Saturday, April 28, 2012

Threads of Fate - Rue Beginning

Well continuing things lets see things from Rue's point of View.  You wanna know why Rue is so depressed?  Well his girlfriend/caretaker died at the hands of some random guy with a giant hand.  CLAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So looking for the "Relic" in order to save her.

Unlike Mint, Rue uses his ability to transform into monsters to get around.  Upside is his stats are more closely related to the monsters he uses.  Downside you can only hold 4 at a time and if you get a new one the oldest one get bunked out the list.  Needless to say he doesn't heavily rely on MP like Mint does which is a good thing.

Well just like Mint we gotta beat up those same thugs that are about to rape an innocent woman.  Yeah its an E rated game.  But it has mild language, suggestive themes, mild animated violence.  How they got away with this is beyond me considering how many cuss words is mentioned throughout the story.  Not to mention that scene in general especially in this day an age can easily be taken the wrong way cause the words they say just go that route.  Anyway how do we save Elena?.....Well obviously turning into a monster and scaring them.....Lets see...A plant......nope.....A Saber tooth Tiger.....nope......lets turn into the weakest monster of the game.  A pollywog.  Am I kidding? Nope.  And now cause Elena is far too much of a blonde.  Apparently Rue is now a pollywog with the ability to turn into a human. Sigh.....aneurysm....

Well just like Mint's Story......climb up to the atelier and fight a boss....a stupid looking horse....the 2nd time.  Still fact easier.

Ok I didn't exactly show this before but Rod who hangs out in the outskirts of town.  You can fight him for 100 Gold....he beats the crap outta you.  Good for HP grinding.  He'll change his weapons overtime.  Also if you invade Johnny Wolf's territory (the dog) it might attack you interrupting everything you do. Usually if you buy the proper equipment you can beat him.  Other than that he's one of the bosses that uses the old...."wait till I'm obviously open and attack" Strategy Otherwise he'll murder you in seconds faster than most bosses on this game.

Anyway the underground Ruins....again....but as Rue....didn't really wanna drop my Gargoyle form but oh well. Still have Saber Tiger.  Still the same old maze.  The good thing is I don't have worry about the lava cause pollywog form takes care of that.  What's funny is the Guodon form (the giant tadpole lizard thing) has a tail whip move that can just keep spinning till you actually get dizzy from the attack.  I forgot that I was using the D-Pad and could use the Analog stick to move around so platforming was a pain.  The boss dragon was rather simple.  As usual.  The main difference here is instead of fighting Belle you fight Duke.  Duke's ability is apparently to copy whatever he reads or watches and act like them.  So he read a ninja book...and well now he's a ninja.  (Needs to read that Street Fighter Book).  Still easy.  Escaping from the Dragon or whatever that thing is was easy to.  With the Saber Tiger form just hold Right and I'm done. LOL.

Well that should be enough for today. Next I believe we go see Fancy Mel and get Rue's exclusive dungeon as well.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What Goes On In My Head (If I'm Idle for Too Long)

Generally these days well since I feel into a depressive funk (I don't know when it started up again).  My thoughts generally revolve around some of the worst things I can think of.  Generally about stuff I already settled in the past or can't do anything about now.  Generally the most I can do is find something else to occupy my time so I don't randomly have these thoughts come up.  The problem with getting help for this is...well professional help is the fact that I lack insurance or any actual money to my name that isn't already owned by someone else.

So the most I can do is talk about it when I have the random chance to do so.  Or find something to do to prevent myself from being idle for too long.  I also find that watching TV or certain games/chat rooms can make things worse for my situation. Definitely can't watch a lot of anime or other normally scheduled shows as they tend to make me cry now or just feel overall bad asking myself why these things happen even though I myself know the answer to those questions.

While I'm not contemplating suicide (as even suicide cost money lol as well as many other things.).  It is slowing me down and/or making me feel rather sick.  It doesn't help that I see a lot of my friends on general road of there own self-destruction forcing me to keep strong and push my own problems aside for them. Really I have no time to feel down as there's too many people that need me.

I generally hate playing online these days as there's few people I know to play with. As well as the current generation of gamers that just utterly piss me off.  Even if they are just strangers and the many actions I took to prevent me from hearing them isn't enough to stop them from affecting me.  Generally the community is what made me lose my motivation in playing a lot of games.

Like I said the most I can do is find productive things to do and tire myself out.  So to hopefully get some sleep at night and to carry on throughout my day without thinking about things I can do nothing about. Video represent some of things I think about no not exactly what's shown but things I can relate general real life situations to.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Threads of Fate - Mint's Side (The Final Battle)

Well to save Prima (the Doll), he should be at Maya's tower.  So lets get over there. Well climbing it was a pain.  Seriously this whole afraid of pumpkins crap is getting on my nerves.  Oh hey its Trap Master again....he's still pathetic to fight like last time. You gotta be kidding me as this boss. I'm not gonna kill you.  You don't deserve that honor.  Well now its time to face off with Maya.  Man that was.....easy????  The most she could do is shoot a weak beam, summon pumpkins, and turn Mint into one.....Oh so that wasn't Maya.  Mode guys need better names. Hey she's running away.  Oh there's the real Maya in prison.  The old guess which one is the real me game.  Ok.  Well apparently I guess right.....I shoulda guessed wrong for more LOLs.  After that we get some more background story.  And leave.....No Prima here.  Oh what is that in the sky.....Looks like final dungeon.

Ok to get up to that final dungeon (AKA Valen's Relic) we need a method to fly.  Rue is feeling depressed....Oh hey Rod you got a method?  You need 5 of these Cannon Orb's.   Ok so lets ask everyone we know about them.  Wow finding them was generally easier than anticipated.  Lets see from Duke and Belle. From Klaus. Another one from the shop. One from playing a stupid mini game....again....Ok that leaves number 5???? Oh Wylaf has it....and Rod and Duke went to get it.....Manly Speech Go....Ok so we got all 5 needed.  Before I go lets see Wylaf apparently he has something I could use and boy did he. Magic Style Hyper.  Oh god this style eats all my MP.  And Rue isn't depressed anymore yay. And...he...grew...wings....

