Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Megaman X4 Zero Parody Preview

Gonna try and start this got a lot on my plate though.  Hopefully I can get this done in a decent timeframe.  All the footage is recorded just gotta make a script and such.  Not to mention balancing time and try to not let depression get the better of me.

Chrono Trigger - Time Traveling Done Somewhat Right

Very Old Game that ended up with 2 remakes.  PSX and DS.  Game takes quite a bit to beat. Completing forget about it.  It also one of the older RPGs to feature New Game+.  To be honest I would call this game Final Fantasy 13 Beta in terms of battle system.  Attacks are based on distance, spread range, and loads of special attacks for everyone.  What makes this better is that a lot random battles and practically every boss fight is not just "Hit it till it dies."  There's a strategy of some type in every battle.  Makes Levels somewhat irrelevant to think about.

The PSX version rather irks me with load times.  It loads screens rather well but when it comes to loading certain cutscenes and battles the game takes quite a bit of time to load.  Very annoying to deal with.  Figuring out what to do is like old school RPGs in a sense. You get some vague hints as to what to do but that's about it.   You have to think in the manner of Time Travel for solving problems. Not like FF13-2 that was obvious as to where to go.  This game really forces you to think in manner of time travel to solve problems.

I actually beaten this game long ago in 2004 on my SNES Emulator.  Getting what's called the true ending (getting Chrono back defeating the black ship). Probably my favorite thing about this game is the abuse of time travel in terms of finding items.  The game literally wants you to abuse time travel for collecting items. Very fun.


Events I did affect cutscene outcome....WHAT IS THIS!!!

Anime Cutsenes....Ok. Just don't voice em.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ammy BS That'll Never Work Cause No One Will Use It

For the main fact that hey have other stuff that's far simpler to do.

Wall Bounce Assist + Full Charge Thunder Edge M + Glaive Chop + Okami Shuffle (If near the opponent after add Thunder Edge Stab + Okami Shuffle)

Timing is hellish and requires a Wall Bounce Assist. (might be possible with a OTG assist but not gonna test it.) You have more freedom if your opponent is under Slow status, (Viewtiful Joe or Ammy Super).

Has a bit more freedom with it as you can pull this without assist.  But if you have trouble with weapon switching stay with simple stuff.


L, M, Crouching H, Jump Forward Quickly, jM, jM, jH, Head Charge H, 

(Almost any Assist), Okami Shuffle

S, Standard Air Combo

Weapon Switch Thunder Edge, Glaive Chain Combo, Divine Insturments

Weapon Switch Devout Beads, Rosary Chain Combo, 

Or Weapon Switch Devout Beads, Cold Star, Divine Insturments

Ammy does have a lot of freedom and you don't have to rely on Solar Flare basic Foward H.  Its the standard but its common and a lot of ppl know its coming.

A bunch of possibilities with with other assist.  Ammy works well any Assist.  Add that with proper execution (and proper weapon switching) You got the best character of the game.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Megaman X4 Zero Side

Just recorded at random.  I honestly tried to think of some funny stuff but can't really come up with much.  Heck I'm even lazy about it. I'll get to uploading the raw data later.  I still don't feel like myself in all honesty.

Honestly so far in this run I actually did rather well compared to normal Zero runs.  Derp Moment on Frost Walrus.  But got the main one I was worried about Magma Dragoon in 1 go.  I don't like Zero mainly due to popularity he gets when its rather undeserved.  For one the game is Called Megaman/Rockman X.  So the story is focused on X not Zero. Really Zero gets some background story to explain why he's still here.  He doesn't really do much in the series till he got his own. But that's my opinion.  In X4 Zero has a harder time dealing with some areas.  Only advantage he has is a double jump.  The rest of his moves aren't all too useful. Unless you're forcing yourself to use them you won't really see much except maybe Ryuiejin.

Zero really has issues with bosses.

