Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summary of the Fighters Uploaded#1

Tekken 5

Before the over-hyped Tekken 6.  We got this and PSP versions.  I can't say there is much of a difference between 5 and 6.  Combat system is still the same. Law is still OP.  King still has multiple command throws. Jinpachi the boss of the game proved to be a bigger threat than that Failure of a boss Azazel.  When you're going backwards start to notice....command inputs have changed. And one thing that did bother me. Was side stepping.  Usually I just double tap Up or Down to do so. But there are times when it won't come out and I'll end up crouching instead.  Character custimization was rather dismal compared to 6 as well but it was way easier to acquire the gold needed to buy these items. Tekken 5 also came with the ability to play Tekken 1, 2, 3, and some arcade rail shooter.  Honestly I like this Tekken overall.  Even the stages and music was far better IMO.  This is where I actually wanted to try Feng Wei.  He seemed like an awesome and wild character.  Asuka IMO is no Jun Kazama.  I run Baek. I've been using him since 2.  I just live his simplistic high low mix-ups.

Tekken Tag Tournament

Going back to another time period. Tag Team Games were becoming rather common.  With Marvel Vs Capcom, Street Fighter's Dramatic Mode, KoF', etc.  Only difference for this Tag game.  When 1 person falls the round is over.  So you had to switch members to protect yourself from dying.  If you actually mastered the Tag system, you could pull off some extreme combos.  The endings left something to be desired (although Unknown's Ending was kinda hot).  Devil/Angel got one last change...the ability to reverse the direction of there eye lasers.  Even better if you did it on a Jack character.  Jack will counter attack by flailing wildly.  Very Probably the best thing for its time was co-op.  Namco really took the co-op system rather well.  I use True Ogre and Michelle I forgot how to use Michelle and generally my strategy for True Ogre is to create a situation to where I burn you.  LOL.

Soul Calibur III

It was an age where all characters could be used.  A tale of souls not affected by nerfs and swords with abilities that didn't make much sense.  Yep all the characters were generally good. Lizardman changed...He won't be changing for the better till the 4th game. This was the first game that included the character creation ability.  Although the problem there was a lot of weapons lacked moves heavily....The story mode was somewhat complicated if you wanted the true ending well the true super boss you had to follow a specific path and not lose.  Game was capable of a lot creative stuff in terms of fighting combos with the addition of the walls.  However a dark age was coming...a dark age when characters would get heavily nerfed.  While Abyss was a boss character.  Night Terror puts all other bosses to shame.  With his insane range and ability to 100% combo you in one go.  This run I use Sophita.  I miss using her.

Battle Arena Toshinden II

A huge step up from the first game.  This was around the time 3D fighters were just making ground.  At the time you generally had Tekken, Bushido Blade, Virtua Fighter, and that's about it.  The game system rather reminds me of Samurai Showdown.  An overdrive guage that built based on attacking but filled even faster when taking damage.  Add to it desperation attacks that take off almost all your life.  Very enjoyable game but in some cases easily broken.  Aside from the boss characters and the 2 secret characters.  Some of the characters simply had some seriously spammable broken moves that couldn't really be stopped.  The combo system reminds me a lot of KoF in which there's a certain button combination for every character for a combo. Executing a combo was very hard thing to do indeed. Even more so the command input for a lot of moves was complicated especially for a 3D fighter.  Very fun game to play however.  And the dodge roll command was a nice touch to show this game was 3D.  I play Kayin I honestly think the best character is Ellis....Sho being the most broken but he's secret character only.