Ok The Final Dungeon

Well find an almost dead Prima chillin at the entrance.  He gives us some magic I CAN'T USE YET!!!!!! Inside the dungeon its not a maze but its somewhat different on figuring things out.  Honestly I just ran around willy nilly till something happened.  Oh look its Psycho Master.  Oh crap he opened his eyes. IT'S NO USE!!!! IT'S NO USE!!!  After a somewhat hilarious beating to him at the end apparently the next room is filled with past terrors?????

Oh you mean bosses we killed before. Well being low in health gave the win to that whale thing.  But then it died in 2 shots.  Easily.  Oh the stupid horse....ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! THAT THING just isn't a boss.  The undead dragon....come on....there's gotta be better fights than this....

Now we come to another puzzle...Took a minute to figure out.  Lighting appropriate torches then bringing the stones to the altar.  Okay now on to the final boss???? Oh hey its Doll Master.  Dang Rue got messed up.  Well Doll Master is easy.  Especially with that Circle Magic Yellow.  He got whooped pretty badly.  Well lets see this Relic of Valens......Wow I have a feeling of a philosopher's stone here.  So that's Valen...Blah blah blah I can't fight you I'm a spirit blah blah blah....oh look a convenient body to possess. Now I can fight you.

Well this boss fight was just annoying.  You kill its buddy so it can't run around and attack you while attacking Valen who's just floating around. With that done...guess now Valen's Relic is Mint's now.  Nope.....Last Final Boss Speech.  Oh look its Maya give me that power of the book of Cosmos.  Now for the final battle....

This was annoying for the fact that there's not much of a clue on how to beat this guy.  Can finnally use that Magic Prima gave us.  It made no sense.  Apparently it absorbs shots then fires it back.  Problem is there's only 1 moment you can do that.  Why can't I just jump kick him?

Well with that done time for the ending.  Escaping from the dungeon...without Valen's Relic....*boooo*.  Mint tired out the place is coming down.....Up to Maya to save the day. Somehow getting out of there.....and waking up 3 days later....Time to say good-bye to everyone.  Maya ready to go home with Mint. Rue is gonna travel to find another Relic to save Claire. Good luck.  Prima is now adopted....Klaus is gonna continue his research somehow......Belle and Duke are gonna keep hunting for treasure.....Rod is leaving......Everyone's leaving....if only I could say bye to Wylaf.  He was cool....Oh well. That ends Mint's Side of the story.  Now we can play Rue's story

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Threads of Fate - Mint Side (Maya's Back)

Well guess starting to reach end game cause Maya showed up and she's not too happy with evil loli ex-princess. Finnally so close to getting the "Relic" only to be denied by Maya and her cronies.  And before we get this showdown goin between Mint and Maya. Maya decides to troll and have one of her to say on top of her and well stay there. Luckily Rue shows up and saves the day...well saves the doll and leaves Mint there. Maya preaching about justice saying not to touch the "Relic" cause its evil etc etc.

Now Mint imprisoned her magic taken away. Kinda least until Rue shows up and reveals that he has the ability to transform into monster.  Now to escape from this prison...before the raping pumpkins come back.  Quite a simple dungeon IMO.  Escaping rather easily along with the help of some old...enemies???? Wait a minute.......

Spent a night catching between the 2 characters explaining what's goin on. The next day things started getting worse.  Now instead of normal monsters we have puppets attacking the town.  First lets save the very people that were nice to us before we find the source.  Well Trap Master Failing as usual. Quickly swoop in to stop his sorry butt.  Now after locating the source lets try and stop it.  Wait underground ruins....again!!! Noooooooo......

Well exploring the ruins again finding out that all the monsters have been replaced with those aggressive puppets.  After about an hour (and quick editing).  Find none other than Maya is behind all this....for a character that seemed to be all about protecting the world...her personality seems to have done a 180. Went as far as attacking the're just a decoy.....SOB.   Well Puppet Master, Trap Master, and Psycho Master attacking the town for the puppet.....Don't worry we got the best Street Fighter in Existence!!!
Get 'em DUKE!!! Shoryu......BOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!  Well that failed.....Don't worry Mint is here to save the day....Nope you go fight Psycho Master in a private room.....wait we're fighting in the church....well guess its gotta be used for something.

Fighting with Psycho Master can be summed up like this.....IT'S NO USE!!!!!  TAKE THIS!!!!  You gotta attack this guy from about 4 seconds to do that before....IT'S NO USE!!!! Well after dealing with him.  Get back outside only to find that our doll friend has given up....but he wants Mint to save him.  Well seems like we're getting to the final here.  Mint about to get serious.

I left out some details so you guys would actually watch the videos. LOL.  Not gonna spoil the entire thing. I'm not some LPer.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

SD Gundam G Generation World Mission Final Stage Notes

There's only 3 stages here and pretty much the real story of the game and plot is revealed here.  These stages of course marked Final so bring your best.  Halphas Gundam will be a guest character in these missions.  With the main character of the game as its pilot. (The Female Goddess looking lady you see when selection EX Missions).

