
-Blue Destiny Unit 01 attacks everyone indiscriminately.  You can use this to your advantage but don't let her kill the break trigger requirement.
-Units that move on ground have a very easy time getting around.

-A 09 / 08th MS Team-

Break Trigger 1 - Shiro Amada(RX-79[G]Ez8 Gundam Ez8 ) --- destroys --- Four of the cannons
Break Trigger 2 - Shiro defeats Nimbus's Efreet Custom

Challenge Mission 1 - Shiro Amada destroys four of the cannons after he defeats Norris Packard(MS-07B3 Gouf Custom)
Challenge Mission 2 - Shiro defeats Nimbus's Efreet Custom while in Super Critical Tension.

Secret - Ali's AEU Enact Custom / Ali Al-Saachez

-Leave at least 4 cannons for Shiro to destroy be careful leaving a cannon alive as they tend to have great accuracy regardless of hit rate.
-Avoid being in range of the cannon for the last break.  Move in once you regroupped and can deploy your units. A 4-12 range is nothing to gawk at.

-A 10 / Gundam Wing-

Break Trigger 1 - Any character(s)/unit(s) --- destroys --- all the shuttles in four turns
Break Trigger 2 - Heero (Wing Gundam) defeats Graham Aker

Challenge Mission 1 - Any character(s)/unit(s) --- destroys --- all the shuttles within two turns
Challenge Mission 2 - Heero defeats Graham Aker after the other two Flag Pilots are defeated.

Secret - Meers Custom Live Zaku

-Sorry Lacus you gotta die.
-You can collect a lot of Leos and sell them for a lot of money.
-Try not to get confused as to which unit is Graham Aker.  He shows up and all the pilots looks the same.
-The Stargazer Units take quite a bit of time to travel. You can use this to your advantage.

-A EX / Extra Stage A-

-!!!-WARNING-!!!- Destroying the special unit(Halphas Gundam) will end the mission. While the mission ends in "STAGE CLEAR" victory, it will end the mission even if there are other enemy units on the field and other break triggers left.

Break Trigger 1 - Any master unit --- destroys --- Char Aznable
Break Trigger 2 - Any master unit --- destroys --- Paptimus Scirocco

Challenge Mission 1 - Defeat Char Aznable in five turns
Challenge Mission 2 - Defeat Paptimus Scirocco in five turns

Secret - MS-50A Zaku 50 appears.

-THIS STAGE IS HARD.  Expect to see 4500+ damage especially from manned units.
-Getting Char is difficult unless you plotted out a path to use your extra turns effectively.
-Halphas Gundam and its other 2 units won't move at all until you're in a 4 square radius.
-MS-50A Zaku 50 is a threat when you're busy dealing with the other enemies. Take this out quick before you're overwhelmed.
-Jerid's back.....Again......
-The last set of units to appear are great at close range and even block often.
-Amuro, Judau, and Kamille won't survive long.  Don't expect them to defend you. They are however good for dodging Sazabi and Quebelay's Funnel attacks.
-Make a plan on which sides to defend and who will go where.  Once they're done or in need of a retreat. Call them back.  This fight will take a long time.
-New Master Select and added a group. So use of another Warship. Gonna need it.

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Monday, March 12, 2012


Ok so managed to pick this game up.  PSP Version.  OMG I love this game.  So many gundams and MS to use.

To start this game starts out in a random battle that takes place in 00 Gundam Season 2.  At random Unicorn from Gundam Unicorn shows up to fight in the battle as well.  After a series of crazy events that I can't explain cause I can't read japanese.  I guess Time is distorted or something like that.  Then starts the main game.

The graphics are great especially for the PSP. The Wii version does will but seems to be mediocre compared to PSP.  The music is great and very authentic coming from almost if not every series of gundam that exist.  The amount of MS along with original units is vast enough to rival that of the amount of pokemon.  Even loads of pilots that everyone loves. While it is turn based and a strategy RPG.  The game is still fun to no end.