Gundam Battle Assault 2

Bandai actually did pretty well with this game. Minus the Voice Acting.  Including gundams from most watched series up G Gundam.  The main problem with this game was how great long range and super armor MS units were in this game.  If you thought that nothing could be MvC3's Morrigan Soul Fist method. Well think again.  Wing Zero and HeavyArms Custom alone can destroy that with pure ease.  Units that can fight close range do however excel at it the same for Mid-Range and Zoning MS units.  The combo system was very different however. Even though you can OTG the moment the unit hit the ground or overheated.  The the damage scaling was cut to a serious minimum.  While you can continue the combo there isn't likely a chance that you will get 2 overheats in 1 combo without wasting all 3 supers. Add to the game a flight mode which is pretty much temporary super armor it not very viable.  Unless you were avoiding a certain attack that you couldn't super jump or evade there's no use for this mode. The game's Unblockable attacks were basically beam swords.  Mistakenly a lot of ppl will think that Gundam Deathscythe or Epyon is great because of this.   Probably the main thing that makes this game broken is the ammo usage.  Some units don't even need the ammo cause they have other special moves that shoot projectiles.  So you could just kick back and spam that all day.

My favorite units Gundam Physalis, Hygogg, Devil Gundam(Dark Gundam), and Sazabi.  Yeah pretty much most of the bad guys.  However IMO the best units would have to be Devil Gundam, HeavyArms Custom, Wing Zero, V(Nu) Gundam, and Quin Mantra.  Simply cause they have options you thought you wouldn't see in a fighter unless it was Marvel 2.  There's such things as invincible command dashes, Block projectiles, Super armor, heavy damage combos without the need of a super. Lots of things in this game.  I love Physalis great mid-range and great damage potential.  Yes the Gundam that shot a nuke is that awesome.

Virtua-On MARZ

Some probably wouldn't consider this a fighter.  I however do and I enjoy the Virtua-On series the most.  Even though the game itself has fallen out of existence and is only now played by very few Japanese players...maybe?   MARZ compared to OT (Oratorio Tangram)  is a step down in terms of fighting.  To make things easier for those that can't possibly own the twin sticks. There's an automatic control scheme where the game will decide on the situation to use what attack depending on button presses. This is due to well....There's way too many buttons...Left and Right Turbo, LEft and right weapons, jump, crouch, block, etc.  For a lot of players that's beyond complicated.  My main problem with this game.  Pretty much all the VRs (Virtuaoids), have either been nerfed or just simply no longer exist unlike OT. That is except for Temjim. There's like 15 different Temjim versions in the game.  And almost every other VR in the game falls short compared to the others.  I used Temjim a8 which is the White Knight version.  I forgot the controls of this game really I forgot how I deal with all the VRs.

Digimon Rumble Arena 2

Ugh....Take what good you had with the first Digimon Rumble Arena.  And practically ruin it all.  If you played the first game. You'll undoubtedly notice a difference in gameplay. While you can do 4 players.  The game itself took on Super Smash Bros. elements.  Pretty much have a health bar and you can die from random crap such as falling out of the stage, getting crushed, bombs.  The requirements to digivolve while still the same take a bit longer to pull off. Very much needed as there are quite a few broken Digimon in the game.  Garrurumon especially.  To be honest I can only tolerate 2 or 3 stages.  The rest are honestly unplayable to make matters worse the A.I. knows the gimmicks way better.  Honestly I would say good luck  beating the mega level digimon on Medium or Hard Difficulty without too many problems.  I only still own this game cause there's that random off shoot time me and my little sis might play this.  But honestly I rather go back to the first game.  I used Veemon this run.  Gabumon requires too much work and the last stage would cause issues.

Note: I don't think Smash Bros is a bad game. I just think that copying its elements and executing it wrong is a really bad idea.  Bandai usually does this often especially with the Digimon Series games.

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution

I love Virtua Fighter. I started back in VF2 discovered VF4. Unforntunately I couldn't buy the original VF4. I love the system itself as its always improving.  Being able to break almost any throw, evasion tactics, quick ukemi's, etc.  Even the Tutorial mode itself along with the instruction manual is very thourough about every aspect of the game.  Two thing I do miss between VF4 and Evolution was the first being its tutorial mode explaining a general breakdown of all the characters and even mentioning how hard it was gonna be to master that character.  The 2nd being the game itself rated you based on your combat.  Not just telling your rank but also telling you what areas you do great in and where you need to work on.  Evolution tutorial is very extensive and even lets you practice how to execute these moves.  While I would play VF5 or VF5:FS I just don't want to. This game takes massive amounts of time to get good at.  Time I don't think I have.