Halphas Gundam Stats

HP: 30000
EN: 180
Attack: 32
Defense: 28
Evasion: 30
Movement: 7
Terrain Ratings
Space: A
Sky: A
Ground: A
Unknown (can't read Japanese) :
Water: B

Pilot Stats (Don't know her name Need Info)
MP 250/500
All Other Stats: 50 (WTF!!! BROKEN!!!!)
Ability: Unknown (Can't read Japanese and not listed in Wiki)

Mission Final01 - Aphrodia

Break 1 - Destroy Guarder Version II (the big cannon) with a Master Unit or Halphas Gundam.
Secret 1 - Destroy Guarder Version II (the big cannon) with Halphas Gundam.
Break 2 - Destroy Guarder Version II (the big cannon) with a Master Unit or Halphas Gundam.
Secret 2 - Destroy Guarder Version II (the big cannon) with Halphas Gundam.
Secret Unit - Turn A Gundam (Black History) / Neuro
  • Guarder Version I and II are actually pretty tough and sport some pretty powerful attacks regardless of Range.  Don't hold back in bringing your big guns to the party.
  • Halphas is on your side however as a guest character with its own turn......(booo)
  • You have 15 turns to finish this mission.
  • Turn A (Black History) Is very dangerous.  Sporting 7500!!!! ATK On its attacks.  DO NOT PLAY AROUND IT WILL KILL YOU!!!
  • Halphas can take care of its self and has some pretty flashy attacks next to Phoenix (True Power)
  • Have everyone deployed when all enemies after the 2nd break are defeated for something epic to happen. (I'm not telling you this one see for yourself.)

Mission Final02 - A New Future

Break 1 - Destroy all the Copies
Secret 1 - Destroy all the Copies in 3 Turns.
Break 2 - Destroy all the Copies
Secret 2 - Destroy all the Copies in 3 Turns.
Secret Unit - Guarder Version III x4 / Neuro

  • GET ALL YOUR BEST UNITS IN A 1 GROUP! Only one team is allowed this mission.
  • No help from Halphas this time.
  • The copies are quite formidable versions of whatever units are in the Group that's deployed. (What they copy is random)
  • Barbatos is the boss. (Unit in the very center) A very scary unit to tangle with.
  • Bring a warship that can take a hit or keep it at a safe distance.
Mission Final03 - Hell Road

No Breaks, No Secrets. 
Note: In the Hell Mode Mission 'HELL ROAD' don't escape right away, keep killing the Enemy 3MS Groups, as fast as you can since the mission will fail in 17 turns. When you killed enough, Barbatos will show up.

SD Gundam G Generation World D Rank Missions Notes

New Master Acquired: Judau Ashta/ ZZ Gundam
(Upgraded to Full Armor ZZ Gundam)

D Rank Missions further push the difficulty to even greater lengths.  There are far more units to defeat in each mission meaning all your units from both groups will see some action.  Units that easily steal the spotlight or rack up kills easily will more than likely use up all there energy more often and worst case scenario be left in the middle of nowhere attempting to catch up with the warship.  Enemies in this rank are also high in stats and will use whatever defensive methods they have.  I personally leveled up generally all my units MS to at least LVL 20 and tried to have pilots be at least LVL 10 or higher.  Generally all missions here have time limit generation breaks (Time being turns).  Best to plan ahead and have units ready to go on the offensive. Movement also plays a big role in this.