You start by picking a Master Unit.  Which is generation a protagonist or antagonist from various series of gundam.  So yeah its a pick your favorite.  So many people I don't know.  I only came to know Setsuna through friends that watched 00 Gundam.  But there's a lot of ppl I don't know.  I chose my Master Unit as Gatto in Gundam Physalis (Basic).  This would come back to bite me later.

Ok aside from that master unit you can create your own pilot and have a few original pilots to use on a team. Well let me tell you right now.....everyone generally sucks till later on.  You get money to buy MS and Pilots.  Personally I went for pilots first.  Cause my Warship was missing a first captian.  So I bought Lacus Clyne (Yep the somewhat useless chick from SeeD not SeeD Destiny).

Ok on with the gameplay....after sorting through menus.  I quickly figured out which one was missions.  Our first mission.  Apparently its the original Gundam season.  I think its the episode where Amuro Ray meets Char for the first time or something close to that.  Hard to tell I don't remember that series that well. Anyway each mission is presented with a various mission, a break trigger, and a challenge.  The mission is generally basic. The Break trigger is what you have to do to extend the mission. The challenge is well a challenge and unlocks a secret opponent to fight.

Alright so I get to help Amuro....he doesn't need my help I need his help. Yes we suck that bad.  My Warship is an embarrassment compared to White Base. And our MS (Mobile Suits) are subpar.  Ok once I had Amuro beat Char....we had a generation break.  Mission extension.  Char dissapears and Quattro and Kamille show up.  Talk about a timeline screw up. Now the mission is have Kamille defeat Jerid.

Well of course Jerid sucks so he went down easy.  After that was disposed of.  A bunch of Units from Gundam 00 show up.  Ok now this timeline is really messed.  They were rather tough to deal with.  relying on help from the guest characters (Kamille, Amuro, etc.) Is what pulled me through it.

Let me tell you the rules of the game though.  First off if your MS dies....its gone for good.  You have buy another one.  The pilot is safe though.  I'll have to take a guess and say if the master unit of the ship dies.  You lose automatically or if you're warship is destoryed? I don't know rather not find out.  Unlike everyone favorite SRT/SRW games there's no spirit commands you to activate.  There are abilities however.  The hit rate of attacks is rather realistic to some degree IMO.

While I would think the game is easy.  It would be far easier if I could read japanese.  Even with the Wiki site I still have a rough time sorting through a lot of stuff.  There's a lot MS I don't know of.  Most are original to the game others I just never seen before.  Still fun.  Espeically when you reach that level of PWNAGE that just kills everyone.

Right now...well from last night.  Picking Gatto in Physalis was a bad choice.  For one its main attack...that made me like it in the first place eats up all the Energy in 1 attack.  While I can recharge by going back to the warship or waiting a few turns.  Its accuracy is dismal.  COME ON ITS A GIANT BALL OF DOOM! HOW CAN YOU MISS?!  As well as some pilots are not meant to be pilots.  Building up MS is well....rough as they take a bit of effort to work on.

Creating my own pilot is fun though.  I get to pick generally what type he is in ability, Melee, range, Newtype, blah blah blah. Even get to pick my own Theme song.  Well even though the game is slightly more complicated than that of say Megaman in japanese (which is Rockman) or most FF international games. Still fun and not too difficult to figure things out.  I hope this game comes out in English although I doubt it since its PSP and the Vita was just released.  Usually when I buy JP games though I end up seeing an english version released which then you hear me go "************************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cause usually it'll be the day I just got it.  Anyway I'd definitely give this game a Thumbs Up.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Happens when I pick certain characters in UMvC3 (Joke)

There's a good reason why I don't pick certain characters.  You see when I pick certain characters....bad things tend to happen.  When I say bad things I mean bad things. Besides from something randomly exploding.

If I Pick:

Wesker: Leon dies....Yuri gets stabbed by a jealous female.
Vergil: Nero ends up not interested and calling me picking Vergil bull****. A random chocobo dies.
Dante: A random chocobo dies and Shirma ends up at a loss for words.
Zero: Iris dies....again and "The World" crashes putting Kite in a coma.
Dr.Doom: Relius puts someone in the torture chamber.....(we all know its actually a bondage chamber)
Deadpool: Amy Rose dies......well ok that's actually not a bad thing.