Neo-Geo Battle Colosseum

To be honest when I think of KoF. I think this is far stricter in terms of combos.  While this game does provide dash canceling for extended combos.  I feel its very hard to pull any off without error.  But like most other popular games. This also borrows the tag system.  You can also pull a team attack but it does very little damage.  If you want big damage you must team up 2 certain characters together such as Kyo and Iori, Haohmaru and Genjuro, etc.  The game tells you who can do what team attack.  However like all SNK games, you gotta have that godly boss character at the end so you can waste quarters and rage.  The character selection is pretty vast generally all the favorites from your SNK games are here.  I used Iori and Genjuro in this run. Compared to my previous runs....I did rather horribly.  I just wanted this done.  I only have 1 guy I know that would still play this and I don't intend to buy this for the 360 just to play this.

Guilty Gear XX AC+

Almost everyone knows what Guilty Gear is.  So I shouldn't really have to explain it.  What was introduced to this game was a new type of guard (Slash Back) that works sorta like a parry.  Using a bit of meter (about 1/16 of it) If you timed it right you'll have the frame advantage allowing you to counter and gain some meter back.  This works far better than a Dead Angle as you don't require so much better use. However you had to master it to be good at it. Force Break is also new to AC as its pretty much an EX move in a sense (Putting it mildly).  I ran through this as Testament I still don't know that loop everyone else is capable of oh well.  I'm not that good and honestly at this point I probably won't play this game or its future patch coming to 360 or PS3.  I just don't feel like dealing with online players.

Why did you remove Guilty Gear Isuka from the list?
To be honest its way too hard for me to get used to again.  Not just the command to turn around but the combos in general. Going from the knowledge of AC and AC+ back to pretty much Reload or GGX2 is defintely not easy.  Add to it it that the characters on the game are not that good. IMO its pretty much Sol, Ky, Ino, Millia.  Its way too chaotic of a game to try and get anything you want on there to come out.

You should get Virtua Fighter 5 FS.
I would but that would require a ton of time to get back into.  Not to mention to get good at.  Its not one of those play for 5 minutes and suddenly you know all you need to know.  This is a game that takes pure dedication.  While I like I feel I won't be able to get back into without months of effort poured into it.  Time I don't really have.  

Would you consider Digimon/Tales/Gundam/etc Characters in a Smash Bros. Game since Namco-Bandai is going to be part of the development of the next Smash Bros game?  
Long story short. No. I think they should stay in there own games.  For many reasons.  

You know Baek sucks right?
I think that's just an opinion.  
Are all the AI opponents in Gundam stupid?
No they just have problems dealing with Keep-Away tactics.  There's also certain MS units that can easily rip you apart.  But honestly they all have issues dealing with Keep-Away and zoning tactics.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Rash of Fighters Uploaded Lately

I honestly wanna get them out of the way.  Especially when thinking about it I don't really wanna play anything online anymore these days.  Guess that's what happens when you live on the dark side of the online community.  I rather just stick with offline play for now with a lack of motivation to associate with ppl rather do things solo for now.

Any way got a rash of fighters I wanna record then put back on the shelf.

  • Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
  • Samurai Showdown Anthology
  • Neogeo Battle Coliseum
  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
  • Guilty Gear Isuka
  • Soul Calibur IV
  • Soul Calibur V
  • Blazblue CT
  • Blazblue CS
  • SvC Chaos
  • Dead or Alive 3

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My FF13-2 Monsters

Only thing I'm sad about is that there's nothing to really use these guys on.  I'm trying to make one for Each Role.  I honestly don't use Chichu, Cloudburst whatever due to they're overpopularity.  When Other monsters can just easily cover the bases these guys do.  DPS (damage per second) doesn't really matter to me.  Usually that can be fixed rather easily.