-Cyber Peacock (Need Ryuejin)
-Slash Beast (Good Luck you don't have a weakness for him.)
-Magma Dragoon (Same as Slash Beast)
-Web Spider (Luckily he's not too tough to deal with.)
-General (The fact that you have to get in his face is an issue.)

Update later

What I thought up so Far.  (You can See it in the Raw Video)

  • Cyber Peacock Ranking A.S.S. 
  • Commenting on every useless move Zero has (I generally forced myself to use most of them)
  • Colonel so much better than Zero (Rockman.exe reference)
  • Damnit Iris!!!
  • Zero having nightmares of dying in UMvC3 every night

Guess there's a Use For This Now

Friday, May 18, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Fighting Game Glitches So Far

Fighting Games have a massive amount of Glitches.  What's funny is that a lot of broken glitches end up losing that term and called legit.  Others just get banned or patched out.  Here's a list of my Top 10.

Honorable Mentions

  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3: Multi-Fatality, Babality, Friendship, etc. Glitch
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3: Gen Super Punch Glitch
  • Street Fighter 4: Bison vs Akuma Ultra Glitch
  • Castlevania Judgement: Cornell Teleport outside wall glitch
  • Marvel vs Capcom: Dramatic Battle Mode Glitch
  • Marvel vs Capcom 3: Glitch of Doom


·      10) Street Fighter X Tekken: Rolento Last Resort Tactics

In the latest patch of SFxT when the rather broken stuff (Like Megaman’s float, Kazuya’s infinite, etc.) was patched out. We ended up with a new problem.  Now if Rolento’s knife throw hits a projectile the game freezes. Forcing you to shut down your console entirely.

·      9)  Marvel vs Capcom 2: Gambit’s Infinite Royal Flush

A glitch not very likely to happen.  If Gambit fights 3 Servebots and they just happen to do a LVL 3 team super (not King Servebot) having Gambit perform his Royal Flush super against it will result in an infinite combo.  This doesn’t happen in later version however.

·       8)  Blazblue CS Vers. 1.03: Tager Double Gadget Finger

What isn’t considered a glitch by many and what isn’t considered a threat by many.  If your opponent is holding down after the first Gadget Finger connects Tager can land a 2nd one ignoring the fact that you’re pulled out of the down state.  Rather broken as this can ruin anyone that intend to either buffer, or start with a crouching move.   The A.I. knows this abuses this glitch rather often. I guess that’s why players don’t care for this one.

(Note: As far as my knowledge this is still possible in the later version of Blazblue CS Extend.)

·       7)  Street Fighter Alpha 3: Katobbi Cancel

Patched out in later versions.  Guy and Rolento can perform certain moves then cancel into V-Ism Custom combo to not only be invincible until the guage runs empty (or attacks). But you are also counted as still jumping and pressing forward. You can mash whatever attack you wish during this. If you win the match with this glitch the game will be unable to continue forcing you to restart.

(Note: Blazblue: Calamity Trigger also had a version of this glitch with Jin’s “Ice Car” move and any attack that could properly clash with it.)

·        6)  King of Fighters XI: Vanessa’s Forbidden Eagle Infinite Glitch

Activate Her MAX Puncher Leader Dream Move then perform the C version of Forbidden Eagle. If you do this after a certain number of hits the Judgement Guage will shift in favor of the opponent. 

·        5)  Dissidia Final Fantasy: Duodecim Link Glitch

Not considered a glitch by many because it’s a beneficial glitch.  Certain characters particularly projectile characters can link a long range projectile to a short range move allowing it to combo and even at times reset the damage scaling (yes there is damage scaling). 

·       4) Guilty Gear XX Slash: Dust Cancel Glitch

Jumping D (Dust) can cancel into itself on the first frame. Resulting weird stuff. Particullary floating away off the screen until time runs out. There’s very few moves that can hit an opponent that’s floated off screen due to this glitch.

(Note: SFxT PS3 version has this glitch with Megaman. It was patched out recently.)