Mission D01
Solomon's Stronghold (Mobile Suit Gundam)
Break 1 - Destroy Dozle with Amuro with support attack by Sleggar
Secret 1 - Destroy Dozle with Amuro with support attack by Sleggar in 3 turns.
Break 2 - Destroy Dozle with Amuro.
Secret 2 - Destroy Dozle with Amuro in 5 turns.
Secret Unit - Skull Heart (ABC) / Tobia Arronax
  • -Getting Amuro and Sleggar close enough to attack together Dozle (Big Zam) without being destroyed is challenging.  Have you're units cover the 2 and assist them in there attack.
  • -Have 2 teams sent into Solomon to take care of all the units and make sure Amuro gets the finishing blow.
  • -Skull Heart (ABC) is annoying avoid using beam type weapons on it unless you want to remove its Anti-Beam Cloak (ABC).  
Mission D02
Within the Scatterling Light (Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season)
Break 1 - Destroy all panels in 5 Turns.
Secret 1 - Destroy all panels in 4 Turns.
Break 2 - Destroy all panels in 4 Turns.
Secret 2 - Destroy all panels in 3 Turns.
Secret Unit - Heero Yuy [EW] in the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero [EW] appears Note that the Wing Zero is hostile and will fight the player. It has its own phase to move/attack in.
  • -Make sure to have as many (if not all) MS that can fly as there isn't much action on the ground.  
  • -Have Setsuna Trans-Am and Raiser Sword Mr.Bushido twice to take care of him quickly.  As Setsuna can't take much coming from Bushido in Trans-Am
  • -There are a lot of panels don't hesistate to use the guest units to help destroy them all.  
  • -Easy level up and Tension Building Mission due to all the panels
  • -The rest of the enemy units will completely ignore any on the ground and immediately take to the sky.  
  • -Shin and Rey will easily catch up to Athrun.  Athrun can dodge some of there attacks but don't bet on it.  Run to where its safe with Athrun.
  • You may wanna save this mission for later as there are a lot of panels lying around.
Mission D03
Golden Will (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)
Losing Conditon: Enemy Unit reaches Defense HQ
Break 1 - Score more than 7000 Points in 4 Turns.
Secret 1 - Score more than 7000 Points in 3 Turns.
Break 2 - Master Unit defeats Ple/Puru Two.
Secret 2 - Cagalli defeats Ple/Puru Two.
Secret Unit - Chang Wufei [EW] in the XXXG-01S2 Gundam Nataku appears. Note that the Nataku is hostile and will fight the player. It has its own phase to move/attack in.
  • Quite easy scoring 7000 points.  Cagali and the others won't really have to do anything.
  • Defeating Puro Two is rather easy since Psycho Gundam isn't that big of a threat.
Mission D04
Uprising in the Name of Pedigree (Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam)
Break 1 - Haman defeats Ple/Puru Two.
Secret 1 - Haman defeats Ple/Puru Two before the Sadaran is destroyed.
Break 2 - Haman defeats Glemy.
Secret 2 - Haman defeats Glemy in 5 Turns.
Secret Unit - Preventer Wind in the OZ-00MS2B Tallgeese III appears. Note that the Tallgeese III is hostile and will fight the player. It has its own phase to move/attack in.
  • Haman getting the generation breaks shouldn't be too hard.  But the rest of her units move and act on there own turn and can easily get destroyed.
Mission D05
Prelude to Revolution (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)
Losing Conditon: Shin or Rey failed to reach the invasion area within 6 Turns.
Break 1 - Have Shin Asuka(ZGMF-X42S Destiny) or Rey Za Burrel(ZGMF- X666S Legend) reaches the invasion area within 6 Turns.
Secret 1 - Have Shin or Rey reach the invasion area within 6 Turns after all Destroy Gundams have been defeated.
Break 2 - Destroy Girty Lue in 4 Turns.
Secret 2 - Destroy Girty Lue in 3 Turns.
Secret Unit - Devil Gundam (Final Form) / Rain Mikamura
  • If you weaken the right set of units Shin or Rey can reach the invasion area rather easily using Change Turns.
  • The Destroy Gundams are trouble to deal with as they easily resist ranged attacks.  They also have a MAP that they're not afraid to use.  
  • Do not defeat all the units until Shin or Rey reach the invasion area.
Mission D06
Last Bastion (Mobile Suit Gundam)
Break 1 - Amuro defeats Char in 5 Turns.
Secret 1 - Defeat Gato and Johnny Ridden before Amuro defeats Char in 5 Turns.
Break 2 - Amuro defeats Scirroco in 4 Turns.
Secret 2 - Defeat Reccoa and Sara before Amuro defeats Scirroco in 4 Turns.
Secret Unit - Kira Yamato [CE 73] in the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom appears. Note that the Strike Freedom is hostile and will fight the player. It has its own phase to move/attack in.
  • Everybody and there dog is here for this mission.  Don't forget the other field area as well
  • Scirocco takes a bit more effort to take down with 20k HP and a pretty high defense.  
Mission D07
Earth Freezing Strategy (Char's Counterattack)
Break 1 - Destroy all missiles in 5 Turns.
Secret 1 - Defeat Amuro with anyone before destroying all missiles in 5 Turns.
Break 2 - Defeat Setsuna and Lockon in the same Turn.
Secret 2 - Have any Master Units defeat Setsuna and Lockon in the same Turn.
Secret Unit - Deep Striker / Ryuu Roots
  • Another Missle Mission...And they're rather stronger in defense.
  • Amuro can troll with his Fin Funnel shield making most shot attacks useless.  
  • You have to kill Setsuna and Lockon twice since they're in there GN Armor suit.
Mission D08
Angel's Ascension (Mobile Suit V Gundam)
Break 1 - Usso destroys Shubaten (Amalthea class warship) in 6 Turns.
Secret 1 - Usso defeats Fuala before destroying Shubaten in 6 Turns.
Break 2 - Master Unit defeats Chronicle and Katejina in the same Turn.
Secret 2 - Usso defeats Chronicle and Katejina in the same Turn.
Secret Unit - Akatsuki (Shiranui) / Neo Roanoke
  • THIS MISSION IS VERY LONG!!!! You must have Usso nearby for break triggers. (And for both secrets) And he must deliver the finishing blow. So surround him with strong units.
  • Try to have everyone inside the warship to avoid getting an unavoidable Tension Down/Cool Down when you achieve the first Generation Break.
  • Have the master units and Usso together to easily take out Chronicle and Katejina in the same turn. (also pray they don't go for another target and split up)
Mission D09
Towards the Endless Tomorrow (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED) Losing Condition: Athrun fails to reach the designated area in 7 Turns.
Break 1 - Athrun Zala(ZGMF-X09A+METEOR Justice) reaches the designated area in 7 Turns.
Secret 1 - Athrun reaches the designated area in 7 Turns with his METEOR unit intact.
Break 2 - Destroy 10x OZ-03MD Virgo II in 5 Turns.
Secret 2 - Destroy 10 Virgo IIs in 4 Turns.
Secret Unit - Char Aznable [CCA] in the MSN-04II Nightingale appears.
  • If all units are defeated before Athrun reaches the target point the mission will end in success
  • More Virgos and there annoying shields
  • Meteor Strike Sucks.
  • More Bombs
Mission D10
For the Future (Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season)
Break 1 - Ptolemaios 2 reaches target area in 4 Turns.
Secret 1 - Lockon defeats Ali before Ptolemaios2 reaches target area in 4 Turns.
Break 2 - Setsuna defeats Ribbons in 5 Turns.
Secret 2 - Defeat Healing and Revive before Setsuna defeats Ribbons in 5 Turns.
Secret Unit - Amuro Ray [CCA] in the RX-93-v-2 Hi-Nu Gundam appears.
  • ANOTHER VERY LONG MISSION!!! Send units with high mobility (move spaces) to the bottom of the map so they can catch up easily.
  • Have Setsuna Trans-Am and defeat Ribbons without too much trouble. Although he'll still damage him quite a bit so be ready to pull him out of a jam.
  • Setsuna switches to Exia Vers. II and fights Ribbons again in a rather isolated spot.  Just hope things go well cause it isn't likely you'll be able to save him.
  • More Bombs lying around
  • Grand Master Gundam isn't too hard or too aggressive.
  • The last time we'll see these dang Seed Destiny units!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!
  • There's a lot of units around.  Can make at least 300k+ in money off capturing units and overkills.
Mission DEX
Peeling Earth
Break 1 - Have a Master Unit fight Halphas Gundam.
Secret 1 - Have a Master Unit fight Halphas Gundam at Super Critical Tension.
Break 2 - Have a Master Unit fight Halphas Gundam.
Secret 2 - Have a Master Unit fight Halphas Gundam at Super Critical Tension.
Secret Unit - Psyco Gundam x2 / Neuro

  • All enemy units (Except Halphas and enemy warships) will be replaced with an upgraded version of that unit up to 3 or 4 times.
  • The Break and Secret is fight Halphas not defeat it.  If you're master unit is too strong you may need to switch your master unit with a weaker one.
  • Halphas can teleport to any location on the map regardless of any unit(s) blocking its path.