Narashima LVL 70

HP: 9391
ATK: 1455
MAG: 312
ATB: 5
  • Quick Stagger
  • HP+30%
  • Attack ATB Charge II
  • Role Resonance
  • Resist Physical +36%
  • Resist Magic +36%
  • Strength +35%
  • Auto-Viel
  • Auto-Bravery
  • Feral Speed II
Between Proto-Behemoth and this guy is really not much but Feral Link.  Narashima has more ability slots you can play with however for slightly less attack.  The point of Nara is not to get it to not use Magic though for an all out attack just like Proto-Behemoth.  Yeah sure its no chichu but I don't care.  I find Chichu gets beat up quick if you're not watching it.


Grand Behemoth LVL 70

HP: 10609
ATK: 1115
MAG: 803
ATB: 5
  • Auto-TetraDefense
  • Critical TetraDefense
  • Quick Stagger
  • Siphon Boost II
  • Chain Bonus Boost II
  • Stagger Maintenance II
  • Auto-Haste
  • HP +30%
  • Strength +35%
  • Magic +35%

I love behemoths ^_^.  If its one thing Behemoth types are capable of in the FF series, is serious tanking.  To cover what some ppl call having the worst DPS (Damage Per Second) in the game.  It has auto-haste chain and Siphon abilities to cover that.  While its Feral Link leaves something to be Desired.  It still has a purpose of stabilizing the Stagger Gauge when necessary.


Tezcatlipoca LVL 60

HP: 11588
ATK: 526  
MAG: 306
ATB: 4
  • Critical Tetradefense
  • HP+25%
  • Improved Guard
  • Improved Cure (Couldn't ditch it)
  • Auto-TetraDefense
  • Resist Magic +36%
  • Resist Physical +36%
  • Feral Speed II
  • Improve Ward
  • Defense Maintenence
Probably fighting with Silver Chocobo and 2nd to Snow. This guy is an HP Tank.  Which is all I need.  Even if it doesn't have multiple ATB slots.  Its a Sentinel so it doesn't really need it.  But it does need that Sentinel Role Boost and a decent chance to provoke the enemy.


Sahagin Prince LVL 45

HP:  5154
ATK: 345
MAG: 431
ATB: 4
  • Feral Surge
  • Augment Maintenance
  • HP+30
  • Defense Maintenance
  • Resist Elements +30%
  • Auto-Haste
  • Auto-Veil
  • Magic +35%
  • Resist Magic +36%
  • Resist Physical +36%
Not the best Synergist but not the worst.  Simply it does its job. And it looks pretty cool.  While Yashinki can do a better job. I rather go with something else instead.  Synergist don't have much HP so it won't stay on the field very long anyway. Auto-Haste speeds up the buff process.  Auto-Veil will help prevent random Fog or any other status. Its built to get its moves out then leave.


Black Chocobo LVL 99

HP: 7958
ATK: 743
MAG: 622
ATB: 5
  • Improved Debuffing
  • ATB Advantage
  • HP: +30%
  • Resist Magic: +36%
  • Resillience: +40%
  • Quick Stagger
  • Resist Physical: +36%
  • Siphon Boost II
  • Attack: ATB Charge II
  • Feral Speed II
Generally one of the few Saboteurs that don't suffer in one area or another due to level cap.  I originally planned a Garuda but it lacks in a lot of areas 1 being ATB vs SAB Bonus Boost. Luckily Black Chocobo can easily cover ATB and Bonus Boost with no problem (Cause it caps at LVL 99).  


Haguma LVL 99

HP: 9352
ATK:  499
MAG:  903
ATB: 5
  • Feral Speed II
  • Improved Cure II
  • Resist Elements +30%
  • HP +30%
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Auto-Veil
  • Magic +35%
  • Auto-Faith
  • Auto-Shell
  • Improved Raise II
While it doesn't have the Emergency Healing Flanitor does.  Its able to cast its magic quick pretty much reducing the need for Noel as a healer down to near 0.  