This is among the many bad things that happen.....also apparently someone randomly gets a BSOD.

Being Honest

I don't pick these characters cause I don't like them.  The supposed saying that these characters are also easy to use is also a load of crap as I can't do anything with them.  They are far from easy to use.  More like easy to mess up.  Add the fact that I don't like anyone of them for many reasons (if I even began to list them the wall of text would be the size of YT's Nyan Cat's video comments).  I generally made this video as a joke representing I don't pick characters I don't like. Since I don't have the time like other people to play as much as they do. I can't sit in the "LAB" and practice. (you think seeing my status on Xbox says I'm there but I'm more or less asleep at that time. LOL). Maybe if you invent a time machine and find myself at 16 or 17 years old. Bet that person would play and master the game ^_^.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Failings of Sonic 06

I just decided kinda on a whim to go ahead and try to beat this on my own.  If you didn't know and like I've told many people but they choose not to listen.  Is that when I bought it around 2007/2008.  I barely started the game.  I didn't have time due to my job.  Instead my sister beat the game.  I don't know how even she doesn't know how.  She just did.  I tried to restart it during my marathon run only to have the viewers cry out literally, "no more!!"  So I stopped.  Slowly coming back and many various circumstances and hardships later I slowly made my own progress to beating it.

Sonic's story was beaten long ago.  Like late 2010 or early 2011.  That did take some time and I'll get into the only issues I've had with that story later in this blog.  Shadow's story I generally stopped and said come back another day due to frustrations of stupid vehicles.  Silver's story I just never want to play....I personally hate Silver with a passion.

Sonic's story while it is riddled with glitches I generally only encounter 3 of those apparently many glitches through out his story.  The first being his Hi-Speed running bits. I honestly don't know if I would count it as a glitch at times more like random crap occurring. The problem with that bit is that you have to be generally perfect to make it through there alive as running off the wrong ramp or not being in the right spot generally kills you on the spot.  The 2nd being Knuckles being stuck to a wall which is rather common and deal-able. I encountered that stuff in earlier Sonic Titles its nothing I'd really complain about.  3rd was one I deal with in all 3 stories and that's hit detection and targeting.  At the wrong time you'll see these guys aim for the wrong target and that will either kill you or get your hurt in some way.  Not a fun bit.  There's MANY more glitches in the game but I didn't really come across them to make a note about them.

Shadow's story while far better. I could live without sensitive vehicles.  Not only are some of them literally faster than what Shadow can move.  There's sections where you have to use them.  Not pleasant.  Of course Hit detection and aiming was an issue in Shadow's story mainly on the boss.  My main complaint is about the vehicles.  The SUV or whatever that is can be easily flipped over forcing you to get out and get back in it to try and flip it or abandon it completely (Usually the later cause this car sucks). The way too sensitive to drive and actually has a stage where its required to use it.  For whatever god given reason this thing is faster than what Shadow can move.  The Hovercraft is the absolute worse since you're 100% required to use it every time you see it.  Abandoning it usually means death. To make things worse you have to avoid getting crushed by the falling debris laying around or blowing your hovercraft up.  At least for the most part his story wasn't that difficult or long.