·      3)  Soul Calibur 5: When did this become Smash Bros.?

Ivy’s Ivy's 2B+K clashing with certain opponents causes the opponent to launch off like a rocket off the screen into a ring out. 

(Note: This puts her old SC4 glitch of infinite juggling to shame).

·        2)  Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Axis Glitch

Very long to explain.  Basically this ends up leaving you able to view one character from the front during a match.  Even more so if you trigger certain Hypers you can end up in what’s called the reverse world. Sadly this got patched out. 

·     1) Street Fighter 4: Ken Superfreeze

If a fireball is thrown then Ken’s Ultra hits first. The fireball will hit the opponent knocking them out of Ken’s Ultra combo.  What happens is that not only you get your opponent acting funny for a few seconds but Ken moves in total slow motion performing his ultra. 

You can search these glitches on Google or Youtube.  And these are just only my favorites.  For many reasons.  But its funny a lot of these glitches go unnoticed and even some get used and called legit (there's quite few for SF that end up being called legit and skilled).  The rest takes fans of the series to complain about to the company to release a patch and fix the game. Although that last part is minor as its usually complaints about nerfing a character cause they see too much of that character and they're unwilling to attempt to work around it.  I love glitches seeing them always gives me a laugh.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Threads of Fate - Rue Side: Push On To The End

Yeah considering this game is short.  Lets just go straight to the end in 1 day.  Heck honestly I could speed run it if I had the patience.  We go from the Raging Mountain to the Ending.

Raging Mountain

Funny intro for this....Mint opted out going to the Raging Mountain.  Very Funny.  Hard to say who I had it worse with as Mint was a first run.  Here its hard to say.  Anyway....Bubba FTW.  OMG that thing raped.  And it has a troll face (if you zoom in on it).  Needless to say Duke, Belle, and Hexagon went down with rather pure ease.  Even Wylaf went down rather quick. Wylaf is still awesome as ever.  Get challenged by Trap Master.....who still sucks....He met Bubba. LOL (why does that sound like a stereotype prison inmate who does the you know I'm old). Psycho Master also met Bubba.

Tower of Maya

About to get the relic only to have another story change as opposed to Mint's story. Prima Doll did a Heroic Sacrifice....Then we see Rue's True power.  Rue gets rescued some behind the scenes stuff gets explained. Rue gets trolled.  A somewhat interesting take this time was that Rue himself goes alone in the tower.  Trap Master barred the door. Purposely hit the door for more text conversation.  Very funny.  Making it to the top. Doll Master reveals a plot twist.  Rue goes Super mode.  Scripted Fight Go!!!!  You Lose!!!!  Welcome to book world....thank god this book world isn't as bad as Zexion's book world.  Boss Character explains more background story and then boss fight.  Doll Master pulls a Terumi....(I hate using that term cause Terumi wasn't the first troll or the original. He's honestly far from it).  Well now what do we do.

Final Battle?

So the other Dolls only follow Doll Master as a term of repayment for giving them a purpose. Makes there story rather understanding.  Very simple and no added detail needed. Surprisingly Unlike Mint's Side you actually go to talk to everyone and they have something to say to Rue about saving the world.  Rue feeling unsure of himself etc.  You know what....Lets go See Wylaf.....some damn good words of wisdom. We got the ability to turn into Wylaf...AWESOME....only 1 use....awww man....No Mint you can't come.

Final Dungeon (Many Recording Issues)

Thank God I already knew what to do but dang you DVD's....gonna have to buy some better quality DVD-RWs.  Shame I can't turn into a behemoth.  Oh well.  These forms here are rather OP anyway.  LOL Pyscho Master vs Bubba....Found out Bubba doesn't stagger and he'll take all the hits of an attack.  Rematch with Doll Master......I lived with 1 HP.  Doll Master has a name as well. Ok......That's fine.  Valen sorta of troll design boss fight. Float around while my minion that revives quickly attacks you.  2nd Form was far easier.  Just smack him.  Shame I can't jump slash him.  Makes no sense.