FF13-2 My Favorite way to grind Monster Materials

This works in some areas.  I haven't figured out a sure-fire way to grind Grade 5 Materials except Power Crystals.

You Need:
-Rapid Fire Controller
-Rubber band (or Tape)
-A good set of Commando's (The stronger they are the better)
-Something else to do

1. First setup a Default Paradigm to COM/COM/COM
2. Equip Noel and Serah with Durable Collector's Catalogs. (A monster with Item Collector or some type of Item finding ability. You only need 1 COM monster so you fill the other 2 spaces with monsters that have those abilities.)
3. Head to Archylte Steppe -Year Unknown-
4. Make the Weather Sunny (both switches down)
5. Make your way to the very edge of the Clearwater Marsh Area (where you can see the cliffs)
Optional Steps: Turn On "Battlemania", and set "Encounter Master" to "More Enemies", Set "Clock Master" Ability to "High Speed."  You don't need these but they speed up the process substantially.
6. Turn on your rapid fire to the X Button (A button for 360 users). Tape it down if necessary
7. Tie your rubber band or tape down both sticks.  To either left or right.  (The Right and Left stick needs to be in either left or right position.)
8. They should now be running around in circles encountering many monsters. It doesn't matter if you land the first strike or not.
9. Find something else to do and check back every now and then.

The point is you'll be getting in to battles. You should be strong enough to take out all the monsters there with just straight commandos.  The most important monsters you'll take out....are the Moblins.  The group of Moblins and the Major Moblins drop Power and Vitality Essences and the rare most sought after Power Crystals (Rare Drop).  There's also Gancanaghs that drop Mana Esseneces along with rare occurences of Hedge Frogs, Metalicactuars, and Blue Chocobo's.

The only downfall of this method is that Noel and Serah may end up stuck at a cactuar statue, end up riding a chocobo, or somehow fighting Long Gui.  You'll need to check back every now and then to make sure that  hasn't happened and most likely fix it.  Generally about 1 to 2 hours later I have 99 of Power and Vitality Essences and 99 Power Crystals.  And about 500K gil. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Favorite Fighting Game Intros

In my opinion if you have a good Intro in a fighting game then you're gonna have a very good fighting game.  Honestly in the past its what caught my eye to play these games.  That and watching the demo fights.  Gonna try and list every one I can think of.  Unfortunately don't look forward to seeing much if any of todays fighters on this list as I find most of them either boring or they just don't have one.

Virtua Fighter 4 (NO Not the Expansion pack)

This really brought me back to my memories of Virtua Fighter 2.  Heck it used to be my training music when I was younger.  Thinking back to how close to real Virtua Fighter was than any other fighting game in existance knowing that all these styles of fighting actually exist and these moves are very much possible to perform in real life.  This was one of those intros that instantly made me pick up the game and play it for years.....

Tekken 5

After skipping Tekken 4 and not seeing another Tekken let alone another fighter for years.  Tekken 5 comes out shows this crazy intro.  Just from watching it you knew that something epic was going to happen here.  Even the theme song was one of my favorites to always listen to.

Tekken 2

I could never understand the words at the beginning but it was always awesome seeing our favorite characters prep. Even the graphics for its time were great.

Psychic Force 

When Anime was just starting to get big in the US.  (When most of use would only talk about DBZ, Pokemon, Gundam.)   This game ignited a spark in a lot of ppl's hearts pretty much goin. OMG ITS LIKE DRAGON BALL Z!!!  Honestly its a shame this game didn't go very far.  Probably one of the most unique fighting systems I ever played.

Bloody Roar Primal Fury

Kept it short an simple here.  These are the characters here.  Heck honestly made me think of this as being an intro to an anime.   Yugo at the end giving us a teaser transforming.