Silver's just generally awful IMO.  While it doesn't have as many glitches as the other 2 stories from what I've examined.  I just plain don't like him, his play style, or his story.  Blaze makes up for it by being playable at parts.  But Silver being very slow in movement.  Even his power ups are nothing to note.  Honestly they should have gave him one where he consumes less energy.  Hit detection is absolutely horrible at times where you need Silver's attacks to kick in resulting you getting hit by a projectile you thought you grabbed.  To make things worse attempting to throw things with your psychic powers of results in it missing cause Silver is aiming at something way off.  His stages while not confusing are far from straight forward.  No I'm not referring to Dusty Desert as there are far worse stages to comment on. If you wanted a puzzle element to the game this is your guy even though they're not puzzles....they're more hey figure out where to go.  Kingdom Valley being the worst offender. During Kingdom Valley you come across these stone pendulums where you're supposed to use your Psychokinesis to move to break the tower ahead of you.  What they don't tell you is that you can also through a random object (any random object) and the Tower will crumble.  To make it worse you eventually come to a part where it looks like the pendulum is supposed to hit a tower directly in front of you.  In fact at first glance it looks like you went the wrong way and the game just trolled you.  This is where I found out that any Random Object can make those towers crumble. As there's boxes lying around that you can throw.  Iblis is also a boss that pisses me off.  For one you can't gather loads of objects to throw at this boss.  You have to throw them generally one at a time and if you throw them at a wrong angle or if he's too far away you'll miss or the rocks will be destroyed before getting even halfway there.  This doesn't take into account that you have about 9 minutes to kill the dude before he automatically kills you by breaking your 1 and only foot hold completely resulting in your death.

Well onward to the last episode.  The boss isn't hard just stupidly designed.  But beyond that.  The Stage "End of the World" puts Eggmanland completely to shame.  While Sonic is dead....the other 7 Characters still alive have to go collect the Chaos Emeralds.  Easier said than done.  Probably the least "buggy" part of the game.  The stage itself is unforgiving. You have to run through one of the stages while avoiding giant time distortion portals that instantly kill you.  The problem is you're generally on a set time limit until the portals just get some cheap placements on the stage and kill you.  While there's statues that stop the portals from appearing. Its effect only last a few seconds.  To be honest the wrong characters went to the wrong areas IMO.  This took way too many tries to pull off.  Eggmanland at least all I had to do was learn the stage and get lucky with the QTE's.  The final boss is rather stupid.  Since its more or less a guessing game on who can damage the boss.  In both phases.  Very stupid.  Especially since switching between the characters you would generally have to wait a bit so they can recharge there ring count.

I'm not gonna bother with the ending.  For the most part everyone knows it. While many ppl complain about Sonic 06 being the worst title.  I have played worse Sonic titles IMO.  While I'm not fond of Sonic 06 and I'm not defending the game in anyway.  I have to keep in mind this game did make platinum/greatest hits.  The main problem is that fans today generally focus on the game being bad with rather bad reasoning.  From the outside looking in a video showing all the glitches doesn't exactly convince me.  As most of said glitches are avoided. Now something like Silver's story, Sonic's Hi-Speed run sections, Shadow's crappy vehicles, and the game's bad hit detection/collision I'd buy.  But nothing like oh well you gotta play as these crappy characters, Dusty Desert is a horrible stage, etc. makes for a good argument to me.

If you were to ask me my opinion on some bad Sonic games I've played here they are:

  • Sonic Labyrinth
  • Sonic R
  • Sonic CD (I dislike that game for many reasons)
  • GBA Remake of Sonic 1
  • Sonic 4: Episode 1

Saturday, March 3, 2012

FF1 - Time has Been Corrected (Until Dissidia Happens)

Well got upgrades. 2 Crystals Down, 2 to go.

Lets get started by exploring this undersea temple.  Well unlike the few previous dungeons this one is actually short.  Still needed to grind a bit.  Lots of treasure. Actually had a bit of fun wondering through here.  So mermaids do you turn to bubbles if you die? Ok....anyway Kraken is here guarding the area.  Surprisingly it wasn't all too hard. Another Fist to fa...tentacles going here.  Being a Monk Rocks.

With that down.  We got 1 more crystal to go....but uh how do we honestly get there?  Apparently the warp cube the robot gave us earlier and finding a Rosetta Stone in the Water Temple is key.  So I take this Rossetta stone to some Dr. back in another town.  He taught us another just a few seconds....wish I could learn that fast. So this town of Lufenia....doesn't look too they're just full of complaints. There civilization fell cause of the 4 Fiends. They tried to send ppl to investigate what's happening with the world but none of there ppl returned.  Oh thanks for this bell.  Next up. Mirage Tower and the floating fortress.