After this there's only 3 stages left.  No Master Select this time around.  You can take the time to get your database full to 99%.  The last percent should be in the final stages of the game.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

I love FF13-2's Ending Here's Why (SPOILER Yeah Right You Most Likely Know the Ending)

Compared to most endings I find that FF13-2's ending paid attention to the storyline and didn't suddenly write "And they lived happily ever after".  I'm not against Happily Ever After Endings however these must be earned properly.  Not give us this happy moment leaving us with constant holes in the story. Yeah all games do that but when it comes to endings it makes no sense to make the heroes somehow live happy lives cause they saved the world. It doesn't work like that.

FF13-2's Ending

See the main thing here a lot of fans totally focused on just the ending alone.  But they forgot one very important detail just as the main characters forgot till it was too late (Really I should say they ignored that fact).  Caius and Yuel repeated many times throughout the story that if you kill Caius you kill Etro, The goddess of the world.  Yep.  Not only telling them that changing the past also affects the future (In a rather cryptic nonsense way). But killing the dude that's trying to stop you from messing with time destroys the world.  Maybe if Serah and Noel actually stopped for a moment.  Talked this through and listened to one another instead of "You're evil you must die" attitude. This could have been avoided.

Don't bother bringing up that Noel didn't want to kill Caius nonsense. He didn't want to do it cause they were friends and it would make his girlfriend sad (No Serah isn't his Girlfriend. Its Serah x Snow remember. Don't give me that relationship crap). The problem was they didn't bother to listen to the important characters. Oh they listened to Lightning who as usual only knows half of it and just blindly follows orders anyway.  (You have Valkyrie powers and the most you could do was a soldier....).

So why is it a great ending to me you ask? Cause for once in a very long time.  The heroes don't get away with doing whatever they want.  For once in a very long time the heroes actions bite them in the butt for not listening or talking things through.  But for even better things.  This storyline didn't conviently forget a character or event that happened.  In otherwords no giant plot holes. Yeah there are some plot holes here and there but not big enough that require someone's fanfiction or massive fansite to take years at a time discussing what actually happened.

Am I mad at this ending of course not.  This is one of the more interesting endings I've seen I'm a long time.  Its not enough to convince me to buy this game however as I still hate the battle system and the game looks like a money pit with all of its DLC available.  For other fans to be mad at this ending.  They really should just get over it.  A "Happy Ending" isn't required for every game especially "Disney Endings".

Threads of Fate - There's more than 1 Dragon Boss In this Game (Mint Side)

Ok so lets get started on that Volcano.  To sum this up I needed to buy the next equipment upgrades to actually do some real damage and not die so easily.  Didn't learn that till after many many deaths here.  Well got a really annoying enemy that's fat and named Bubba....A little bit of stereotyping there.  Oh look its Belle with Hexagon and Duke.  Well This shouldn't be too hard......WRONG!!! DEAD WRONG!!!

To sum up at least an hour of this fight. That video pretty much says it.  Duke pretty much decides to Shoryuken you or do his punch of doom and leaves little to no room for breathing.  At the same time Belle will randomly fire off her fire spells and her robot Hexagon attempts to grab you to throw you to the other side of the small arena. While being thrown....Duke will most likely be there waiting for more Shoryukens of death....yep just like what most Ken players online.  Duke will spam his Shoryukens till you're dead.  

This wouldn't be so bad...but the only spell I know that will hit Explosion...I've tried every spell I have at the moment and nothing else seems to hit. Not to mention that Auto-Aim doesn't help as you tend to target Duke instead of Belle.  So after an hour of grinding......come back here and finnally deal some decent damage and make it to phase 2.  Where Duke can actually die.  Belle isn't that much trouble either same old spells.

Well climbing up the Volcano we meet Wylaf....the 2nd Dragon....(the first one being that Shoryuken spam).  Honestly he was easy to beat up.  Funny stuff though.  He'll stop at half health telling you to stop fighting....If you keep hitting him he'll kill you. Regardless of how much HP you have instant game over. I find it very funny that such an old RPG would do that.  Since its rare to see that even today.  

Well he's beaten...wait those thieves challenge me to a fight?  Oh fine....lets do this...Oh hey its that spikey haired dude....Oh I'm fighting him...."YOU FELL FOR MY TRAP CARD!!!" its you're own arena....And easy...We're you seriously holding back?  Cause that fight itself was pathetic.  And you walk away....Mint is mad.....the other 2 thieves need a drop kick to the face....

So to get the "Relic" the doll needs some more power...and to solve that problem....back to "Fancy Mel"  Oooh Lightning Magic....but I gotta beat this easy...but weird looking Chesire cat boss....ok....After some funny conversation things may finnally be looking up....but now looking suspicious. And no doubt something bad will happen next episode.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Threads of Fate Day 2 Stupid Mini Games and Evil Camera

Well when Klaus said that this mage was weird didn't expect that.  Seriously did I inhale something???  Well once I get there there's these little...I guess Dwarves...or Mushroom ppl whatever they are...(seriously was I high?).   She's not in but lets play some mini games.....bad set of mini-games.  Yep each mini game consist of traveling mario style to the goal then playing some random mini game.  The first involved catching a set of balls. 2nd playing sound to drive birds away. The last jumping on a bunch of mushroom heads.  Ugh.....well now we meet this weird mage...she wants us to find her friend.....who's being held by thugs...once again lol.  Well did that and got the hint to open the cube....and turns out there's a doll inside....Oh and forgettable boss encounter.  I don't know how but his last move seemed rather undodgable due to the camera angle.  Whatever he's done with.