Rather surprise ending for Rue's side.  Seriously considering all the stuff he went through plus how Mint's side ended. I expected a different result.  What's cool is beating both sides gets an extra ending.  Some ppl would probably think...oh we're getting a sequel....But its not that type of ending.  I've played enough games and seen enough shows to know that much.  You can make a sequel off this but I rather they don't.  Some things are better left as is.

Extra Ending (Spoilers As If It wasn't Already Implied)

Many ppl are complaining I honestly don't care this game has proper closure doesn't need a sequel to follow it. If it does get a sequel.  It should be of characters that are unrelated to these guys.  Its very obvious that the ones in this game are living happily ever after.  They pretty much got what they want and they're all still rather happy. (Seriously did you really think Maya was gonna get her wish of World Domination? That was obviously not happening.)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Threads of Fate Fancy Mel and Ghost Temple

I didn't really update on this before. If you've seen Mint's story you kinda already know what's goin on. Just like with Mint's story Fancy Mel's place is mini game world.  Only real problem with this world can't really use monsters to your advantage.  They take more damage than Rue does (depending on the monster).  Well try to have fun and make this Gargoyle's Quest. LOL

A bit of background on Rue's story afterwards fight the same bandits again and we're pretty much done here.

Next story.  Ghost Temple rather different. Instead of a poorly built boss fight. We got a rather poorly built dungeon where camera angles make you miss some things.  Seriously even a jump that you most likely won't make easily.  Like I mentioned before the monster forms have there own defense stats, etc.  Very easy to die etc. While the dungeon puzzle is Zelda obvious. Some parts are still difficult to figure out.  Ok what's Elena doing here?  You gotta be kidding me.  Oh look its Duke.....He's read the flowchart of Ken.  And Apparently learned SF3 Akuma's Super as well.  Well after dealing with that....time to get the hell out of here before a wall crushing trap kills all 3 of us.  So now we know how things went for Rue's side while Mint dealt with crappy camera angle boss.  Only real difference here is that Mint didn't act like a smart-aleck as much in her story as she did here.

For the extra bit we do some backtracking to get a key item which to exchange for a power up. That's pretty much it.  Next that dreaded Volcano with SHORYUKEN!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

What's Been Going On With Me Lately

Generally to explain certain videos lately.  Or certain post in areas.  Its the best way I find to deal with the stress. Pretty much its mental issues from flashbacks, relapses, stress, etc.  While I did go look for help for these seems the best way is to go to a psychiatrist for help. Unforntunately stuff like that cost money I don't have.  The only way for myself to have insurance is that I have a job and even then it won't be provided by the job (unless its one of those where the risk on my life is very high) needless to say it will come out of my own pocket for such help.

A lot of crap goin in my mind. Now I know how Phoenix feels.

 I generally lost motivation to play online in virtually anything.  I've scaled back talking in JTV/TTV chats a lot. The desire I have to finish any project, stream, whatever leaves me in an instant.  I honestly can't watch/play a lot of games without breaking down crying for whatever reason (a lot of times I just don't know why). Needless to say it's affected virtually everything I do.

Most I can do for now is just keep myself busy till something happens.  Sorry if I worried anyone not much I can do about it but find my own ways of dealing with stress.  Taking a "break" won't help my situation as it makes things worse.  Probably the best decision I made was to start blocking a few people I know are just part of causes for stress.  If I'm not doing that I'm sleeping A LOT. I can't think of more to talk about that won't go too deep into my personal life.  I can't think of a way to tend this blog so I'll end it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Strider 1 and 2 Notes

Strider's an old Arcade that was pretty popular in the old days.  About a ninja named Strider Hiryu who's mission is to stop the evil "Grand Master".  Grand Master has pretty much taken over the world and to end his tyranny its Hiryu's job to assassinate him.