Well this place is rather short.  Nothing too hard so far.  Even navigation was easy....Hey adamantite...someone was talking about this earlier.  I'll remember at some point.  A rare enemy called Warmech destroyed my party in seconds.  If I actually managed to kill it that's 32000 EXP.  Holy crap no wonder its tough.  Never managed to encounter it again however.  But in that same process remembered who wanted Adamantite. None other than a dwarf.  Took it to him and well...EXCALIBUR FEED ME STRENGTH!!!! So after getting that climbed back up the tower and fought was a joke.  He's weak to Stone....which means use Break......1 hit kill.  Literally.  Yep...and with that The last crystal is lit.

Ok we lit the crystals but the game's not over?  Hmmmm......well according to the sages and the lufenians.  There's a person behind all of it and he's at the Temple of Chaos.....where all of this started.....Back to the Temple of Chaos for to finish this....Apparently all the bats hangin around were Lufenians that got turned into CHAOS?!!!!  Yep remember that cool dude in Dissidia who kicked your butt a few times in the PSP.  So....exploring the Temple of Chaos....not really exploring trying to make it to the top without exhausting all the resources.  I had to leave the place at least 5 times to go restock.

Finnally got to the top.  Time to settle things with Chaos.  Dude explains, that we killed him before as Garland.  And the four fiends he sent in the future so he himself could be reborn in the past. Blah Blah. That this is a never ending cycle.  Remember Dissidia storyline yeah that's pretty much what this is only with out the other FF characters.  Well time to fight.  This dude hit goes from weak to strong rather quickly.....funny that on the 2nd try I just put everything toward my Knight to finish this.  He broke 1000 damage.  Yep.  He died pretty quick after that.  Still hits hard though. Well with Chaos dead that ends this endless cycle of the world being put to ruin.


Guess what...the 4 Heroes...Us didn't live in that timeline we lived in the past where Chaos was.  Yep.  Somehow Chaos made us come to the future.  Well that's not everything.  With Chaos defeated the heroes ever coming to the future never happened.  In fact we don't exist LOL.  Chaos's death no one will ever remember the heroes.  But the world is saved.  Well that ends this game.  Rather short but hard as heck. Well finally I beat something I set out to do years ago that's one game down many more old games to go.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Final Fantasy 1 - Finally Making Some Progress In Saving This World.

Ok so now that all the small work is hopefully done.  Lets actually do the job we're supposed to do. Save the freakin world.  Well the first real area with a problem. Complaining that some vampire has stopped the flow of the Earth Crystal's energy.  Well then lets go kill this vampire.

OMG this dungeon is a serious maze.  Even a section where you just do nothing but fight every step.  What I also noticed is that there's literal planned battles in front of treasure chest. So its a good way to abuse some experience points.  The dungeon however....UGH....can't stand it.  I literally used all 99 of my potions.  Yeah at this point they don't restore much HP.  But its better than using your limited magic since there's no way to restore you MP except going outside and using a cottage or going all the way back to town and sleeping at an Inn.

So yeah the dungeon's a huge maze.  Oh hey there's the vampire that took me 3 trips to this dungeon to find.  Well that was a dissapointing boss fight.  And the problem still isn't solved.  Oh there's more floors....Great...just great.....Well apparently we needed this staff to get to the lower levels after exploring the lower levels we find A real boss Lich.  Ok this guy actually put up a good fight.  Well you know what.  Behold my fist punk. ATATATATTATATTATATTATATATTATATATATTATTATATATA

Hokuto Hundred Crack Fist

Watch that boss fade and the first crystal is lit.  1/4th of the game is done.  On to the next town.  Well thanks to searching all over for the locked doors that the key the elf king gave us. We found Nitro Powder. So now the dwarves help us by blowing up part of a continent so we can sail farther.  Awesome.  Come to a weird town where apparently these sages tell us that its generally our fault now that the Fiend of Fire is awakened. She woke up earlier than predicted cause the Earth Fiend is dead. And a Volcano is gonna erupt....well the Volcano is all the way over there I doubt it'll affect anything important....fine I'll go....Oh gee thanks a canoe....I'll be traveling in style with this thing.....whoopee.