The next day was rather wow.   First off getting beat by a that cheap optional fight many times.  Seriously you can hit him but a moment where he's vulnerable is rare.  Not to mention the dude's cheap dog.  The dungeon itself was funny.  These little ppl hang around if you hit one of them 6 others come out of nowhere and attack you and they spawn infinitely.  The boss however was cheap. I giant whale or whatever it is.  With a very hard to hit weak spot.  Either through dangerous jump kicking or being lucky enough to position yourself to hit  the boss with magic without getting eaten.  BTW if you get eaten it gains back health.  Its very easy to fall in the water....Seriously Camera could do better.  Auto-aiming magic doesn't help either.

Well that ends that day getting ready to move on to a mountain where a great dragon is suppose to live. And apparently the story gets deeper with many things.  Find out more about Rue which the player already knows.  And some back story about what's goin on with Mint's family and such.

What Digimon World 4 Should Have Been Like (Gauntlet: Dark Legacy)

If any of you lived as long as I have (25 years) you may have came across a Gauntlet game at some point in your life.  Either in the arcade, or on the PSX, PS2.  What Gauntlet is...pretty much take TMNT famous arcade game and give it RPG elements.  That putting it roughly.  The old one back in 8-Bit days looked something like this. Honestly bad for my eyes cause its hard to see anything.  Generally you wandered around in a dungeon for hours till you died or made it to the end....Is there an end I have no idea.  I never finished the old game and played it only once on one of those PS2 compilation games.

Gauntlet Legends later in the years got released and turned into a famous arcade game.  In fact one of the more expensive arcade games as it generally costed you $1 per play.  But what this game sported was an actual save game data system in the arcade.  YES YOU HEARD RIGHT! Saving your data in the arcade.  Through entering your name and a password you were able to save your character's stats. This is one of the few games with the ability to do so. (NBA Hangtime to comes to mind with the same system) Not to mention the game looked amazing for its time. Sporting the same characters as back in the 8-Bit era but with a better look.

What later came during the dying age of Arcade games.  Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.  Sporting the same system as before but with far more characters.  Far more levels.

Moving to the Console

This game didn't exactly become well known moving to the console.  The NES version was completely forgotten that it existed.  The PSX/DC version of Gauntlet: Legends sported some secret characters but 4 players in one house was rather scarce since you required a multi-tap to play (and more than 2 people).  The same is said about the PS2/GC/Xbox version of Dark Legacy.  Probably the best thing about the console version was that there wasn't an inevitable game over forcing you to pay more money.  The Arcade version drained your life 1 HP a second generally to make sure you don't beat the game in a single credit run.  Add the fact that if you didn't know where the secret stuff was beforehand the bosses were pretty much hell to deal with.  You also were given a choice on which level you want to play.  Arcade was automatic advance.  Needless to say moving to the console this game was forgotten.

The Game Itself

The game itself while it will never look as good as the Arcade version.  Its still great especially if you have friends willing to play it with you.  The difficulty of this game is still there.  And there's an actual hard mode.  Bosses are generally unforgiving.  Generally if you want a semi-easier time you have to know and find the corresponding boss item to defeat them without too much difficulty.  Level size is generally random I found some stages that took me only 5 minutes other take me half an hour.  Fighting alone can get somewhat dull at times. Since this was before online play was invented no chance of finding friends willing to play this one. To make this game a bit more time consuming the guys at Midway added a few things like secret characters, but more importantly to beat the game, the 13 Runestones must be collected in order to beat the final boss.  Needless to say especially without a guide this will take a long time.  I like the game but its rather boring without friends to play with.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Threads of Fate - Mint's Side Day 1 (FIND THAT RELIC)

This is gonna be a pain to describe.

Threads of Fate is an old PSX title (probably now available on PSN).  Honestly if you enjoyed the Mana series games you should enjoy this one.  You play as 1 of 2 characters.  Mint, a bratty tom-boyish princess who lost her succession to the throne and aims to get it back by finding a magic "Relic" of her own to beat her younger sister. And Rue, a mysterious young boy with no memory of his past seeking answers about the man who killed his guardian and his self. Both stories are connected to each other and like most games today where you have the same game from 2 different perspectives you can play as either one both having different playstyles. Mint has various magic abilities she can use to defeat her foes. Rue has the ability to transform into various monsters he defeats.

So lets start on Mint's story.

A total spoiled rotten brat she lost her right to succeed the throne through rather easy methods.  She figures since her younger sister Maya has a "Relic". If Mint can find one of her own she'll be able to defeat her younger sister and take back her right to the throne.  Its not as easy she thought.  Landing on a mysterious island that may actually have clues as to where to find the "Relic" she seeks. Of course once she lands she's already beaten up by like the spunky girl she is she goes to give them a little payback....with a Size 8 to the face.  With saving a young lady in distress as a bonus. As a thank you she gains free access to an Inn and help with finding the "Relic" she desires.

Ok done with that for the training wheels are off...sorta.....The Underground Ruins....rather a water temple esque dungeon.  The dungeon itself is a maze.  And it actually took longer than expected to nab all the treasure. Especially 1 area that consisted of melting 3 ice blocks.  While solving it was simple the work put into it was a nice grind.  The game's EXP system is different than most traditional RPGs.  To build your HP you must take damage.  To build MP you must use your magic.  You restore MP by attacking enemies.  Probably the more unforgiving part is the platforming.  While controls are smooth the camera at times is generally not your friend and you don't always have control over the camera.  Probably the most troll part of this area was the running sections.  The first running section you're doing Indianna Jones...yep you're running from a boulder.  Easier said than done as rocks fall generally randomly in front of you.  (Poor Rue).  The 2nd running Section you were running away from this zombie-dragon like creature....would be easy but there's suddenly spike balls to bar your path and thanks to the camera its rather hard to tell how to properly dodge them.