While a very short game. (5 levels) This game is very difficult as it was meant to consume quarters.  The old arcade version the controls were rather unique.  Instead of jumping normally with a button you used the stick to jump.  However the real kicker was making a full length jump.  To do that you had to basically rotate the stick 180.  While you may think you won't have to use that there's a lot of areas where its required or you watch Hiryu fall to his doom.  To make things even more difficult the game has a time limit per stage along with many traps that require you to think fast and get out of dodge.  Probably the most unforgiving thing about the game was the recoil you had from taking damage.  If you're moving sometimes you either be pushed back like 8-Bit Megaman. Or you do a tumble (roll) that last a long time with no way to break out of it.  This was dangerous on steep inclines as you kept rolling generally to the bottomless pit unable to recover till its too late. Power-Up management was also a must as there are sections that are nearly impossible to escape unscathed without them.    No doubt dollars upon dollars of quarters were consumed in this game during the arcade days.

Probably the only advantage you had against this was your slash attack could be easily rapid fired like Megaman's Mega-Buster.  This destroyed most bosses, enemies with pure ease.  It was also the safest way to move about. If you memorize the game and confident with the controls you could speedrun the game easily. But the game was still difficult if you're not careful.  It takes a lot of practice to master this game.  A lot more than some people think.

Unforgiving and stupid deaths rampant.


  • Ton-Pooh: Ton-Pooh is the assist character you see in Mavel vs Capcom. She does a kick that slices simaller to Strider's sword. She's actually a group of sister with the whole chinese stereo-type thing goin for them. They're virtually easy to deal with.
  • Emperor Dragon - The first boss of the game.  Really a group of robots that form into a dragon and chase you.  Very easy to kill honestly.  
  • Solo: A bounty hunter that was hired to hunt Hiryu.  In the first game he's actually pretty tough due to the area you fight him on with limited ground. While he fly around and shoot you. 
  • Admiral Wilhelm: While you don't see him much in the first game he's actually the captain of a warship.  He doesn't fight you in the first game.  However in Strider 2 he actually fights you.
  • Grand Master: The actual boss of the game. His knowledge magic and Government has helped him to easily take over the world, Military and economy.  As a boss in the first game he's generally hard to deal with as his attacks home in on Hiryu. You can somehow glitch this boss to die at the same time you do but its a rare glitch.

Strider 2

About 2000 years after Strider 1 (The year is 2048).  The Grand Master has risen again to take over the world once again. But this time he corrects his mistake and eliminates the ninja clan known as Striders.  Only leaving Hien alive to serve him. But somehow Hiryu survives and still intends to complete his mission to assassinate the Grand Master. The Grand Master rules everything including Striders. Hiryu is the world's only hope.

The game's difficulty has scaled back quite a bit. With improved controls, physics, and a more forgiving difficulty this game is far easier in comparison to its first game. Your score is based on kills, speed, and special bonuses you find in each stage. Hiryu also has 2 new moves that easily break the game.

  • Savage Slash: An aerial slash move that cuts all around Strider. Rather broken especially against bosses since its spammable.
  • Boost Mode: For a Limited time you're granted a homing slash attack that shoots plasma wave at the enemy. Perfect for bosses and hard to reach enemies.
You can also set your life amount and difficulty of the game. To make this as easy or hard as you like.

Bosses (important characters)
  • Ton-Pooh:  These girls are back again with more enhancements. 
  • Emperor Dragon: Unlike the old version of this boss from the first game. Instead of punch of androids forming into a dragon it now is a dragon with far more attacks and able fly at higher altitudes.
  • Solo: With more upgrades makes him a far dangerous threat than his older version (Yeah right).
  • Admiral Wilhiem: Still the leader of his army he now runs an entire fleet of warships.  Instead of being a 1 hit kill boss from the first game. He now has enhancements done to himself that makes him an actual threat and allows him for actual combat.
  • Herzog Schlange: 2nd in Command to the Admiral he runs an impenatrable stronghold where weapons the military's weapons are mass-produced.
  • Strider Hien: Since the Grand Master has taken over the world he has conquered the Striders as well. Hien now serves as the Grand Master's right hand man. He is unsure about fighting Hiryu but will perform his job to protect the grand master at all cost. Instead of the Cipher sword Hiryu uses. Hien uses a different type of sword that acts as a boomerang and a butterfly sword.
  • Grand Master: Now that he rules the world. He's discovered that Hiryu is still alive. The grand master however feels he's prepared for his return and will kill him with his own hand.