Marvel vs Capcom (Arcade) (Really the entire Marvel vs Series up to MvC2)

Honestly it feels like this intro itself is hypnotizing you to put your quarter into the machine.  When someone isn't playing it.  Its like the loudest machine in the entire arcade.  Even a quick demo to show you how crazy the game can get.  MSHvsSF was the same way.  X-Men vs SF as well.  Having the dynamic intro.  X-Men vs SF having Ryu and Cyclops get ready to shake hands.  MSHvsSF having Apocalypse and a Sillhouette of Cyber-Akuma.  Then you have MvC2 list every fighter in the game and everything the game is capable of.  Just loving.

Guilty Gear X2/XX (Console)

For an anime intro....this game takes the cake on it.  Showing off all the characters in the game.  Then having our famous Sol vs Ky clash at the very end.  If you played Guilty Gear in the past.   You already knew....OMG ITS GUILTY GEAR!!! TIME TO GET OUR EPIC MATCHES ON!!!

Blazblue CT/ Blazblue CS (Arcade Intro)

Although can't amount up to the Guilty Gear Intros.  This game does let you know. Its time to fight.  Its gonna get epic better get ready...

Soulcalibur 2
Out of the entire SC series this has to be my top favorite opening of them all. (I personally prefer the GC one as Link was rather useful compared to the other 2 console exclusive characters). The characters showing off there personality and fighting skills even being story related as to what they're doing in the game.

The King Of Fighters XIII

Not since KoF XIII have I been excited for another KoF game. The intro itself showed me its time to reveal another new character and end another arc in its storyline. Seeing Kyo and Iori standing there ready to fight is very epic as well.

An intro can easily suck you into a fighting game.  these days....the companies just don't really seem to care.  Yeah its nice to focus on the system and appeal to fighters. But honestly if you ask me.  If the intro is subpar or meh....Then the game itself probably isn't worked on too much.  This is probably due to the fall of arcades in the US.  But really you gotta convince me why I should I play this game.  Sometimes an intro maybe all you need to get ppl to buy.  

Saturday, June 16, 2012

FFXIII-2 100% Complete

Well It was very annoying to 100% this game.   How annoying....The last few things I had to do was:

-All Monsters Fragment (Honestly not that bad my luck was great)
-Don Tonberry (Very Lucky There)
-All Endings (Just Simple)
-5 Star Jet Bahamut
-10k in winnings at Serendipty (WTF)

All monsters was stupidly simple.   My luck was awesome.  Found the rare monsters right away. Most of them I didn't even know where they were just caught em. The ones I looked up came rather quickly.

Don Tonberry I MEAN CAIUS 2.0!!!! catch....didn't take that long.  Really I didn't expect to get it right away...Especially when I killed it in like a minute. (Game time).

All Endings was seriously simple As its gonna happen.

5 Star Jet Bahamut I loled.  My proto-Behemoth can jump!!!  LMAO.....I went How is that possible!!!

10k Winnings at Serendipty....THE ABSOLUTE STUPIDEST ACHIEVEMENT TO BE CREATED FOR AN FF GAME!!! Almost as bad as EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF equipment! (See FF13)  I originally thought I got it during slots. Cause I won at least 9k in coins while leaving it on auto and drawing stuff (which I threw in the garbage).  So I had to chocobo it.....really really dumb achievement....I really dislike watching my chocobo race.  I mean its A/A but still....I have sit through the race I don't really win anything of importance during it.  Other than that.....this game is complete....I have nothing to do....DLC....unless its bought for me....not originally intending to acquire it.  All the DLC is rather....uninteresting IMO.  I mean kill the bosses...get rather OP monsters that generally have no use in the game cause you already beat the game and everything in it LOL!!!....Like I said....Needs a true NEW GAME+/HARD MODE!!!! (Paradox Scope doesn't = Hard Mode).

Well I guess I can grind some monsters to make my favorite monster of each role.... Already made a favorite monster for the Sentinel Role rather great.  The rest are gonna take forever....Especially Commando and Ravager.

Friday, June 8, 2012

If You Change The Future You Change The Past....Wut? (FF13-2 Last Thoughts)

Ok While this is still a far better game than its predecessor. It still has its issues.....If you read my previous post before on why I love the ending that's also part of all this. But this game could've done a lot better they were just afraid to try it.