Mt. Glug....If I had any inclination that previous dungeon was bad. This one is just plain unbearable.  Not only is the party inside an active volcano.  But its 6 floors long. Each floor is covered in lava. Stepping on the lava hurts your HP by 1 for each step.  Well on paper that doesn't sound bad but you haven't seen the dungeon and BTW the max HP for this game is 990.  The most HP I have at the moment is roughly 250 and that's on my Fighter dude.  Not to mention the monsters are competent.   I tried to go as far as I could the first time....and got lucky I made it back out alive.  I ran out of potions before even making it to the bottom. Went back in already spent over half my potions making it to the bottom.  Then there's my first dragon of the game guarding a treasure chest.  Yep.  Needless to say we got burned the first time around.  Had to reload the save and get back down there to beat some sense into the dragon.  If I didn't have the guide I'd be lost.  Then we go to the 2nd of the 4 Fiends.'d be hot...if you weren't a 6 armed snake lady with wild hair trying to burn the world.

I would think Ice would do some significant damage...not really....surprising to me. Well no matter.

Haste + Attack Boost + Punching = Some type of epic punch of the enemy's death.

(Insert Random Epic Fighting Finishing Move Here Cause I haven't thought of one yet)

Alright....that's the Fire Crystal restored....we're already half way there!!!

Well the sages don't thank us for restoring the Fire Crystal. Ungrateful old coots.  Kinda out of hints to go on guess time to hunt for another town.  Well Thanks to the guide that didn't take long.  Apparently this town gives hints about an *holy awe* Airship.  The only way to get one is to find a Levi Stone and use it in some desert somewhere.  Well lets find the stone first.....after some serious looking around.  Look what we Ice Cavern.....with the classic falling through cracks puzzle.....Remember Pokemon Red/Blue? Yeah that.  Well the stone wasn't heavily guarded.  The monster that isn't really a boss went down easy.  That's another Key Item Down. So according to the guide I just go to this patch of desert and use the LeviStone....So used to things happening automatically.  I had to actually open the menu and select key items to activate the Levistone.  Well look what comes outta the ground.  You see unlike other RPG games we don't have to go through some crazy drama to get an epic airship that we won't use often.  We're so epic we just earth bend one out of the ground.  Take that modern RPG games!!!

So according to the guide the next area is to Citadel of Trials?  For upgrades....I'm always game for free upgrades.  Besides the stat boost on the party seems to have dropped after hitting LVL 15.  Although we have an airship due to being limited to only be able to land on GREEN COLORED GRASS!!! We still had to walk quite a ways to that Citadel of Trials.  Like from one side of the continent to the other.  This better be worth the trip.  Well we're here what do we gotta do...another of those teleporting mazes too.  Well its not as long as recent dungeons were.  Not anywhere as hard either.....well...finished it....where's my upgrade....oh not yet.....this was just part of it.  Ok so to Dragon Caves?.....well does this mean I have to fight a dragon boss? Well wouldn't really be a Final Fantasy now would it?

To my surprise there were random battles with dragons in it. But no dragon boss fight.  In fact. Guess who's waiting for me and my group of epic friends.  Its Bahamut and he's not a dousche this time.  He honors our courage by giving us job upgrades....hey we look cooler now!  Alright now lets go beat up some Fiends!!! Ok we gotta do some work to get access to the next 2 temples.  Lets focus on the water one first.  Apparently the only 2 clues I got to work with are some dude sold a fairy in a bottle and there's cave in the waterfall.  Well cave in the waterfall sounds a lot more fun so I'm going there.  Well this was rather short and we find a broken down robot that gives us something.  Well can't exactly do anything as I thought with this warp now I got another clue that if I find some method to breath underwater this lady will allow us to use her Submarine....that's made out of a barrel.......a wooden submarine....uh huh...