Notable Cameos And Funny Stuff
  • Admiral Wilhiem's attacks are simaller to that of Colonel's from Megaman X4. Particularly his lightning attack.
  • Hien's charging slash attack is used later in the years by Zero. In Megaman X8 Zero's Raikousen is very similar to Hien's attack.
  • In Strider 2. The Hassou Jump is used in Marvel vs Capcom as Strider's Excalibur attack.
  • The Eagle's and the Sabretooh Tiger's Strider uses in the MvC series are objects from the first Strider game.  They do not show at all in the 2nd game.
  • The sub-boss "Researchers" attacks were based off of J.Talbain(Gallon) from Darkstalkers and Blanka from Street Fighter.
  • Scaling walls in the 2nd game are made easier by simply mashing jump and up constantly.
  • The cutscenes in the 1st game used both Japanese and English voice clips. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm A Monster

About the best way I can explain all of this.  Generally monsters are rejected from society due to fear of the unknown, its someone or something that's totally different from what they're used to, or they're just plain not accepted by anyone for something they did, something they have, etc.

Regardless of how I look at it. I myself am this term of the word "monster".  I can honestly recall times of being rejected by others for almost any given reason. Most of them don't bug me. On the other hand I can recall extreme cases of such actions (I wouldn't even say recall more like flashbacks). For reasons common cases of appearance (race, dress, etc.) to extreme cases of having a different opinion about a subject that has little to no effect on any given community.  While I could list examples this blog post would end up coming off more as a "whiny, feel sorry for me" type of post.  Which is not what I'm aiming for.

I rather disappear since its far easier. A lot better than resorting to other options I have done in the past.  I don't mean kill myself (at least not yet). At least that's how I feel about it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Uh...Okay??? This is...Different? Glad I don't have an Iphone (EA did something)

On May 31st Anyone who actually bought Rockband for there Iphone will lose access to this game. Yep apparently your downloaded game on your Iphone will be blocked from playing it although you paid 5 bucks for it. (4.99).  What's the reason?  Well from what I know and read thus far. No notable reason, just theories and speculations.   Did you waste a good $5 on a useless App/Game like this one?  Well luckily there's a way you can refund and redeem yourself.  Simply by checking out  (You wanna find the exact link do a little digging. Not gonna spoon feed you).

Don't abuse this.  There are good apps out there and the people that make these deserve money too.

Frustrating/Bad/Horrible/Just Straight up hard Boss Fights

Megaman X7 Xtreme Mode Red
In normal mode this boss like most in the game are a joke.  However...Xtreme Mode...Prepare for frustration. Not only does this guy have a ton of health. But he hits like a truck.  You already have to jump from platform to platform to either get away from his attacks or to attack him.  But he also counter attacks.  By the way his weakness is the most useless weapon in the game....Even in Zero's hands...this weapons is useless. Yep Explosion...the one where you have to be in the enemies face to use it.  Good luck with that.

Sonic 2006 Silver the Hedgehog
Virtually the only actual difficult boss of the game especially for your first time.  Not cause of the game's physics.  But because he's just hard.  You'll probably lose your first life discovering the hard way that you can't attack him directly cause he'll use his mastery of the force on you and throw you to the edge of the screen.  Don't get caught near a wall or in mid-air cause you won't recover fast enough to escape a follow-up attack cause he's already so close to you.  BTW he can throw you into space if you glitch the game.