Like I mentioned before....Story is a giant middle finger in your face.  Take the original FF13....and throw it out the window. Yeah Lightning...she was wrote out the happy ending.  Oh she's in Valhalla to give you the tutorial fight. Wonder about the other characters? Well Snow went missing and is no where to be found in the ending at all.  Hope....he's cheating things by Time Travel. Sazh....well obvious racist jokes aside you don't see him at all or his kid till the end game (or DLC).  Vanille and Fang....they're where they should be.

Probably the worst line in the entire game was, "If you change the future, you change the past..."  Ok....seriously WTF....But doesn't the past have to change for the future to change?

Caius: Nope.

Me: But what about Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Tales of Phantasia, and any other game or show that has time travel in it?

Caius: They don't matter. Cause changing something affects everything in the timeline.

Me: What? But...but....

Caius: Shut up I got a cool sword.

While that line (that gets spammed the entire story) makes no sense itself.  The game really builds on the whole "LACK OF COMMUNICATION!!!" Seriously Noel having the ability of what a lot of us call "Selective Hearing" or Memory problems.  Serah keeps a lot of things to herself. Lightning is too stubborn to use her godlike powers properly.  Lets top things off with Yeul being way too cryptic for the heroes to even have the slightest inkling to understand.  But I guess that's what JRPG's favor is lack of communication.  If they simply talked for a minute and made sense of things the ending (That apparently everybody hates) could have been avoided.

But one thing I noticed that was consistent from both games (FF13 and FF13-2) was if you remember Barthandulus saying that they group would bring about "The FALL OF COCOON" Yep it did happen. The rest was f*'ed up by TIME MAGIC!!! Probably the bad thing was the DLC of what happened X character.


To be honest this game could really use a hard mode.  While its nice to tone down from FF13.  The game is rather easy for the most part.  Oh I should play without monsters you say? Oh I should do the DLC?  I should do the paradox endings?  Paradox Endings aren't that difficult. You shouldn't have to pay for more difficult bosses. Oh and we're talking about playing this game normally.  If you want a challenge even the challenge is rather easy.  Many ppl have already done NCU (No Crystarium Use) and NMU (No Monster Use) Even initial equipment only.  So not that big of a change in difficulty.  I honestly thought there would be a hard mode considering I saw there's an option for Easy and Normal.  But no....They decided not to include it.


The game is really short TBH.  You spend most of your time finding fragments and grinding monsters.  The rest is just bonus.  I really dislike the fact that there's no true New Game+, Lack of a hard mode setting, and the fact that DLC adds a little bit of gameplay. Honestly how I see it.  Even with DLC there's nothing to use your DLC monsters on as you already killed them and practically maxed them out.  What's left to be used on is the question.  Really disappointing that it doesn't happen. When to comes to monster selection I appreciate it but I feel there could be a ton more monsters to have. But that's only minor.


When it comes down to it the game does exceed its predecessor but not by leaps and bounds.  The story elements can definitely be better as I end up comparing this FFX-2 and find that the story made far more sense there and explained everything a lot better.  Difficulty can definitely use some work.  I don't favor the DLC for the game as well. Pay money to find out what happened to your favorite characters from the old game or to get monsters you won't really get to use on anyone cause you're done with the game by the time you get them.  At least the game doesn't have maps the size of Texas with save points few and far in-between.  So I will say I do like this game far better than FF13.  Still needs some work however to be a the greatest in existence....I have a strange feeling they might throw an International version out for the sake of having all the DLC content along with that extra story that everyone is begging for. But in the long run I have this to say.

"They tried to change the future....

Monday, June 4, 2012

June - FF13-2, Other Stuff, And I Don't Really Know what to post here

Ok.   So New month June has started.  Not much to talk about.  Not really looking forward to anything.
So apparently I'm supposed to answer the phone when it comes to waiting for a job interview????  That's what my answering machine is for isn't it?  I mean I'm not gonna apply for a job, then sit and wait by the phone when I could be applying for another job.  Otherwise that Answering machine is just another paper weight.