Well lets figure out this fairy in the bottle thing.  apparently there's a caravan that sells bizarre things. And the dude that sold Link's lifeline sold it to said caravan.  God....this took a bit to find.  Even reading the guide this place isn't land marked at all.  Good thing for Youtube.  Found it and the dude wanted 50000 GIL FOR THE FAIRY!!!! you cheapskate.  Let the fairy free from the bottle and she didn't even bother to thank me she just flew away.  Nice....Well going back to the town where the dude told he sold her, Going a little further to the back end of town the fairy is there and she gave us some magic item that lets us breath underwater. Cool.   So next session we're going after the Water Crystal.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Final Fantasy 1 - Well Uh...What To Talk About?

Where to start? Hard to say.

Well first off.  The same PS2 controller I use to play UMvC3.  Has a nice short in it.  So at random either my R1 or my D-Pad starts acting up if I hold this controller in a certain way or just completely at random.  Gee that might explain those random supers that somehow worked in my favor?.....whatever.

Well after beating the crap out of Garland and going across a bridge (don't forget many restarts due to dying).  Well we go North East to some random old lady's house.  Find out well she's blind.....well can't help her out.  But maybe this will be a clue later?  Ok lets go East.  Oh look pirates....and of course since they're RPG pirates...7 times out of 10....THey're gonna fail.  Yep these guys fail but guess get to kill 9 of these guys.  Yep....the max number of enemies you can come across is 9.  Imagine that. Hate to come across a tough battle with 9 enemies.  So by beating up a bunch of pirates you get a free ship.   I'll have to make a note of that.  Well if you pay attention to the NPCs they tell you that a ship can only be boarded and unboarded at a dock.  Which apparently is the little white strip on certain patches of the world map.  Well they also tell you that there's no ports up north.  So well guess that means go south...assuming you're thinking that way.  You can always search till you find something.  The guide also says go south....well lets go south.

Surprisingly the encounter rate drops DRAMATICALLY on the sea?  I guess they wanted to avoid any "We on a boat" references.  Well managing to go south we find a town full of Elves.....Yeah.....Oh you're king is in an eternal sleep....well then...uh....guess we move on to the next town.  Well there's not much else on this part of the continent.  Only 2 other places.  1's a broken down castle.  The others a cave....Well guess I'll explore the cave.  Which is exactly where the guide says I should go.  Oh but guess what....Apparently Link the hero of Hyrule is dead.  Yep his tombstone is in that elven village.  Oh well maybe Link will awaken as a zombie in the next game?

Well this cave was a pain.  See the problem is Phoenix Down's don't exist.  And Revive magic is quite a ways away. Not to mention costly.  So I had to memory save after every battle or walk all the way back to the elven village for there church to revive a character.  This area wasn't forgiving either.  Oh look its a crown....guess that has a purpose somehow.  (Following the guide you miss out on a lot of stuff that tells you what you need to do).   Well going to that broken down castle up north.  Find it has 1 person in there.  Oh its the king.  Wait what do you mean you don't need us?  Oh you're a boss fight.  This dude spams death on the first turn and its not fun.  Considering later FF games were friendly with death spells.  This one wasn't.  I can easily just run with 3 party members and get EXP. But lets try and keep all 4 alive.  Well after he's defeated I get a crystal eye....hmmmm this is useful somehow....oh wait that old lady.

Yep all the way back to her.  Well she wasn't very greatful...she gave us this tonic...that's supposed to wake ppl up....guess Coffee wasn't invented yet.  Oh yeah the sleeping Elf King.  Now he gives us a key....what am I supposed to do with this?  Hmmmm....oh this opens doors I couldn't open before? Cool....I guess...if its worth backtracking. We'll see.

UMvC3 I miss the Old Days of Fighters

Man I miss the old days of fighters for a lot of reasons.  For the most part its the number of players available online to play.  There's not as many as when this game first came out since there's about 4 or 5 other fighters out now people can play. Not to mention most of them moved on to PS3.  Generally when that happens you only a few good players stick around. The others said..."Well screw this game I'm moving on."  To make things a lot more how to put it...challenging. With the massive flux of new fighters out (although I wouldn't exactly call them new for the most part). The game is left unfinished with a lot of untapped potential to discover.  Pretty much due to popularity and tier list pretty much you only have less than half the cast with a full analysis on the character. The rest of them well anybody that makes a guide (unless you shell out 20+ bucks for the official guide) You're on your own.  See what I miss about the old days is the fact that you had LOADS OF TIME to learn the game. You can figure out your own methods to beating the apparent..."top tier". Well the problem is the way things are now.  Who's really going to stay loyal to just a single fighter?....Not saying you have to be loyal cause I'm far from loyal to any fighter...especially current generation fighters. Those that actually know me know that the fighters I like is the ones nobody plays.