The boss fights aren't too bad here.  The first being said Zombie-Dragon like monster.  Simple jumping from platform to platform and jumping the occassional fireball then attack.  The 2nd rather trolling lady who also possesses magic like Mint's but uses it in different way.  Her wind attack reminds me now a lot of Vergil's Spiral swords in UMvC3.  Her fire attacks aren't that bad however.

Well now that we survived the Ruins we actually found the "Relic" just one issue.  No idea how to open it or use the key we found.  Well apparently our next destination is to go to a crazy magician's house and ask her.

Side Event

Did a bit of back tracking found 2 new spell combinations (Power and Infinite or whatever its called).  Also the swordsman sidequest.  Dude is rather tough and actually cheats when his little puppy gets involved in the fight.  Could be worse though.  At least losing doesn't result in a game over....just left with 1 HP lost 100 Gold.

Friday, April 6, 2012

SD Gundam G Generation World C Rank Missions Notes

Will be updated I go along.  Made the 3rd Group with Mr.Bushido as the new Master Unit.  Generally for ground based combat.  Missions in this bracket are mainly time based.  Most annoying ones are reaching various points on the map.  Just don't waste time when it comes to reaching various targets.

Mission C01 - Stargazer (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Stargazer)
Break 1 - Have Selene McGriff (GSX-401FW Stargazer) fights Sven Cal Payang (GAT-X105E Strike Noir).
Secret 1 - Selene fights Sven after Shams Couza (GAT-X103AP Verde Buster) is killed.
Break 2 - Have Selene fight Quatre (XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero).
Secret 2 - Have Selene fight Quatre AND defeat him in the same fight.
Secret - Gerbera Tetra Kai / Cima Garahau

-Keep note where Selene is.  If you're going for the first secret. Sven and Shams might move in on her unexpectedly.
-Quatre won't move even when provoked you can use this to your advanatage.

Mission C02 - Storm of Io (Crossbone Gundam)
Losing Condition: Any DOME Bit Units remain on the Map 6 turns after the first Generation Break occurs.
Break 1 - Kincaid Nau (XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1) destroys the Elphante.
Secret 1 - Kincaid destroys the Elphante in 8 Turns.
Break 2 - Destroy 6 DOME Bit Units in 3 Turns.
Secret 2 - Destroy 6 DOME Bit Units in 2 Turns.
Secret - Dendrobium Orchis / Kou Uraki (Unit won't eject into Dendrobium Stamen upon destruction.)

-The DOME Bit Units are actually very strong and X1 and X2 Crossbone don't have much for defense except the cloak (If they haven't already lost it).

Mission C03 - Mafty's Disturbance (Hathaway's Flash)
Losing Condition: Any Enemy Units reach the Festival Center (Red Area).
Break 1 - Have Rein (Penelope) fight Mafty (Xi Gundam).
Secret 1 - Have Rein fight Mafty in 3 Turns.
Break 2 - Rein defeats Ragan.
Secret 2 - Rein defeats Ragan in 3 Turns.
Secret - 0 Gundam / Ribbons Almark
(If the path is left unblocked, they can reach the Festival Center in 2 turns.)
-The enemies will virtually ignore you while approaching the Festival Center.
-Mafty talks way too much.

Mission C04 - Glass Kingdom (New Mobile Report Gundam Wing)
Break 1 - Destroy 10 Virgos in 4 turns.
Secret 1 - Destroy 10 Virgos in 3 turns.
Break 2 - Have a Master Unit defeat Heero (Gundam Epyon).
Secret 2 - Noin defeats Heero (Gundam Epyon).
Secret Unit - Heine's GOUF Ignited / Heine Westenfluss

-Virgos are easy to take down with close range combat. Otherwise they resist most shot attacks easily.
-I was fast enough to destroy Heero rather quickly in the same turn.
-Water starting to rear its ugly head.
-The Phoenix Rises again. And not that stupid PMSing Dark Phoenix.

Mission C05 - Seen and Unseen (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
Losing Condition: Archangel fails to reach the designated area by your Turn 15.
Break 1 - Kira Yamato [C.E. 71] (ZGMF-X10A Freedom) defeats Yzak (Duel Assault Shroud).
Secret 1 - Mu La Flaga (Skygrasper) defeats Rau Le Creuset before Kira defeats Yzak.
Break 2 - Have Archangel fight Takemikazuchi (using a normal attack, not MAP).
Secret 2 - Have Archangel fight Takemikazuchi and defeat it in the same fight.
Secret - Penelope / Rein Eim
Note: The Stage ends once any part of Archangel reaches the designated area.

-You may wanna leave a group behind to deal with the secret unit
-Water everywhere. Either have flight or good water MS for better movement.
-If you forgot Warships can't move and attack in the same turn so keep that in mind.

Mission C06 - Sniping Shot from Space (Mobile Suit Victory Gundam)
Break 1 - Gauland (NPC ship) reaches the designated green area.
Secret 1 - Gauland (NPC ship) reaches the area within 6 turns.
Break 2 - Chang Wufei (XXXG-01S2 Altron Gundam) defeats Treize (OZ-00MS Tallgeese II).
Secret 2 - Chang Wufei defeats Treize while in Super Critical Tension.
Secret - Setsuna F. Seiei / GN-001+GNR-001E GN Arms Type-E (Unit ejects into GN-001 Gundam Exia upon destruction.)

-Virgos are annoying with there shields. Close Range Attacks or anything physical can take care of em.