Still sorting out my depression bit.  I think I'm one of those who would have to take some pills....hearing other ppl talk about what they went through really didn't help. Well its nice to know that some ppl have the same thoughts as me but listening to the stories made me think, "I don't wanna hear this crap anymore!"

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (The Story So Far) LOL

Anyway netted FF13-2 (FF XIII-2) for 20 bucks.  I don't have any DLC.  Not planning on it either its a space eater on 360's HD.  Installing the game left me with 1 Gig of space (Deleted all my Sonic Unleashed DLC).  Glad its 1 disc though.  A save file is 24MB (WHY?????).  Like its predecessor the graphics are good enough that they can sit on an SD screen with no problem.  They included a text size option so I can read a lot of the menu crap with no real problems.  (THANK GOD!!!)  To be honest the game feels short.  You're spending most of your time collecting monsters (GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!!!).  Still my biggest problem with the game  and its probably worst shortcoming. Is the story of how they transitioned from FFXIII to FFXIII-2.  To sum it up its like this.

FF13-2: We know you saw the ending in FFXIII however.....It didn't happen that way.


FF13-2: Well we can and we did.  All thanks to the power of TIME MAGIC!!!!

Me: Dude we all saw Lightning there happy.....she can't just disappear suddenly.

FF13-2: TIME MAGIC!!!!

I already know the story for the most part....The main key parts anyway not the small itty-bitty details.   Seeing Lightning and Caius at the very start of the game....made me think...."LETS HAVE SOUL CALIBUR 5 FIGHT RIGHT NOW!!!"  Seriously Caius himself looks like a reject Sephiroth that couldn't make it so he went to a convention for Soul Calibur and showed off his Soul Edge knock off and well now he's here.  Also he seems to have this thing about putting his swords eye in your face....


Lightning looks like a random Soul Calibur character creation that someone spent at least 5 hours making.  Serah doesn't look too bad but I prefer her old outfit compared to this...I know it'll allow her to move more freely but I like her old outfit better.  Noel looks like the unused character from Kingdom Hearts.  He would honestly fit right in with the KH crew as well.

Anyway catching Monsters is a pain...its worse than the RNG of Pokemon catching.  For one if push came to shove you could cheat can catch it anyway no one would care.  And the encounter rates were decent that you couldn't complain.  This game really trolls you when it comes to catching monsters.  Right now (In terms of main game) the only way to increase your chances of catching a monster is to kill it with your Feral Link.  The best percentage I got was a 300% attack that's pretty weak. It doesn't help that Noel and Serah can become overpowered (unless you didn't use the Crystarium) making your chances even worse.  The encounter rate is rather trollish as well. Sitting the rare encounters to the side, If you're looking for 1 particular monster you would think its in the same spot where you fought it.....nope.  At random times they'll be replaced with different monsters most likely ones you don't want. This is where hours and hours of the game will go.

FF13-2: You mad bro!!!

Me: -_-  Wish I had 99x Ultra Balls so I can fail 99 times and rage reset the game and try again.

Bosses aren't too hard yet.  I haven't really found much that with the power of grinding can't fix.  Also surprises me that I only filled about an hour of DVD space (2 hours).  And not that many bosses. The thing I'm really glad for is that the game doesn't have massive loads of backtracking and the characters themselves aren't really taking note of the scenery unless necessary.  I more or less can live without the Cinematic Action scenes. Reminds me of Resident Evil 4 a lot...QUICK PRESS THIS BUTTON TO NOT DIE!!! Music is entertaining and I don't have this feeling of "are we there yet".

Probably my favorite bell and whistle is the live action bit and paradox endings.  Making comedic answers and the Paradox endings are total knock offs of other popular movies, games, tv shows, etc. LOL.

That's about it. I'm trying to stream it whenever I can.  Not counting on it though.