Now going over whatever tips and crap I've heard.  The main one I want to focus on is "Watch Max's vids on the characters." Well here's the problem with that.  His videos over the characters aren't exactly tutorials.  Not saying he doesn't do a good job. However from what I've noticed the only characters I've seen the guy go IN-DEPTH with are ones that he mains online (X-23 being sorta the exception).  But being serious here from what I've seen of his "tutorial" videos wasn't exactly much to go with good for someone new but if you want to take your game further....not something to go with.  Pretty much to describe it I would say like this.

  • Short Bio that involves mobility, damage, health, a good point and possibly a weakness
  • Special Moves and What they do.
  • Supers/Hypers and what they do.
  • A move to take note of.
  • This is there assist and this is what you should pick
  • Here's a combo I won't tell you how to do it but you should be able to figure it out.

Now that's how I feel about it.  Fanboys will probably troll saying otherwise but that's how I feel about his tutorials.  Now the characters he actually went in-depth with for the most part.  I don't use or want to use them one bit.  I really appreciate his Wesker since he actually went out of his way and put up a good way to beat Wesker.  I didn't see that on the other characters as for the most part it seemed to be like I described previously just a bit more in-depth.  The subjects he talks about in the "Online Warrior" videos are interesting but its hard to collect usable data on the other characters. The other problem is like many of players of today. Its rather obvious he's moving on to a different game.  He might come back UMvC3 but not likely.  Many other games caught his interest. So I can't rely on him for help.

I don't particullary care for mission mode as they're not really teaching its more..."Do this Combo" not to mention unlike Blazblue where you had a mission mode there's didn't care as long as the required move came out. So you are welcomed to add your own inputs to the mix and still complete the mission.  UMvC3 nope its either do it there way or walk out. So would training mode do the trick...well not really.  The most I can do is fight the A.I. at max difficulty and work on landing a full combo.  Can't exactly learn strategy as the A.I. doesn't play like a human player.  In some cases they play better than human...wait what am I saying? LOL That's what everyone else says.

The last one point I want to touch is there's no such things as cheap characters or cheap mechanics especially in this game. I'm not gonna say go play Marvel 2.  Really lets put things this way either deal with it or stop playing the game. You have at least 4 or 5 other fighters you can play instead of wasting time saying something is cheap you have the net, you can complain to the company, you have lots more time than I do to play these games. Stop complaining especially to me.

As for the matches I dropped down a rank.  Oh well.  For the most part from what I've watched and been hearing many high rank players have actually went and reset there rank back to beginner (resetting the win/loss record). If you ask me that's a rather stupid function to do. When it comes to Ranked you're generally playing others of the same general skill or slightly higher.  Resetting your Rank totally offsets that.  Knowing that a player is far too skilled to be this rank you could sometimes write it off as they played a lot of offline.  But now having knowledge of this makes me quite sad.  You don't get to see any new players now. Now when playing certain matches I have to ask how long has this player been at the game? Is this guy really the rank he/she should be?  Well I'm soon to reach my limit of this game. And by limit I mean gone as far as I can go and not get any better.  Many people want me to spend pretty much my life on this game or really any fighter....well go make a Time Machine find my 16- 18 year old self and have him play the game.  My priorities are far different than to put 100% into a game. Especially when there's likely to be another fighter released in 6 months to a year these days. I just want to play for enjoyment. Where I get my enjoyment is different than what you think. I can't exactly think of matches of note.  I actually played for an hour this time. Not gonna happen again especially for March got many other seriously important things to do than play a game.