Mission C07 - Tremors on Lantao Island (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)
Break 1 - Domon defeats Master Asia in Hyper Mode.
Secret 1 - Domon defeats Master Asia in Hyper Mode in 3 turns.
Break 2 - Destroy Devil Gundam in 7 turns.
Secret 2 - Destroy Devil Gundam in 7 turns with Domon.
Secret Unit - Lu Bu Tallgeese / Lu Bu Tallgeese

-You're given plenty of time to take care of Devil Gundam.
-Just leave a group in the back to take care of SEED Destiny units.
-Master Asia has an ability to increase his chances of dodging when his health is low.

Mission C08 - The Memento Mori Operation (Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season)
Losing Conditon: Memento Mori fires. (You have 6 turns for the 1st one and 4 turns for the second one)
Break 1 - Destroy Memento Mori in 6 turns with Ptolemaios 2 (Ptolemy).
Secret 1 - Destroy Memento Mori in 5 turns with Ptolemaios 2.
Break 2 - Destroy Memento Mori in 4 turns with Setsuna.
Secret 2 - Destroy Memento Mori in 3 turns with Setsuna.
Secret Unit - Zanneck / Fuala Griffon

-The Memento Mori has a lot of HP but careful not to overdo it.
-Ptolemaios 2 is rather weak in attacking so weaking the Memento Mori to about 6k.
-Keep note of what attacks Setsuna is using to avoid wasting your Tension and Trans-Am

Mission C09 - Hong Kong Attack (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)
Break 1 - Kamille Bidan (RX-178 Gundam Mk. II) defeats Four Murasame (MRX-009 Psyco Gundam).
Secret 1 - Kamille defeats Four Murasame in 5 turns.
Break 2 - Domon defeats Great Wong with Sekiha Tenkyo God Finger.
Secret 2 - Domon defeats Great Wong with Sekiha Tenkyo God Finger in 5 turns.
Secret Unit - Gold Sumo / Harry Ord
Note: For Break/Secret 2, Domon's tension needs to be at least Critical to use Sekiha Tenkyo God Finger as it is only available in Hyper Mode. Domon must also defeat Wong without support.

-Murasame has horrible stats when it comes to firing so you should be safe...and its Kamille and Amuro...they're actually pretty good at dodging.
-For whatever reason RNG hates Domon....building up tension for Seki Ha Ten Kyo God Finger is tough to do without dying and taking risk.
-Split your units to have Units that can move in the air as well as ground.  Or you can just wait on the ground and they'll come to you.

Mission C10 - Operation Angel Down (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)
Break 1 - Have the Archangel reach the Escape Point in 8 turns.
Secret 1 - Have the Archangel reach the Escape Point in 7 turns.
Break 2 - Have the Archangel reach the Escape Point in 10 turns.
Secret 2 - Have the Archangel reach the Escape Point in 9 turns.
Secret Unit - Amuro's Waverider (Z-Plus) / Amuro Ray (Zeta), 2 x Waverider (Z-Plus) / Karaba soliders
Note: The stage ends if all enemy units are defeated before Archangel reaches the Escape Point.

-Who ever is guarding Archangel's Rear....forget about them catching up with it....They never will.
-Turn A Units still troll but easy to take out.
-Bring some water or air units cause the last break they're all in the water.
-Shinn has Anger issues.

Mission CEX - Awakening
Break 1 - Master Unit defeats Ribbons.
Secret 1 - Master Unit defeats Ribbons in 5 turns.
Break 2 - Destroy all Nuclear Missiles before they explode.
Secret 2 - Destroy all Nuclear Missiles before they explode in 5 turns.
Secret Unit - Ebiru Doga / Neuro
Note: Nuclear Missiles explode if any of your units are within range of their detonation.

-Definitely wanna hold your ground on the middle of the map.
-Don't advance haphazardly especially with the Nukes lying about on the map.
-Shouldn't even have to bother with changing maps since they'll all come to you.
-The first set of units will Self-Destruct as a MAP attack(Either they'll use that or Trans-Am spam).....kill em off quick this mission....ain't that fact all units pretty much troll Kira.  Jesus Yamato not happenin today.
-Ok....that episode(s) of Gundam SEED is ringing through my head with all those nukes.

New Master Judau Ashta/ ZZ Gundam Group 4 Obtained.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

UMvC3 - I'm unmotivated

I've been this way for quite awhile.  Depressed etc.  To be honest I don't exactly have a reason to play this game.  Well not play this game but more like....improve.  Training mode is rather useless and doesn't help me improve. I can't focus on one thing. A.I. doesn't push me as I know the A.I. faults.  Only thing they're useful for is showing me combos I don't see other players use.  If the game had a mode that was actually the Soul Calibur games with a mission mode and all that good stuff.  Not even a survival mode or Score attack.  Heroes and Heralds....not enough....

Add all the things I've said before on this subject.  Everyone on PS3, unfriendly players, etc.  Lets throw the matches I watch and play don't inspire me to play better.  Not even motivate me. I can't get motivated to bother improving myself in this game.  I don't have a reason to fight anymore as they say.  I can give this game this much that it lasted longer than I expected in my hands.  Maybe 3 people to play in this.  No strategies given on how to fight characters (I asked around and pretty much got no answer).  I don't care about combos they don't mean jack if you have no strategy to get in and land a hit. I could play lame and just spam projectiles but that leaves me felling empty inside. Glad I dropped that useless Wave/Plink Dashing technique that was getting on my nerves.  I only want to learn what's listed in the book. Not other crap.

The way things stand now why bother even improving my game?  Or even bother trying?  I don't have any motivation. Everyone's on PS3, very few friends, too many other fighters, no other players inspiring me to get better with there gameplay.

I can't think of any matches to make note of.  I broke in a new controller.  LT and RT do not respond on queue. Not that I care much.  I'm really unmotivated. Well got 2 other achievements this session.