SO4 Ethereal Queen
Generally Tri-Ace is nice about how you deal with bosses and let you decide on the method you wish to go about defeating them.  However in this game's case....Ethereal Queen is the super boss of the game and can kick your butt pretty quickly.  Not only are some of the characters rather useless.  But she kills them in 1 attack unless you're lucky enough to have your equipment effects kick in to save your life. At first this boss seems like another gang rape to win boss fight....but as it drags on....really towards the end of her life...she goes into pissy spam mode killing every character that's unlucky enough to be in her way.  Add to the games system of giving you super armor during Rush mode for characters and bosses....Unless you're Critical Hitting God....(Meracle)...she's gonna run through all of your attacks with some serious PMS.  Did I mention that she has 3 forms as well...yep after you beat her already tough 2 winged version....if you continue in the same dungeon you can fight 4 and 6 winged version of her.  Each of which are progressively tougher.  Oh and lets not forget the extra difficulty mode added to the game.....Are you crazy (or bored) enough to try? I'm not.

KH:BBS Mysterious Figure (US Version)
The reason I say US version cause apparently in the Final Mix Japanese version they fixed this S.O.B. to where you its a tad bit more fair.  At this point in the game (post game) your favorite commands  are rendered absolutely useless and will most likely get you killed.  You can try to develop a solid strategy for dealing with him....but really they're all just theory based.  You're chances of beating this guy is mostly luck.  Prepare to mash the Square button for a good bit of time cause that's what you'll mostly be doing.  Most of the bosses on this game will not flinch from your attacks.  This guy not only has moments of that but is also smart enough to randomly block most if not all of your attacks and recover health.  Lets not forget in of his moves drop your HP down to 1 or 0 with ease.  Oh spam Surges you say.  Well they're not exactly reliable either.  You're honestly better off guarding and fighting him with no commands.

Blue Dragon: Zola
This is just a really stupid boss fight that's really an event.  Every boss fight up to this point was pretty much kill the boss.  You're at the final boss. And guess what.  This is one of those you don't kill.  Yep if you kill her its game over.  Luckily the game is kind enough to give you a save point before this boss starts.  Gee we're so used to beating the snot out of traitors rather trollish putting this one here in the final boss.

ToGF Lamda Teos
Oh it just doesn't end.  A hidden boss in the game for those that want a challenge. Well you got one.  I hope you can survive long enough to hit the guy.  80% of the time (i'm being generous here) this guy will cast spells that you have to pray that you dodged correctly or die in some flashy animations.  What makes this worse is Lamda Teos can chain high level spells in succession.  Lets dodge Death Bringer and Shooting Stars and Indignation....spells that cover most if not all of the battle field. Needless to say there are cheap methods you can use to fight back...but I want a somewhat fair fight not a fight this guy and pray I don't die in the process.

ToGF Fodra Queen
2 Bosses from the same game?! Blasphemy!!!  While Fodra Queen pales in comparison to that of Lamda Teos.  She's pretty much fighting you with keep away tactics.  Her first form is generally lasers galore easy to's the problem though....Some of your moves....can't touch her cause of the way they move (Asbel in particular).  Don't get hit in this game cause getting hit in this game sometimes result in cheap stunlock death that you most likely won't break out of.  Her 2nd Form although easier is her putting everything into raw attack and smacking your party across the face with it.  Will it kill them...depends....If they're in her path...yeah hope that they dodge or block....Oh if you take too long when she's near death...she summons minions....doesn't sound like a big deal but they're the bosses you fought before even getting here.  The ones that fought you with major numbers and could pretty much kill you if you're not watching what they're doing.  That's not the last of it.  Although somewhat cool she has her own uber attack that she'll trigger with no warning.  It generally drops your HP to dismal numbers but if you're trying to go for the cool ending you have to remember the correct buttons.  If you mess up before the're entire most likely dead. 

TotA Liger Queen (Unknown Mode)
What sounded like a good idea that the time...fares badly.....Its not the fact that his boss is too hard or anything.  I mean its only the first boss of the game.  The problem is your party is no where near strong enough to kill this thing in Unknown Mode.  Her stats are so high you're generally doing 1 damage a hit (its HP is 35,700) you're gonna be here for a LONG WHILE!!!  Unless you actually glitched the game and hunted down some stronger're gonna be here for who knows how long.  I don't really know anyone crazy enough to fight this thing in Unknown Difficulty.  

Threads of Fate Cloud Whale
What would be a good boss is ruined by a horrid camera angle and the odds are against you.  You're on a raft.  If you fall in the water you take damage. If you get eaten you take damage and this guy recovers health.  Oh and it summons little annoying minions.  This wouldn't be so bad....but Mint is fighting. Fighting this boss has a very awkward weak spot that thanks to the camera angle you might end up hurting yourself in the process of attacking. Problem with Mint's spells. They have a bad startup time.  If you position yourself at the spot and charge the attack early you can hit the Cloud Whale otherwise you take damage or you completely miss.  

Dead or Alive 4 Alpha-152
DoA series is always known for having a boss fight that generally cheap and kicks you're butt from 1 side of the world to another.  Alpha-152 not only does that but she looks so sexy doing it that I wouldn't doubt you'll be staring at her (among other things I'm not at liberty to say) instead of your life bar.  Not only is her A.I. smart enough to block and counter.  1 Combo, 1 Throw is pretty much half your life bar gone.  In a way you have to get lucky to or have godlike reflexes to catch her off guard and hope that you're moves aren't obvious enough that she'll counter you.  BTW one of her throws....she breaks your neck then blast with Ki energy...all while looking sexy. 

To be updated.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Month Starting May

Well aside from dealing with that nice dose of depression that I can't explain why it came about.  I things are sorta workin.....keyword workin.  tbh I haven't really played much at all since my last stream which was at least 2 weeks ago.  My uploads are just very slow.  Been trying to keep myself busy with stuff though.

I did make a nice corelation.  People seem to come here more if I just post a link to the blog instead of a long description.  What I use to try to do what give a teaser that didn't really work out.  One thing I am happy about is that a lot of unneccessary comments have fizzled out.  Now I'm getting partnership offers from other ppl.  This isn't to say that I didn't already have partnership offers (I've been getting them since mid 2010).  I rather not do it though.  Not out of  fear of selling out.  More like I don't want to do this for money. I rather earn my pay through real hard work instead.

What's Being Played

  • Threads of Fate - Rue's Side
  • Gauntlet: Dark Legacy
  • Mario Bros. Wii (Maybe)
  • Tales of Legendia (Maybe)
There are other games I wanna start but I have so much backlog and other things to do I can't do it all. I'm only human and there's no pills that let you have 8 Hrs of sleep without sleeping (American Dad reference). Plus I like sleep.  

Things I Want To Do

  • Update my backgrounds on my web page (that I don't use), JTV/TTV and YT channels.
  • Get some time to myself where I can play and finish a lot of games in 1 swoop.
  • Play some games I've been interested to see what its like
  • Try and get my Desktop fixed.
  • Etc etc etc.

Wait WHAT?!!!

Messing Around Here:

You do not realize how uncertain you really are about your place in society and the status of your personal relationships. This unconscious uncertainty will lead you to avoid conflict and stress even when such behavior can be damaging to your own self interests. There is a feeling that the problems of life must simply be endured.

 To others you will likely seem introverted and suspicious. Disappointment has lead you  to withdraw from the world and to seek solace in yourself. You have a naturally naive and excitable personality that has previously led you astray or has caused problems socially.  You are often afraid of your own enthusiasm. A constant fear of being exploited has lead you to a natural cynicism and suspicious attitude.

Ok....kinda hit the nail on the head there....